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L-Citrulline Pure Powder

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L-Citrulline Pure Powder


  • Pure powder
  • Improves athletic endurance.
  • A precursor to arginine
  • Taste

  • Mixability

Citrulline has been used to promote overall athletic performance. This supplement is particularly useful for those involved in endurance exercises or any sort of intense physical activity.


Serving Size & Timing

This supplement should be taken in servings of 3000mg to be consumed two times per day, one hour to 45 minutes before a workout. When taken along with Histidine and Beta Alanine, these three supplements can go on to create Carnosine, which further improves the effectiveness of production of Nitric Oxide. Those who are taking any amino acid as a supplement should also be aware that it is necessary to supplement other amino acids in order to maintain a necessary balance.

Nutritional Information

Supplement Facts

Serving size: 3000 milligrams
Serving per container: *
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value**
L-Citrulline 3000mg *
* Daily Value not established.
** Based on 2,000 calorie diet


Sugar, soy, dairy, yeast, gluten, corn and additives.

As a dietary supplement, take 3000mg (rounded 1 tsp) twice a day, or as directed by physician.



This supplement contains no fillers of any kind. This is the base form of Citrulline and has no other chemical groups attached to it.


As long as suggested serving sizes are adhered to, this supplement is safe. However, those who have had liver or kidney problems in the past should not take any amino acids without talking to a doctor first. Women who are pregnant or nursing should do the same.


This supplement has a sour flavor and dissolves fast in water. It may be mixed with water or juice and consumed that way. It should be stored in an area that is free from light, heat and moisture.

California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

Customer Reviews

Blood flow
I took this for the first time (along with L-Arginine and BCAA) and did some heavy yard work. I cannot believe the way I felt afterwards. It was like I was re-juvenized! Then the next day at church I felt as if I was singing from deep within. Usually I don't have the oxygen to really carry out singing, but several people around me looked around as if they were hearing my voice! This really is weird but I could actually feel as if my blood or oxygen was circulating through my body. I have never had an experience like this before. I drank it with green tea. I don't know if that had anything to do with it or not and maybe it was because it was the first time I had used it. I have used it since and my body CAN feel a difference. Product arrived within a few days in good condition. I put it in a glass container with an easy screw on lid so that I could keep in cabinet and handy.*

On 5/17/2019 Jean said...

My workouts has been tremendously boosted with this supplement. I don't even workout anymore without taking it, the difference is clear. Just what you need to get that extra kick to finish a powerful wprkout.*

On 5/8/2019 MEL said...

Clean product
I make my own pre workout using all bulk supplement products. This packs just the right amount of pump. I’ll never go back to a store bought pre workout. Game changer. *

On 4/24/2019 KaTarra said...

L Citrulline
This product works great for a good pump , i like using this in place of my favorite pre workout it does not make me nervous and i can take it in the evening for a good workout and it does not interfere with my sleep *

On 4/24/2019 James said...

needed as a primary health pillar
because of our poisoned contaminated environment one must have the tools of prevention for health


On 4/20/2019 Jeffrey said...

L-Citrulline for better health
I've purchased Citrulline from other companies who profess their product is pure. But, only B.S., in my opinion delivers. I can feel the increase in energy when I take it before my morning workouts with a noticeable increase in endurance. When weight lifting there is also more reps then I could possibly comfortably do otherwise. With these noticeable benefits along with L-Citrulline potential to improve health and wellness in other areas it is definitely something I will be using long term and purchasing only from BS. Thank you*

On 4/18/2019 David said...

This has improved my workout performance & ambition more than i had hoped for. I take it about 30 mins before exercise, and i feel like i can conquer the world. Increased energy, pump, and endurance. Will buy again. *

On 2/26/2019 Matt said...

Does the job
I make my own preworkout mix thanks to Bulk Supplements. This citrulline does the job with giving me a great pump and that extra strength to get through heavy sets. Will continue to use and buy from here. Great product*

On 2/18/2019 Rueben said...

Great for blood flow
I got this product for myself for some problems I was having. It wasn't long before I began noticing results. I then recommended that my wife begin to take it as well. She had issues with numbing in her left leg. We train at least 3 times a week lifting heavy weight and sometimes we come home achy and stiff and have issues with circulation. This is the product to use to stay pliable, active and strong.*

On 2/14/2019 Mark said...

I recently received my order for this. It arrived quickly and I have experienced great results. I will definitely be ordering more before I run out. Great product at a great price.*

On 2/10/2019 Micheal said...

I recently received my order for this. It arrived quickly and I have experienced great results. I will definitely be ordering more before I run out. Great product at a great price.*

On 2/10/2019 Micheal said...

Awesome service *

On 2/7/2019 Judson said...

Great Pump
Started To put into my mix of other supplements from here about a week ago and my stamina and pumps have been off the charts. I take it once in the morning and once before my workouts. Excited to see how the rest of my workouts go*

On 1/30/2019 SEAN said...

Excelente producto.
El producto me llegó según lo indicado, tengo dos dias tomándolo, lo ligo con mi batido de proteínas y no afecta el sabor.*

On 1/25/2019 Luis said...

L citrulline
I love this l citrulline i got 500g for cheaper then most 200g that other companys sell this will deffinatly be my goto l citrulline ptoduct *

On 1/21/2019 Justin said...

Smooth pump
I really like this supplement. it don't make me jittery but I do feel like I get a good pump out of it. Highly recommend*

On 1/20/2019 David said...

Great quality
I have been using L citruline for some time now buying it in powder form from G?C store. Run into BS store online and ordered it, tried it for a week now and can confirm that it’s equal or better than one I had before. Cost effective too as you get double for the money and bag will last longer. Super fast shipping*

On 1/14/2019 Dane B said...

Another hit!
I have added l-citrulline to my arsenal of workout supplements. I love it. You can tell a difference in vascularity. Another great product bulksupplements.*

On 12/20/2018 TOD said...

Great pump and feel
This is a high quality powder. It mixes well, and you really feel it. *

On 12/18/2018 Daniel said...

Well Worthwhile
L-Citrulline dissolves easily and has a tart taste. It substantially increases the pump sensation and buying the bulk powder allows me to customize my combination of supplements. Just be a little cautious with how much you take. After several days taking 1 tsp. in the morning before working out and 3/4 tsp. in the evening I experienced rectal discomfort. Decreasing the dosage eliminated this problem.*

On 12/16/2018 Bruce said...

Pure powder, mixes well
This product mixes well. I can see and feel the vasodilation effect which is exactly what I wanted *

On 12/13/2018 Eric said...

great product
Citrulline works great. Really feel the pump. Combine it with beta alanine and you will annihilate the gym. Bulk Supplements never disappoints*

On 12/10/2018 Rueben said...

Best Supplement for Big Pumps!
This is the main staple of my homemade pre-workout. L-citrulline is a nitric-oxide which means more oxygen in your blood. More oxygen in your blood means better performance in every aspect. I have never noticed a supplement have such an immediate and positive effect. I've made noticeable strength gains since supplements this.
Also Bulk Supplements has the best deal on this. I bought a kilo which at 3 grams a dose, should last me a year!*

On 12/9/2018 Steven said...

