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Beet Root Powder

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Beet Root Powder


  • 100% pure powder
  • Natural source of nitrates
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Taste

  • Mixability

Beet root powder is taken from the red table beet, a vegetable that has been consumed since Ancient Roman times for its numerous benefits. Because it is naturally rich in nitrates (esters containing nitric acid), supplementation is considered beneficial to overall health. It's also rich in antioxidants.


Serving Size & Timing

Take 3500 milligrams (1/2 tablespoon) to 7000 mg (1 tbs) per day, or as directed by a physician. Individual needs will likely vary.

Nutritional Information

Supplement Facts

Serving size: 3500 milligrams
Serving per container: *
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value**
Red Beetroot... 3500 mg 14%
* Daily Value not established.
** Based on 2,000 calorie diet


Sugar, soy, dairy, yeast, gluten and additives.

As a dietary supplement, take 3500 to 7000 mg daily, or as directed by a physician.

US Standard Measuring Spoons
Spoon Size(level) milligrams
3/4 teaspoon 1750
1/2 tablespoon 3500
1 tablespoon 7000



This powder has an intense, pinkish color and what is described as a very mild and earthy flavor. It is easily soluble in water or juice and contains no additives.

Much like turmeric,this powder has the ability to stain both fabrics and surfaces. Please use care when opening. Should you need to wash out a stain, acting quickly is important. Pre-treating the garment or surface with a white vinegar solution or baking soda is recommended.

Beet root powder retains water easily and may have a clumpy texture; this is normal and does not affect the quality of the supplement.


Provided that dosages are adhered to, beetroot powder is safe to consume with little to no side effects. Beets have been previously linked to low calcium levels and potential kidney damage. If either of these two are of concern, discuss supplementation with a doctor. No data has been recorded regarding use during nursing or pregnancy; although beetroot has been determined likely safe, women should also speak with a physician before use.

The natural bright pigment in beets may cause stool to turn red for a few days after consumption-- this is a common and harmless side effect. Under no circumstances should beetroot powder be used as a supplement for blood pressure medication without the monitoring and approval of a certified physician.

California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

Customer Reviews

Good Product
Mixes well, not grainy like other products out there. Definitely recommend.*

On 4/30/2019 Jon said...

Beet Root Powder Strong flavor
This Beet root powder has a strong Beet taste and flavor, mixes well with my preworkout, you only need a little because it is strong!*

On 4/24/2019 Tim said...

Can't BEET it
Awesome stuff! A little extra energy for workouts and gives the drink a slight herbal tea flavor. *

On 4/23/2019 Benjamin said...

fast shipping
Great pumps with this product. Fast shipping*

On 4/22/2019 matthew said...

Great for pre excercise
I take it in my smoothie with Citrulline and Beta Sitosterol prior to excercise. Gives me the boost I need to get through it. Mixes well and tase is not bad.

On 4/11/2019 Mark said...

I have used canned beets in smoothies for years, but they are chunky and can get expensive if you buy them often enough. This powder is the perfect alternative! It tastes a little earthy like beets, but is not overpowering. I mix it with my smoothies or preworkout for great pumps. Love this stuff! *

On 4/7/2019 Jacob said...

Beet powder
I like this beet root power. it's good stuff. I feel a little extra energy and blood flow. Taste is surprisingly neutral which a can still mix with my preworkout. Thanks.*

On 3/15/2019 Cartwright said...

Great product!
This beet root powder mixes great! I add it to my daily smoothie. *

On 3/12/2019 James said...

Great way to get benefits
Great way to get benefits without having to eat a lot of beets. Canned ones are not my favorite, and cost in grocery is high plus am not certain of the source ... Thanks for the alternative. My bro-in-law doesn't like the flavor of beets, but when I mix this with my other morning shake, you can't even taste it!!*

On 3/8/2019 Jo said...

An amazing supplement
As a person who is considered to have severe arthritis throughout my body (especially my back), I have struggled to find non-narcotic supplements to ease my pain. Beet root is one of the supplements I found on here and decided to give it a whirl. To be quite honest, I am now able to bend over without pain and get out of bed every morning without feeling like I'm 150 years old. I mix the powder in my smoothie every morning. It does add a distinct flavor to it, but it is very palatable. That's why I just ordered two more packages and it will be a part of my daily regimen from here on out.*

On 3/1/2019 Jon said...

Beet root powder
I received the powder very quickly (shipping was fast). the beet root powder has a very earthly taste I guest but mix it with something a little sweet like Gatorade or something like that and the taste isn't so bad. Overall this stuff does what it suppose to do over a short period of time. My overall well being is better. My workouts are awesome, nice muscle pumps too. Will be buying more when I'm done with this batch. Oh yeah price is great also. *

On 2/26/2019 Tyrell said...

Great source of energy!
This beet root is the truth. It helps with proper blood flow of the body and aids your heart. Blends well with pineapple & strawberry smoothie. Check it out !*

On 12/20/2018 M said...

Beet Root
Tastes great and mixes easily*

On 12/14/2018 Anthony said...

Beet Root Powder
I have been wanting to try this for a while now due to all the tv commercials describing the benefits of beet root powder, so I checked to see if bulk supplements carried an equivalent product. I knew the price would be better and without any added ingredients. The taste is good and I use it along with lemon juice to make green powders more tolerable. *

On 12/9/2018 James said...

Great Circulation Boost
Beets are very helpful to many of the body's functions, and as someone who hates the taste of beets, this powder is a saving grace. Although the powder still has a beet odor, the power of mixing it in a shake eliminates this problem. Definitely will buy in the future!*

On 12/6/2018 Dominick said...

Beet Powder
excellent to mix, taste is great!! kilo for the price. will order again.*

On 12/5/2018 Kris said...

Beet Root
Best value around, great to increase nitric oxide.*

On 12/4/2018 John said...

This product is great, can feel the benefits!*

On 11/24/2018 Thomas said...

Beet Root Powder Review
Another great product from Bulk Supplements. Clean, smooth, mixes well, works well with my other products. Gives you a little added kick which is always welcome in the weight room.

Hoping it helps with blood pressure as many have stated. More to come.*

On 11/19/2018 George said...

Excellent Beet Root and a great price!
Very pleased with the quality and this product. I've already made my second purchase! *

On 11/19/2018 John S. said...

I have been using the capsules I purchased at the store. Now
I purchased the actually powder. I like it better. Bulk Sup. has quick turn around from placing an order to delivery and the prices are good too!*

On 11/7/2018 Warren said...

