Shipping Information for Japan

BULKSUPPLEMENTS.COM is a United States company.  We ship from Las Vegas and Nashville. 
If you order before noon EST, we ship your order the same day. 
FREE Shipping on orders over ¥9000 JPY


General Information

If you select Japan as your country, you will be billed in Japanese Yen.  FREE Shipping over ¥9000 JPY.

Due to fluctuations in exchange rate, orders with a value that is close to the tax-free limit may be accessed Duties & Taxes as the currency exchange rate may vary from the customs clearance date and the order date.

Please check with your local customs office to see if you can import items or additional licenses are required.

Customs Information

 We ship your package with the duties and taxes prepaid, so you should not receive a bill for any additional charges on delivery.

If your order value exceeds ¥ 16,000, you will be charged for Customs duty and taxes. will not be liable for packages held or confiscated by Customs.

 For more information about duties & customs, visit: Japan Customs


For Free, International Economy and International Standard shipping, we use courier services that specialize in delivery and customs clearance to Japan from US. Delivery times are fairly quick to Japan. 4-10 days. Delivery might take longer in the event of air freight delay, customs hold, or any other unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of In cases where customs processing takes longer than expected, delivery may take up to 6 weeks.

We also offer UPS as an expedited delivery option.    


We block products on our website that are prohibited by the Japanese Government. Some of the products that are not allowed in Japan are Kelp, Hoodia, Aloe (except Aloe vera), Vanilla, Rice, Grains, Nuts, Seeds, Raw Beans, products containing Hemp, meat products (such as jerky and extracts), DHEA products, Pregnenolone. 

Some products are allowed with some limitations:

10 kilograms (22 lbs) or less of grocery/food items (including supplements and protein drinks) per order, are allowed for personal use.

The following produce or ingredients can be imported only a two-month supply: Melatonin, Yohimbe, 5-HTP, Caffeine, Taurine, Ashwagandha. If one bottle contains more than a two-month supply or multiple bottles are purchased, these items will be confiscated by customs.

Duties and taxes will be imposed by Japan Customs on any sugar/sweetner products (maple syrup and agave nectar included) regardless of weight or item value. If total weight of sugar/sweetener product(s) per order exceeds 2 lbs (1 kg), duties and taxes will be imposed and additional documentation process will  be required by Japan Customs. Click here for more information.

If your order value exceeds ¥ 15,500 and contains raw honey products, an extra Custom’s duty of 50% will be assessed.

Customs inspection may cause a clearance delay if your order includes these products.