Repeat order for this item
Product & company rate 5 stars. Happy with this. Last delivery was one day late. Shipper's fault. *

On 12/4/2018 Dennis said...

This product is very good gives me the blood flow i need to keep my girl friend with a smile on her face everyday!!*

On 12/3/2018 ROBERT said...

L-Citrulline powder
I have found this product to be the real thing. Will buy again*

On 10/29/2018 Harley said...

This stuff is great because it allows me to customize my own pre workout so I get what I personally need. *

On 10/25/2018 Joseph said...

Definitely works
Take it easy if just starting out on citrulline. Ramp up the dose gradually.*

On 10/10/2018 Thomas said...

Amazing pump
I decided to stop buying pre workout already made, and I decided to go with the three biggest ingredients they all offered. I ended up going to GNC to buy them separately and well it was almost has expensive has buying a pre made one already. Watched a couple of YouTube videos and BULK SUPPLEMENTS was what everyone was talking about.. so gave them a try and I will not buy anymore supplements from any stores. This has great quality, great products and fast shipping... Very impressed.
I take 9 grams before workout and wow I feel it , veins popping out and feel a great pump... *

On 9/12/2018 Juan said...

Great Addition
Since adding this product to my pre-work out regimen. I have noticed an increase in my stamina, blood flow and pump after working out. Wish I added this sooner to my routine.*

On 8/15/2018 Adam said...

Blood flow
This company has some real good supplements and this product help me with my blood pressure i recommend to anyone with high blood pressure issues*

On 8/9/2018 Damon said...

Blood flow
This company has some real good supplements and this product help me with my blood pressure i recommend to anyone with high blood pressure issues*

On 8/9/2018 Damon said...

Highly Recommend
I've been using this product for only a couple of days and already feel a huge difference. I would highly recommend it to anyone and recommend Bulk Supplements as shipping was fast and hassle free.*

On 8/1/2018 Heidi said...

Blood flow in all the right places
This product is very good gives me the blood flow i need to keep the wife with a smile on her face*

On 7/27/2018 Damon said...

L citrulline powder
Just started using citrulline,
Very good product!!
Sour / tangy taste.
Great work out anhancer , also helps you sleep before bed.*

On 7/23/2018 Charles said...

Excellent pumps and Nitric Oxide booster
I researched a ton of dietary and supplemental ways to increase Nitric Oxide levels in the body and L-Citrulline is a must-have. For better, more efficient blood oxygenation and for the male-enhancing performance boosts, I highly recommend this product. I have purchased L-Citrulline from BulkSupplements in the 250gram pouch and plan on returning for it as soon as I'm running low. BulkSupplements offers this product at a great price!!*

On 6/27/2018 Jeffrey Lopez said...

L- Citrulline Powder.
My main goal with this supplement is to address two issues as a 49 year old male. I have high blood pressure and have been on two different BP medicines for the last year. No changes in BP with the medicines. So I am trying the supplemental route. Its been 7 days and my BP has dropped a few points. The second issue is common as most aging male is in the romance department. With this supplement, is certainly helps in the responsiveness of the equipment. I would recommend anyone experiencing similar health concerns to give this supplement a try.*

On 6/21/2018 Robert said...

Excellent for a preworkout
As a prework out with no stems this offers the best and healthiest route. Definitely will be buying more..*

On 5/28/2018 Jeremy said...

Probably the purest Citrulline I've tried
Next time I will order the one with malate because it does absorb better, but this regular L-Citrulline powder still packs a punch! I mix it in with flavored seltzer water and after a few minutes it blends nicely in. It gives me the extra pump I need in the gym, and helps in the bedroom for us guys as well. *

On 5/24/2018 PungSlaps said...

Just started to use the pure citrulline along with arginine and cofactors vitamin c and e and folate and coq10 as well. Seems to boost my energy already, presumably from better NO stimulation than my previous product with malate. Much less acidity as well.*

On 5/8/2018 jack said...

L-Citrulline Powder
Been using 6g prewkt and the pumps are amazing. Love this product. *

On 4/23/2018 Matthew said...

Great product and packaging. Great to use for a pre workout nice pump and vascularity.*

On 4/19/2018 MB said...

Great for blood pressure
The reason that I take L-Citrulline is to lower my blood pressure that has been between moderately high to very high since I was 21 (now 51). Since taking this, my blood pressure hovers around 120/80, sometimes slightly above and sometimes slightly below, but ALWAYS real close to 120/80. I take no medications at all. I LOVE this product!*

On 3/29/2018 William said...

Good Addition to Pre-workout
Took 5 grams about 20 minutes before my workout and definitely noticed a difference in vascularity. Saw a few more veins than before. Had no taste and mixability was fine with 8oz of water. *

On 3/18/2018 Lamont said...

L-Citrulline Powder
I have been using the L-Citrulline powder from Bulk Supplements for quite some time and find it to be very clean and pure. I notice a significant improvement in my cardiovascular performance at the gym. I plan on continuing using Bulk Supplements L-Citrulline. I appreciate the various quantities that they offer.*

On 3/8/2018 GTB said...

Great Workout Pumps
Wow I have definitely noticed an increase in my pumps after I started taking 5 g pre workout. It makes your muscles feel tighter and I notice much more vascularity in the gym. Great product*

On 2/19/2018 Joel said...

Blood flow
This is extremely helpful for increasing blood flow for recovery post workout. Don't take too much though obviously. *

On 2/6/2018 Mart said...


On 1/22/2018 ROBERT said...

All good...
L-Citrulline has had a positive affect on my energy and BP.

Delivery, quality and service are top rate.

Thumbs up. Will buy again.*

On 12/15/2017 Dennis said...

Citrulline 5 grams pre-workout
Great addition to my pre-workout mix of supplements. I mix my own and citrulline helps your endurance in the gym....and in the bedroom later on.*

On 11/22/2017 DARNELL said...

Better deal than Citrulline Malate
If you're trying to decide between L-Citrulline and the Citrulline Malate 2:1 get this one. Malate is Malic Acid which is just a filler. Most studies (you can look this up) say it has no performance benefit. Therefore, just get the straight L-citrulline. It gives great pumps and is the most efficient modern method of enhancing NO available.*

On 11/9/2017 Nipash said...

Good stuff
This is a great product for the pump. I mix it with a little,25%, arginine and it works great in the gym and bedroom. . Six grams in water works fine.*

On 10/27/2017 Robert said...

Better Circulation made for better sleep.
I would suggest that those that are prone to gout, should be cautious with higher dose range. Starting with lower doses, and slowly increasing to find your personal ideal, might save some grief.

That said, I found the better circulation made for a much deeper, more refreshing sleep. If I had a guess, a possible enhancement of the effects of DMAE?