Beet Root Powder
Excellent product - very pleased! Great nutritional boost; tastes good too!*

On 11/3/2018 Joe said...

Great product. Fast ship. Good price. *

On 10/30/2018 Robert said...

Beet Root Powder
Forget about all those expensive supplements derived from beets. Just get beet root powder and mix it into drinks. It goes into solution easily. What I really like about Bulk Supplements is the packaging. I immediately open the packets and pour the contents into jars. The packets open easily, it is easy to pour out the contents and there is no residue left in the packet.*

On 10/30/2018 Charles said...

Super Beet Root Power
The thing i first noticed about this beet power is that it is really a fine power. I know that most of us has received a beet power that was not a power, like it was stuck together. This is really a quality product an i would recommend this to all who wants a great power. *

On 10/29/2018 Walter said...

beetroot powder
Tastes great, mixes well. *

On 10/27/2018 Virginia said...

Beet Root Powder
The first time I used it , within an hour I had more energy. I will use this again*

On 10/25/2018 Deborah said...

Good taste
This is my second go around with beet root and I will not go without it. Great taste and mixed easily. I put a tablespoon in smoothie and my protein shakes. Great product. *

On 10/19/2018 Juan said...

Beet Root Power
Great product! We use it to help keep blood pressure levels in line...mixes easily in any beverage!*

On 10/19/2018 Lori said...

Great Product
Great Product perfect for overall health*

On 10/16/2018 Dee said...

Quick Results
I bought this hoping to get the benefits associated with increased nitric oxide levels including lowering blood pressure and increased workout performance. I am very happy as I quickly got significant results.

On 10/12/2018 THOMAS said...

Beet root powder
Just got this about a week ago and have noticed a vast improvement in my circulation. Would highly recommend *

On 10/7/2018 Beth said...

great nitric oxide boost
this makes a great nitric oxide boost when I mix it in my green drink and sip it throughout the day *

On 10/5/2018 Thomas said...

Recovery after weightlifting
This was my second order, the first from Amazon where I gave it a five stars. I have been taking one teaspoon in my post workout drink which I drink as I am finishing at the gym. By the time I get home less than 30 minutes I feel like I did not lift meaning I have already recovered. I have told some other lifters at my gym and given them BS website.*

On 9/26/2018 Maria said...

Can't believe I'm taking Beet Root
So watched multiple videos on the benefits of beet root, so I decided to order some and try it out. First off, wow the smell. That took me by surprise. I take two teaspoon a day with my protein shake. I thought it was going to taste bad , but surprisingly it wasn't bad at all. Tried one time with water and well that isn't ever going to happen again. I usually take mine at night, but will start taking it before workout. Great product and fast delivery. *

On 9/24/2018 Juan said...

Beet Root Powder
I add beet root powder to various juices and have found that it generally alters the taste only slightly. I sense a slight increase in energy after drinking the mixture.On some days I have forgotten to take it. No doubt if I consume it every day at about the same time it will likely do me more good. I intend to experiment with the powder and add larger amounts to the juice to see if that has any effect. *

On 8/8/2018 Michael said...

Super food that adds a little sweetness
I don't have a big sweet tooth, but for me, this is a super food that adds a little sweetness to my concoctions that are otherwise bitter.*

On 7/27/2018 Tom said...

beet root powder
Great price for a true super food. Liver cleansing properties and will boost nitric oxide levels.*

On 7/18/2018 Donald said...

Beet Root Powder
Quick delivery, mixes well with water, good taste. Been taking two 3500 mg servings per day. Do feel the energy boost, not quite as much as whole beets. Will increase serving size to see if there is additional increase in NO/energy. 4 stars at this time. Very satisfied, will order additional supplements.*

On 7/16/2018 Robert said...

Good Product
I like this product. Felt like it gives me good natural energy on my runs and throughout the day. Felt like I was able to get more oxygen. Will recommend.*

On 7/12/2018 C.E.M said...

Great Product
I tried this product a month ago and I won't go without it again. Helped a lot with my energy levels and blood flow. Will continue to buy!*

On 7/6/2018 Dominick said...

Beet Root
I received a great price on the beet root powder in a nice size quantity. The order processing was very fast as well. My wife and I are extremely satisfied with the beet root as it mixes well with V8 juice. *

On 6/20/2018 Michael said...

Beet Root Powder
Good addition to my morning shake. Mixes well. It has several benefits including lowering Blood Pressure and added energy..
Great Price from Bulksupplements.*

On 6/11/2018 Djamel said...

Beet Root Powder
It is great tasting and it mixes well in water. *

On 6/2/2018 Deborah said...

Can Beet it
Great quality. Great taste. Great price. Great*

On 5/24/2018 Bernie said...

The product has helped me so much with my athletes energy levels! best ever :)*

On 5/21/2018 Jorge said...

Awesome Beet Root Powder
I have used Beet Root Powder now for a month,immediately notice the energy increase great product and I will continue to order!!*

On 5/11/2018 Rudy said...

Good product
I been buy beet root extract for a few years now and the price from bulk supplement is unbeatable....sometimes i buy the matcha with beet root and mix it with my fruit smoothie.....and mixing this with my smoothies tast just as good....and i feel like i have more energy when i workout same as when i use the beetroot extract from the vitamin shoppe.....i think its an excellent product and i will continue to buy from bulk supplement *

On 5/8/2018 Torrance said...

beet root powder
Great stuff. I use a large tablespoon mixed in water Shake It Up drink it down. I would say it's equal or better than citruline for NO but I even add a little citrulline to the mix great for the gym and the bedroom. At 59 years old I say it's a big plus.*

On 4/25/2018 Robert said...

Pure Beet Root Powder
I am always searching for products to help with my lack of energy. I had read that Beet Root Powder would help. I ordered the product and was pleased with the fast, secure shipping. And the price was very good. When I opened the package I was thrilled with the true red color and the earthly smell of beets. I live on a farm and have raised cooked and canned beets so they are not a strange item for me. I mixed the recommended amount of powder in a fruit smoothie and it was very good. Beet Root has a distinct taste and there was no question that I was consuming Beets. I seem to have a little more energy than I did, but, haven't taken it long enough to say for sure. If you want Beet Root Powder, this is a wonderful product and you can't beat the price or service that bulksupplements gives it's customers. I am well pleased with my purchase.*

On 4/24/2018 Glenda said...

