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Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen Powder

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Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen Powder


  • Helps maintain healthy skin
  • Contains essential amino acids
  • Non-GMO
  • Taste

  • Mixability

Collagen is found naturally in the body, makes up about 70% of protein in the skin and primarily consists of glycine, proline, hydroxyproline and alanine. Collagen is the most important component of the dermis and slowly begins to deplete over time. Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen is rich in types I and III, and is more easily absorbed and used by the body.This particular type is derived from a bovine source.


Serving Size & Timing

Take 2500 milligrams (about 1 1/4 teaspoons) two to four times per day, or as directed by a physician. This supplement is best taken on an empty stomach.

Nutritional Information

Supplement Facts

Serving size: 2500 milligrams
Serving per container: *
Amount Per Serving
Calories: 8
Calories from Fat: 0
% Daily Value**
Total fat 0 g <0%
Total Carbohydrates 0 g 0%
Protein 2.2 g 4%
Sodium <1mg <1%
* Daily Value not established.
** Based on 2,000 calorie diet


Sugar, soy, yeast, gluten, corn and artificial additives.

As a dietary supplement, take 2500 mg (about 1 ¼ tsp) 2 to 4 times a day, or as directed by a physician.

US Standard Measuring Spoons
Spoon Size(level) milligrams
1/4 teaspoon 493
1/2 teaspoon 986
1 teaspoon 1972



There are no fillers or additives present in this product. Because it is produced from a natural, pasture-raised bovine source, this product is not vegan or vegetarian.


Collagen supplementation has no reported serious side effects when used correctly. Taking this supplement beyond its recommended dose, however, can cause fatigue, constipation, hypersensitivity to allergens and decreased appetite.

Collagen may create a slight lingering taste in the mouth, but this should subside within 30 to 60 minutes.

California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

Customer Reviews

Really good taste, disolve easy 100% recommended , *

On 4/24/2019 ANDRES DELGADO said...

Quality & Economy
I appreciate buying in bulk while at the same time not sacrificing quality. A tip I learned about my collagen supplementation is to add a small dose of Vitamin C to my collagen smoothie....the C activates and boosts collagen’s effects. THANKS BULK SUPPLEMENTS!*

On 4/24/2019 Denise said...

The best
I tried this product and couldn't be more satisfied. It's excellent. It dissolves completely and quickly. I tried other collagen that didn't dissolve as thoroughly. This is a great product. I'm going to order more and stay with it. *

On 4/18/2019 JEFF said...

Exactly what I wanted
Excellent price and shipping speed. This product is exactly what I ordered nothing more and nothing less which is perfect. No fuss or flash just high quality collagen.*

On 4/17/2019 Brandon said...

So far so good!!!!
So far so good. Heard good things about adding collagen so I wanted to try. I bought from Bulk Supplements because I've been using their protein for over a year. Love it!!!!!! I just add to my morning milk or coffee. No bad/bitter taste. *

On 4/7/2019 Deanna said...

Great Value Collagen
Buying a large bulk quantity of this Bovine Collagen cost far less than anywhere else. This supplement helps greatly in my quest to regenerate my joints. Shipping was very fast. It seems that I received it almost before I ordered it -- lol.*

On 4/2/2019 Morgan said...

does the trick
Product as described and mixes with anything. We like putting it in soup. *

On 4/2/2019 Timothy said...

Great product and price!!
Iv only been taking the collagen for nine days and I already notice that my skin isn't as dry. The taste isn't bad I mix it with my hot ginger tea! Will reorder when I get low!! Thank you Bulksupplements*

On 3/29/2019 shandy said...

Great product and price!!
Iv only been taking the collagen for nine days and I already notice that my skin isn't as dry. The taste isn't bad I mix it with my hot ginger tea! Will reorder when I get low!! Thank you Bulksupplements*

On 3/29/2019 shandy said...

Great value as always.
It's great to be able to buy this in bulk as I consume collagen regularly. I will be buying from Bulk Supplements from now on as it represents better value than the other vendors I have purchased from. Thanks! *

On 3/15/2019 VINCENT said...

So glad I tried out this company. Extremely fast shipping. I use this in my coffee (which it dissolved easily) and in my smoothies. Little to no taste. Definitely will be purchasing again! *

On 3/10/2019 shantel said...

One of the Best Supplements Out There
Collagen is packed with amino acids just like whey protein powder. It is great for your cartilage, skin, and hair. It keeps your body looking and feeling younger. It's especially great for your joints. I fill 3 empty gel capsules in the morning and 3 at night. I use size 000, the largest available. Each one holds about 1 g. of collagen. I do not like supplements diminishing the taste of my food or drink. 100% of them go into empty gel capsules. I love BulkSupplements collagen. It's pure, strong collagen. It hasn't been formed into a hard tablet. It hasn't had all the flavor removed. It is undiminished, and it makes a bit of a difference. *

On 3/8/2019 Brian said...

