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Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) Powder

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Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) Powder


  • Helps regulate calcium levels
  • Promotes absorption of magnesium
  • Healthy bones & teeth
  • Taste

  • Mixability

Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) is an important nutrient that regulates calcium, which contributes to the health of teeth, bones and cartilage.


Serving Size & Timing

Vitamin D3 is highly toxic in higher amounts. Because of how concentrated this supplement is, it should be measured and consumed with care. Do not supplement this product if you do not possess an accurate milligram scale. It is strongly suggested that those unsure of serving sizes choose less concentrated forms of Vitamin D3 to avoid overdose. Since individual needs may vary, always start on the lower end of dosing.

Nutritional Information

Supplement Facts

Serving size: 46 milligrams
Serving per container: *
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value**
Total Carbohydrates... 14mg >5%
…Sugars >1g *
Vitamin D (as Cholecalciferol D-3) 5000 IU 1250%
* Daily Value not established.
** Based on 2,000 calorie diet

Maltodextrin, modified starch, tocopherols

Soy, dairy, gluten and yeast.

As a dietary supplement, take 10mg to 46mg daily, or as directed by a physician. Use ONLY an accurate milligram scale to measure.



This non-irradiated supplement is pharmaceutical grade.


Vitamins that are soluble in fats such as Vitamin D3 all share in common the fact that they have the potential to be very toxic if taken in excess. Use caution when taking this supplement. Taking too much Vitamin D3 can result in the body storing excess, which can cause hypercalcemia and bone loss. Those who have had kidney disease or tuberculosis in the past are at a greater risk. Other issues of overdose include nausea, weakness, weight loss, heartbeat irregularity, irritability, constipation and seizures.


This supplement is oily and not soluble in water; however, it is soluble in fats. For this reason, it is recommended that it be taken along with a meal high in fat content. Once finished, this product should be stored in an area that is free from light, heat and moisture in order to preserve potency and decrease the chance of degradation. You may want to supplement Vitamin A along with Vitamin D3 for an enhanced effect.


Due to varying import regulations, not all of our supplements are available to international customers. This product is restricted for sale in the following countries:


California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

Customer Reviews

D3 Live Happy
Great product, fantastic mixability, easy digestion. *

On 8/6/2018 Hunter said...

Great Price for this Highly Needed Supplement
When I had my blood tested the Doctor remarked that Vitamin D3 made the most impact when having your blood tested for vitamin deficiencies and recommended at least 5,000 IU's. The person that went with me began using 15,000 IU's and noticed skin cancer clearing up which was confirmed by her doctor!!!

This is a very high quality, affordable supplement I will order over and over from Bulk Supplements!! *

On 7/13/2018 Sherrie said...

Such high purity and product! This is the most common deficiency in athletes. Supp now!*

On 6/12/2018 Jorge said...

Best Price on D3 by Far
This is the best value on D3 anywhere. You will not find a better price. I use a very small scoop to measure about 4000IU twice daily with meals. It's essentially tasteless.*

On 5/7/2018 Michael said...

Where the sun don't shine.
Living in the Northwest USA we can go months without a sunny day so here supplementing with Vitamin D3 is essential. It was great to find Vitamin D3 in powdered form at I can now ad it to my protein shake or smoothie. In bulk Vitamin D3 powder is incredibly economical, even the smallest bag will last a very long time, *

On 5/3/2018 Mark said...

good stuff
This is a good supplement to my balanced diet.*

On 3/26/2018 nathan said...

Great product -- High purity
This is a great product and high purity for this D3, It is worth for your money. This vitamin is so important for your bones and joints, especially for women.*

On 12/8/2017 amy said...

Great Product -- High Purity
Great product and high purity for this D3. It is worth for your money. This product is so important for your bones and joints, especially for women.*

On 12/8/2017 amy chu said...

Great Product
This is a great product and it fits my needs.*

On 5/30/2017 Rebecca said...

Vitamin D3
Pure products at great prices!*

On 4/9/2017 Debra said...

