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L-Threonine is an essential amino acid that is necessary for the body to create protein. This amino acid is important for a variety of bodily processes, including fortifying the immune system, promoting healthy liver function, supporting the joints and connective tissue, promoting healthy skin and hair, helping to strengthen bones, working to support the nervous system, aiding in healthy sleep, and contributing to a healthy mood and calm sense of wellbeing. Overall, L-Threonine benefits health and wellness.

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Threonine (Thr Amino Acid) Benefits 

Threonine (Thr amino acid) has a wide range of health benefits. It fortifies immune function, promotes healthy liver function, and supports the joints, connective tissue, and bones. Threonine also supports the nervous system and contributes to healthy mood and sleep.

  • Fortifies immune function
  • Promotes healthy liver function
  • Supports the joints & connective tissue
  • Helps strengthen the bones
  • Works to support the nervous system
  • Aids healthy sleep
  • Contributes to healthy mood & a calm sense of well-being
  • Benefits overall health & wellness