Awesome Product!
This Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen is extremely high quality and delivers exactly as promised. As a supplement manufacturer myself, I use this personally to deliver all the goodness collagen has to offer, and I must say I have seen no better quality collagen anywhere. Great stuff, and will definitely be buying again.*

On 3/8/2019 Gold Medal Supplements said...

Very good
High quality and great value. I mix this with my fruit and veg smoothies daily and it doesn't alter the taste. Thank you!*

On 3/6/2019 Joe said...

Mix with anything
The texture is smooth and mixes well in just about anything without clumping or being gritty. I really like that it's unflavored, so it doesn't add any sugars or weird flavors. Hoping it can help my joints!*

On 2/23/2019 Katrina said...

Amazing Results
I love this Collagen!
My skin hasn’t been this soft and clear in many years and I’ve only been it for a couple of months! I have arthritis, so I usually have painful joints, but I haven’t had any pain for almost two months! This stuff is awesome and I recommend it to everyone! *

On 2/20/2019 Cindy said...

Good for my skin.*

On 2/13/2019 JEFFREY said...

Skin looking younger and joints feeling great!!!
Started taking hydrolyzed bovine collagen about eight months ago, really starting to feel and feel the benefits. Skin looks younger and joints feel better!*

On 2/13/2019 David said...

Nice product
Only been using it for a short period of time so I look forward to being able to see results. But nonetheless, I really like the amount you get for the price. This is the best value I've found so far.
I have been mixing mine with my smoothies, protein shakes, yogurt, and cranberry juice. I never really notice a different taste. *

On 2/13/2019 Makiah said...

Great price
Been taking it around 10 days and have noticed my fine lines looking better, it is easy to mix with hot coffee in the am . Will order again . Very pleased *

On 2/7/2019 ashley said...

I've been taking this collagen for a few weeks. I just mix it with my protein shakes. I think it's a little too early to give a honest review. My shoulders are not hurting anymore at the gym. I'm not sure if it's the collagen or not. It's about 2 years since I started to experience shoulder pain. Like I said my shoulders actually feel good. I'm going to stop taking it to see if my pain comes back. *

On 12/5/2018 Raul said...

I love this bovine gelatin. It has very little taste and mixes well in liquids. It has taken care of the pain in my knee. My nails are growing so fast, I have to file them back. This has never happened before. *

On 12/2/2018 Linda said...

Good Stuff
Been using this for about a year and it seems to rally help ease some of the pain in my arthritic joints.*

On 11/15/2018 Susan said...

Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen
We received our order from Bulk Supplements very quickly (appreciate the sturdy packaging), and liking the Hydrolyzed Collagen (Bovine) powder already. Have been using it now for three days. Taking 1 Tablespoon of the powder in water on an empty stomach, twice a day - first thing in the morning, then, again last thing at night (a total of 2 Tablespoons per day). We have been under a big load of stress for quite a while and have not been sleeping well at night (hardly at all), but the last three nights I have been able to get to sleep, stay asleep more, and get back to sleep fairly quickly when I did wake up through the night. I think I can attribute this improvement to the Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen powder...something my body was evidently needing, and so happy to get it! Made by Design by our Creator, God, we are truly “...fearfully and wonderfully made...” Psalm 139:14. Big Thanks to God for that! :) And Thank You, Bulk Supplements!, for your part in making a lot of Good things available to us! Your Customer Service is excellent, by the way!
Blessings! *~*

On 11/14/2018 April said...

Best collagen
I enjoy the convenience of the product. A little in my yogurt in the morning. Mixes well and a mild taste. *

On 11/5/2018 Kimber-lee said...

Been Using Collagen for a Year
I have been using Collagen from Bulk Supplements for a year. I put a heaping teaspoon in my protein shake each morning after working out. It blends in well and there is no after taste. I would recommend it to anyone.*

On 11/5/2018 Mark said...

After talking to an 80 year old woman who uses collagen supplements, I decided to try it. After 2 days of using bovine collagen I have been pain free. I'm a waitress and a mother and I'm on my feet no less than 12 hours a day. I use to hurt so bad at the end of the day. My joints feel great. I now have 2 if my friends using this. At 43, I thought I would need surgery or drugs to eliminate my pain but not now. I'm a fan for life*

On 11/4/2018 Kimberly said...

Bovine collagen
Good inexpensive source of Bovine collagen. Dissolves nicely, taste near neutral---easy to use in drinks or juices to provide the collagen supplement essential to better health.*

On 10/29/2018 JAMES said...

worth it
collagen is good quality at a good price*

On 10/28/2018 Jane said...

So far so good
Collagen is the newest supplements I have started taking recently, it's too soon to write a review on it but everything else I have bought from has been well worth it. I'm sure I will be completely satisfied with this purchase too. I'm glad I came across this website :) *

On 10/21/2018 Guero said...

This is a bargain!
The price is about 1/2 the cost of the Bullet Proof collagen, and seems to be identical. It is easy to mix into and add to anything you enjoy already, and get quality results. This type of protein is missing from most of our meat products because we trim the cartilage away to avoid toughness. Our modern diet needs more of the collagen protein.*

On 10/16/2018 Reginald said...

