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BulkSupplements' Theobromine is a fat burner that also has thermogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. Theobromine supports cardiovascular and heart health while promoting a healthy mood. This product also works to support brain function, fortify the immune system, and provide energy. Additionally, Theobromine may support healthy teeth and skin health.

Style: Capsule
Size: 180 Capsules

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Theobromine Supplement Benefits 

A theobromine supplement has natural anti-inflammatory properties and works to support cardiovascular and heart health. It promotes healthy brain function, healthy mood, and helps to supply energy. Theobromine may even help support healthy skin and promote healthy teeth.

  • Fat burner
  • Thermogenic
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Supports cardiovascular & heart health
  • Promotes healthy mood
  • Works to support brain function
  • Fortifies immune function
  • Provides energy
  • May support healthy teeth
  • Benefit skin health