Great Beets
I love this stuff! So much easier to work beets into my diet this way. Dont get me wrong, I still love and eat beets regularly, but this is so easy to mix in my preworkout or recovery shakes. Absolutely awesome! Only thing to be cautious of (like the warning stated) is just how it can stain stuff if you arent careful. Its really only an issue initially opening the package. Definitely recommend this one!*

On 4/24/2018 Kaci said...

Beet Root
after taking the beet root I do feel it gives me more energy for the workout. Extra in the muscle pump as well. The taste takes some getting use to but I mix with juice and it goes down well. It mixes good but does have some clumps that form in the bag that need to be broken down or youll end up with clumpy juice. Overall I give it a 4 but may increase my intake as I am a big guy and see if the effect is increased. Great in a Pre-workout.*

On 4/18/2018 Brad said...

Great Product
Exactly what I was looking for! No frills, just beetroot. Mixes well in water and full of nitrates and nutrition!*

On 4/17/2018 Lachlan said...

I recommend this drink. It's healthy. Add it to a glass of water, just 2/3rds of a teaspoon, and you have a satisfying drink. Generally, it blends well too, not lumpy -- unless you add more than just one liquid to the powder. I'm thoroughly happy with this product and will order it again.*

On 3/25/2018 Charles said...

Great Product
Great product. I mix the beetroot (20-40g) with some water then eat it like a pudding. Usually take it lake at night, in the morning my nitric oxide levels are high (saliva test strips) and I get great cycling and running performance. Its much cheaper than competing brands.*

On 3/18/2018 Brx said...

I love it!
Had my first glass today and I love it!! I was seriously surprised at how yummy it taste! I mixed it with stevia and I am looking forward to another glass tomorrow!! Cheers to your health!!*

On 3/13/2018 Georgie said...

Energy and Nitric Oxide Benefits
I buy beets and enjoy them, so those who don't eat beets may have a different impression that I do of the taste of beets. As for the Bulk Supplements Beet Root Powder, I enjoy the flavor as well as the benefits. I have even added it to warm oatmeal along with a portion of Wolfberry Extract (also from Bulk Supplements). I also add cinnamon, but a person could add many different things to suit their palate. I notice a fairly immediate "head rush" after ingesting this supplement. It doesn't last long, but it signals that the beet root extract is hitting my bloodstream and that it's going to deliver both energy and a nitric oxide boost.
I also like adding it to smoothies along with other supplements. Sure, it adds an earthy flavor, but I am pretty forgiving when it comes to a temporary taste sensation. It's the goal of having the health benefits that, to me, far outweighs any temporary flavor deficit.
This beet root extract delivers the energy and nitric oxide that I a guy needs for feeling good in the gym and in the bedroom. I recommend it.*

On 3/6/2018 Mark said...

Beet root powder
Great addition to any regimen. I use it for its multitude of benefits, including lowering blood pressure and enhancing my exercise performance. Some people don't like the taste, I really don't mind, just make sure to mix well because it can be clumpy. Aside from the supplement itself, I received it quickly and durably! I'd definitely purchase again. *

On 2/27/2018 Ava said...

Beet root powder
Great addition to any regimen. I use it for its multitude of benefits, including lowering blood pressure and enhancing my exercise performance. Some people don't like the taste, I really don't mind, just make sure to mix well because it can be clumpy. Aside from the supplement itself, I received it quickly and durably! I'd definitely purchase again. *

On 2/27/2018 Ava said...

Good value
My experience is always a positive one with bulksupplements and this was no different. Not only did my purchase arrive quickly but it was such a good value. Beet root offers a lot of positive benefits but it can be so expensive to purchase in a health/supplement store. I feel better when I take it and I don't mind it's natural taste but if you are someone that does focus a lot on taste, you will want to mix it with a juice or something.*

On 2/25/2018 Cory said...

Beets (Tim Ferris Suggestion)
Was interested in Beet Root Powder after seeing Tim Ferris supplementing during his morning routine. The powder from BUlkSupplements is pure and much cheaper than the same product with a fancy label from other sources.*

On 2/6/2018 Rio said...

Best Natural Blood Pressure Supplement
I use to blend beets and celery together for my blood pressure. I tried powdered beets in my hibiscus tea and got good results. Thanks to Bulk Supplements sample of beet root powder, I don't have to blend beets everyday. I'm hooked on the Beet Root Powder, and it tastes good in the tea. *

On 1/3/2018 Dorene said...

Superbeets commercial lead us here
When we heard the superbeets commercial (which is pretty impressive), I looked up the value of beets on the internet and also checked out their website. It seemed very overpriced, so I started looking around for the beet root powder. I ordered from another site before I found this one, and it was very clumpy. I was able to put it through a strainer so I could fill capsules, but what a pain! By the time I needed more, I had found bulk supplements, which has been a good supplier for this and other supplements we now take. I chose the Beet Root powder because of its assistance to lower blood pressure and it's anti-oxidant properties. I have been taking it for over a year now, and I do feel better and my blood pressure has stayed within bounds. I am no longer taking meds for HBP. Yeah!*

On 12/22/2017 Sydney said...

Great cover up
This stuff is very potent. A full serving, even mixed with other supplements is just too much for me to handle. A third to half a serving is a little more tolerable and does an excellent job at covering up the bad taste of BCAAs.*

On 12/21/2017 Jason said...

beet root powder
absolutely the best.
small quantity needed and tasty addition to my smoothy
thank you BS*

On 12/13/2017 dave said...

beets & nitrate content
Quick shipping, durable air-tight packaging, and un-amended products at great prices: Bulk Supplements has mastered this formula. Serious appreciation for that.

Reviewing beet root powder, I'll point out a couple ways that it could be improved - offered as opportunities to further excel.

The product is a lumpy red-purple powder with a sweet taste; it dissolves adequately with water in a blender. Beet roots are about 40% sugars. Some supplement with beets for their nitrate content. Nitrates metabolize (eventually) to nitric oxide, which relaxes the walls of arteries and veins, potentially lowering blood pressure by 5 to 10 points (with proper dosage, according to experimental data).

Labeling the nitrate content of the powder would enable the consumer to better select a safe, effective, and known nitrate dose. Nitrate content of crops is quite variable, depending on many local conditions. Testing for nitrate is not terribly complex or expensive. Powdered juice of beet roots (compared to powdered whole roots) is a more concentrated source of nitrates. Bulk Supplements might consider sourcing this form. As with any imported food products (and particularly those from China), reporting test results for pesticides and heavy metals provides crucial information for consumers.