The results are TBD. I just bought Hydrolized Collagen after reading an article that provides me a long list of health benefits (joints, skin, hair, and nail health). I would recommend to take this supplement for all the natural benefits that provides.*

On 10/16/2018 Carlos said...

Facial skin
The results are TBD, but I purchased this after reading article that oral supplemention is the only collagen form that helps the skin*

On 10/2/2018 Ky M. said...

Excellent product
We tried this and it tasted ok, neutralized completely in hot drinks. Noticable improvement in fingernails and hair health with daily use.
Thinking it helps overall joint health as well.
Ordering again.*

On 8/29/2018 Dan said...

Amazing Product For Joints & Skin
This Bovine Collagen is a great supplement that provides me a long list of health benefits (joints, skin, hair, and nail health). I add it to my bullet proof coffee every morning. I highly recommend this product from Bulk Supplements.*

On 8/21/2018 Bradford said...

Best Price!
I've been using Bovine Hide Collagen and Chicken Bone Broth Protein to heal a leaky gut caused from antibiotics for almost two years. I now only use Collagen powder to preserve my healed gut, and bulksupplements offers the same high quality collagen powder at a fraction of the price when compared to competitors. Truly unrivaled prices. Glad I made the switch. *

On 8/17/2018 Tom said...

Great product, great price as usual. I am noticing a difference quickly with joint pain. I add this to my protein drinks and my morning coffee. Will re-order this product again and again.*

On 8/17/2018 Bernie said...

Great addition to shakes
I've been using this product for about a year now and it's great. Mixes great into things without adding flavor. A good addition to my shakes. My only problem is that it's so fine it seems like there's collagen dust everywhere everytime I get a scoop.*

On 8/10/2018 Rd said...

mild taste
I found the taste of this collagen to be mild and not at all unpleasant. The mixability is much like other collagen I've tried - initially when mixed with water it forms sticky clumps but if you just leave it for 5-10 minutes it all dissolves. Overall a good product.*

On 8/9/2018 Gail said...

Great Product Great Price
A friend got me started on this and I just ordered my own supply. Neutral taste, fast acting and best pricing anywhere. I take a tsp. 2-3 times a day and my skin is silky smooth after sluffing off some dead skin cells. Also quickly noticed an improvement in my leaky gut. Looking forward to seeing what else improves!*

On 8/8/2018 Janet said...

Hydrolyzed Collagen
It takes about two weeks to see the skin firming effects. I add to my daily protein shakes. I'm still experimenting with Hydrolyzed Collagen; effect seem promising.*

On 8/8/2018 Derrick said...

Excellent Product
Collagen is an amazing supplement that’s good for one’s skin, joints, and well being. I love that Bulk Supplements makes it affordable and beats its competitors by far. I add it to my morning coffee or tea. I’m definitely going to be purchasing this supplement again. *

On 7/27/2018 Gicone said...

I have been taking collagen daily for a few years and have noticed a huge difference. I was taking a much more expensive supplement and switched to this brand so I could buy it in bulk and it is exactly the same. Very happy with this product and the large easy to store bags it comes in!*

On 7/27/2018 Jessica said...

Great value
This bovine collagen dissolves perfectly in my bulletproof coffee and is an excellent value*

On 7/17/2018 Kirk said...

Best supplements at the best price
I love this collagen. It is the only thing I’ve used that helps my nails grow! The price is the best out there!*

On 7/2/2018 Wendy said...

Health easily obtained
Collagen is such an easy supplement to take and has huge favorable implications for your health. It helps with hair and nails, muscle repair, and provides aminos. Very easy to add to drinks. Can't go wrong. Taste is pretty easy to hide.*

On 6/10/2018 EB said...

Collagen- Will buy again!!
I take one scoop of Collagen every morning in my coffee. I was buying a much more expensive brand, but decided to try this one since my husband buys his supplements here. This one is finer milled and seems to be just as good, but at half the price! I am definitely converted and will now buy my supply from here!! Great product at an awesome price!!!*

On 6/8/2018 Jennifer said...

Satisfied Customer and will buy again!
Easy to add to my coffee or hot tea in AM and no after taste! Mixes easy and not too expensive for those who want to give a new item to try in their supplements.*

On 5/22/2018 Brenda said...

best priced collagen
This is by far the best priced collagen I have been able to find. Some others may claim they are organic, but I am not certain there is any extra benefit to paying a higher price. I blend it up in smoothies, since it doesn't have a great taste, but not over powering. My kids have been wanting some so I have to add all my powders after they get some first. I imagine it is safe for kids, but I am playing it safe for now. I am waiting to see the effects, especially have issues with a tendon in my foot. I hope this help, at least is worth trying. A friend of my is also getting some because it is easier and cheaper than making bone broth soup--which is popular in Asian countries.*

On 5/16/2018 daniel kemp said...

