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Coenzyme Q10 (COQ10) Powder

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Coenzyme Q10 (COQ10) Powder


  • Promotes immune system health
  • Vegan friendly
  • Non-GMO
  • Taste

  • Mixability

Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant substance known as a quinone, a water-insoluble compound involved in energy production and maintaining immune health.


Serving Size & Timing

The suggested serving size of Coenzyme Q10 is anywhere from 50mg to 200mg once daily, depending on intended effect. There are individuals with specific health conditions that may benefit from taking higher dosages too, but this possibility should be discussed with a physician. Roughly, 1/32 teaspoon is equivalent to 50mg, thus making 1/8 teaspoon about 200mg. Because serving sizes are so small, however, it may be best to measure this product with an accurate gram scale to get the best effects. No person should exceed the maximum limit of 800mg per day.

There are some medications that intrinsically cause a reduction in the body’s overall Coenzyme Q10 content. These include statins (such as Lipitor), anything derived from fibric acid (such as Lopid), beta blockers (such as Toprol) and antidepressants containing Tricyclin (such as Elavil). Thus, anyone that is on a course of any of these types of medications should consult a doctor before use.

Nutritional Information

Supplement Facts

Serving size: 200 milligrams
Serving per container: *
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value**
Coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone) 200mg *
* Daily Value not established.
** Based on 2,000 calorie diet


Sugar, soy, dairy, yeast, gluten, corn or additives.

As a dietary supplement, take 50mg (about 1/32 tsp) to 200mg (just under 1/8 tsp) depending on individual needs, or as directed by physician.

US Standard Measuring Spoons
Spoon Size(level) milligrams
1/32 teaspoon 52
1/16 teaspoon 105
1/8 teaspoon 211



There are no fillers or additives that have been applied to this product.


In the USA, Coenzyme Q10 is considered a natural supplement. However, in many other countries, it is considered a prescription drug due to its potency. Coenzyme Q10 can be found in many different products such as gel capsules, skin creams and tablets.

Coenzyme Q10 is considered nontoxic and typically results in no serious side effects. However, it has been known to interact with other drugs, particularly blood pressure medication. Anyone that is on blood thinners and is considering taking this supplement should consult a medical professional beforehand.


Coenzyme Q10 has hydrophobic properties, making it a challenge for the body to successfully absorb. It is best to allow the powder to absorb into fatty foods or oils before consumption. Good substitutes include olive oil, peanut butter and especially coconut oil. There are also gel caps that can be purchased, which include Coenzyme Q10 that has been pre-dissolved in oil. However, this is not always considered as effective.

As a small tip, it might be beneficial to dissolve about 25 grams of Coenzyme Q10 in about 16 fluid ounces of coconut oil at a time, and then save this mixture for later. It can be used as a spread once it cools, or it can be applied in many other ways. Do not take more than one teaspoon of this mixture per day. If used sparingly, this technique could last up to 6 months.

Coenzyme Q10 requires special storage due to its high susceptibility to oxidation. If it is left in contact with the air for too long, it will begin to turn colors from bright orange to dull brown, losing its potency. Even if kept in airtight containers, it will eventually be broken down if the container is accessed on a daily basis. This makes the coconut oil dissolving option the most effective method for preservation of Coenzyme Q10, as coconut oil contains antioxidants which help to preserve the Coenzyme Q10.

This product comes with resealable bags which must be sealed once again immediately after use. There should be as little air as possible present in the bag of Coenzyme Q10 powder when it is fully sealed. Also, it is best not to keep more than 25g of Coenzyme Q10 in a single bag.


Due to varying import regulations, not all of our supplements are available to international customers. This product is restricted for sale in the following countries:


California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

Customer Reviews

Excellent Product
I take coenzyme Q10 For its effects on the cardiovascular system.
I mix 200mg and MCT oil to Improve absorption in combination with my protein powder Shake. I'm very happy with both the price and its effects of my energy levels.*

On 4/25/2019 John said...

