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Sucralose Powder

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Sucralose Powder


  • Sugar substitute
  • Zero-calorie
  • Pure & clean powder
  • Taste

  • Mixability

Sucralose is a zero-calorie sweetener derived from sugar. It is about 600 times sweeter than regular sugar.


Serving Size & Timing

As a sweetener, individual needs may vary. The recommended amount is 30 mg.

Nutritional Information

Supplement Facts

Serving size: 30 milligrams
Serving per container: *
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value**
Sucralose... 30mg *
* Daily Value not established.
** Based on 2,000 calorie diet


Soy, dairy, yeast, corn, gluten and additives

As a dietary supplement sweetener, take 30mg (1/64 tsp) or as much as desired.

US Standard Measuring Spoons
Spoon Size(level) milligrams
1/64 teaspoon 30
1/2 teaspoon 1050



When taken in excess, Sucralose may cause some gastrointestinal discomfort such as bloating or diarrhea. In larger quantities, it may have a laxative effect.

California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

Customer Reviews

Better than sugar and way CHEAPER than the yellow pkg product
Been a user of Suralose Powder for several years. Got tired of spending $$ for Fillers in Splenda Did research and decided to git this a try and have never looked back.
Great company to do business with also.*

On 12/10/2018 David said...

Saves me BIG $$$
I keep a 2.5 gallon pitcher of sweet tea in my fridge ALL THE TIME. Before I found BulkSupplements, I would buy 1 large bag of Wal-Mart's sucralose (full of filler) about once a week. My 250g bag will last me nearly a year. I figure I conservatively save $300-$400 a year by using this full strength concentrate. It's just a little tough with small stuff - like a cup of coffee. It's so strong! Great value though. It's a must if you are a diabetic!*

On 12/6/2018 Paul said...

Love this product, saves me so much money and no fillers! A little goes a VERY long way!!!*

On 12/1/2018 Columbine said...

I chose this product due to purity of ingredients - i.e., just pure sucralose without any added fillers; also, an excellent value, especially when purchased in bulk. I'm definitely happy with it, and will be ordering again as needed. Recommended!!!*

On 10/30/2018 Joe from AK said...

sucralose powder
great product *

On 10/24/2018 dana said...

Sucralose powder
I'm very happy the product and packaging . I really love the coupons . There are no fillers in this sucralose . *

On 10/19/2018 Esther said...

That Perfect Touch
This offers that perfect touch of sweetness for many canned jams, spreads & sauces. I also use this with some frozen concoctions and ices. Flat Rate (free) delivery via FedEx is excellent!*

On 10/15/2018 DP said...

Simply the best
I put this stuff on everything. An eighth of a teaspoon of this stuff makes everything go down. I am so grateful that this provides all the flavor and none of the fillers. Also, the customer service here is amazing. I had a few questions about the nutritional make up of this product and they got right back to me with the exact details I was hoping for. This product and this company has a very "nice bike." *

On 9/23/2018 Nicole said...

It's the bomb-diggity!!!! Sucralose
I was turned onto this product from a bodybuilder friend and must say,after all the artificial sweeteners I've used this is top shelf quality.Even the price is on point based on the quantity you use versus other products. *

On 8/20/2018 Ruth said...

Packaging was very good. This product will save me hundreds of dollars in the coming months. Very good product too! FIVE STARS!*

On 6/27/2018 Ben said...

Perfect for what I am doing. The high quality packaging leaves me with confidence of the purity*

On 5/11/2018 Louis said...

A Pinch of Poison Makes the Medicine Go Down
Okay, so this stuff wrecks your gut biome and contributes to metabolic syndrome, but damn it sure makes it easier to put down loads more fruits and vegetables!*

On 5/6/2018 Ben said...

Perfect for my needs
I mix my own soft drinks, and I want to use Sucralose without any fillers or dilution.

This product does the trick, and a little goes a VERY long way. I really mean it! In my recipes, one ounce of Sucralose sweetens 200 liters of diet cola.

TIP: Use a very accurate scale!*

On 4/23/2018 Andrew said...

Love it!
I think it is the best sugar substitute. I use it with my coffee, yogurt, baking etc. It doesn't have aftertaste like most of other sugar substitutes and the price is great for the amount I get.*

On 4/11/2018 elena said...