Use for skin
Wife uses this for skin lotion as well as takes it orally in water.*

On 5/10/2018 Lily said...

good clean product
I love this supplement. I've been adding it to my morning and afternoon coffee for several months. My skin looks good and healthy too.*

On 5/9/2018 Kathy said...

Works perfectly
We were purchasing collagen from a different supplier. Decided to try the bulk supplements product. Quality collagen that does the job at a lower cost. We are very satisfied!*

On 5/3/2018 Darin said...

Collagen - Bovine
I find Collagen taken internally is so beneficial. It helps my digestion, joints, and my skin. I particularly noticed that my breast are no longer lumpy, they are supple and less painful. I'm 62 and had trouble getting out of the car after sitting for 2 hours. Now my joints are no longer giving me pain when I get out. That for me is GOLD in my golden years. I love how it's easy to take once a day in my morning tea.

On 3/27/2018 Suzanne said...

I put it in my coffee every morning with mct and kerry golds butter. I love this stuff*

On 2/12/2018 micha said...

Easy way to increase you Collagen
Quality product. Virtually tasteless and mixes well. I add it to my "Fat Coffee" every morning and my bedtime yogurt to increase my collagen consumption. This powder makes it easy.*

On 1/14/2018 James said...

Great stuff
I just started taking ~2 teaspoons a day, mixed with water, and my recovery times after intense workouts is much better already. I will definitely make this part of my daily routine. *

On 12/20/2017 MERRILL said...

Hydrolized Collagen works for me.
I have been taking Collagen capsules from another provider and did not work as well as this powder that is easy to mix and take. I add a spoonful to my plain yogurt and cereals in the morning. My stomach does not act up. Hopefully with the days I will have a better skin and hair. So far my shoulder pain has gone. *

On 11/26/2017 Yasnay said...

Quality product
This product is truly worth the try. I had been looking into Collagen for a while and then finally decided to test it out. I take it every morning in my coffee, I put about 2tsp - 1tbsp in my cup and then pour my hot coffee into it after. It mixes on it's own, pretty much, and I really cant taste it. 1) My hair is stronger and has grown incredibly fast, which is unusual for me. 2) My nails are hard as a rock in strength, they've been peely my entire life. 3) My hunger seems to be less through-out the day. 4) The energy from my coffee seems to last longer. I bought my friend a bag for the holiday's last year and she's repurchased with me since then, her hair has grown like a weed! We had both tried Biotin and all those other supplements for hair and nail strength / growth over the years, nothing has ever worked like this.*

On 11/24/2017 Hannah said...

Love it!
Love this collagen product - I mix it in our coffee every morning, it mixes well and is tasteless. I've notice my hip joint and shoulder pain have improved and I can now sleep on my side again. Quick shipping - over all bulk supplements is the best!*

On 10/26/2017 Renee said...

Hydrolyzed bovine collagen
I haven't used this for very long, maybe a week-10 days. I think I am feeling less creaky but my horses are doing better. I got it for all of us. Cats, dogs, people, horses. One of my dogs has lost some hair and it finally is starting to grow in. Might be the collagen... Love Bulk Supps as they have everything at great prices and excellent quality!*

On 10/7/2017 Laura said...

Hydrolyzed Bovine collagen
Got this for my horses, myself, cats and dogs. It has no taste, glad for that and I may be feeling a little less my age... have only been on it for a week and a half. Will let you know in time. Love bulk supplements. Always great product at great prices.*

On 10/6/2017 Laura said...

As good as or better than more expensive sources
This powder is very finely ground, which makes it MUCH easier to mix in uniformly. In addition, the flavor is good/mild, and the price, especially in larger quantities is a lot cheaper than other comparable vendors. *

On 10/4/2017 Tyler said...

So far so good
My body takes a beating at work and I usually have to roll out of bed in the morning and can hardly move. I've been taking this collagen for about a week now and it seems to be helping with less pain and more mobility. Thanks Bulk supplements for another good product.*

On 9/21/2017 RICHARD said...

Bulletproof Coffee
Mix with "Paleo Beef Protein Powder Isolate" along with butter for bulletproof coffee.*

On 9/6/2017 DH said...

works great for my bones
I order every type of supplement I need from I adore the fact they at times give free samples, with that and the affordable prices no reason to not get healthier naturally. As for this product 'Collagen," I take with other supplements for my bones and joint pain. I am lucky my body reacts quickly to what ever I take. Collagen is definitely worth the time to order. I feel it helps with easing of aches, pain and stiffness.*

On 9/3/2017 april said...

Works as well as the much more expensive brand name!
It also dissolves easily in my morning coffee and is tasteless. When I go without, I notice more numbness in my hands (from carpal tunnel)*

On 8/24/2017 Helen said...

Used for experiment
Ordered in order to use in an MRI experiment, as the prices were good, and the purity great enough for my purposes. Order arrived quickly and well packaged. I cannot comment on any benefits of ingestion or topical application.*

On 8/20/2017 Natasha said...

Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen
I have just begun using this product, so I can only speak of how easily it instantly dissolves in my morning coffee and leaves no lingering after taste. I'm looking forward to enjoying increased mobility or ease of motion in my knees which is why my acupuncturist suggested the product for me.*

On 8/18/2017 Elizabeth said...

Collagen Bovine
Great product. No additives. Mixes wells. Just remember its most effective when taken on an empty stomach. *

On 7/18/2017 Robert said...

Mixes well and tastes great
I must admit I was afraid of what this would smell and taste like. I have a high threshold for tastes, but since I put together my own preworkout mixes, I didn't want to ruin it with an unpalatable addition. Turns out, the smell and taste are barely noticeable and taste just fine. Glad to be able to add this to my coffee and preworkouts, and truthfully, any of my baked cooks and sauces too! *

On 7/4/2017 Marnie said...

Good product
I just started taking this collagen about a week and a half ago. It seems to be making a difference on my skin. i look forward to seeing even better results as i take it every day. it has a different taste but its not too bad. i noticed it the first few times i took it and by now its not bad at all. I recommend it!*

On 6/28/2017 Lilliana said...

Another great product
Love adding this to my smoothies or just mixing with water. It just seems to make me feel better and does help my skin.*

On 6/20/2017 Bill said...

I'd Be In Pain Without This
I'd be in pain without this product. I've been suffering from joint pains for years, and have tried all sorts of supplements (glucosamine, and the rest too) without any relief. But this collagen powder is amazing! 1 Tablespoon in my daily shake, and I have no joint pains! I am thrilled.*

On 5/31/2017 Harold - from USA said...

Better than I expected
I thought it would have a funny taste if even a little bit but it mixes well and is almost tasteless. Will buy again when this runs out.*

On 5/25/2017 John said...

Will order again
I purchased this product from another site and then discovered this site with the best price. This collagen is starting to make a big difference on my joints and back! I don't dare to quit now. It took 4 weeks to notice a difference so please be patient. It took a while to damage your joints, it will take a while to repair them. *

On 5/24/2017 Ronald said...

I like this Collagen
I bought 2 kilograms of the Bovine Collagen. I've used this before and like it very much. It's a very fine powder without much of a taste. If you can taste anything it is similar to unflavored gelatin. I mix it in a shake drink in the morning and it mixes easily. We will continue to buy it here at a great price.*

On 5/24/2017 San said...

easy mix and good skin benefits
I just received this collagen protein about 10 days ago. It mixes supper easy and doesn't really have a taste. I ordered because of the skin benefits this product is supposed to help with like keeping your skin firm. It takes around 12 weeks or so to start seeing a difference from what I've read so i got a little while but since I take protein daily, adding this in isn't a problem. Don't even taste a difference. *

On 5/11/2017 Jason said...

great product and great value. Quick shipping. i am hoping it will benefit me.*

On 5/2/2017 Mark said...

After Two Weeks
I bought this product because the reviews were great. Two reviews in particular stood out: (1) reduced joint pain (2) improved skin. Hopefully, I get the same results.*

On 5/2/2017 Anton said...

I love it!
been using other products, but didn't feel any difference. So I searched and got across bulk supplements. I noticed that all the reviews are good I thought I should give it a try. I purchased this 250g Bovine and Fish Collagen to try the taste and I also purchased multiple products from here at the same time. I like the taste I mix it with milk and taste more creamy and I felt much better. I will recommend this products to my family and friends. *

On 5/1/2017 Victoria said...

Great product!
Amazing and so easy to use! It mixes in well and is easy on the digestion. The added bonus is fewer wrinkles!! So happy to have found this from Bulk Supplements.*

On 4/2/2017 Trisha said...

Doesn't taste bad and so far so good!
Hydrolyzed Collagen (Bovine) Powder has ease for mixing and doesn't taste bad. With all the benefits of Collagen why wouldn't you want to try it out. No issues with digestion of this product either. Definitely purchasing this again.*

On 3/13/2017 Kato said...

Good Quality
Got 5 kilos in and it should last me a bit. Great to mix into coffee. will keep you young forever. Good stuff!*

On 3/10/2017 Jordan said...

Bovine Collageen is great!
I like this stuff! Mixes well with OJ and no bad taste...Easy on my digestion too!

On 2/28/2017 John said...

Bovine Collageen is great!
I like this stuff! Mixes well with OJ and no bad taste...Easy on my digestion too!

On 2/28/2017 John said...

Is working great!!
I ordered this Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen for my 19yo son and I to try. We used it for almost 2 weeks before we realized that it was making a difference in our skin. Both of us have stretch marks... his were the ugly reddish purple color and wide. Now his stretch marks are silvery and about half the width they used to be. Mine are the same way. We will both continue using this collagen to keep healing our skin. :) *

On 2/13/2017 Regina said...

Great stuff!!
Mixes well, no taste, 10gram dose easy to measure. Feel it in my joints already! Does wonders for skin. I have been using pills for 2 yrs and most folks mistake my age by a considerable number of years.
Of all the zipper bags, this was the only one to seal!
Ordering more today.*

On 1/27/2017 Dino said...