Obscene value
Although I am beginning to wonder at the traditionally cited usefulness of supplementing vitamin D, this product represents the best value on the market. Even the smallest denomination available (100g) still represents 2000+ servings, per bag. The powder mixes well enough, and has no noticeable flavor. Then again, I hardly ever mix my supplements with water, so that's not saying much. I hadn't noticed the claim, when I first ordered the product, but vitamin D3 is supposed to assist in the metabolization of the magnesium citrate, I currently supplement with D3, throughout the winter, to combat SAD, but will continue into the warm months, to see if its effects are more noticeable. Non-GMO is certainly a benefit, but it makes me question the sourcing of those BulkSupplements products that don't bear such a seal.*

On 3/13/2017 BT said...

Great Product - please clean it up
I love that I can obtain D3 in a concentrated form and I understand that it is so potent that over the counter dilution is necessary. Please dilute with something other than Maltodextrin which is made from corn (likely GMO) or wheat (full of glyphosate). Also, you need to list how much tocopherols and what kind (synthetic or natural?) are in the "other ingredients".

Thank you for listening.


On 1/8/2017 Kane said...

Customer for life with these products
First delivery was fast. Second customer service was top 10 plus. As for the products, amazing in all aspects. I was very happy with the amount I got and the price was very affordable.*

On 12/19/2016 april said...

Vitamin D3
This product is exactly what I was looking for. Make sure you get an accurate scale that you can calibrate to weigh out your D3.*

On 10/30/2016 Jim said...

It tastes wonderful and is easy to go down! It also mixes well!*

On 10/29/2016 Tina said...

High Purity
Bought the product to formulate my own D3 supplements Due to the high purity, only a small amount of powder is required daily, so I chose to mix it with another bulkier powder supplement to avoid the need for a micro scale.

The powder is dry and easily mixed with other powders for a fine homogenous mix.*

On 9/27/2016 Kim said...

Great Product
This is such an important vitamin and in order to be sure we are getting it daily, I am adding it to our smoothies. It does not affect the taste and as it is for a double portion, it makes it easier to measure with the 1/64 teaspoon. As my husband doesn't like to take pills, taking several powders from Bulk supplements our daily smoothie has worked very well. I feel confident in their quality.*

On 8/10/2016 Linda said...

Vitamin D3
I just received my order of vitamin D3. I'm waiting the arrival of my microgram scale in order to measure accurately my 50 mcg daily doses.

I plan to take 50 mcg daily to help with my high blood pressure, to reduce my vitamin D deficiency and for overall general health. Vitamin d is recommended by Dr Andrew Saul at *

On 6/21/2016 ron said...

Great Supplier
Love this product. Fast Shipping. Mixes well.*

On 5/26/2016 Kwadwo said...

this is high potency VD3... we ALL need it .. can't get any better than Bulk Supplements...*

On 4/6/2016 Jeff said...

Doctor Recomended
My doctor recommended me to supplement with D3 for the past 3 years. I chose BS, because of the Quality and Price.*

On 3/15/2016 Sara said...

bulk supplements
i have just recieved this product shipping like always was first rate --- but i have been getting products from these guys for a while now some of them are ----edta, zinc oxide, potassium, magnesium, creatine, st john wort and melatonin and these products work great for me. just remember to do your homework and get the products your body needs. my health has improve greatly since i have been using these products. i combine my products in correct proportions and even tho the taste is not that bad i add unsweetened kool-aid to my mix and that makes it taste good (no sugar that defeats the purpose) and mix it with water and drink it in the morning. i would recommend this company to my friend.*

On 2/11/2016 robin said...

Vitamin D3
I recently placed an order for Vitamin D3 along with creatine HCL, zinc gluconate & magnesium citrate. Within 5 minutes of submitting my order, I received an email confirmation that my order had been processed & shipped. I received it 2 days later - which is quite impressive considering I live about an hour SW of Pittsburgh, PA.

Unfortunately, I did not have the expected results with my products - through no fault of BS. My D3 has an expiration date of 02/20/2016 - which obviously is in 3 months. No big deal - I IM'd BS and explained the situation and they said no problem - just send it back (unopened) and let them know how I want them to process it. (Exchange, refund,...) Excellent service as always.