Looking forward to next workout cycle to see if recovery times are shortened as well.

Also, muscle detox and lower ammonia in the blood, is a potential big plus.

Will be adding to my regular regimen.


On 10/11/2017 Thomas said...

Satisfied customer
I hadn't used l-citrulline before. I had used the malate version in the past. I've been taking 5 grams pre workout, incredible pumps. Quick delivery and great price.*

On 10/10/2017 Brian said...

Loving it!
I ordered about a week ago, and I have already started noticing the effects. Love it, will keep ordering the rest of my life.*

On 10/3/2017 Sameer said...

I love it
I've ordered l-citrulline about 5 times now and I've never been disappointed. Will keep ordering until they run out. *

On 9/13/2017 James said...

I first learned about this product through friends at the gym and was skeptical at first so I went with the smaller package. Definitely love the results I have seen so far and we be getting the bigger package next time. It's a must have for the gym! *

On 8/23/2017 Elliott said...

great product
Great product at a great price. Bulksupplements have everything that most other sites don't have or are on back order.*

On 8/14/2017 david said...

Works Real Good!
I'm a man in my 60s, in decent health, but need help in the bedroom, with "circulation" This product delivers! There seems to be two things that slow men down as they age. Low T levels, and circulation issues. L Arginine and Citruline both take care of the circulation problem really well. The taste is good and the effects are quick. I'm "waking with wood" again! lol-great price for "big" benifits.*

On 8/12/2017 Robert said...

L-Citrulline 1 KG
I use this before workouts to help increase circulation, endurance, and NO production. The 1 KG bag is a good value and lasts a long time. This powder is good quality, tasteless, and easily dissolves in any liquid. *

On 8/11/2017 Hank said...

I love Citrulline
I have been using this product for a few years now and was using a capsule form by another company. the recommended pre work out dose for amazing results is 7500mg. the caps are 750mg...thats 10 per 90 caps thats only 9 work outs. Enter BS powder. one 20cc scoopfull gives you 7500mg! a kg bag costs a bit more than a few bottles but lasts WAY LONGER. mixes really well in anything....i use water...a little tart...use a drop of stevia good to go. Use this with Betaine, Creatine, B-ALA, Histidine and Isoleucine and be ready to rocket to the moon. Vascularity like mad and lasts about 2 caffeine. great stuff!*

On 8/5/2017 Dino said...

L-Citrulline 250G
Known about this product for many years and wanted to give it a test so I went with the smaller amount first because nobody wants to waste money going big. Have no issues mixing and I actually like the sour taste, can compare to diluted lemon water, so that's not an issue for me. I have found so far my recovery and workouts feel "easier" I know that's very general but I find I have an easier time making a push with increase weights. Started combining with beta-alanine so be curious to see where it goes. So far so good though*

On 8/4/2017 Andrew said...

Right stuff, right price
After doing some additional reading/research, I decided to add this particular product to my diet to help with my fitness, weight loss, and cardiovascular health. This is a fine product at a fine price, and you can easily pay many times as much for essentially this same product with other suppliers I know of. Can't go too far wrong here. *

On 7/14/2017 Joe said...

I love this stuff
Been using it for years. Can notice a huge difference in circulatory system.*

On 7/1/2017 Jeremy said...

Nice Energy Boost
I have been taking 3 grams daily for a week and noticed an increase in energy. On workout days I take an additional 3 grams before workout and have been pushing it a little more at the gym. *

On 6/29/2017 James said...

Great stuf!
Potent! Pure!
I had used the malate version of L-Citruline and was surprised at how strong this product was...
I'll def stick with it instead of the malate version of Citruline. *

On 6/10/2017 Brian said...

Good stuff, but, Oh my...
Bulk Supplements L-Cirtuline is good stuff!
But I made the very silly mistake of taking the maximum dosage of this product right out the gate. (Some online forums and older reviews had stated 6 grams a day, so I figured, what the heck! I got a cast iron stomach.) This did not turn out well.

So lesson learned for me, if I'll try a new supplement, dose it slow and then observe the effects. I have used L-Citruline before and this is def strong, pure stuff. :-)


On 6/10/2017 Brian T. said...

Good stuff, but, Oh my...
Bulk Supplements L-Cirtuline is good stuff!
But I made the very silly mistake of taking the maximum dosage of this product right out the gate. (Some online forums and older reviews had stated 6 grams a day, so I figured, what the heck! I got a cast iron stomach.) This did not turn out well.

So lesson learned for me, if I'll try a new supplement, dose it slow and then observe the effects. I have used L-Citruline before and this is def strong, pure stuff. :-)


On 6/10/2017 Brian T. said...

Good stuff
Good product, added to my stack for bedroom health and the gym. I have since ordered a couple more things and it looks like this site might be my go to for now on. Good products at a great price. *

On 6/6/2017 Chris said...

Gets the Job Done
I've been a big fan of L-Citrulline for quiet a while. It helps give me the stamina needed to push through that 5th set, and helps me get past that 3rd or 4th mile without any side effects. The only thing I didn't like about it was the retailed price that it was going for around town. When I saw how much I could get 1Kg for online, I knew that would be my go to spot for a lot of my other supplements*

On 5/30/2017 Gabriel said...

Helps endurance, but
I have used this for a couple of years now and it definitely helps my endurance when cycling or hiking. The only drawback is that if I ever have a cut or scrape, it seems to take longer for the bleeding to stop - probably because of the increased circulation*

On 5/30/2017 Brian said...

Great products and Great Value
Ive been ordering quite a lot of my powders from Bulk supplements, I like to mix my own pre workouts or add on to existing ones that don't contain enough of what you need. The cittrulline is great definitely my go to for my pumps, not to mention Bulk supplements customers service is excellent and shipping is quick. I will always be shopping here!*

On 5/9/2017 Danial Waseem said...

Pure and Effective
The powder is pure and effective. I use it as part of a stack, once daily, at a dose of 6 grams with no ill effects. It mixes easily and has a fairly neutral taste making it simple to add to a variety of juices or smoothies without having a negative impact on their flavor or creating a need to be masked. It can just as easily be mixed straight with water without gagging or having to choke it down. The effects are normally felt 20-30 minutes after taken and boosts arginine and nitric oxide levels much more effectively and for much longer periods of time than supplementing with l-arginine itself. 3 grams or less daily haven prove to be of little benefit. Studies indicate that 6-8 grams daily, either in a single dose of split up between 2-3 smaller doses, appears to be the sweet spot for men, both for workout and ED purposes, and I would have to concur after using it. Recent studies have also found that it increases VGEF and that it is possible that higher doses, 6-8grams, or perhaps higher, daily for an extended period can increase nitric oxide functioning within the body, help heal blood vessels, and perhaps even reverse conditions like hardening of the arteries. That's very promising. I intend to order again and would recommend it to friends or family.*

On 5/9/2017 Robert said...

Good Value
Really like this product. Quit buying expensive preworkouts. Feel great while saving money what's not to like?*

On 5/5/2017 David said...