Pretty good
Taste: not a strong, gamey taste like some brands of hydrolyzed collagen. But not as mild as Great Lakes. It has a sort of musky scent, actually.

Dissolves: Well, but not as well as Great Lakes.

I prefer Great Lakes, but this is a good product.*

On 1/21/2017 Kevin said...


On 1/12/2017 deloris said...

Hydrolyzed Collagen Bovine
Mixes well into just about anything. It definitely has an distinct flavor to it so I would suggest mixing it with something iike juice, drink mixes, or smoothies. I'm looking forward to testing this out over the course of the next few months to see what type of results I can achieve. *

On 12/11/2016 Lou said...

Great as part of an anti-aging regimen
A decade or so ago I embarked on a personal anti-aging campaign, starting of course with exercise and diet, but adding other things like cold shock therapy where you turn off the hot water t the end of the shower. A number of years back I added Retinal cream for my arms and face. Then I heard of the effectiveness of collagen supplements and started adding that into my regimen, along with vitamin C. I've always looked younger than my, but recently people have guessed my age as around 50, while I'm actually 68. I credit most of it to being a dancer, but the collagen, along with retinal and C diffidently made improvements to my skin.*

On 12/10/2016 Robert "Erick" Taylor said...

fine powder
mixes well. has not decerable taste. Purchased for my skin and hair which both are very dry. I will update after I have taken it for a while and let you know if it helps my unhealthy looking hair! *

On 12/1/2016 Sharon said...

Perfect supplement
Collagen is a building block for skin, tendons, joints and bones. Since natural collagen decreases with age; taking collagen supplements may benefit.

The AAD (American Academy of Dermatology) notes that collagen supplements can improve the skin's elasticity. It also may speed up the process of wound healing.
The NIAMS (National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases) described as possible benefit in relieving from joint pain and stiffness.

I bought the Bovine and the Fish supplement to compare. Both taste nicely and are easy to take. *

On 11/20/2016 Amparo said...

I was taking another collagen products which was more expensive. I like the price and the fact that it's pure no additives. I will give an update after I've been taking it for a little longer.*

On 11/20/2016 Raymond said...

I was taking another collagen products which was more expensive. I like the price and the fact that it's pure no additives. I will give an update after I've been taking it for a little longer.*

On 11/20/2016 Raymond said...

Bovine Collagen
I found this collagen really helps my skin, hair and nails feel and look much healthier. I have read it also helps with adrenal fatigue and gives more energy. With adrenal fatigue your body breaks down collagen, so naturally it helps to take it to help the body rebuild it. Google Dr. Lam and catabolic state and collagen for a detailed explanation. So I just bought the 1 kg package and am taking about 2 tablespoons per day. I don't find it has much taste and just mix it with water along with some other things and it's fine. *

On 11/10/2016 Isabella said...

fine powder
So far I haven't had a chance to see a change in my skin as i have only been using the supplement for a week. I am combining it with fish collegen. I will say that both have a good taste and very fine powder. Easy to take. I am hopeful it will have an effect. *

On 11/3/2016 Kelsey said...

Allergen-Friendly Protein Powder Alternative
I've used pricier collagen products as an alternative protein supplement in the past during intense training due to several IgG and IgA allergies. This product is less expensive per unit and gets the job done just as well. Add to coffee or tea though because it's not the most delicious way to get your extra protein; definitely a git-er-done.*

On 10/15/2016 Alicia said...

Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen
So far, so good.

I highly recommend you mix this with juice, or something with a strong enough flavor to mask the taste. I have taken in twice with just plain water. It's pretty wrank by itself.

On 10/10/2016 Rebekah said...

smoother, finer powder
We love this collagen! We have tried a few other brands and this one is superior by far. it is a finer powder and mixes better than others. We find the taste pretty neutral compared to most supplements, I guess different taste buds for each of us. Our hair and skin are doing much better than when we were on other collagens. We mix it in our our smoothies or mix into coconut yogurt for the most part. we didn't care for it in coffee tho, like some others have enjoyed. We have ordered this 3-4 times already and will continue to purchase. Being non-GMO and pasture raised makes a big difference for us too. *

On 10/9/2016 Jeff said...

dusty and slight decay odor
My package was tasteless but some odor of decay is evident and that persists after mixing in drink, if your nose is genetically sensitive. In unscientific testing, some of my friends notice the odor but more do not.
This is a VERY FINE POWDER. MIX IT OUTDOORS! dust will be driven out of the bag by static electricity like stage smoke when you open it. Best done outside to avoid feeding bugs and sticky surfaces indoors. If you pre-mix it with your other protein powder (or whatever), it won't be dusty.*

On 10/2/2016 RICK said...

Hydrolyzed Collagen (Bovine) Powder-1kg Pure Powder
This product has very little taste and mixes well with Orange Juice. No digestion problems either. I've bought it several times and like it.*

On 9/8/2016 John said...

