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Vitamin B12, once consumed, is incorporated by the body with a substance called Gastric IF (which stands for intrinsic factor) and then taken into the intestinal tract. It is Gastric IF which allows Vitamin B12 to be taken into the blood, rather than simply being lost through the digestion process. This is how it is eventually stored, meaning that having a condition which causes a shortage of IF for whatever reason, will eventually result in lowered amounts of Vitamin B12 in the body.

The nerve cells need Vitamin B12 to function appropriately since Vitamin B12 is responsible for producing the chemical which allows for DNA and RNA replication to take place. Like most B-chain vitamins, Vitamin B12 is known to work better when used along with other B-chain vitamins, specifically Vitamin B9. This helps the creation and regulation of blood cells to go much more smoothly and also prevents anemia from occurring. Vitamin B12 indirectly assists the facilitation of certain enzymes which go on to metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and amino acids. This means that Vitamin B12 is necessary for metabolism whether it is indirect or not.

Vitamin B12 can be found in many different foods as a natural component. Of course because of its affiliation with protein, this mainly means that it is located in animal products for the most part. It can be found in most fish meats, beef, and poultry, and can also be found in a lot of dairy products. Excluding fortified foods, the only sources of Vitamin B12 that might be considered reliable are sources from dairy or meat. Vitamin B12 is released during digestion because it is bound to proteins and must be broken down by stomach acids in order for it to be released. Therefore if someone has weak stomach acid or a reduced gastric acid output this means it will be hard to get the necessary daily value of Vitamin B12 from natural sources. This is why multivitamins and supplements exist.

Health Benefits Provided by Vitamin B12

The main thing that Vitamin B12 is known for is being able to create new red blood cells. Vitamin B12 also helps to maintain the health of the nervous system and create and replicate DNA and RNA, the building blocks of cells.

Vitamin B12 directly helps the nervous system by metabolizing fatty acids in a certain way which aids in the production of Myelin. Myelin is a special coating that covers nerve endings. If the Myelin sheath coating the nerves is compromised in any way it will lead to irreversible damage to the nervous system, especially if the lack of exposure to copious amounts of Vitamin B12 takes place over a prolonged period.

Having too much homocysteine in the body is generally seen as a negative thing because of its potential to cause damage to blood cells. Vitamin B9 and B12 are both credited with being able to cause the levels of homocysteine in the blood to be kept at lower amounts.


There are no fillers of any kind in this supplement.


In larger doses, vitamin B12 may be toxic; take extreme care when apportioning this supplement. Store in an area free from light, heat, and moisture.


There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

California residents: Click Here for Proposition 65 warning.

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High Quality B12

Bought Pure B12 for my own usage. I must say that the quality is per stated.


let me know when this product is back in stock

let me know when this product is back in stock.thanks


Awesome batch

Bulk Supplements is a great company.

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