Consistently Great Quality
Have been using this for 6 months and love the quality and ability to adjust the dose.*

On 1/4/2019 Christy said...

CoQ10 Great Quality and great service
I've told numerous friends that were customers of your main competitor about Bulk Supplements and they've all become Bulk Supplements customers after trying your products. Your prices are slightly better in most instances and your discount coupons make it a no brainer.
I've been buying your CoQ10 now for several years and love the quality and mixability of your powder.
Thanks again , Doug*

On 12/10/2018 Doug said...

Heat it in oil
CoQ10 powder. Great supplement for a great price. It's good to remember that CoQ10 doesn't dissolve in water, just fat. What's more, the powder we receive are CoQ10 CRYSTALS. They melt at about 120F (or 50C). The best is to add it to your heated drink or meal (with some fat in it). See how it melts in your coffee with cream or coconut oil :). Don't cook it, you don't want to destroy it, just melt it. It increases absorption a lot.*

On 12/7/2018 Kat B said...

Quality Product At A Great Price
I recently purchased CoEnzyme Q10 From Bulk Supplement And Am Very Pleased With The Product,. I mix a 1/4 of a Teaspoonful with MCT oil to Maximize Absorption . I Experience a Mental Clarity and Vitality that Lasts All day. A Quality product at a Great price. *

On 10/29/2018 John said...

CoQ10 - great value, great product!
Love the ability to find just the right dose by using BulkSupplements powder. Mixes well.*

On 10/23/2018 Christy said...

Co Q-10
I love using this in my face cream!*

On 10/21/2018 AJ said...

Good quality
Have been using coq10 from bulksupplements for a while, part of a daily stack. Quality is good and really like the price. Would be nice to have a capsulated version but saving a ton of money is always nice even if I have to spend a couple hours capsulating it. Great service as well.*

On 10/18/2018 BJ said...

Immediate results!
I've tried oral liquid Coenzyme Q10 from Costco and also liposomal Coenzyme Q10 (face/skin) from an online company. The oral form didn't do much for me - not that I noticed. The topical form was great and I looked for ways to make my own so I ordered the 50g powder for oral and topical use.

For the facial mix I dissolved the powder in some MCT oil (caprylic, capric triglyceride), rosehip seed oil, olive squaline, and mixed tocopherols and used it on my face at night. The next morning I looked younger with clearer, smoother skin. I thought I was fooling myself but I keep seeing great results. I ordered some cranberry seed oil and will do an oil mix with that also. Online I saw many oils and lotions containing DMAE, Co Q10 and Cranberry seed oil. I look forward to making them as I love making my own formulations!

Since I have TONS of this amazing Co Q10 oil and more that I will make when my cranberry oil arrives, I also put it on my face, neck and chest in the morning before a shower and steam while showering. My skin feels and looks softer but non-greasy.

For oral - I dissolved approximately 30g in over a pint of coconut oil and have been taking about a teaspoon daily. I have a lot more energy and am not falling asleep at work. I stopped taking some of the other supplements so I could correctly gauge the difference. There was a huge difference in the amount of sustained energy I have after taking it, The first time I took it I did an early morning 0530 yoga class and felt very awake. I usually take pre-workout supplements even on yoga mornings.

I think that next time, for the oral dose, I will dissolve it in MCT oil and keep it in the fridge in a large pump bottle as MCT stays liquid even when cold AND MCT packs way more energetic punch than coconut oil. Winter is coming soon and the coconut oil will harden a bit.

Hint: After mixing the coconut oil with the Co Q10 I noticed the powder was suspended in the oil making it look opaque and some powder fell to the bottom. I read that the Co Q10 should be added at cool-down for formulations - around 100 degrees. So I just heated the mixture a bit (just a bit), stirred it, and it turned into a beautiful translucent orange oil. If you do this, try heating a small amount of oil to dissolve the powder then add it to your remaining oil.