Tastes a little bad
I mix this fairly strong (three tablespoons in about 1.5 cups of warm water) and drink it as a supplement. It has a slightly bitter taste, but the aroma is worse, somewhat rank, like meat gone bad. However, it's not strong, so I just hold my nose while I drink it, then drink some water to rinse my mouth. This works well.

It mixes very well with warm water. I use a hand blender, which creates a little foam, but the foam breaks down in under a minute so it's not a problem.*

On 8/31/2016 Paul said...

I think the Hydrolysed Collagen has made my hair thicker !!
I bought one 500 g bag of Collagen from Bulk Supplements and I really think it has helped to thicken my hair...great stuff !*

On 8/26/2016 aleta said...

Great stuff!
This product came very neatly packed. The powdered collagen goes well with any drink ive put it on. from green tea to horchata! Its still too early to see any results, but will enjoy it with any refreshment.*

On 8/21/2016 Jose said...

Good so far
This is much easier to prepare than gelatin, which required mixing in cold water, then heating it to get the powder to dissolve. It mixes thoroughly in cold water and becomes clear. The taste is much more pleasant than gelatin. It is almost tasteless when mixed in only water. Gelatin required a strong liquid to mask the unpleasant flavor.*

On 8/18/2016 Eric said...

Fish and Bovine Collagen
I wished I had known about this earlier, I was taking collagen pills by another company (Youngevity), I didn't notice a difference in my hair or skin, after looking at a youtube video on skin health, the video creator said she takes 3 tablespoons of collagen a day, so I purchased this and wow what a difference, I actually see a difference. My skin firmed up very nicely, within 1-2 days. I ordered both fish and bovine and take 1 tablespoon of fish and 2 of bovine. i was afraid that it would have an awful fishy smell, but was pleasantly surprised that it didnt. I put it in my smoothie and add lots of fruit, stevia and cinnamon. *

On 8/16/2016 Navia said...

mixes great
Mixes great in any liquid and is virtually tasteless. Ships really fast so no down time if you forget to order :) Also I cant say enough about the purity standards of Bulk Supp!!! great product, highly recommend!*

On 8/9/2016 BJ said...

Tastes good
This collagen powder mixes very well into even cold water. It doesn't have much taste to it either, so makes it easy to take.*

On 7/28/2016 Elizabeth said...

Awesome blend for Bulletproof Coffee
First off I was shocked at how fast it got to me in Arizona. The next day it showed up. I have been putting it in my BP coffee every morning and I love how it blends. Doesn't have much of a taste but if you over do it it changes the taste of the coffee. I just found the right amount for me and I love it! *

On 7/27/2016 Michael S said...

Excellent Product
I'm extremely pleased to have discovered this product on your site. I've already recommended your site to others. Collagen is an excellent supplement that provides so many health benefits (i.e. skin, hair, and nail health). It helps with joint pain. I love drinking my coffee and tea with a tablespoon of collagen. I highly recommend this product from Bulk Supplements.*

On 7/22/2016 Viorica said...

This collagen powder is tasteless and is great to use in smoothies, tea, coffee etc for the extra protein and to help with skin and nails. Love it!*

On 7/18/2016 Tori said...

Hydrolyzed Collagen Review
The powder is nearly tasteless so works great in a smoothie, and has all the amino acids you need. Has a similar nutritional content to bone broth, but is much more convenient!*

On 7/13/2016 Kevin said...

I am happy that I stumble upon a youtube video of a girl talking about the the benefits of this product, she also mentioned Bulk Supplements and I decided to place an order. Very happy with the product, I had noticed after using for couple days that I am sleeping supper well and having so far amazing dreams! Product dissolves easily and I take with my morning coffee. Will be building up to take twice a day in the next couple weeks.*

On 7/10/2016 Lilian said...

joint health
I have had chronic joint pain for years due to heavy lifting in the gym. Tried all the "remedies" and nothing worked. I read up on the collagen and thought I'd try it...nothing to loose right. Man am I glad I did! This stuff works! Almost pain free after just a couple of weeks.
The short of it: Must have supplement! BS has the BEST prices! And super shopping experience as always!
5 stars!!!!*

On 7/5/2016 BRAD said...

joint health
I have had chronic joint pain for years due to heavy lifting in the gym. Tried all the other "remedy's" and nothing worked. I read up on the collagen and thought I had nothing to loose by trying it. Man am I glad I did! This stuff works! Almost completely pain free after just a couple of weeks.
The short of it: Must have supplement. BS has the BEST price! And super shopping experience as always!*

On 7/5/2016 BRAD said...