Great product at a good price.
I primarily use sucralose to sweeten iced tea. For a gallon, i use a heaping 1/8 tsp, and it is just like good ol southern sweet tea. The Bulk Supplements brand is nice and fine, with no caking, which makes measuring a lot easier. And unlike several of the brands I bought on Amazon before this, the packaging ensures that the product arrived inside the bag, not sprayed loose around the box. Will buy again.*

On 4/6/2018 Kevin said...

This stuff is perfect for sweetening beverages when sugar isn't an option!*

On 3/16/2018 Steve said...

Sucralose Powder
This sweetener is very sweet, less than 1 teaspoon will sweeten a 1/2 gallon of iced tea. Such a better choice over sugar. Highly recommend this product. *

On 1/10/2018 Nancie said...

Great product. Have ordered a few times now and always enjoy.*

On 9/26/2017 Christopher said...

Solid sweetener
Great sweetener and great price. Have ordered before and will be ordering again soon!*

On 9/17/2017 DC said...

Super Potent
It's Splenda the super-strong artificial sweetener. Even the smallest 100g size will last you a long time.*

On 7/31/2017 Ben said...

Good item...
I would like to say that this is a good item which tastes not bad as I thought before. You can mix it with other ingredients to make a drink. Don't put too much to your drink though. I am going to say 'Bye' to sugar on most occasions. *

On 6/14/2017 A Loyal Customer of Bulk supplement.. said...

Very pure product! I am used to the sweetness of diet drinks. This product is closer to sugar so it takes some getting used to if you are an adjusted diet drink consumer.*

On 6/10/2017 Bryan Wilson said...

Never buy another artificial sweetener again!
Being from the south, sweet tea was a staple of my diet. But after getting committed to fitness and weightloss, it simply wasn't an option. I began using traditional packets of artificial sweeteners, but the costs were high and the added fillers kept it from being zero calorie.

Now that I've found pure sucralose, I use 750mg in a gallon of tea. This allows me to sweeten 133 gallons of tea, and each gallon tastes as sweet as if it had a cup of sugar in it. Best of all, because of the high quality of bulk supplements, I'm confident that it contains 0 calories while still being a delicious sweetener for a great deal

Mix this pure powder in a 1 to 4 ratio with water, put it in a dropper bottle, and never buy a sweetener packet again. One single drop of this mixture sweetens a cup of coffee completely, and you can be confident about what's in it. 1 ingredient in this product, "pure sucralose powder"*

On 4/18/2017 Adam said...

I am thrilled with the pure Sucralose powder. after some research on how much to use I made some no sugar added jam and it turned out great. This product was a pivotal ingredient that is allowing me to begin a no sugar added jam and jelly at home business. It works as well as advertised. My only downside is that there was no information from the seller about how much to use to replace the combination products such as Splenda. I was able to find the information after some research. overall a good product, very affordable, prompt shipment.*

On 3/28/2017 lourie (butch) maise said...

This is the second time I purchased this product from Bulksupplements
I tried sucralose as a sweetener a couple of years ago in the pre-mixed liquid form. It was expensive! I later found the dry powder form here on and this is a very good product. It is certainly a fair price compared to other sources. This is my second purchase of the product and this time I bought a kilo.*

On 1/21/2017 Fred said...

Yellow packet junkie - save a TON with this. A+ product
Note: I am a chemistry professor and can (if someone wants) - link you to journal publications I have done on artificial sweeteners. I'm not just babbling about cost savings, but ultimately this is what it boils down to.

"Splenda" or generic brands are a mixture of malodextrin and sucralose. Now, malodextrin isn't bad for you - it's really a harmless powder made from rice, corn, potato, or wheat starch and refined to the point it really just exists as a mostly tasteless bulk. Since sucralose is about 300x as sweet as sucrose - (dextrose/glucose combination commonly called table sugar) - think about how teeny 1/300th of a pack of grains of pure sucralose would be to equal a pack or even a cup of sugar. The same goes for nearly all artificial sweeteners, except many of those - stevia for example - use erythritol as the primary ingredient. Erythritol and many similar-sounding -ol are sugar alcohols and they have a distinct flavor as well as a known capacity to cause some, ahem, undesirable effects in your gut, especially if you work in a crowded office or fly on planes or really are around people...Sugarless gum often uses xylitol, another example.