1 Kg L-Citrulline
The product is great and wow, the value of buying 1Kg quantity is amazing. It was only a little more money for twice the volume of the 500mg. Some of the powder is a little chunky, but it still dissolves immediately in water. Great value. *

On 4/26/2017 Duane said...

I originally ordered this product believing it would help me with energy/endurance. And it has...just not in the way I expected. I have hypertension which is due to borderline high blood pressure that spikes up quickly when I am anxious. My doctor put me on a beta blocker, and it worked ok. But, the Beta Blocker (inderal) doesn't really help me in an over-all positive promoting /be less anxious sort of way. It mostly was just blunting the effects of stress...which I was certainly fine with. But, when I started taking Citrulline (and now add Ginseng to my stack) I noticed a tendency to be less stressed and anxious. This has contributed to alleviating my OCD issues as well. Now, this doesn't mean I don't still have my moments, (and I do still take the Beta Blocker only less frequently) and I have not correlated my BP with my dosing. This is more of an over-all sense of well-being. I also have noticed an increase in libido (not sure if due to Citrulline or Ginseng or both) I'm probably the only male to ever say this, but I don't want an increased libido! I work in a professional environment with many attractive women and I don't like feeling "excited" all through my workday. So keep this in mind if you already have a healthy or overly healthy sexual appetite. *

On 4/15/2017 Mark said...

Excellent product; Very easy to take.
As an older man, I have a problem called ED due to too many years taking motrin as a painkiller. Unfortunately this is the VAs painkiller 'of choice'. I used to take L-Arginnine to boost my production of Nitric Acid; then i found that it was to no avail as 80% is lost to urea in the kidney and L-Citrulline changes to L-Arginnine in the body after passing through the stomach. Not only is Nitric Acid good for sexual relations, but it helps circulation in general. Glutathione is taken on a 1 to 8 basis and is a catalyst to L-Citrulinne in the production of Nitric Acid*

On 4/13/2017 James W said...

really helps the heart
Using this to help increase a weak heart's strength. Not sure if that is what it is suppose to do, but this is what I gave it a try for. I thought if it is good for muscles it might help the heart because the heart is basically muscles. It is helping. I think over more time it will continue to help. I think that this product is wonderful!*

On 4/13/2017 Kathleen said...

Great Stuff, I will definitely buy again.
I have purchased citrulline from other companies before and they were not as good as this. They have been clumpy and had a terrible taste. This stuff mixes well and taste does not bother me. Ultra fine powder. Great pump from this makes me feel like all the nutrients are getting to the muscle.
I will definitely purchase this product again, as well as purchase other products from Bulksupplements again. I stumbled across them through google searching and i am very happy that I did. Thank you BS. Thank you for supplying a great product and doing it with such great customer service! *

On 4/12/2017 Adam said...

Nice Product
Good product that dissolves in water so it's easy to drink. *

On 4/10/2017 Roman said...

I add 4grams to my prep workout and 2-3 grams to my intra bcaas. TALK ABOUT A SICK SKIN SPLITTING PUMP. Brings out my vascularity like crazy. Love this product *

On 4/10/2017 Ceasar said...

make my own preworkout, save a boatload of money
I make my own preworkout with the beta-alanine, taurine, citrulline, etc and mix it with V8 about an hour before I workout. The gains I've made in the last 10 days are noticeable and I have enough supplements to make preworkout for 90 days instead of ordering brand name stuff every 30. I'll never buy supplements anywhere else!*

On 4/5/2017 Brodie said...

Amazing blood flow!
I am so happy with this purchase! Citrulline has been my favorite product so far for amazing pumps and better blood flow in all areas of life! I take 3-6 grams either before workout or in split doses. I have even noticed I can breathe more easily! *

On 3/29/2017 Dalton said...

Amazing pump
Add 6g to any pre-workout you like (stimulant or no, mental focus, whatever) and get ready to tear it up in the gym with great endurance and an amazing pump. I even add some to my intra-workout aminos, so I can stay swole for hours. Great stuff at a great price.*

On 3/23/2017 JohnC said...

L-Cittruline Powder
Great quality and value. Product helps musc!es recover from heavy workouts. *

On 3/22/2017 Wayne said...

The good stuff
This is easily one of my favorite supplements. I get a great pump that last me through both of my workouts. I take 6 grams at 6am and have a split workout schedule at 7am and 4 pm. Highly recommend if you are looking for a great pump.*

On 3/8/2017 William Bigelow said...

great cardio and NO booster
I take 3-6 grams/day in 2 doses ....i notice the difference when working out as I can go longer with less fatigue. Also helps down below :)
I'm so glad to have found this site as the prices, quality and service are great.*

On 2/17/2017 robert said...

Amazing...Simply amazing
I cannot believe anyone doesn't order their supplements from this company. Sure, some of your high end pre workouts and other products have million dollar budgets, but they pay for that with your money...The Citrulline I got here was outstanding. Both in price and performance. I will always keep coming back for all my supplementation needs. Why wouldn't I? the quality is outstanding, the delivery time was lightning fast, and the price CANNOT be beaten. I would give 6 stars if that was an option. Future life long customer. *

On 2/14/2017 THOMAS said...

Bulk Supplements L-Citrulline is much more affordable than any other source I have found, and the supplement seems to be excellent quality. *

On 2/1/2017 Duane said...

Great Pumps in the gym
I mix 3000 mg along with a serving of L-Arginine in my protein shake twice a day, gives me great pumps and the extra energy needed to throw in those extra reps. My strength and stamana have definitely increased. Great Product*

On 1/31/2017 Lance said...

Really Works
This is my second order of L-Citrulline. I recently purchased a couple of capsule filling machines from BS to save even more money. I have tried several products from BS and all of them helped me in one way or the other.Their products are the best in my opinion, and the fast shipping is outstanding. *

On 1/31/2017 Jack said...

Good Pump
This stuff gave me a great pump and I was able to squeeze out a few more reps. I like it a lot and will be ordering more. Really brings out the veins on arm day too!*

On 1/21/2017 Michael said...

First time L-Citrulline bandwagon
Started back to the work outs after an injury so i ordered L-Citrulline and started to use it on my Creatine load phase and that plus Branch Chain Amminos , L-Carnatine and there Chlorella Blue Green Algae all from Bulk and i have incredible energy and my recovery is amazing so far. All I can say is that L-Citrulline is proven to increase nitric Oxide and raise testosterone levels and maybe that's the difference this time "You can bet I'm a new and hopefully longtime new customer"!! *

On 1/18/2017 Christopher said...

Like it a lot
I take this pre-workout and on off days. I always feel like I get a better pump while taking this.*

On 1/17/2017 Scott said...

I combined 6g of this L-Citrulline with 2g of Beta Alinine powder. The results were instantly noticeable. I felt like I could work out forever - muscle fatigue did not set in. Next workout I lowered all my rest periods and added a lot of drop sets and still didn't get tired. The product will add muscle by letting you work out harder. Very glad I found this. *

On 1/15/2017 Andrew said...