Good product, on the way to great product!


On 12/9/2017 David said...

Definitely Beets!
Mixing these with with L-Citruline gives me the bump I need while on the bike and while hitting the weights. They taste like beets, which is my only complaint... :)

Thumbs up!*

On 11/30/2017 Lloyd said...

Just received it and will update
I have taken beet root powder before. A different brand. I never took it for long or in very large amounts. My blood work came back negative so I am trying this along with a greens powder and astragalus to see if it helps. I will update in a couple of weeks.*

On 10/2/2017 Donald said...

Good pure supplement
Works well and tastes like beets*

On 9/26/2017 Stephen said...

beet reorder
great stuff in convenient powder form*

On 9/12/2017 JK said...

Beet Root Powder-1kg Pure Powder
I wanted to test this to see if it got the NO discharge that I also got in L-Arginine/L-Citruline. I hope for better results *

On 9/5/2017 Robert said...

Great Product
Works good mixed with preworkout supplements*

On 7/11/2017 Garrett said...

Beet Powder
Product mixes well in water or juice. I am using as a nitrate supplement to increase my energy for workouts. Love the earthy flavor.*

On 7/7/2017 Ray said...

Love the quick shipping, Add it to my pre-work out and have been feeling great!*

On 7/2/2017 Elesia said...

Great product
This was recommended to us from family on the west coast who also crossfit. We noticed more energy drinking prior to workouts along with focus. Definitely recommended to others*

On 6/20/2017 shawn said...

Beet Root Powder
After taking it for a week my blood pressure has come down several points.*

On 6/18/2017 Bobby said...

Great Product
Used for preworkout mix, works great for a good pump.*

On 6/13/2017 Garrett said...

I don't know.
Doesn't really make me feel any different. I wonder how many of these reviews are from placebo effect. Beets are good for you and this is better than eating them normally. *

On 6/13/2017 Dan said...

Pre Workout
Added this to my pre workout for additional nitric oxide and health benefits. So far it so good and a lot easier than processing fresh beets. Adds a distinct color and flavor but as time goes by the taste will grow on you. Nice product.*

On 6/13/2017 Chris said...

Pure - No additives
This is a quick way to get antioxidants and other benefits from beets without having to eat large amounts. I love that you can tell and taste the pureness of this Beet Root Powder. I will definitely reorder. *

On 6/12/2017 Joshua said...

Really works
I used the beet root powder twice a day, 1 heaping teaspoon, and it was every effective at raising nitric oxide levels as measured using the nitric oxide test strips for saliva. One dose kept my levels up for over 12 hours. good for heart health. Anxious to see what it does for my blood pressure.

I use a little more prior to workouts giving me a good pump. *

On 5/23/2017 Ray said...

Excellent pre workout supplement
I love beetroot powder before workouts. The natural nitrate, i.e. nitric oxide, gives me extra energy during my workout, whether cardio or lifting. It mixes easily and tastes good*

On 5/20/2017 Victor said...

Beet Root powder
Just started using this product and so far so good.*

On 5/10/2017 Alan said...

Real Product
Used it with my juice and I love it. Add to my kale juice. Great color and taste. Will reorder.*

On 5/4/2017 Ekanayake said...

This company is legit, you get exactly what you ask for, and a high quality as well. Fast, what you ask for, well priced, and nicely packaged. I'll be back!*

On 5/1/2017 kristopher said...

Great product!
I love this stuff! Best tasting Beet I have tried so far! It gives me energy!*

On 4/24/2017 LEE ANN said...

great product
Great product, I highly recommend it over any other brand.*

On 4/3/2017 Gerry said...

Can't Beet it
I have been researching tightening up my nutrition when I came across Beet Root. I now add a tablespoon into my protein smoothies and I love. Feel like I have more energy and my circulation is better. My feet are always cold, now they are not...
Great product and I becoming more and more of a fan of B/S. *

On 3/28/2017 Eric said...

Beet root
Appreciate the purity and reasonable pricing. A little too early for me to make a good judgement, but as a 63 competitive athlete, I have noticed less lactic acid during hard pushes. Wish there were vegetable capsules - still learning best way to consume.*

On 3/21/2017 Richard said...

Bulk Beet Root Powder
I have trouble getting myself to eat veggies, so I got beet root powder to put in my smoothies. It doesn't have a strong flavor, and enhances the color of my strawberry smoothies. *

On 3/16/2017 Alice Cain said...

great product
Priced great and shipped quickly. *

On 3/16/2017 christine said...

beet root
This is truly an amazing product. The effects were felt immediately. Energy and strength for workouts is off the charts! This is truly a miracle supplement. The quality from Bulk Supplements is A1. The results are second to none. Over just a period of a few weeks, there has been no supplement that has provided the steady energy needed throughout the day to have quality life. Would highly recommend this product. Great value!*

On 3/15/2017 Shelley said...

Beet Root Powder - 2nd order
This is the second order I've made of BRP. It is a very fine powder that mixes well with protein powder and other supplements. The taste is a bit earthy, but it is more bland than anything else. I use dextrose in my stack, so it all works out.

All I can say about is that they've got the best prices, great shipping, and great overall service. You won't be disappointed.*

On 3/9/2017 Patrick said...

Quality beet root
I love the pure smell of this beet root that tells me it is a quality product. For some reason I just feel better using this product and I'm not really sure why but I'm going to continue using it. *

On 3/6/2017 Bill said...

Beet Root powder
I recently received my Beet Root Powder in a timely manner. I believe Bulksupplements .com has the best priced and concentration levels supplements on the web. Before making my first purchase, I did an extensive research on many websites on all the products I purchased from and I found Bulksupplements to be the best value on all their supplements*

On 3/6/2017 Armando said...

Beet Root Powder 100g
Delivery was prompt. The beet powder was in a air tight foil pack that is re-sealable. The packaging had clear supplement usage facts; as well as, how to measure out using a standard USA measuring teaspoon or tablespoon. The recommended serving size is 3500 milligrams. I chose to mix 1/2 teaspoon (3500 mg) in 8 oz. of room temperature - filtered water. Using a basic plastic spoon, the powder dissolved with little effort. The flavor is light and truly tasted like beets. I also was pleased by the fresh beet garden scent upon opening the package. I experienced no aftertaste after consumed. . Note: one 100g (gram) package is 28 servings at 3500 mg each (1/2 USA teaspoon)*

On 2/24/2017 ANGELINA said...

