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Sunflower Lecithin Softgels

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Gluten Free

No Added Sugar

Discover the powerhouse of nutrients that is Sunflower Lecithin softgels by, designed to support your body and mind with its impressive health benefits. This plant-based supplement is your daily ally in the pursuit of wellness, packed with phospholipids, choline, inositol, omega-6 fatty acids, and a treasure trove of antioxidants. Embrace the proactive approach to your health with quality and natural goodness of our Sunflower Lecithin softgels!

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Style: Softgel
Size: 240 Softgels
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Rich source of phospholipids: Sunflower lecithin contains phospholipids, such as phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylinositol, which are essential for cell membrane structure and function.

Brain health: The phospholipids in sunflower lecithin support brain health and cognitive function by aiding in neurotransmitter signaling and maintaining the integrity of brain cells.

Liver support: Lecithin helps in the emulsification of fats, aiding in liver function and promoting the metabolism of fats in the body.

Improved digestion: Lecithin can help with the digestion and absorption of fats and fat-soluble vitamins in the intestines.

Allergen-free: Sunflower lecithin is a suitable alternative for individuals with soy allergies, as it is free from soy proteins commonly found in soy lecithin.