Review for L-Citrulline
What I really like about is that you can pick and choose in any size of specific ingredients that you would other wise find in small doses in specific sports nutrition products. I like it because say I don't like the ratio in a certain preworkout I can come on here and add any amount that I want to my drink or I can be my own sports nutrition chemist and make my own concoction. Very affordable and have made incredible gains. If your serious about your body and your training then is the place for you.

And for those who aren't familiar with what L-Citrulline is and what it's primary purpose is I've left a brief yet concise definition below for your convenience.

L-citrulline is converted to L-arginine, another type of amino acid. L-arginine improves blood flow. It does so by creating nitric oxide (NO), a compound that helps widen blood vessels.

Your's in health and wellness
- Ian Anderson

On 1/13/2017 Ian Anderson said...

Seems Good
The product seems good. Just wish the bag was easier to seal closed.*

On 12/8/2016 Kevin said...

Blood Pressure Control & Exercise Work-outs
I love Bulk Supplements and their products. No fluff and straight to the point. After a few months of taking L-citrulline as part of my exercise program & to help with prehypertension (pre-high blood pressure), I'm seeing good results. it has a slight citrus taste and mixes well with water. *

On 12/4/2016 Kenton said...

Great Supplement
Easy delivery and great energy while working out, Great procuct.*

On 11/29/2016 Barry said...

Increased pump!
I noticed a definite increase in the pump at the gym from day 1! Will be continuing with this product.*

On 11/28/2016 jess said...

Best Supplement for the "Pump"
I have been using L-Citrulline for a few months now and the product from Bulk Supplements is top notch. No flavor, mixes easy, great value, and fast shipping. I will be ordering again. Thanks for the great service. *

On 11/16/2016 Russell said...

Best Supplement for the "Pump"
I have been using L-Citrulline for a few months now and the product from Bulk Supplements is top notch. No flavor, mixes easy, great value, and fast shipping. I will be ordering again. Thanks for the great service. *

On 11/16/2016 Russell said...

Superhero Supplement
Just added 8g of L-Citrulline to my preworkout stack and its easily the most noticeable supplement I've tried. Everything felt 10 pounds lighter and the pump was insane. *

On 11/12/2016 Quinton said...

Huge Pumps
I order lots of supplements from many different companies, and I have to say bulksupplements delivers the fastest and has some of the best quality products. I recently started using L-citrulline, and I have been getting the best pumps. I have become more vascular and have more energy while working out. Great product.*

On 11/2/2016 Nicholas said...

great product
Clean energy, no stomach issues, and a great pump in the gym when taken about an hour prior to training.*

On 10/24/2016 aram said...

Best base for any preworkout formula
I use this as the first ingredient when concocting my preworkout formula. I have found 6-8g is optimal for crazy, skin-splitting pumps.*

On 10/18/2016 Rob said...

Pre and Post Workout
I use this product in my pre and my post workout drink. get a great pump and improved vascularity.*

On 10/18/2016 Steve said...

I started taking one teaspoon every morning 7 days ago and after 2 days a very small but noticeable increase in blood flow at the base of my genitals.
A presence of energy in that area which had faded has returned. i've had ed issues for quite some time and in the past 5 days I've enjoyed a clear and present upstanding shift. Very gratifying. I hope it increases and hope others might come to say the same.*

On 10/11/2016 DG K said...

Horny Goatweed
I've been taking a half teaspoon in the morning for a about a week, and I feel no different, no libido change, no nothing, thanks*

On 9/21/2016 JOHN said...

Insane Pump!
I take 5g during my workout with my BCAAs and other amino acids, and the pump is INSANE!*

On 9/20/2016 Garrett said...

L- Citruline
I started taking 1 tsp in the morning, and one at night. Three days later, I started getting better work outs in the gym.*

On 9/8/2016 JOHN said...

L- Citruline
I started taking 1 tsp in the morning, and one at night. Three days later, I started getting better work outs in the gym.*

On 9/8/2016 JOHN said...

L- Citruline
I started taking 1 tsp in the morning, and one at night. Three days later, I started getting better work outs in the gym.*

On 9/8/2016 JOHN said...

You can definitely feel it. Huge pumps and you can push through a few extra reps.*

On 8/21/2016 Garrett said...

Huge Pumps!
This is by far my favorite product for enhancing pumps! Started adding 6g to my pre-workout shake and it was a game changer! Will never workout without it!*

On 8/9/2016 Sloan said...

Quality and Value for excellent price
I have often wondered why most supplements ship in bottles that are a tremendous waste of resource. I have been very pleased with all products that I have ordered from BulkSupplements. And they pass on the savings from their packaging plus price aggressively. I will continue to use them.*

On 8/8/2016 Steve Waller said...

Talk about skin tearing pumps and new PR's! I looked so full during my workout and for a couple hours after. Knocked out a couple new PR's on flat bench hitting 225 x 42 reps and a new 1 rep max PR of 405! *

On 7/26/2016 Delynn said...

Just what you need
Pure clean powder, no gimmicks, First time trying L-Citrulline, from the studies i've read it should be great.

Only problem i had was it was hard to reseal the bag, might just be the bag i got, not sure.

I've been looking for a company like this, you aren't paying for fancy labels and big name brands. Just the product, keeping costs down.*

On 7/17/2016 Zach said...

Excellent Powder
The package arrived in excellent condition and on time.
Pure L-Citrulline Powder comes in a nice bag that can be used for storage, (but we store are powders in glass canisters). No bad order are taste and shakes up great in unsweet black are green tee.
Helps reduce muscle fatigue, improves energy level, and reduces muscle soreness.
After doing a lot of research, we now add L-Arginine Base Powder, and BCAA 2:1:1.
My wife always comments on how good she feels when we leave the gym and no muscle soreness the next day.
We take this drink to the gym and sip on during are work out ½ hour cardio 1.5 hour weight lifting.
This drink also works great for us when we spend the day working outside.
We were buying these supplements in pill form from another supplier and they worked great, but after a lot of research I decided to buy in powder form. This leaves out all the other junk, things we don’t need nor want and we can mix by weight (the grams) we choose.
We will be buying are powders from
Will continue to use these supplements.

On 7/17/2016 Gary said...

I find L-Citrulline is a good product for erectile dysfunction especially when
combination with D-Aspartic Acid. The minimum dose is 2g x 3/day, otherwise there is no efficacy.
I would rate: 5 stars*

On 7/16/2016 Kim-Aun said...

L-Cit Powder
Very good value, and best quality. I've even convinced some of my friends to switch from other brands to BulkSupps because of how great it is. Will buy again! *

On 6/29/2016 Bruce said...

Tastes great
Product is easy to take and has no taste whatsoever Package was delivered quickly and is easy to open and close. *

On 6/21/2016 David said...

