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Ginseng Root Extract Powder

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Ginseng Root Extract Powder


  • Standardized to contain 5% ginsenosides
  • Natural energy boost
  • Promotes cognitive & sexual health
  • Taste

  • Mixability

This extract is derived from the root of Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng C.A. mey). Although it is widely recognized for its ability to temporarily increase focus and energy, ginseng root is also used to support sexual health in men and post-menopausal women.


Serving Size & Timing

Take 1000 milligrams (rounded 1/2 teaspoon) to 2000 mg (rounded 1 tsp) up to twice daily, or as directed by a physician. Individual needs may vary.

As with all supplements meant to promote a general well-being, it is important to note that a supplement such as this is by no means a substitute for legitimate medical advice. It is always best to talk to a doctor if you are experiencing problems with your health before taking a course.

Nutritional Information

Supplement Facts

Serving size: 1000 milligrams
Serving per container: *
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value**
Ginseng Root (extract) (Panax ginseng C.A. Mey) ... 1000 mg *
* Daily Value not established.
** Based on 2,000 calorie diet


Sugar, soy, dairy, yeast, gluten, corn and additives.

As a dietary supplement, take 1000-2000 mg once or twice daily, or as directed by a physician.

US Standard Measuring Spoons
Spoon Size(level) milligrams
1/4 teaspoon 500
1/2 teaspoon 1000
1 teaspoon 2000



This powder may vary slightly in color, but may be white to off-white. Ginseng Root Extract is standardized to contain 5% ginsenosides and contains no additives, fillers or binders of any kind.


Daily supplementation is not recommended for more than 6 months without a resting period, as ginseng may have hormone-like effects in higher doses. Common side effects include insomnia, reduced appetite, mild digestive discomfort and changes in mood. If signs of an allergic reaction occur (rash, swelling, itching), discontinue use immediately and seek medical attention.

Pregnant and nursing women should not take this supplement. Please note: Those with autoimmune disorders, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart conditions or schizophrenia should not take ginseng without the approval of a trusted physician. Ginseng has been known to cause changes in heart rhythm and blood pressure on the first day of use. However, these effects typically do not continue with prolonged use. As with any supplement, independent research is encouraged. 

California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

Customer Reviews

Very cost effective
Ginseng has always given me extra energy. The problem is that ginseng supplements tend to be pricey. I've found this product works and is very cost effective.*

On 5/2/2019 Bruce said...

Tastes and feels like legitimate ginseng, although I need to use 6x the recommended amount to feel significant effects.*

On 4/16/2019 Eric said...

Ginseng is permanently in my stack of preworkout supplements from now on, and BulkSupplements is my permanent supplier. Thank you*

On 4/10/2019 Z said...

Great Product y good price.
The product arrived before the indicated thing, I have three days taking it, I connect it with coffee in the morning to cover the flavor.*

On 3/8/2019 Luis said...

Gingseng Root Extract Powder
Good Product*

On 2/21/2019 Nana said...

Great product
I bought this ginseng to for energy boost and it works better than expected. It also gave me a boost in the bedroom. I will definitely be ordering again. *

On 2/10/2019 Nika said...

good energy
thanks i try it and it work better them the one I been used give me the energy a need for my morning thanks. *

On 2/5/2019 Jose said...

My ginseng pre work out stack
Received ginseng, maca, theonine, guarana, powders for gym use and discovered it's fantastic results. Comparing pricing with my previous suppliers with BS bulk powders I have saved an enormous amount of funds buying in bulk and that is no bs.*

On 12/17/2018 Frank said...

Give me extra energy for hours.
I normally get my a.m. energy from a cup of coffee. Since this Ginseng Root Powder has slight bitter taste. I add 1/4 tsp into my coffee and it gives me an extra boost of energy to cope with loads of work during morning - early afternoon hours without feeling hungry. I do not have any jittery or fast heartbeat at all. But I have to bread or any bakery to go with my coffee, not with empty stomach. Great Product!*

On 10/5/2018 Sylvia said...

Loving This Ginseng
Having tried multiple ginseng products in the past from other companies, I can honestly say this is the first one I can feel is working. I’ve been taking it for about a week, and already feel an increase in energy and mental alertness. Ginseng is very bitter, so dissolve into a small amount of liquid and take a “shot”, which is what I do, or put this in capsules to make taking it easier. *

On 9/8/2018 Jeffrey said...

quality getting better
I ordered 2 bags of ginseng off of their website, then 1 off of amazon. This review is for the one I just got off amazon. The quality is great and seems clean.*

On 7/27/2018 Ryan said...

Clean Energy
I use this as one part of my pre-workout protocol stack. Provides clean energy without the jitters. My stack includes: 1 Tbs of L-Citruline, 1/16 Tbs of Longjack, 1 Tbs of Creatine, 1/2 Tbs Arginine and a 1Tbs dose of Ginseng all purchased here from BS!*

On 7/24/2018 jamesJamesC said...