As far as my other products, I am having very good results with the creatine HCL. Excellent pumps with no bloat or "gastrointestinal distress". Which leads me to my other products:

Unfortunately, the zinc gluconate gave me a sense of nausea. I am wondering if I even need to supplement with zinc given my diet. I may revisit that down the road. As for the magnesium, it works - too good I'm afraid to say! Lets just say it really cleans me out. I have given both supps 3 days off and I am back on my "regular schedule". I am going to be returning these items as well. Again, no fault of BS - I just think I will have go a different route for these 2 particular supplements.

I definitely will be sticking with the creatine HCL. I stack it with BS
L-Citrulline Malate & Beta Alanine. I am also considering Glutamine in the future to help with recovery as I am not getting any younger, haha. I am also looking at adding BS grass fed whey protein & fish oil in the future once my current supplies are exhausted.

All in all, just a few hiccups with my last order, but I will definitely be sticking with BS in the future for my core supplements listed above. Thanks again for the excellent service and Happy Holidays to all at BS..! :)*

On 11/24/2015 SCOTT said...

vitamine d3
exelente vitamin recomended*

On 11/8/2015 jose said...

The TRUTH and only the TRUTH
stay inside and you will get SICK.

Yes, you can supplement via the GMO FREE, powdered D3 from BulkSupplements...

Yet I relay this:

1. You do not gain D via dairy (milk. eggs. etc)
2. You do not gain D via capsules
3., YOU CAN BOOST YOU "D" if you take it in the RAW, powdered version via BulkSupplements, IF and ONLY IF you are sitting in sunlight between 10AM and 3PM daily.....FULL SUN ONLY!

This was proven over 200 years ago......look it up!

Do what I recommend,,,LIVE long, be WELL, LOVE YOUR family, and prosper in all walks of human-hood

PS....D3 is an is D and D ONLY in all forms of LIFE!

On 10/9/2015 George said...

Quality + Price = Win for Us
I agree with the earlier reviewers. Product quality is excellent, and you probably aren't going to find a better price on supplements anywhere. I just started using this D3 powder in place of taking more expensive pill-version from GNC. I'm getting the same or better quality for a lot less money.

My only tip to Bulk Supplements is to keep an eye on bag quality. On my last order, the bags were fine (the ziplock seals are holding up fine); but on my last order, there was apparently a manufacturing defect in the way the ziplock seals were glued to the bags ... they detached, so I ended up having to clamp the bags to keep them closed.

Again, thanks to Bulk Supplements for providing a superior product line at the best prices anywhere. I'll be a life-long customer!*

On 7/28/2015 Luke said...

Vitamin D3
This is such an important Vitamin, that so many people do not get enough. Great price compared to buying at your local store in capsules, but you need a good scale!*

On 5/25/2015 Tyler said...

Haven't used yet
Use bulk supp for all my needs. I'm sure when I start using this it will satisfy my expectations. They are fair priced and have quick delivery.*

On 4/19/2015 Linda said...

Not so easy to overdose-but do periodic blood tests
Be aware that everyone is different in how they absorb and use Vitamin D3. I was taking 10,000 iu religiously for 6 months and my blood levels were in the low 30s - I wanted them between 50-100 ng/ml. A physiological dose from the sun is 25,000 iu then your body stops making it, The FDA recommendation of 4000 iu doesn't use all the new research on cancer and heart disease and I don't see changes in my patients under 10,000.iu daily, although maintenance doses can be lower. I am fat so it gets bound up and I use more because I have diabetes, so had to do 50,000 iu daily to get my blood levels to the low 50s. That is a weekly dose for others. To get by with a lower level also take magnesium, trace minerals and (preferably fermented) cod liver oil. When my blood levels started falling again I took 50k 3x/week and added the cofactors and got into the 70s where I wanted to be, The powder makes it easy and you don't need to take Vitamin D every day if you want a lower dosage.