Beet powder
This is the best price I've found for Beet powder. It BEETS adding cooked beets to my protein shake. The powder leaves less beet taste than the cooked or canned beets allowing me to use a bigger dose. Ive noticed a slightly lower BP after using it for about a week. At the price ill buy it from Bulk Supplements again. *

On 2/20/2017 gary J said...

Great Pre Workout
If you're unable to get that pump in workout try adding some of this beet root. One TBS with my prework drink and I'm good to go. Give it a try. Thanks BS.*

On 2/1/2017 Raul said...

Beat it with Beets
BP was @ 167, within a month of taking Beet Root Powder, I saw a 15 pt drop. Have noticed more lasting energy during day. Suggest you do not take this at night, but rather first thing in a.m.. Great product, great customer service with Bulk Supplements.*

On 2/1/2017 Christine said...

Super Healthy
Ah beets, what can you say. You love them or you don't. I don't, but I know how good they are for the body and mind, as well as lowering BP. So, I just mix a spoonful in with my fiber powder, couple spoons of apple cider vinegar, a little orange juice, (I know, sounds strange), 1 tsp. of Stevia, and water and blend it for a second, then down the hatch. Not so bad at all like that. For true beet lovers, you will like it straight.*

On 1/26/2017 Robert said...

Tastes like chocolate without and bitter

On 1/14/2017 antonio said...

Great Product
This is an excellent product. From what I can tell, it adds all the health benefits of putting a roasted beet in your smoothie. It does have the earthy beet flavor but you don't really notice it. I've also found it a nice addition to pre-workout drinks.*

On 1/12/2017 John said...

Mixes well with flavored water
I mix with raspberry flavored water and it tastes more "fruity". Can tell an energy difference soon after taking. My reason in using this is hoping it will help with blood pressure issues. BS shipped very quickly.*

On 12/31/2016 Gregg said...

Great Product
I have felt better during my workouts while putting it my preworkout shake. I am very happy with the results and will continue to buy the product and others from bulksupplements.*

On 12/25/2016 Wylie said...

Great Product!
First time taking a beet root supplement and wish I had done so sooner! I am a huge fan of adding beet root into my smoothies but the problem is you need a high powered blender which is really loud. Using this supplement to make smoothies easy and reduces my morning noise, I am sure my roommate is also grateful of this supplement as well. *

On 12/20/2016 Raymundo said...

Love this product
This beet root powder is fantastic and was used by the Romans before going into battle as well as for virility in bed. The Romans knew what they were doing and I am a testament to that. I use it as an alternative to beet root juice which is very expensive. I put a heaping tablespoon of beet powder into my daily "virility" shake. I use this in conjunction with blue berries, raw organic cacao and ground dried fava beans. I also drink pomegranate juice and take minced garlic daily. Given the positive changes I have witnessed in my own body, as well as the reduction in blood pressure, I will forever incorporate beet powder into my daily regimen*

On 12/20/2016 david said...

Good benefits with unusual taste and unknown measurements
I'll be the first to say that the taste that comes along with this supplement is what you would expect - it tastes like a mix between beets and a tree root (hence the name). Putting it in my own self-mixed preworkout necessitated lots of Stevia and Mio to cover up the flavor, so just be aware of that. I didn't notice the dreaded red pee despite taking 8 grams a day.

Speaking of that 8 grams a day - I was taking this as a source of nitrates to increase the pump during the workout. That being said, I know what the clinical dose of nitrates necessary to be effective is. The problem is that this extract doesn't have any dose listed as to how much beet root extract I need to take to hit that clinical dose. This makes it difficult to know how much to take to be effective, so I'm stuck varying my servings trying to find the best amount. Definitely not the most cost-worthy way to find this information out. I think at 8 grams I was able to have some effect (though I am also taking a dose of citrulline malate, so the combined effects may be what I noticed), but again I wish I knew how to reach nitrate saturation strictly from this.*

On 12/20/2016 Josef said...

Great Product, Great Service & Great Prices!
This was my first order from Bulk Supplements and I am very happy with the experience and with the products. Communication was great and the order arrived quickly. I decided to try beet root after hearing about how nitrate-rich beets boost the body's nitric oxide production and helps regulate your cardiovascular system. Nitric Oxide is a signaling molecule which tells your blood vessels to relax, supporting healthy blood pressure and circulation, while also boosting energy. The taste is good and the packaging is very convenient. The price from Bulk Supplements also can't be matched. I highly recommend Bulk Supplements and look forward to buying again soon. *

On 12/10/2016 Daron said...

Good pre-workout!
I can't give it 5 stars because of the taste, but it definitely has benefits when taken pre-workout. I just drink it as fast as possible and deal with it. *

On 12/8/2016 Ryan said...

Beet Root Powder
I feel more energy while taking before work\workouts helps lowering my blood pressure to a normal level. Taste just like a beet taste, if that's a problem with you squeeze lemon while mixing with water it helps. Great to mix with fresh berries for a smoothie. Just overall a GREAT product from a GREAT provider. THANKS BULK SUPPLEMENTS *

On 12/5/2016 Joseph said...

Mixes well with my shakes
I ordered beet root because of the advantages of the nitric acid. I do my best to eat healthy but eating enough beets to hopefully feel the results is taxing. This powder mixes well with my protein shakes and although I have just begun supplementing with it, I am optimistic about the advantages. The taste, for anyone that has eaten beets before is about the same as what you have come to expect when eating beets. Anyone that hasn't or doesn't know what to expect, I will say that beets have a very distinct earthy taste. If you're not sure whether you can handle the beet flavor I would advise trying a the smallest bag to see if it's something you would enjoy to continue.*

On 11/21/2016 Joshua said...

Fresh, mixes well.
I had been purchasing beet root powder from Whole Foods. In comparison, the product from Bulk Supplements seems fresher, finely ground and flowing, not caked or clumped. It mixes better and gives a good flavor. The price is far superior. And I was impressed with the quick shipping and the excellent package condition upon arrival. Bulk Supplements just became my 24/7 go-to for health products. *

On 11/21/2016 Linda said...

Great Product
I received the beet root powder in a timely fashion and was very pleased with the product. It mixed well and had a good beet taste, very pleased. The price and options to select from will work with well for future orders. I am glad to be a customer of BulkSupplements.*

On 11/19/2016 Tim Kershenstein said...