Ginseng is what it's cracked up to be.
Ginseng is simple good for you. It has so many benefits that you can't go wrong with supplementing your lifestyle with ginseng. We mix it in homemade mayo and use it as a spread for sandwiches.*

On 6/22/2018 Mike said...

Nice energy boost
Awesome product, has a real effect on the body. So much more cost effective then buying capsules!*

On 6/20/2018 Thomas said...

Very good!
It's clean and fine powder. It melts easily and tastes better with honey.*

On 6/12/2018 Hyojung said...

Helps with the plumbing
Shipping always super fast. Thanks. *

On 6/12/2018 Daniel said...

I have only tried capsule ginseng and never noticed a difference. This product changed my mind! great product*

On 5/31/2018 Jonathan said...

Great Product
I have been taking CLA consistently for a few months, and I wouldn't go without it in terms of leaning down. I take two capsules twice a day, and my energy levels have improved, and I find it easier to trim down.*

On 5/20/2018 Dominick said...

Adaptogens for Stress
Ginseng is an adaptogen, which helps the body cope with many forms of stress. With this powdered supplement, the benefits are immediate. No waiting, as with pills. This mixes ok and is bitter, but still palatable enough to not need to be taken in pill form. This product has just earned a permanent place in my supplement regimen.*

On 4/28/2018 Benjamin said...

Ginseng good
Ginseng good me like, very strong flavor extract good for capsule or tea*

On 4/6/2018 Jon dough said...

Ginseng Root
I love buying from Bulk Supplements. Their products are always the best quality, great service and reliable. I recently bought Ginseng Root and add it to my home made pre-workout, which I make from other products bought at Bulk Supplements as well. I also add some to my green tea when I'm fasting and it helps my focus and energy for the gym and while fasting.*

On 3/30/2018 David said...

Great Product!
I have been using this product first thing in AM with my smoothies and love it! No jitters and energy to get me through a 12 hour shift at a boring warehouse job that requires physical labor. However, the flavor as a stand alone is very bitter so I recommend adding it to something to get it down!!!*

On 3/25/2018 Brenda said...

Great price & quality ginseng. Helps my energy & memory. *

On 1/22/2018 Cary said...

Good product at a good price
Buying in bulk sure beats buying in capsules! I had wanted to try ginseng for a long time. This is a nice product, finely powdered. Ginseng has an interesting flavor, but is slightly bitter and needs something to balance it. You can make your own capsules, or put it in food. It goes well in a homemade fruit smoothie, and it goes with spices like cloves, ginger, cinnamon. A good combination is unsweetened soy milk with an orange, apple, green tea, ginseng, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves. The ginseng also goes well in different kinds of tea.*

On 1/14/2018 Jane said...

mixes well but bitter.
It is more bitter than i expected. I previously bought packets of ginseng powder tea that had a sweetener. I was hoping to avoid the sugars, but alone it is too bitter to drink. I've added half doses to herbal teas and can tolerate it but not yet enjoy it. I will try it with my ginger/turmeric tea next. If it's still bitter, then i guess I'll be adding honey to my cup. *

On 1/4/2018 Laurie said...

Excellent alternative to the more expensive brands
I recently tried the bulk ginseng from Bulk Supplements, and it's definitely a high quality, potent ginseng product. And as with all of Bulk Supplement's products, there's a HUGE price savings over the other brands in capsule/pill form. *

On 12/11/2017 Kory said...

Good for the mind
I've been using Ginseng powder from BS for about a year and I'll definitely keep it in my regiment. It helps to clear brain fog, and it's a trusted Chinese herb, so there's no health concerns about taking it.*

On 12/5/2017 Josh said...

Hyper off the ginseng root
Provided enough energy to help the workouts. A nice balance to where I didn't feel overwhelmed with energy. *

On 10/22/2017 Evan said...

ginseng root extract pure powder (50g)
I just received and have been adding a tsp in my coffee in the morning, love this product feel like it is an excellent source of energy and well being!!! Also received within time promised I will definitely order more!!!*

On 9/27/2017 Elizabeth said...

Surprisingly good
I must say I'm impressed with the quality of the product. The extract itself, while only 5% active compound standardized, seems to be either lab created chemical or just a super duper extremely pure form of the plant itself.

Either way this product is easily in my top 2 favorite ginseng products, and as I continue use, it may bump up to be my #1 go to ginseng brand. Would recommend.*

On 9/26/2017 Ryan said...

Good Product
I was a little surprised at first that the powder was lighter than most of the other ginseng supplements I used. After further review I found that pure ginseng should be light colored. I wanted to find ginseng at a good price that I could try daily. After about a week I feel i have more energy and might be able to cut back my caffeine as well as lower my dose of this product. Look forward to continuing this product. *

On 9/9/2017 James said...

Great product
I've been using the Ginseng extract for about 2 weeks, what a awesome energy push. It doesn't taste great but it sure works great. Pay close attention to dosage recommendations. And as always ,got fast delivery.*

On 8/29/2017 david said...