I am a sweet tea addict, and not for weight or calorie concerns, LOVE the taste of sucralose..Malodextririn doesn't add sweetness but it does add a bit of flavor, more of it is the "aftertaste" that many don't care for about artificial sweeteners. Sucralose alone like this product does not include the fillers nor cause the, well, backward burping, if not worse.

I'll also explain briefly why the fact that it's tri-subsitited with chlorine atoms is not in any way, shape, or form a health danger, no matter what "all natural is the only way to live" websites claim. Pure, elemental chlorine has an outer structure of electrons that make it reactive IN THAT FORM - it's what makes it a good cleaner and disinfectant.

But the atoms aren't a whole bunch of Cl atoms stuck together at all. They form a covalent, very stable bond replacing a hydrogen on three places of a glucose molecule. If it were to detach during digestion, it becomes the exact same Cl ION - meaning it has a charge and attracts most happily to sodium, making NaCl: also known as table salt.

It is simply not in any way similar with the exception of the number of protons it contains... which is irrelevant to how something reacts.

What it leaves behind after the synthesis is a perfectly safe, wonderfully delicious, essentially zero-calorie sweetener completely proven safe for human consumption.

I started buying pure sucralose about a year ago once I realized just how much money I was wasting on essentially a bunch of superfine ground up corn and wheat just to add to the bulk of the product. A few milligrams of this is all you need to sweeten a cup of tea or coffee - barely enough to see. A teaspoon in a gallon makes VERY VERY sweet tea.

After searching and trial and error, I have found bulksupplements to have the highest quality, lowest price, and best customer service by far. I highly recommend this product. *

On 1/4/2017 Cassie said...

Great Product and Outstanding Value!
Great Product: Pure Sucralose, no added ingredients (Maltodextrin, etc.) Outstanding Value: Costs less than half as much as other places

Very little is needed! This stuff will last forever!*

On 12/7/2016 Johnny said...

Everything you need and nothing you don't
I was yellow packet junkie before I found this stuff and my stomach is so glad that I am no longer upsetting it with all the fillers that are added to those little packages. I am now able to have my food sweet and eat it too. I am saving money in many ways because of this stuff. I am now able to make my own tea which saves on the cost the diet pop I was drinking and it lasts forever so I don't have to order those yellow packets in bulk anymore. I am very glad this company and their products exist. *

On 8/23/2016 Nicole said...

Great Product !
I use Splenda, it costs a fortune! I switched from one form of Sucalose to another, from off-brands to restaurant store quantities of 2000 packets. I was tired of ripping open 20 packets to make 1/2 gallon of Kool-Aid. It took so much time every day cause I used a gallon of the stuff.

I finally did the math of how many servings are in BS Sucalose. It came out to something like: for the 100G size it was 3,300 servings for about $20. Cheaper then my big restaurant box of 2000 packets servings of Sucalose, for $18.

Ok, once I got the shippment I had to do the math again, 20 X 33mg servings = about 600mg to make my standard 1/2 of Kool-Aid.

Then I wanted to formulate Sucalose for making 100 1/2 gallons. That came out to 60G of Sucalose. I put that in a pint jar. Added 90G of a powered Calcium/Magnesium/Potassium (not BS another brand), 50G of Citric Acid, and 50G of Ascorbic Acid.

I shook the whole thing up well. Everything added together made 250G. Divide that by 100, it makes 2.5G per 1/2 gallon of Kool-Aid. Or, a level 1/2 Teaspoon (equals 2.5G) would sweeten my 1/2 gallon for me, with added Vitamin C, Ascorbic Acid and my Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium for the day.

I would buy again. Next time a bigger batch!*

On 7/14/2016 Sara said...

Best Sweetener for the Price
I did without sucralose for a few months to reset my palate and couldn't wait to get back to it. It really is the best value in sweeteners with the absolute best taste for the price.*

On 6/25/2016 Steve said...

Amazing Value
I've looked in stores for sucralose without added maltodextrin and could never find it until now! I have ordered this twice and it lasts forever. Such a great value because I was spending tons on the small liquid sucralose bottles from the grocery store. So glad I can make my own now! Great product, and a little goes a long way. *

On 6/20/2016 Dee said...

Great Value
There isn't much I can say about this product. It works as intended and is super cheap, which is all that matters to me.*

On 6/15/2016 Brian said...