People with abnormal calcium metabolism, granulomatous disease, hyperparathyroidism or TB shouldn't dose without medical oversight. Vitamin D3 is a hormone so you probably need some but too much will cause the problems listed here. And everyone supplementing over 10k iu should do a periodic blood test every 3-6 months.*

On 4/16/2015 Karen said...

My main reason for purchasing this product was my vitamin D deficiency. I have been taking it only for a few days and already notice a difference in my energy level. Thanks Bulk Supplements for being an authentic company!*

On 3/23/2015 kaleesa said...

vitamin D3
Doctor told me to take more vitamin D since my bones ache a lot and I have inflammation. I decided that I wanted to take vitamins without the fillers and things that are not needed. I will always order from you guys since I want to give my body the best. *

On 1/3/2015 sandra said...

vitamin D3
Doctor told me to take more vitamin D since my bones ache a lot and I have inflammation. I decided that I wanted to take vitamins without the fillers and things that are not needed. I will always order from you guys since I want to give my body the best. *

On 1/3/2015 sandra said...

vitamin D3
Doctor told me to take more vitamin D since my bones ache a lot and I have inflammation. I decided that I wanted to take vitamins without the fillers and things that are not needed. I will always order from you guys since I want to give my body the best. *

On 1/3/2015 sandra said...

vitamin D3
Doctor told me to take more vitamin D since my bones ache a lot and I have inflammation. I decided that I wanted to take vitamins without the fillers and things that are not needed. I will always order from you guys since I want to give my body the best. *

On 1/3/2015 sandra said...

vitamin D3
Doctor told me to take more vitamin D since my bones ache a lot and I have inflammation. I decided that I wanted to take vitamins without the fillers and things that are not needed. I will always order from you guys since I want to give my body the best. *

On 1/3/2015 sandra said...

vitamin D3 that is so easy to take
There is nothing better than taking vitamins without fillers and things that we don't need. I was really happy to receive my order and how easy it is to take the vitamin D3. My vitamin D is very low and have inflammation in my bones, doctor told me to take more vitamin D. I will continue buying from you guys since I am trying to avoid all the things that are added to vitamins. *

On 1/2/2015 sandra said...

Vitamin D is the most powerful supplement
After my last purchase, I was invited to choose and review this free package of BulkSupplements Pure Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) Powder (100 grams).

It is important when taking oral vitamin D, that one take at least 100-200 mcg vitamin K2 as menaquinone-7 and/or at least 1000 mcg vitamin K2 as menaquinone-4. Large amounts of oral vitamin D can cause vitamin D toxicity if unaccompanied by vitamin K2. It is not possible to overdose on solar vitamin D. Vitamin D raises blood calcium. Vitamin K2 puts the calcium where it is supposed to be: in the bones, not in the soft tissues such as the joint surfaces or the endothelial linings.

Stacks Updated 12/28/14:

The morning pre-workout stack (mostly BulkSupplements products in decreasing order of importance at a daily cost of $0.84) that I drink just before running five 50-second sprints is as follows:

1. Acetyl-l-carnitine, 1.0 gram
2. L-carnitine, 1.0 gram
3. L-citrulline dl-malate (2:1), 3.0 grams
4. Beta alanine, 3.0 grams
5. DMAE-bitartrate, 0.7 gram
6. Grape seed extract, 0.25 gram
7. L-glutamine, 1.0 gram
8. Pine Bark Extract, 0.15 gram
9. N-acetyl l-cysteine (NAC), 0.6 gram
10. N-acetyl l-tyrosine (NALT), 1.6 grams
11. Methyl-sulfonyl-methane (MSM), 2.0 grams
12. Creatine monohydrate, 2.5 grams
13. Sublingual methylcobalamin, 500 mcg, (Jarrow's)
14. Calcium ascorbate, 2.5 grams, 250 mg elemental calcium, 2.25 grams ascorbate
15. Niacin (vitamin B-3), 0.045 gram

An occasional nootropic pre-workout stack (all BulkSupplements products in decreasing order of importance at a daily cost of $0.15) is as follows:

1. Green tea extract, 50% polyphenols, 0.5 gram
2. Green tea extract, 50% caffeine, 0.4 gram
3. Ginkgo biloba 24%, 0.2625 gram
4. Rhodiola rosea 3% salidrosides, 0.2 gram

The 1:00 PM mealtime stack (mostly BulkSupplements products in decreasing order of importance at a daily cost of $1.72) is as follows:

1. Curcumin 95% curcuminoids, 1.0 gram
2. Betaine HCL, 1.2 grams
3. Ascorbic acid powder, 2.0 grams
4. Biotin 1%, 1.0 gram (10000 mcg biotin)
5. DMAE-bitartrate, 0.7 gram
6. Grape seed extract, 0.25 gram
7. Pine bark extract, 0.5 gram
8. N-acetyl-l-cysteine (NAC), 0.6 gram
9. Vitamin E powder, 0.56 gram (393.6 IU)
10. Methyl-sulfonyl-methane (MSM), 3.0 grams
11. Ginkgo biloba 24%, 0.2625 gram
12. Milk thistle 80% silymarin, 0.25 gram
13. Quercetin Dihydrate, 0.25 gram
14. Rutin, 0.5 gram
15. Lutein 5%, 0.24 gram
16. Grapefruit Seed Extract (10:1), 0.25 gram
17. Beta Sitosterol 40% Phytosterols 90%, 1.0 gram
18. L-proline, 2.0 grams
19. L-lysine HCL, 0.68 gram
20. Vitamin D Powder, 0.092 gram (10,000 IU)
21. Pomegranate Extract 40% ellagic acid, 0.5 gram
22. Inositol, 0.6 gram
23. Choline-Bitartrate, 1.5 grams
24. N-N-Dimethylglycine HCL, 0.5 grams
25. Horsetail P.E. 7%, 0.44 gram
26. Hyaluronic acid, 0.05 gram

Additional supplements in decreasing order of importance taken with the 1:00 PM meal include:

1. Krill Oil, 1000 mg includes 400 mg phospholipids, 100 mg EPA, 55 mg DHA, 1 mg astaxanthin, (Dr. Mercola, $0.35)
2. Omega-3 fatty acids, 3600 mg includes 1200 mg EPA, 600 mg DHA, (Trader Joe's, $0.36)
3. Astaxanthin, 12 mg, (Nutrex Hawaii Bioastin Hawaiian Astaxanthin, $0.39)
4. Ubiquinol, 100 mg, (Trader Joe's, $0.36)
5. Resveratrol, 50 mg, other organic antioxidant extracts, 500 mg, (Dr. Mercola Purple Defense, $0.45)
6. Vitamin K, 1000 mcg K1 as phytonadione, 1000 mcg K2 as menaquinone-4, 200 mcg K2 as menaquinone-7, (Life Extension Super K with Advanced K2 Complex, $0.23)
7. Natural multivitamin, (Trader Joe's, $0.22)
8. Saw palmetto, 320 mg + 200 mcg Selenium, (Trader Joe's, $0.15)
9. Chlorella, organic broken cell wall, 1000 mg, (Dr. Mercola, $0.12)
10. Iodine, two drops daily, 5.5 mg iodine + iodide, (Lugol's, $0.017)

The nighttime stack (mostly BulkSupplements products in decreasing order of importance at a daily cost of $0.43) is as follows:

1. Magnesium citrate, 4.0 grams, 600 mg elemental magnesium
2. Potassium citrate, 6.0 grams, 2160 mg elemental potassium
3. Ascorbic acid, 3. grams
4. L-taurine, 1 gram
5. N-acetyl L-cysteine (NAC), 0.25 gram
6. Sublingual melatonin, 625 mcg, (Source Natural)

To avoid continuously opening and closing Ziploc bags and making multiple measurements, I mix up a one to two months supply of the stacks in large bottles and take a single tablespoon measurement from each:
1. Morning pre-workout stack: 1.99 tablespoons shaken in 16-24 ounces of spring water.
2. Occasional nootropic pre-workout stack: 0.20 tablespoon (0.59 teaspoon) mixed in with the morning stack.
3. 1:00 PM mealtime stack: 2.28 tablespoons shaken in 8-16 ounces of spring water.
4. Nighttime stack: 1.10 tablespoons shaken in 4-8 ounces of spring water. I use a flour sifter to thoroughly mix the supplement powders.*

On 12/31/2014 Stephen said...