Great Product
Most Red Ginseng out there is basically fake, but this stuff is legit. This has a bitter taste so you can always put it into a capsule if that's an issue. Either way if you are looking for real deal panax ginseng you cant beat the price. Great product from a solid company. *

On 7/2/2017 Joe said...

Another great supplement
It arrived in a very timely manner like every product I have ordered from this great company. After a week of taking this supplement all I can say is I didn't realize I have not had morning wood in a long time till it was back!! I will be adding this to my daily regime for sure!!*

On 6/23/2017 Kyle said...

I can feel a increase of energy and clarity with this ginseng. I plan to cut back my caffeine consumption and use this as a cleaner form of energy boost.*

On 6/15/2017 JD said...

More good stuff from
I got my ginseng root extract 3 days ago and have mixed into my diluted lemonade I drink on the jobsite over the course of the day (construction). This stuff works! I will continue to order and use.*

On 6/15/2017 Elliott said...

Price is right!!
I load my own capsules and it comes out to 1/2 the price of buying a bottle of 90 capsules. *

On 5/24/2017 Kenneth said...

Great Product
The ginseng worked better than expected. It does have a bitter taste, but I mixed it with a lemonade and drank it. It gave me a lot of energy that lasted all day with no jitters, or hyper feeling. *

On 5/13/2017 Eric said...

Great Product
The ginseng worked better than expected. It does have a bitter taste, but I mixed it with a lemonade and drank it. It gave me a lot of energy that lasted all day with no jitters, or hyper feeling. *

On 5/13/2017 Eric said...

Good Quality
I get a nice little pick up when I mix this with my other supplements
in the morning. Just make sure you mix it with something sweet to kill the taste.*

On 3/28/2017 Chris said...

Very Potent
This is very good Ginseng. It's also very strong. If you have any problems with your blood pressure, as I do, I would suggest starting with 1/4 teaspoon, and working up from there. I had to knock off 1 star for the health risk to people with bp problems, and no warning label. Sorry. Good product though.*

On 3/25/2017 Robert said...

Love this!
Great product all together! Dissolves and mixes great with anything I add it to. Only been taking it about a week now, but can feel the difference. More energy through out the day, and just a better feeling over all. Love it! *

On 3/1/2017 Jason Lenz said...

Works great!
It gives a great boost to my energy and helps me go longer and harder during workouts. Like others noted, it tastes bad, which is not at all a major concern in my opinion. It can be masked to an extent if mixed in juices or smoothies.*

On 2/23/2017 Sai said...

product review
Tried a sample of this product and here are my thoughts:
This product has been added to my pre-workout drink and has used a rounded tsp for each dose. The affects are similar to a large dose of caffeine without the jitters. This product works better than another ginseng product that I also take as this product I can feel about a half hour after ingesting it. The product has a mild to strong taste and clumps together when trying to mix it. The product would likely mix better in warm to hot liquid and have not found a good way to mask the flavor. *

On 2/22/2017 joel said...

Enjoying the extra energy
Although I enjoy the extra energy, I'm having a hard time getting past the awful taste. Still figuring out how to choke it down, what to mix it with, etc.*

On 2/20/2017 JoAnn said...

Stellar product!
Got my package and immediately ran a sample run in my capsule machine. All capsules filled within a tight tolerance, what an amazing consistency! Thanks for the wonderful product :D*

On 1/20/2017 Andrew said...

Even consistency, pure product. Have yet to be disappointed by bulksupps*

On 1/9/2017 Jonathon said...

Great Product from BS
Excellent Ginseng root powder from Bulk Supplements!

Very potent and a great value!


On 1/9/2017 Trevor said...

great product
Used this product for years. Really enjoy benefits of continued use.*

On 1/9/2017 Michael said...

ginseng root extract
One great pure product, kicking boost!*

On 12/16/2016 Robert said...

Product is Great
Yes the taste is bad, but the energy it gives me helps me through-out the whole workout session. *

On 12/15/2016 david said...

IF you need energy, this will pick you up. Great product.*

On 12/7/2016 deloris said...

ginsing root powder
It tastes terrible, however it works great. I felt instant pep and calm at the same time. I know sounds weird but best I can explain. I will be buying more*

On 11/23/2016 don said...

Ginseng Power is here
This powder kicks ass. Easily absorbable and I hope you get on the smoothie bandwagon and buy your powders here. Time to get HEALTHY!*

On 11/7/2016 David said...

Ginseng - Great Energy
I use it in my smoothie before my workouts. I can feel my energy levels soar throughout my workout.

Thanks for a great product!*

On 11/6/2016 John said...

Great Product
Although the taste is awful, the benefits are definitely worth it. More energy, better circulation, and improved mental focus are just some of the benefits.*

On 11/3/2016 Dom said...

Great for mens energy
My husband uses this before you know what time and it helps him go that extra mile if you know what I mean LOL. He does say that it tastes worse than ginseng tea though. *

On 10/26/2016 CYNTHIA said...

ginseng root
Not only the ginseng,but all the products i have used are 5 star*

On 10/3/2016 gerald trygstad said...

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