Better than others
This is a lovely sugar substitute with no bad after taste. Well worth buying as you cannot find this in health shops.*

On 6/6/2016 NYC said...

Excellent price for pure sucralose
Outstanding value - pure sucralose that's uncut with anything else (maltodextrin, etc.) costs on the order of 2-3x as much from other sources, and that's when buying from them in bulk as well. Just understand how strong it is and how little is needed to appropriately sweeten something!*

On 3/30/2016 Matt said...

Love pure Sucralose
I was looking for something to make my meals a little sweeter and came across this product. I only need a tiny little bit per meal and it's a great calorie saver and no unnecessary stuff in it. Love it!*

On 3/3/2016 Jaap said...

100% satisfying. I have recommended to my friends as the best way for weight reduction. It is an excellent product. Saves $"s
compared to the items in tiny paper packages*

On 2/29/2016 Daniel said...

Great Item.
Love the concentration of this item. It takes only a small amount to do the job!*

On 12/5/2015 Alan said...

Love it
This is a money saver and also saves a few calories from unnecessary fillers present in packets. No aftertaste.*

On 12/2/2015 Carol said...

Great stuff
This stuff is awesome! You just need a little bit to cut down on your sugar and carb intake. Helps during dieting or just for overall health!*

On 10/29/2015 Austin said...

The Best.
You only need very, very little. For some reason, it seems sweeter when you first open it compared to a month later.

Great product, recommended!*

On 10/28/2015 Talon said...

Saving calories, teeth, and money.
We dissolved this in warm water as the other reviews suggest. 3 parts water to 1 part sweetener. This is a great saving in so many ways. A small amount goes a long way, but once made up you can store it in the fridge. As always great quality from this site. *

On 10/27/2015 V said...

Sweet with no aftertaste.
This product is so concentrated that a package goes a very long way. I use it in coffee, tea, lemonade, and most of my baking. It dissolves instantly. I made up my own squeeze bottle formula for everyday use that equals in sweetness to prepackaged bottles. What a savings!*

On 10/27/2015 Donna said...

100g Sucralose
I have been using the 90% pure stevia powder for quite some time, then I got a 50g of sucralose and thought I'd give it a try. I usually grab the yellow packets of sweetener when I buy coffee and end up using 6-8 on a large. Well, using this product, you only need a tiny little dab on the end of a butter knife. That 50g bag just began to seem like it was a neverending supply! It had to have lasted about 5 months.

I bought the 100g bag this time, but only because I was unsure if there were any "use-by" dates. Next time I will order the 250g and im sure it will be well over a years supply.*

On 10/26/2015 Michael said...

1 Kg Sucralose Powder
Excellent product and service*

On 9/25/2015 ANGELA said...

Only 1 ingredient!
I don't use artificial sweeteners often, but when I do, I don't like using those that add a lot of other ingredients. I've been buying liquid sucralose but when I saw the powder on bulksupplements, I decided to try it. I made my own liquid using the formula in another review. It is just as sweet as my purchased liquid but at a fraction of the cost. *

On 9/7/2015 Helen said...

Great Sweetener
This is an awesome sweetener. Very high quality sucralose.*

On 8/24/2015 Austin said...

Best bang for the buck sweetner around!
I have been using sucralose powder for years as it is by far the best way to use artificial sweeteners.

First off you get the pure powder that is not mixed with a bunch of maltodextrin thus adding a bunch of useless calories.

Next it is far more economical.

For example I purchased the 500g package of Sucralose powder.

Since Sucralose is 600 times sweeter then sugar that means it is the equivalent to over 650lb of sugar!

Buying sugar retail would have cost me around $350 or so. almost 7 times more then the $50 I spent on the sucralose powder!

Not to mention the 1,200,000 calories saved by not eating all that sugar sure ain't hurting anything either! Remember weight loss is calories in vs calories out, nothing more, nothing less.

Now a lot of people wounder how to use the pure powder since it is SOO powerful and almost impossible to measure into things.

The answer is to mix it into water to make liquid sucralose.

You can simply measure it into water at a 25% ratio (by weight!) and be good to go.

For example 100G of water would take 25g of sucralose powder. Heat the water slightly if needed to fully dissolve the powder and then enjoy.