Hydrolyzed Collagen (Bovine)
After reading about the benefits of Collagen supplementation, I found this site and gave Bulk Supplements Collagen a trial run. I take it in the morning with my coffee and at nite before bed with a cup of Sleepytime tea.
I have noticed extreme improvement in my hair, nails, skin.... I had not "paid attention", because my Mom used to drink Knox gelatin (never understood it). This is much easier to incorporate into your lifestyle, and I also have experienced a leveling off of my appetite since including this in my routine. I started off with a teaspoon per serving 4 months ago and slowly worked up to appx 2+ tablespoons twice a day.
I am extremely excited to use a supplement that is good for my entire
system. I am happy with the quality I have consistently received with this product and I recommend this to all my friends... TRY IT IT WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE THAT YOU CAN SEE... I will continue to purchase this! Thanks!*

On 6/30/2016 Shelley said...

neutral taste/smell!
This blends nicely on my daily detox green drink. Can't taste the collagen in the drink, but getting all it's wonderful benefits!*

On 6/28/2016 MC. said...

Works better than gelatine
After doing some research, I ordered collagen as a supplement to take instead of gelatine as it is absorbs better by the body. So far I can tell that it is better. I did get a little face acne at first that cleared up fast. I started with 1 teaspoon and increasing it gradually to 3. *

On 6/8/2016 Natalia said...

I bought this as a substitute for gelatin and bone broth. I found the Great Lakes gelatin brand too expensive and the weekly drudgery required to prepare bone broth was...well...too tedious. This collagen powder is tasteless and dissolves easily in water. I even mix it in with my supplement stack to save time. Too soon to tell if any real benefits have accrued but I can say that my cuticles are a lot less raggedy than before. My joints also feel more supple for one older than fifty. I like to run and skip, and jump and feel the air brush against my cheeks. That has been getting harder to do lately. I plan to keep up with the recommended dosage though that has also become harder with an active lifestyle. I would recommend this product to any who may want to push back against crushing stiffness of ageing. *

On 5/31/2016 Memma said...

Great add in to Bulletproof coffee.
We have always used Great Lakes in the past but prices are outrageous at $21-23 a lb. Ordered this in bulk 11lbs as the price is the best out there. It has a very fine appearance and does taste different then Great Lakes when tasted by itself. When mixed in a shake or coffee it has no taste, dissolves easily and it's great for hair, skin, nails. Would love to try their other products. will only purchase this product here from now on. *

On 5/4/2016 Tasha said...

Hydrolyzed Collagen (Bovine) Powder-500g Pure Powder
AWESOME .Dissolves easily and mixes great in my strawberry smoothies. I will continue to buy this product.*

On 4/9/2016 ELAINE said...

This arrived in good time, and I mixed it with beef broth. I could not tasted the collagen as it blended well with the broth. I have only begun to use this product so cannot speak to the long term effectiveness. *

On 4/7/2016 Carol W said...

Hydrolyzed Collagen
I received a sample this. It's easy to mix with liquid. I blend some into a smoothie-daily. I will definitely purchase and make it part of my daily intake of high nutrients. *

On 3/19/2016 Wendy said...

Skin and Hair
My skin and hair have been suffering greatly due to a very rare illness. I chose Hydrolyzed Collagen (Bovine) Powder, because years ago I use to take Collaid which was made of Bovine Collagen, very expensive too. I wanted to find an Amino Acid that would help with my more then 50% hair loss. I read that Proline can help with growing hair back, Collagen contains Proline and can help with my wrinkled and ailing skin. So, I started taking this and several other Amino Acids for hair. I DID NOT EXPECT TO SEE AN IMMEDIATE CHANGE, but I have. As an adult my more then abundant hair always stuck straight up, out and full. When I got sick, I not only lost most of my hair, but the hair shafts started laying down flat, I just thought it was because the hair was so thin. BUT, the morning after starting my Amino Acid blend (I took only half of a dose) MY HAIR SHAFTS STUCK STRAIGHT UP and haven't stopped.*

On 2/24/2016 Sara said...

This product is much more affordable than other brands and appears to be of good quality. It dissolves easily and has very little taste. I am trying it to help with my chronic wrist pain. After a month or so of taking this and another brand, they still snap and crackle a lot, but the pain hasn't been particularly bothersome lately, so perhaps there's been some benefit*

On 2/14/2016 Samuel said...

hydrolyzed collagen
I like how affordable this collagen is and though I have not been taking it very long I feel good and my skin is improving*

On 1/11/2016 William said...

Moringa Leaf Powder
Very happy with the product and service is great very very happy with the product fresh,I have been taking it for a month and it works ,I can feel the differences . I had the fresh product from a tree I have and the winter froze the tree compared and I'm very happy with it.

Paula Cole*

On 1/6/2016 Paula said...

Great value - great product
I am so glad I found - I was using another collagen and paying a small fortune. I add it to my protein shakes and my morning coffee. It mixes well with no flavor. The shipping was fast. The value is incredible.*

On 1/4/2016 Carrie said...

Good product
I've only been using this product for a few weeks, but am happy with it. The taste is neutral, I add it to my morning coffee. I am hoping it will help with my joint problems, but time will tell. I'll definitely be reordering.*

On 12/31/2015 Carole said...

Hydrolyzed Collagen 5 Stars
Great product, great price. Quality service. Good stuff.*

On 11/30/2015 Gilbert said...

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