Great Pumps
Citrulline has always been a staple of mine as it provides great pumps. Bulksupplements L-Citrulline powder is very high quality and it gets the job done. Will definitely be buying more.*

On 6/14/2016 Brandon said...

Great Company
I've been taking supplements for 17 years now and I've never been as satisfied with a company as I am with I have made four orders and each time it arrives in three days. The prices are the best I've found and the products are the best I've taken. I take their L - Citrulline, L - Arginine and L - Carnitine twice a daily. Since starting this stack,my strength and stamina have increased dramatically. If your looking for a pump, then I have never had a better than I have after taking these. I highly recommend trying not only this product, but if you haven't giving this company a try. *

On 6/14/2016 Matthew said...

Good supplement for cyclists
I recently used the last of my first order of l-citrulline from Bulk Supplements. I was able to get 3g to completely mix into and disappear in half a cup of cold apple or grape juice. It does not affect the taste. I commute to appointments and the grocery store by bicycle. I probably average around 6-7 km daily. It has worked very well for me to take this supplement just before leaving. The circulatory benefits I have felt indicate to me that it indeed is a precursor to arginine just as stated by Bulk Supplements. I was not taking other amino acid supplements with it. I felt that was okay since I was keeping my dose low and trying to eat a balanced diet. Bulk Supplements is my source for l-citrulline.*

On 4/30/2016 Timothy said...

Great Pumps
Take 4-6g about 20-30 minutes pre workout. Mixed with Taurine and other aminos and I have there's a lasting pump every time.

Package arrived on time and product is fresh.*

On 4/29/2016 Adam said...

Great Product and Service is my GO-2 place for my supplements. Great products and great serice. Super Fast Shipping! *

On 4/25/2016 Chris said...

will buy again
good quality...good price...arrived on time.*

On 4/24/2016 gordon said...

biking just got a lot more fun
3g half an hour before my ride and my legs feel like they could petal ALL DAY!*

On 4/23/2016 Michael said...

dissolves well
This product mixes well & has no detectable taste. The shipping & price can't be beat! Thanks for a great product.*

On 4/19/2016 Richard said...

L-Citrulline powder
Great for pump. Perfect to add to your own created preworkout and you can control the dose. Great quality and great price. Best deal you will find!*

On 4/10/2016 Bradley said...

great product
This product is easily and work like it is suppose to. I will continue to order your products because they are top of the line and the price is great. Thanks *

On 3/26/2016 Matthew said...

L-cittrulline powder
Product is great. Just wish the reseal bags were easier to reseal.*

On 3/22/2016 Kevin said...

Good stuff!
This mixes very well with water and gives me more energy for my next workout!*

On 3/18/2016 joe said...

L-citruline gives me a great pump
I love the pump L-citruline gives me, plus I don't feel as sore the next day after my workout.*

On 3/14/2016 Chad said...

L -citrulline powder
Great stuff at a great price. *

On 3/14/2016 Donald said...

First Time User
A Great Product at a Great Price. Mixes very well with every drink I have tried. Did not notice any bitterness and very little taste one mixed. Shipping was extremely fast and the product was well packed. I will be repeat customer but will increase the size of my order. Very Impressed.*

On 2/22/2016 Thomas said...

Bulk Supplements is a real blessing in my life. Their high quality and low prices allow me to take many of the amino acids I otherwise would not be able to afford. My gains have been steady and I feel great I know it from proper nutrition. No matter how clean you eat you need supplements to achieve optimum health. All our metabolic functions rely on proper amino acid and enzyme levels. Thanks again Bulk Supplements*

On 2/14/2016 Brett said...

L-citruline purchase
Very satisfied. Super fast delivery. Great price. Excellent way to increase Nitric oxide..*

On 2/12/2016 walter said...

What a great deal!
Here at BulkSupplements I can get 10x the product for only 2x the price that I would pay at a "normal" store. This product definitely has an effect on the pumps I get during and after my workout. Currently taking about 3g pre-workout.*

On 2/8/2016 Paul said...

L-Citruline pure bulk powder
Excellent stuff!!! It works! More endurance, strength and my skin color looks better to everyone. Their amazed at how good I look. Gonna have an even better beach body this summer!! Bring on the beach bunnies!!*

On 1/4/2016 ED said...

This is the second time that I have ordered •L-Ornithine HCL . Quick shipping, excellent product and great price.*

On 1/1/2016 John said...

A lifetime supplement
This is the second time I've ordered L-citrulline from BulkSupplements and I've been nothing but impressed. My blood pressure has improved as well as performance in the gym and the bed. I'll be ordering from BulkSupplements for years to come. *

On 12/28/2015 James said...

FIRST time use of product
next time soon i will buy bigger size*

On 12/19/2015 ernie said...

Amazing product
First time buying from this site. Love this product and arrived fast. Amazing pumps! *

On 12/17/2015 Luis said...

1st bulk supplements purchase. very fine powder making the rounded teaspoon an accurate form of measure. very god quality. i noticed an immediate difference from the last brand i was using.**

On 12/15/2015 James said...

This is legit L-citrulline, Works great will greatly recommend. *

On 12/13/2015 Sammy said...

L-Citrulline - Responsive Supplier
I ordered this product from Amazon. Amazon waited until the due date to inform me that they were unable to fill my order.

I turned to Bulk Supplements, who promptly filled, shipped and delivered my order, one day before the due date. The price was competitive.

Excellent service! Bulk Supplements is now my provider of choice!

Thank you.*

On 12/8/2015 Richard said...

Quick shipping, works better with L'arginine for blood flow, will continue to order in the future.*

On 12/7/2015 deloris said...

Citrulline is an exceptional supplement for men. It is rapidly absorbed in gut and is converted to L-arginine and ornithine . Excess ammonia is removed and NO is formed which triggers expansion of blood vessels. Result is a healthier circulation and much better sex. *

On 12/4/2015 Ron said...

Dissolves easily, good quality
I took this L-Citrulline and even in the first day I felt an improvement on my pump and rest between sets. It dissolves easily! looks more like sugar than flour. The best quality i have ever seen! I'll definetly buy it again!*

On 12/2/2015 Phillipe said...

Better than L Arginine
Great for improving blood pressure and improving oxygen utilization in the tissues.*

On 11/24/2015 Edwin said...

L-Citrulline - 100g Pure Powder
I have competed in endurance sports for more than 35 years and was not sure what to expect with the use of this product(L-Citrulline - Pure Powder). It dissolved easily and had no noticeable taste. I definitely noticed an increase in stamina during my workouts. I will continue to use this product and would recommend others to get this from Bulk Supplements.*

On 11/21/2015 Richard said...

good quality
seems to be different consistency powder (more sugar like) than another bulk website I order from in which the powder is more of a flour like consistency but seems to mix better with less clumping and is of the same quality plus cheaper*

On 11/16/2015 Branden said...