Although I have found through trial and error that if you add a bit of Now brand "better stevia" it improves things a lot. (I don't normally give brand suggestions but in this case I have tried every stevia known to man and this truly is the best by a mile, nothing else comes close).

The stevia rounds out the sweetness profile and makes it taste more like sugar instead of just intensely sweet. And since you use such a small amount of stevia you don't get any of the bitter taste from it.

My go to recipe for liquid sweetner is as follows:

100g water
25g 100% sucralose powder
5-6g Better stevia

Microwave for a few seconds to warm and allow for for it to completely dissolve and then enjoy. I put it in a bottle with a 1ml dropper thus allowing for easy measurements.*

On 8/12/2015 A Happy Customer said...

Perfect for DIY sodastream mixes
As a diabetic sodastream user I was quite dismayed when SodaStream discontinued the vast majority of thier diet mixes. After some googling I discovered I could mix my own, (far more cost effectively to boot), using snow cone syrup concentrates, bulk sweeteners, and bulk caffiene. My next add will be citric acid to make the fruit flavors better. I got my orders very quickly and for a fraction of what I was buying SodaStreams flavors for (and with far better variety to boot, like Pink Grapefruit and Red Apple Energy drinks for example). Couldn't be happier to no longer be beholden to the SodaStream mothership of poor (diabetic) customer support. Thanks so much!*

On 8/11/2015 Mark said...

I add 1/8 tsp. of sucralose powder to a gallon of brewed double strength coffee for clear, no calorie, no carbohydrate, deliciously sweet drink. Splenda left my coffee with added carbs & cloudy. I even use it in kool-aid for the grand kids with no complaints. I've recommended this company's product to everyone! Fast, free shipping & great product! *

On 8/5/2015 Barbara said...

exceeded expectations on all counts
Bulk Supplements' product and service were excellent -- and at a great price. This sucralose powder is way more concentrated than what I had been using and no off taste. This was my first time ordering, and I'll be back for more for sure.*

On 8/5/2015 kat said...

This stuff is sweet
I love this pure sucralose because it's even sweeter than the stuff with all the fillers you buy in the store, you can use a lot less, and I think it tastes better. You have to watch how much you use because it is very concentrated. Once you figure it out it's perfect. I drink it mainly with coffee and I only need a small amount, tastes just like sugar. I am also very satisfied with the customer service when ordering and I received the product in just a few days.*

On 8/1/2015 Renee said...

Great product, Great service and Great Price!
This was my first time ordering with this company but I decided to take a chance and order the 250g bag, I am very glad I did. The service is great, the shipping was very fast and most importantly, the taste is fantastic. I will defiantly be recommending you to my friends and family.*

On 7/20/2015 Melissa said...

Powdered Splenda
I have used the powdered splenda for several years now.. I re make it into liquid... 2 Tbs powder to 10 Tbs distilled water then 2 drops equals 1 pkg
this stuff if great*

On 7/20/2015 sheila said...

Fast service
I bought this for my emergency food supplies and it is perfect for that. The serving size is very small so a little of this goes a long way. There are over 3000 servings in this pouch and is not very big, so takes up no room at all in my storage area. Unopened it should last for years.*

On 7/18/2015 Michele said...

Great product
I use this product make coffee and lemonade as sweet as I want it and it really lasts a long time. Great price and no additives will buy again.*

On 6/30/2015 john said...

Timely Delivery
The product was exactly what I need for a dry mix that I am making. It was also delivered in a very timely manner. Thank you for the quick turn around!*

On 6/15/2015 Clint said...

Best Price
Best price available anywhere. Product is excellent, a little goes a very long way!!! No fillers and great for diabetics*

On 6/14/2015 Christina said...

Great price
Absolutely great price!!! Speedy delivery.. I hope to buy again.*

On 6/8/2015 Alan said...

Great price
Absolutely great price!!! Hope to buy again.*

On 6/8/2015 Alan said...

Excellent experience!!!
This company is wonderful to deal with. Great price, fast shipping speed, order accuracy.... What more could you ask? Great job!!*

On 5/23/2015 joe said...