Low on vitamin D and wanted something that I could mix with my protein shake. This product definitely works well. Just make sure to measure accurately. *

On 10/15/2014 Timothy said...

Superb value.
Buying pre-made capsules could be considered very wasteful as opposed to buying in bulk from here. The way I dosed it is as follows: 1 tsp. = 5.7 gm (appx.) so 1 tsp. = 5700 mg. If you divide by 118 (appx.), you get 1/118 tsp = 48 mg. This assumes a material of the density of salt (which I think this is close when I've used it). Another way to look at this is 1 tsp = 118 days worth if you are taking 48 mg per day. Measure one tsp of Vit. D with 117 tsp of filler such as sugar, shake it up and then use 1 tsp. of the mix per day.

On 9/30/2014 Craig said...

vitamin D3 review
I write this review with great pleasure and enthusiasm for not only the high quality of products, but the care and attention given to each shipment, and the true value in savings purebulk always tenders. I recommend purebulk to all my clients and friends. I am opening a gym facility, and will feature purebulk as a primary source for all our nutritional needs. I have been a customer for quite a while now, and have no plan to change that status. to say that your company is a five star endeavor is a real understatement, and I look forward to many years of business. thank you for my health, and long fruitful life to you all.*

On 8/10/2014 carlos carion said...

Vitamin D
I cannot say enough about this supplement. Vitamin D is the most neglected Vitamin in the typical American diet unless you drink lots of milk (which I do not due to lactose intolerance). When I started supplement with Vitamin D I saw amazing results and my recovery from exercise greatly improved. By having the bulk supplement, I can control the dosage (I use a small scale to weigh this.) BulkSupplements delivers! thanks.*

On 8/9/2014 Douglas said...

Best value on the market!!
2173 servings in a 100g package! What a great deal!! I couldn't believe the how small the serving size was. Always use a scale to dose. I will continue to order from*

On 8/4/2014 Robert Large said...

Vitamin D
This is an excellent product because it helps give me the proper amount of Vitamin D that I need daily. I mix it with a smoothie or shake in the morning and it taste great. The product is great and helps in my Vitamin D deficiency. Product ships very quickly and the people from answer email questions promptly and accurately. Enjoy!*

On 7/21/2014 Matt W said...

I love this D3!
D3 has become a new part of my homemade energy drink. It helps with my allergy, energy, and focus problems. Way to go Bulk Supplements! *

On 6/30/2014 Tootsie said...

Helps reduce allergy symptoms
My order came quickly.
Packaging is neat and easy to open/close.
Prices are reasonable.
This vitamin helped reduce my allergy symptoms (in conjunction with Vitamin C) - I would recommend adding this to your regiment.*

On 6/2/2014 A K said...

I really enjoyed this product. It made a difference in the joint pain I was having. It surprised me. I thank you for having this vitamin accessible to myself and others. Great product! Wonderful results! *

On 4/15/2014 Damaris said...

Excellent product at best price
I was a little concerned when I found the Bulk Supplement site,
when I found that their prices were better than the competitors price.

But when I got my order quickly, and found that their quality
equals or surpasses any other companies products, I
decided to look to this company first, for my products.

After 2 orders now, this is my supplement supply company of choice.*

On 2/19/2014 Ivars said...

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Product Questions

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Since i make my own capsules (60 at a time) and use teaspoons for measurements,approx how many milligrams are there per teaspoon. Thanks Steve
I am researching the difference between the liquid(oily) vitamin D3 supplements and the powdered. Does anyone know how they differ from each other? Do they just take the powder and mix it with oil, or do they actually do something for the greater amount paid for the liquids?
Do you plan on offering this product without the Maltodextrin?
Is this product vegan?