Dissolves easily, tastes slightly icky
I take l-citrulline before bed and it dissolves really easily in water. It does have a slight odd taste to it. Kinda like soap or something. So far I have slight positive effects after about a week.*

On 10/26/2015 Caleb said...

l citrulline
Best product i have ever tried. After 3 days i was able to run further and had a ton more energy.*

On 10/21/2015 Cedric said...

Great stuff*

On 10/20/2015 cr beaumont said...

Dissolves well & there is no taste!
This product is easily dissolvable in any liquid & the taste is undetectable. We are taking this l-citrulline to boost the nitric oxide level in our bodies.*

On 10/20/2015 Richard said...

Disolves well
This supplement was recommended to combine with L-Arginine 5000...Will know full review after 30 days. So far so good, easy to use and dissolves well.*

On 10/13/2015 Maureen said...

Good price, good product. I dissolve 1 tsp into a glass of water and drink. Slight salt taste but can easily be covered with a little lemon or similar juice. Only had about a week but seems to help so far.*

On 9/25/2015 Joe said...

Pump you up!
Surprised at how quickly you start to see results. The first day or two, I felt flush after performing pushups but that is no longer the case. Right after a work out, you feel incredibly pumped. I dare you to wear compression a compression shirt and not feel like you're going to bust out of it. The powder dissolves almost completely in a standard shake cup using either water or a water/cocoanut water mix. You need to give this a shot. *

On 9/24/2015 Mike said...

I buy l-citrulline in 1kg amounts now. Has a pleasant taste and no side issues that I am aware of. Keeps me sexually active. At 70 I need all the help I can get Shipments are on time and in good shape. *

On 9/19/2015 Ron said...

I have been taking citulline far two weeks now
I have been getting massive pumps now !
I 58 years old and the pump is back !*

On 9/13/2015 mark said...

Mind blowing pumps
I wanted this product because research indicated that it expands your blood vessels, allowing for more nutrients and oxygen to pass through. It is a precursor to l arginine and in fact works better than l arginine because of the way arginine is broken down by your system. Let me just say, IT WORKS!!! It almost works too well. The pumps I've experienced while taking this pre workout are beyond imagination. On bicep day, my arms will get so swollen, that they actually hurt. They feel as though they may EXPLODE! It also helps me to get more reps into my sets, because of its ability to widen blood vessels and clear out more lactic acid and by products of heavy exercise. Great product, great price. Almost tasteless powder. has done it again!!! Definitely will be ordering more of this product, as well as many others!*

On 9/7/2015 Brendan said...

Product received rapidly and correct amount etc. *

On 9/2/2015 Ron said...

Dissolves well & there is no taste!
I am excited to see results on my blood pressure. Great price & glad to be able to buy in powder form. This company is awesome! Great products, great prices, & fast delivery!*

On 9/2/2015 Richard said...

Great Products
I have only been using this for one week, and can already tell the increase in endurance and less fatigue. Products arrived quicker than expected. First time ordering from this company. I will be a return customer.*

On 8/25/2015 Michael said...

L citrulline
Great shipping. Great product. Pumps in the gym are unreal while using this powder. This is my third time ordering it and will continue to do so.*

On 8/4/2015 Ronald said...

Best quality l-citrulline I've found and the best customer service here*

On 8/3/2015 George said...

High blood and Erections
Blood pressure has lowered with this product. Dr. has cut my pill intake for high blood to just 1 tablet a day from the former 2 a day. Erections harder and more often in the morning.*

On 7/27/2015 Andrew said...

L-Citrulline Powder
It's too soon to tell if it's making a difference for me yet or not, but I have had so much success with Bulk in general. Products are always shipped quickly and I enjoy using their products which tend to be more reasonable than other companies similar products. *

On 7/15/2015 Robert said...

I can't believe how inexpensive this bulk powder is compared to capsules! Bought a 1 kilo bag and should last for months. I combine it with 1/16 teaspoon of grape seed extract powder in a warm glass of water twice a day, and while I think it helps with my exercise, I'm positive it helps in the bedroom!! I haven't had a chance to see if it lowers my blood pressure yet, but I'm quite optimistic.*

On 7/12/2015 Michael said...

Superior to citrulline malate
This is better to take than the malate version or straight arginine as this bypasses the liver and goes straight to the system without any wasted. You need to take 2X the amount of citrulline malate to get the same result*

On 7/8/2015 Robert said...

i have ordered citrulline from Bulk Suppliments twice . It is always delivered on time and has good quality. It does lower blood pressure somewhat but really does help in my sexual performance. *

On 6/8/2015 Ron said...

Product Arrived on Time and looks good
I have not been taking this for very long. I can say that the product arrived on time, intact and appears to be as depicted in the online store. If this product works as well as L-Arginine then I will be in good shape. I look forward to the results.*

On 6/8/2015 Bradley said...


On 5/31/2015 Charles said...

L-Citrulline for Lower Blood Pressure
Switched to powder with Bulk Supplements after purchasing capsules from another supplier. The powder mixes easily with warm water and I drink it straight for lowering blood pressure taking 4 teaspoons spread throughout the day, this is more that recommended but works well for me. L-Citrulline is mentioned in Dr. Ignarro's book NO More Heart Disease and I will continue to buy in the 1 Kilo amount.*

On 5/26/2015 David said...

Don't need Big Pharma anymore
1 gm of L-Citrulline from Bulk Supplement along with 4 gms. L-Arginine, Red Beet Root and Fenugreek and I wake up with woody just like in the old days. This stuff works better than prescription drugs and is safer with no side effects. Highly recommended.*

On 5/25/2015 David said...

Game changer.
Bought 1kg of l-citrulline after trying the free 100g sample for a week. This stuff works. Simple as that. Bloodflow has improved drastically, erertions are the same as when I was 16 (I'm 30 now) and the pumps after workouts are insane. Definitely recommend l-citrulline to your friends for health and quality of life improvements.*

On 5/9/2015 James said...

L- Citrulline
This product is fantastic .I take 1 teaspoon a day and since I have been taking it my blood pressure has been stable.So I ordered some for my sister whom does not take medicine because of her religion .*

On 5/7/2015 Charles said...

L- Citrulline
THIS product Is fantastic ! I have always looked for a product where I could Naturally lower my blood pressure I learned that the green inside of a watermelon worked.. So I ordered the supplement from your company which was L- Citrulline 500 mg .The doctors had a rough time getting my blood pressure down for over two years. They had me on three BP medications I have been taking one teaspoon of this product for 3 days and NO BP medication and my Bp has not risen over 139/80 since ! Thank you for a wonderful product . There is no taste mixes well with any I ordered more for my sister whom does not take medicine due to her religion .*

On 5/7/2015 Charles said...

best amino acid ever
he product is helping me and other in wonderful manner. It takes care of my creaking sore bones 3,gram per day in water and I sip it in the morning at my job. Excellent product and service*

On 5/6/2015 JW Bill said...

Since using this product along with L-arginine while working out I've noticed a huge difference in my body, especially in my core. My abdomen looks great. I love the powder more than the pill also. *

On 5/6/2015 Antoin said...