Best price for sucralose
This stuff beats even generic Splenda cost, it's at least 1/3 as expensive. It's also the best price for pure 100% that I could find anywhere. It melts easily in room temp water. I like it because I can sweeten a whole pitcher of tea instead of 1 glass at a time. I used to use the baking Splenda.*

On 5/12/2015 Rachel said...

great quality, service and economical
Besides quality, they are also very considerate, i was refunded shipping charge, although i was in range of shipping time

Before i chose Bulksupplements I searched price from other suppliers and Bulksupplements were the best on all the items

Bulksupplement deserves our trust best Quality, price, service*

On 5/8/2015 Menashe said...

Great Product! Great Taste!
I love this concentrated Sucralose. I mix it with water and a drop can sweeten a cup of Tea or Coffee perfectly.
Bulk Supplements is a great company, I will d business with again. *

On 4/27/2015 Dan said...

Great product for replacing sugar
I use this product to replace sugar in my cooking and baking without sacrificing the flavor. Not like other sweeteners, this product taste like sugar. A 50g pack of sucralose is equivalent to over 60 lbs. of sugar, so it is not only great tasting but very inexpensive.*

On 4/15/2015 Mariola said...

Zero calorie sweetner at a great price
I purchased 1KG of Sucralose Powder. I had previously been using a competitor’s pre-made liquid sucralose product. Purchasing the powder and making my own liquid using water is much cheaper than purchasing the pre-made liquid sucralose. I keep the unused powder in the original foil bag, in the fridge.
The other benefit is that this Sucralose Powder doesn’t contain any filler and in turn, doesn’t have any calories. Most if not all sucralose in a packet from a restaurant does contain maltodextrin and dextrose resulting in about 4 calories per packet.
The sucralose powder I received was exactly as described and shipped promptly. I’ll be ordering from Bulk Supplements again.

On 4/15/2015 Jessica E said...

Cutting carbs
Splenda and other similar sweeteners are stretched with maltodextrin. As I am trying to cut carbohydrates, finding a source of uncut sucralose to remove this admittedly miniscule source of carbs was a no-brainer. The smallest 50g bag has roughly the same sweetening power of 65 lbs of sugar. I'm currently using it to make my own electrolyte drink powder with Koolaid and Morton Lite Salt. Love the quality and the Economy!*

On 3/18/2015 Matthew said...

Great product and service!
This is a very economical product that I use to make my own liqud sucralose. High quality and very fast shipping.*

On 12/26/2014 Diane said...

Best sweetener for Cola concentrate
I was hesitant about buying sucralose on ebay and unknown retailers. I researched a bit and found many, real reviews for Bulk Supplements. I am really impressed with the professional way they do business. Right away I got a tracking number and before I knew it the product was in my mailbox. Usually we Canadians get hosed when buying from US sellers but honestly nothing could have been better. The price was lower than anyone else. The Sucralose has no after taste when mixed with Hawaii's Finest Cola flavor concentrate. Now we can make sugar free, caffeine free cola .18₵ for 2 liters. Much cheaper than SodaStream's 67₵ per liter! I would definately buy from Bulk Supplements again.*

On 10/1/2014 Pat said...

This stuff is amazing. I add a tinly bit to my protein shakes and it takes it to a whole different level in flavor. What a great, great value. Bulk Supplements is so easy to order from and the delivery was quick with no interruptions. *

On 9/26/2014 Robert said...

Crazy Value
I was spending about $20 for a 1000 pack of splenda. I use about 35 packs per gallon of tea.. I get about 28 gallons of tea out of a case..A 50g pack of Sucralose powder will make about 333 gallons of tea.. you do the math :)*

On 9/20/2014 Joseph said...

Saves me $$$
Not only is this additive free, it saves me lots of money! Right now (hot and humid summer in South Louisiana) we use the equivalent of at least 5 cups of sugar per day for tea and powdered drink mix.

I purchased a set of powder measures (for reloading bullets) to use for dry measuring. The .5 cc slightly less than full is the right amount for us for a 1 cup sugar equivalent.*

On 9/17/2014 Nora said...

what a steal
Using a 1:4 ratio of sucralose to water , a 50 gm packet of Bulk Supplements sucralose is equivalent to about 110lbs of sugar! If you have 50gms of sucralose, you have about 10000 teaspoons of sugar equivalent. A teaspoon of sugar weighs about 5 gms. 10,000 tsp x5 gms =50,000 gms equivalent of sugar.Take 50,000 divided by 454 gms per lb=110lbs of sugar. You can trust bulk supplements to send you the purest, the best price and quick shipping. Like I said..."what a steal"*

On 8/27/2014 bert said...

great taste
This stuff is awesome and really cheap. Whe I did the math, I realized that store bought splenda is mostly maltodextrin. A carb that I dont need.1 tablsepoon of product into 1 cup of warm water. I then store it in the fridge and it lasts forever. For my coffee I use 1 teaspoon of the mixture. I dilute it a good bit more than the other reviewers because I prefer to measure it out in teaspoons rather than drops. Buld supps got this to me in 2 days.This is a great company, that is unique in its products, with great quality at a low price*

On 8/25/2014 bert said...