Beet Root - Preworkout Ingredient
I first had Beet Root in a premixed preworkout I had bought from Vitamin Shoppe. I then started taking just beet root pills, also form Vitamin Shoppe, but they were much more expensive than this. I am now mixing my own preworkout and use this beet root powder in that mix. The taste is something to get used to but I love the benefits and you can't beat the price per volume anywhere else.*

On 11/18/2016 Jon said...

Beet Root - Preworkout Ingredient
I first had Beet Root in a premixed preworkout I had bought from Vitamin Shoppe. I then started taking just beet root pills, also form Vitamin Shoppe, but they were much more expensive than this. I am now mixing my own preworkout and use this beet root powder in that mix. The taste is something to get used to but I love the benefits and you can't beat the price per volume anywhere else.*

On 11/18/2016 Jon said...

Beet root powder
I feel more energy and a sense of well being when I take the Beet Root Powder! I know it's working. It was delivered quickly also. I will tell my friends about your company!*

On 11/13/2016 Joseph said...

Beet Root a Preworkout Must
Couldn't be more happy with the product. My only criticism would have to be the poor re-sealable pouch the product came in. Not a big deal as I was intending to put my products is proper sealable containers anyway. Thanks bulk supplements, it's so nice to not get ripped off!*

On 11/10/2016 Robert said...

Beet Root Powder good stuff
placed an order for Beet Root Powder and as usual my order arrived promptly.I have been taking this with apple juice,,apple cider vinegar and lemon juice and it has been helping my energy as well as lowering my blood pressure to a normal level.As an added plus I received a mailer from a company selling beet powder and their product was quite a bit higher,so shopping this site for all your supplement needs not only maintains your health but says you money. *

On 11/2/2016 Darrel said...

Great Stuff!
First time order with this company. First class products and great shipping! Will continue to purchase more products. Thank you!!! *

On 10/31/2016 James said...

Beet root powder
I have cirrhosis of the liver. I am taking 3 teaspoons of Beet root powder in the morning and 1 teaspoon before I go to bed and I eat a lot of fruit daily. The results have been amazing and I do believe it is helping heal the liver.
Thank you for a wonderful product!*

On 10/28/2016 Michael said...

Delightful taste & mixes easy with water
I became aware of Beet root's benefits as I was learning to be more healthy at 50+ . Beet root helps with having more energy as well as promoting a healthy metabolism, both are desirable for any age group.
Bulk Supplements' product quality is a great value.*

On 10/23/2016 Susan said...

Beet Root powder for the win
I have been adding a beet to my daily shake for the last few months. It's been a rather complicated to make sure I have fresh beets on hand, using them before they go too soft, and dealing with cleaning up after cleaning and cutting them. Finding this beet root powder here with Bulk Supplements has been eliminated those issues. This powder is cheaper than whole beets and much, much easier to store and use than whole beets. Thanks Bulk Supplements for a great product!*

On 10/16/2016 Alexander said...

Beet Root Powder
First of all,they always have fast shipping.I got the beet root powder for my blood pressure and it lowered it.It has gave me more energy also.
thanks so much.*

On 9/27/2016 Debra said...

Good product
I have found that this product mixes easily and the taste is acceptable, beet root taste like beet root. Would not like any artificial flavoring or other additives. My blood pressure is a little high so am using this to try to lower it. . *

On 9/24/2016 Steven said...

A great NO substitute
I wanted to try something a little different for my preworkout and once again I was not disappointed. I had the same affect as taking a standard vasodilator with an all natural product. Like all the products I received, this was very high purity*

On 9/17/2016 Kyle said...

Beet Root Powder
First time ordering from Bulksupplements. Order arrived quickly..I take Beet root for my blood pressure and other health reasons..This is a great product...thank you*

On 9/6/2016 LEE ANN said...

Beet powder Rocks!
Amazing product.....perfect for mixing with my preworkout. I recommend it to all my friends.*

On 8/30/2016 lewis said...

Beet powder Rocks!
I have used different brands before but now of them works or comes close to the price on your site. I love the taste and the product is always fresh. The beauty of this product is i don't have to take Arginine because this works great and is the perfect mix for my homemade preworkout drink. a must try...i recommend it to all my friends *

On 8/30/2016 Lewis said...

Great for blood pressure
This product has lowered my blood pressure that I no longer have to take blood pressure medication I also take magnesium grape seed extract my doctor was amazed that I told her I wasn't taking the medicine any longer she tried to tell me that it wasn't approved by the FDA I said they've been taking this stuff for thousands of years but she couldn't believe that my blood pressure dropped that much it's better than when I was on the medication the shipping is always excellent*

On 8/15/2016 Timothy said...

Beet Root Powder
Product arrived very quickly and is exactly as described. Looks and tastes exactly like other products I've used but for a much better price. I called before ordering with questions and customer service was excellent. *

On 8/3/2016 Connie said...

Beautiful Beet Powder!
I had been using a different brand of beet root powder sold at a local health food store to help improve physical performance and keep my blood pressure in check. When I received this product and immediately noticed the color was much more vibrant and the flavor was much better. I am also receiving better results from this product after using it for a couple of weeks. I look forward to drinking it every morning with my favorite greens supplement powder for a serious energy boost.*

On 7/24/2016 Dalton said...

Beet Root Powder
This is a great quality supplement. Love that it has no additives or fillers in the package. Mixes well in my smoothie in the morning and is a lot easier to use as a supplement than juicing or grating the beets on your own. Have to be careful with staining but on the plus side for all you ladies out there it makes a fabulous organic cheek blush in addition to being a nutritional supplement. Haven't had time yet, but will also try adding it to some baked goods for extra nutritional pump.*

On 7/12/2016 Vanessa said...

Beet root
Great product. Tastes clean and pure. Offers the boost I was looking for before a workout.*

On 7/10/2016 L said...

Beet Root Powder
I have ordered this product from other companies but Bulk has the best prices. I like the fact that their products are pure without additives.*

On 6/14/2016 James said...

Beet Root Powder
This is my second order of Beet Root Powder. I take it for the nitrate. It works well with Icariin, pine bark and L-Arginine. For my ED. I also do some jelq exercises along with this routine a few times a week. At 56 years old my manhood has been improved to levels of 20 years ago.
I started seeing improvement the first week.*

On 6/11/2016 douglas said...

Beet Root Powder
This beet root powder is a great supplement, and works well into liquids of any kind. Be careful with the powder as it is a food coloring and will stain. I have white tile and have spilled it a couple of times, but it wiped right off. The taste is acceptable and it's an easy way to get this food daily!*

On 6/9/2016 Kathleen said...