I love having access to a product in its cleanest form. I just add this to my preworkout NO drink along with the creatine and arginine I get from The amount of money and hassle I save with Bulksupplements is fantastic. I'm saving hundreds of dollars a year!*

On 4/27/2015 Scott said...

L-citrulline powder
Great product. Easy to take. Feeling better already. Fast shipping. *

On 4/25/2015 Kenneth said...

All around great amino acid.
Chose citrulline for it's health and performance benefits. L-citrulline increases serum l-arginine more than supplemental arginine itself. It also has a similar effect with l-ornithine.

After just a single 3g dose I was able to improve my blood-pressure by a few points and have a greater pump in the gym. I'll definitely be ordering l-citrulline in the future.

Go here to learn more:*

On 4/23/2015 James said...

Great Product.
Use this as an ingredient in my pre workout and it definitely works well. The taste is good as well as the performance. Will buy again!*

On 4/14/2015 MICHAEL said...

Outstanding Product!
Very happy with this product, very clean, easy to consume and much more affordable than the Now 1g capsules I was taking. Upped dose from 2g per day to 5g per day once receiving this product. I can really feel the difference.*

On 4/14/2015 JB said...

Great workouts
L- Citrulline is so much better than CM. This gives you great workout and not just a good pump but noticeable endurance as well. *

On 4/13/2015 Anthony said...

Works great in my pre/intra-workout drink
After receiving and using L-Citrulline for 8-10 days, I was impressed enough to order again directly from I'm taking the recommended serving size in the morning and evening before my work out and feel a noticeable difference in my workouts. I'll definitely continue using this product for my pre/intra-workout drink. *

On 4/10/2015 J. E. said...

Awesome product!
I will be buying this product again! It didn't have that bad of a taste like most amino acids do and it gave me a really good pump when i used it! I also have very little muscle fatigue when i use this product!*

On 4/8/2015 Casey said...

Helps get the job done
I had run out of my last order of citrulline and noticed it the following few days. My routine usually lasts an hour to 75 minutes and it helps to supplement with citrulline as well as betaine and beta alinine. On my third day with out it, it was a longer than usual workout and I felt gassed for sure.
This stuff does work well and for those who work out alot for an hour or so a day, I think you will benefit from this as well.

On 3/24/2015 Tom said...

nice pump!
This stuff works great! It gives you a nice pump in the arms especially. Seems to be pretty pure, and it tastes fine. I would difinetely recommend it. Bulk supplements seems to be the best company for me so far.*

On 3/12/2015 travis said...

l- citrulline
no taste product, this stuff is great to mix with your pre-workout,the price from bulk warehouse beats anyone on the web and for sure in stores,will be buying this product again, you can bing .com the product, checkout if its good for you or not,health reasons after I reviewed the product it was one product that I needed, its for sure the best thing a person that works out can take, for all the gym rats this stuff works.*

On 2/28/2015 terry said...

L-Citrulline is Awsome
I heard of this product for blood flow and it works pretty well. I like it a lot.*

On 2/24/2015 Alvaro said...

great pump!!
This is a great alternative to l-arginine because its easier on your stomach and you get a great pump at the gym. Buying it from bulk supplements is the best for prise and super fast shipping. I love this site...*

On 12/18/2014 Adrian said...

Great for vascularity, must add to pre-workout!
I have been adding this to my pre-workout shakes, with great results. My shake consists of beta-alanine/creatine/L-Carnitine followed by a taurine pill. Works great in getting the blood pumping for my late night workouts. This product is clean, sugarless and tasteless and I have yet to find it anywhere for a lower price. *

On 12/5/2014 Michael said...

I found the l-citrulline to be superior the the l-citrulline malate. There seems to be no difference in the absorption. I had more energy and a better pump. Also, I did not get the heartburn that I sometimes get with the l-citrulline malate.*

On 9/15/2014 ERV said...

L-Citrulline is the main hero
L-Citrulline alone works better for me than L-Citrulline with DL-Malate 2:1. Next, I'll be trying the L-Citrulline with Histidine and then, later, with Beta Alanine to see what those two extras will produce. I have to really start working on my ED, and this is the way to begin.*

On 9/11/2014 Stanley said...

Good Pump
I was taking L-Arginine for awhile due to a doctor's recommendation for something other than my heart. The Arginine was from here was well, but was ordered through Amazon. I decided to come through here since they have free shipping and much, much more information on the products and I can choose the size.

The shipping was fast overall. The Citrulline actually is more potent than Arginine, so you get more of an effect. I take 3g-4g in orange juice as my preworkout around 30-45 minutes prior and I can tell that I am more vascular since I can see my veins showing after only my warm-up sets. It also increases my stamina and energy, so I can keep going.

My only complaint is that it is very tart. It isn't very terrible, but it'll give some people a surprise. I usually just mix it with a spoon in the glass of orange juice and it mixes pretty well (A bit left at the bottom, but not much) and then chug it.

I definitely recommend not only this product, but this company! I got a 500g bag and it'll last me for quite some time!*

On 8/27/2014 Andrew said...

great stuff
This works with 1 teaspoon Beet root powder, 1 teaspoon grape seed extract and 1 teaspoon citruline mixed in pure water twice a day and if you have ED this should change that!*

On 8/6/2014 Ron said...

Good Stuff and BulkSupplements price is the best.
Citrulline is an amino acid that our bodies convert to another amino acid called arginine, which is then converted to nitric oxide, a compound which relaxes blood vessels and stimulates blood flow to muscles and other pats of the male anatomy. (research it) It is also thought to reduce buildup of Lactic acid in muscles and thus reduce soreness and recovery time between workouts. In my opinion this effect is legit. It isn't hugely dramatic, but it does work. Like all products that I've tried, this stuff is high quality and the cheapest I've found anywhere. Also, their customer service is great and shipping is crazy fast. As long as they keep doing business this way, I see no reason to buy from anywhere else.*

On 7/25/2014 John Goold said...

Good product pre-workout
Just started using L-citrulline as one of my pre-workout ingredients! Absolutely love it! The taste isn't the best but it definitely aids in giving me an energy boost and making my muscles feel looser and not sore! It helps get rid of the excess ammonia in your body which contributes to muscle soreness. Highly recommend this product or citrulline/malate for those needing a pre-workout boost,*

On 7/19/2014 Andrew said...

L-Citrulline Powder 100G
I would certainly buy this again. Packaging was great; delivery time was acceptable.
The main think I like about L-Citrulline powder is that it helps with my recovery time after workout. It is most noticeable after leg day. Before I started using L-Citrulline I was tremendously sore; since I've been using this the soreness factor has been cut in half (at least). Great buy.*

On 6/22/2014 Dan said...

Extra reps
I tried just a small dose 3mg + some malic acid I had on hand and noticed a pretty good response right away during my AM workout. I was distracted by something and realized I had doubled my reps for a given move w/o even thinking about it. So I think this stuff is pretty good. *

On 4/27/2014 Trish said...

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