Never going back
I was on the fence about getting pure sucralose powder, mainly because I was having a hard time finding out information about pruduct yield to compare with blended sucralose/maltodextrin powder sold in grocery stores.

Thanks to the information I found here I went ahead and ordered some and will never go back again! Here's what I found:

According to the directions and reviews here, I mixed a 4:1 ratio of water to pure sucralose powder. 1/2 teaspoon of the resulting solution sweetens as much as a full cup of the blended powder!

I mixed 1/4 cup (about 40-45g) sucralose with 1 cup of water to yield a 1 cup solution (slightly more, but you get the idea). At a rate of 1/2 tsp to 1 cup of sweetness, the solution will sweeten as much as 96 cups of blended powder. That's more than 8 bags worth of sweetening!! (Blended powder weighs about 24g per cup, at 275g per bag, it works out to 8.38 bags).

At a cost of about $3.75 per bag (and that's on the cheap side), that's more than $30 (exactly $31.42) worth of blended powder.

If you bought the 50g bag here, it would be less than half of what you pay at the store for the blended stuff. And if you buy a 1k bag, then the savings would be more than 7 to 1!! (It would take $700 of blended powder to equal the sweetening effect of 1k of pure sucralose).

With numbers like these I'm done paying for the blended powders and will be using pure sucralose for everything I make (including frosting, baked goods, and even homemade ice cream).*

On 8/11/2014 Steve said...

I ordered the powder to avoid the additives in OTC Sucralose. It dilutes well in water and can be dispensed in a dropper bottle. I have used this as a sweetener for years and it is nice to find the pure form*

On 8/7/2014 Sucralose Powder said...

So much more affordable than granulated Splenda
Prepared as mentioned before in a 1:4 ratio with water, a 50 g packet will yield 9990 teaspoons of sugar sweetness.*

On 2/1/2014 Kimberly said...

Sucralose Powder
I ordered 50g of Sucralose from BulkSupplements at a very reasonable price and shipping rate, and my package arrived in Toronto, Canada from the US shipping depot in only 4 business days, much faster than expected. The product arrived exactly as described.

I am using this product it to replace artificial sweetener packets that are full of a sugary dextrose/maltodextrin filler which have 4 calories and 1 gram carbohydrate per packet.

Warning: this is a very concentrated powder, 600 times sweeter than sugar, and therefore should never be used "straight" as a powder. It must always be diluted with water.

Following instructions from various online forums, I mixed 1 tablespoon pure sucralose powder to 4 tablespoons warm water (basically a 1:4 ratio) to yield a concentrated and stable liquid of about 2 teaspoons sugar sweetness per drop of water. This product was very quick and easy to mix, and apparently can be stored at room temperature for at least a year without deteriorating.

Using pure sucralose powder mixed into water is much less expensive than buying artificial sweetener packets and easy to use with little plastic squeeze-dropper bottles. This Bulksupplements product is pure and concentrated sucralose powder and has zero calories.

The resulting mixed liquid tastes great, just like sugar, and has a cleaner, better taste than the packets, IMO.I plan to keep one dropper bottle for the kitchen, and a small one for my purse.

I used to average 12 packets of artificial sweetener per day: at 4 calories per packet that's a whopping 48 empty calories per day! Over the course of a year, that's 5 pounds worth of empty calories saved!

I would recommend anyone counting carbs or calories make the easy and economical switch to pure sucralose powder for their sweetening needs.

This is a wonderful product that has exceeded my expectations, and I will be definitely ordering more in the future.


On 1/6/2014 Sandra said...

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Product Questions

what is the purity of your product(sucralose) ? Is it suitable for chemistry research? In lab it should be 99% pure and the other 1% will known composition.