Rock solid
Delivery was very fast and product quality as always with Bulk Supp is excellent.
As for the Beet Root, you will not find this product at a better price me I looked. Three days on the Root so far and noticing a "full" feeling in muscles. Not as much a pumped feeling but the muscles seem harder, more dense.
Mixes well but if your not into the "earthy" taste better get some juice. Mine goes down just fine with a little apple juice.*

On 6/7/2016 BRAD said...

Great start of a day
I received the Beet Root powder as a free sample, but I am going to be a returning consumer for this product. I wish I thought about it before.
I like beet and not only because of its health benefits, I like it taste as well, but it doesn’t happen to include it into my meals every day. The powder is the great solution for it – accessible, easy to reach and consume form. It boost the energy and helps with digestion (it can be very helpful for those who are on the high protein diet). I take it in the morning together with my power greens powder and for a pre-workout drink.
It mixes well with water, has pleasant vegetable, not very sweet taste.*

On 5/23/2016 Elena said...

Great addition to smoothies
This is very easy to add to healthy smoothies I make! May order more vitamin powders because of the ease and recommended measures labeled on the package. *

On 5/17/2016 David said...

Worth the money!!
I did enough reading about the benefits of beets before buying the product. I've used the beet root product 3 days in a row. I have it about 1 hour before my crossfit workout. I just mix it with water and down it. I also start eating some bananas and peanut butter for energy before my workout.
The biggest difference, I've seen using the beet root powder is that I'm able to recover faster and ready to go for the next one. I don't feel beaten up after the workout and I've added extra strength work (on purpose) after my metabolic conditioning to see how I feel. And, I feel recovered enough to move some weight.
Happy with the purchase and will trying combing it with other products I got from Bulk Supplements. Hopefully, I also have the chance to post a review after some long term use. If you are on the fence about trying it would recommend it!!


On 5/12/2016 Niranjan Samuel said...

noticed differance
I ordered beet root twice since I have started ordering from bulk supplements. I have noticed vascularity difference and overall performance from my personal blend of ingredients. the beet root
powder is pure and clean. love it!*

On 5/11/2016 michael said...

Beet Root Powder
Unbeatable price, amazing as I received nearly double the quantity of product my previous provider delivered for the same price. Great in shakes or mixing with yogurt. I does have a bit of a chalky taste and settles a bit when mixing in a drink with L-citrulline yet in general it is an excellent and economical way to add beet root to your diet. You will not find a better price anywhere.*

On 5/10/2016 Sam said...

Beet Root - Excellent
I received the product very fast. I love adding the beet root powder in my juice and drink mixes. It adds another dimension of excellent flavors and source of nutrients in our mix drinks.*

On 5/8/2016 Fuad said...

Beet root power
I received the product very fast. I love adding the beet root powder in my almond milk, peanut butter, maca powder, and whey protein powder smoothie. *

On 4/26/2016 Frederick said...

Beet powder
Great product, beets are about 85% water so this is a much more economical way to get your beets into a smoothie with the option to capsule if traveling or just don't have the time to mix something up. Will buy again.*

On 4/20/2016 Dan said...

Beet Root Powder
I am taking beet root powder along with L arginine and L citrulline for nitrite oxide formation. All from Bulk Supplements . I very much appreciate their high quality products and fast shipping.

On 4/20/2016 James L. said...

Beet root powdwe
Mixes well in shake with subtle beet taste (which I like). Very fine powder, be careful as this will leave a stain. I had to transfer the powder into a container because the zip-lock top would not close properly. Very good price and I received it fast.*

On 4/19/2016 Chris said...

Beet Root Pre workout
After reading all the great benefits of Beet Root I decided to give it a try. I utilize it as a pre workout mixed with Whey, Acetyl l carnitine, and Green Tea extract. I receive a nice clean energy that lasts through my workout. I am very pleased with this product. It has a slightly sweet earthy taste and mixes well.*

On 4/18/2016 Eric said...

body's natural N-O production = into the weeds of Beet Root Powder
Beetroot = 4 clinical trials. Boost your body's natural N-O production.
[just like Viagra boosts no2!!!?]
Researched at The University of Texas© Health Science Center and based on Nobel Prize-winning research, proven way to boost your body's natural N-O production.

Beets is your daily dietary nitrate-rich superfood that boosts your body's nitric oxide production.
Beetroot beneficial for athletes and heart failure patients, research finds
Kansas State University
MANHATTAN, Kansas -- Football teams are claiming it improves their athletic performance, and according to new research from Kansas State University, it also benefits heart failure patients. The special ingredient: beetroot.
Recently, the Auburn University football team revealed its pregame ritual of taking beetroot concentrate, or beet juice, before each game. The juice may have contributed to the team's recent winning season
"Research, published in the journal Physiology in 2013, has shown that the nitrate found in beetroot concentrate increases blood flow to skeletal muscles during exercise," said David Poole, professor of exercise kinesiology and anatomy and physiology at Kansas State University. The journal Physiology is widely regarded as the world's premiere physiology journal.
The researchers' latest study, "Microvascular oxygen pressures in muscles comprised of different fiber types: Impact of dietary nitrate supplementation," was published in the Journal of Nitric Oxide, Biology and Chemistry. This work provides the basis for how beetroot juice may benefit football players by preferentially increasing blood flow to fast-twitch muscle fibers -- the ones used for explosive running. This work was performed by Poole; Scott Ferguson, doctoral student in anatomy and physiology; and Timothy Musch, professor of exercise kinesiology and anatomy and physiology, all at Kansas State University.
In addition to improving athletic performance, the research also found that beetroot juice can improve the quality of life for heart failure patients.
"Remember, for every one football player in the United States, there are many thousands of heart failure patients that would benefit from this therapy," Poole said. "It's a big deal because even if you can only increase oxygen delivery by 10 percent, that can be the difference between a patient being wheelchair-bound versus getting up and walking around and interacting with his or her family."
The benefits of beetroot come from the nitrate found within it. The amount of nitrate in one 70-milliliter bottle of beetroot juice is about the same amount found in 100 grams of spinach.
"When consumed, nitrate is reduced in the mouth by bacteria into nitrite," Ferguson said. "The nitrite is swallowed again and then reduced to nitric oxide, which is a potent vasodilator. The nitric oxide dilates the blood vessels, similar to turning on a water faucet, and allows blood to go where it needs to go."
The beetroot juice consumption resulted in a 38 percent higher blood flow to the skeletal muscles during exercise and was preferential to the less-oxygenated, fast-twitch muscles.
"Heart failure is a disease where oxygen delivery to particular tissues, especially working skeletal muscles, is impaired, decreasing the capacity to move the arms or legs and be physically active," Poole said. "The best therapy for these patients is getting up and moving around. However, that is often difficult. Increasing the oxygen delivery to these muscles through beetroot can provide a therapeutic avenue to improve the quality of life for these patients."
Clinical trials are currently underway.

What's nitric oxide? It's the master regulator of your cardiovascular system. It's a signaling molecule which tells your blood vessels to relax, supporting healthy blood pressure and circulation, which naturally boosts energy. The molecule's role in the body is so significant that its fairly recent discovery won the Nobel Prize in 1998.
Chronic stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, chronic fatigue, and certain genetic conditions can all inhibit your body's ability to make N-O. Eating nitrate-rich foods and getting proper amounts of exercise are more imporant than ever in order to maintain healthy levels of N-O.
To supercharge your intake of dietary nitrates and boost energy, incorporate Beets into your daily nutrition regimen.

On 4/10/2016 DR. MARK E. said...

Simply One of My Favorite Supplements
I add this with either almond milk or filtered water in addition to my green vegetable powder and chia seeds before any fulfilling workout. It means a lot to have a powder that is readily accessible, deliciously tasteful, and most importantly; nourishing to the body.*

On 4/9/2016 Ben said...

received the product very fast. works great and mixes well! definitely recommend it with a pre workout. gives a nice pump. *

On 4/2/2016 John said...

Beets/Beetroot juice is a natural pre-workout. Powder is super convenient, and the price-point is great. I have ordered many of BulkSupplements' products, and I am satisfied with all of them. *

On 3/27/2016 JK said...

It is the Real Thing
Received this product in great shape. I was anxious to see if it was the real thing. The one thing you can tell about red beets is that they turn every thing red. Well, the is the real thing. If your not careful it will even turn the air red. Even though i slowly open the bag the red powder made its presence known. The bag is even hard to reseal with this fine red dusty powder. I stuck my finger in the bag to take a taste, slightly sweet that's it I said that's the real thing alright. I slowly resealed the bag then double bagged it by putting it in my on plastic bag and clamping it shut.
When I saw beat powder I jumped at the chance. I learned about the power of the beet while I was very sick and worked myself to wellness by what I ate. The beet is one great powerhouse and I have it daily. The problem is I live in the North and hard to grow fresh beets when the ground is frozen. We can get beets from places like Texas, and Wisconsin but you can taste the difference they are simply not fresh. Now I have my own powder. I have looked at other beat powder already in capsules but they all have Magnesium Stearate in them which makes great capsules but not absorbed by your body.

I just finished making my own capsules I used gloves just like I do when I have baked the real thing. I put a small amount in a jar for I love to add beet juice to my coconut milk when I serve it on my morning berries. I don’t normally have it during the winter but I do now. My mind is turning thinking of all the ways I’m going to use this powder.

Its the real thing al right I still have the red finger to prove it. No #10 Red Dye here. Just joking about the red finger for the dust easily washes off.*

On 3/25/2016 Joan said...

Red beet root powder
This produced (red beet root powder) more than met my expectations of what the company had made claims of as being effective in the vasodilation process and other healthy benefits. I would highly recommend this company and product to anyone.*

On 3/13/2016 WILLIAM said...

Beetroot Powder
I've trained with olympic level athletes and they are all about taking beetroot as a supplement to help them improve their performance. This is a high quality, affordable product that gets the job done effectively. If you want to start supplementing Beetroot powder into your diet i would recommend using this product. *

On 3/1/2016 Jesse said...

Beet root powder
I am an endurance athlete, and I take beet root powder because I have read that it is an endurance superfood. I do feel that it gives me endurance energy for running. I get tired of eating raw beets ground up in my blender. It makes my shakes thick and unpalatable. So it was a refreshing change to be able to add the powder to my shakes instead. I will continue using the powder. Very happy with it. *

On 2/29/2016 Julie said...

Beet Root Powder
I bought a whole kilo of BRP as a Citrulline substitute. It works the same way, as a vasodilator. Don't get me wrong, Citrulline is great, but I can't take very much because it's highly acidic and aggravates my stomach.
The BRP doesn't do this and the taste isn't nearly as bad as I thought. *

On 2/28/2016 Brian said...

Beet Root Powder
I have my favorites I buy from for my pre-workout, and then drop and add so I can try other products they offer. Last couple months ago I tried the Beet Root Power mainly for the nitric acid. I was very pleased with the pump I got while working out and I will be buying more on the next order.*

On 2/23/2016 Thomas said...

Must have for a preworkout supplement!
I decided to try my luck at formulating my own preworkout powder. Following the ingredient profile of PreJym, I ordered everything I needed, including the beet root powder. I have used my mix both with and without it, and I can say that I see and feel a difference when using it. Improved vascularity and the associated blood flow to the muscles is exactly what I was looking for with supplementing this product! It's a must use, and I'm only using 500mg. Great product!*

On 2/20/2016 Craig said...

New supp....
I take over 24 supplements and have studied nutrition and supplementation for 40 years. I've added and deleted many supps along the way and have my mainstays. I am trying beet root powder because of its nitrate content which helps in nitrite oxide formation, like L-Citrullin DL-Malate and decreased blood pressure, and helps in vascular and circulatory health. Not a new food, but if you do your research, you'll see it is becoming more and more a Super food..*

On 2/10/2016 Paul said...

beet root powder
This product is exactly what I wanted. Seems to be providing benefits I was looking for.*

On 1/18/2016 Charles said...

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Product Questions

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Is the powder made from beet juice or the whole beet including the fiber?
Is your Beet Root Power GMO free??? Thanks, Bill Bugg
How many carbs in one tablespoon?
The description says "free of sugar". Have the natural sugars been removed or is it just no added sugar?
I am trying to determine the amount of inorganic nitrates in your Beet Root Powder. Based on a 3500 mg serving can you tell me the nitrate level?
How much potassium is in a serving?
How have you determined that 3.5 gms is a "serving size"? What is the "wet weight" of beet root used to generate 3.5 gms of powder? Thanks.
How much water should you use 8oz?
are the beets g.m.o or clean
do you know if this product is certified organic or non gmo? Thanks!
should you swish the beet root powder juice around in your mouth to mix with saliva before you swallow or just swallow it?