This supplement is one of my "must haves" for reordering. Beauty and energy inside and out!*

On 10/11/2018 Court said...

review of coenzyme Q 10
The coenzyme Q 10Arrived within a few days. I initially thought it was oxidized due to a slightly orange color but I later found out that is it’s normal parents. After taking some dissolved in MCT oil I noticed an immediate boost in mental energy and clarity.*

On 9/20/2018 Anthony said...

A Must Have
Excellent price. Works great for energy and overall health!*

On 9/11/2018 Jo-Ann said...

Best Price for CoQ10
As usual, bulksupplements has the best price on CoQ10 powder. I use this primarily orally but also dissolve into lotion for topical use. It's a bright orange fat soluble powder. I use it for general anti-aging purposes. *

On 8/26/2018 Michael said...

I love this product, I mix it with my morning yogurt so I never forget to take it like I do with pills. *

On 8/20/2018 Gail said...

I put the Coenzyme Q10 in peanut butter to preserve it. I felt a big difference in my energy level when I take it in the morning! *

On 7/30/2018 Jo-Ann said...

great energy booster
Being able to get pure powder at this price makes it affordable to experiment with higher dosages. It's nice to know so many of their products get ranked high by consumer Labs.*

On 7/12/2018 david said...

good value for the money
I compared the prices online for CQ10, for the dosages that i need for an extended period, and settled on getting it from bulksupplements.
i received it and it meets and exceeds my expectations.
I would definitely replenish this from you guys again!
suggestion? how about throwing in a scoop?*

On 6/24/2018 gordon said...

Love that I can purchase this product without any filters and it is so cost effective. I just follow the tips above and mix with melted coconut oil. After it has cooled, I break it into pieces and store in my freezer. It makes it super easy and convenient to take a small piece each morning, and I don't have to worry about it oxidizing.*

On 6/20/2018 Angie said...

This product was exactly what I wanted, no fuss, pure, CoQ10. Powder form can be difficult to manage but otherwise I found it to be great!*

On 5/20/2018 Lachlan said...

greatness in a bag
fast shipping, no taste, works perfectly. pure, cheap, fantastic. *

On 5/18/2018 tony said...

greatness in a bag
this stuff has no taste so you don't need to make any pills. this has helped me dramatically maintain control over heart issues. pure, cheap, fantastic. love*

On 5/18/2018 tony said...

Coenzyme Q 10 (Ubiquinone Powder)
I just received the Coenzyme Q 10 powder from Bulk Supplements. The order arrived on time and was reasonably priced. I had read that Ubiquinone was more bioavailable than Ubiquinol so I asked my doctor before I bought it, and he said it was safe for me to use. It seems to give me extra energy for the day and I like it. I will definitely order from Bulk Supplements again. Thank you.*

On 4/14/2018 Raj S. said...

CoQ10 purchase
First time ordering from BS. Delivery time was reasonable and order was accurate. It is too early to speak to the impact of CoQ10 on our health but I do believe I found the best possible way to take it. My husband and I eat a high fat/low carb diet. For our treats, I use a candy mold to make high fat, chocolate bears. The recipe starts with coconut oil which is the perfect way to dissolve the CoQ10 powder. Since I make 24 bears at a time, the measuring for the total recipe is much easier than measuring a single dose. I stir until the powder is distributed in the CNO and continue with the recipe. We call them vitamins which makes it even better. Love buying supplements in bulk.
Also had a very positive experience with customer support.


On 3/23/2018 Kay said...

Excellent product, pure no additives, great fast service*

On 3/9/2018 Baldev said...

Good quality
This product arrived on time and was in good shape when I opened it. The quality is good and I was able to dissolve it in oil. *

On 3/2/2018 Dawn said...

Coenzyme Q10 Powder
I got exactly what I hoped for at a reasonable price and the shipment arrived sooner than I expected. The quality of the product looked very good and pure which I believe is superior to the pill form and it mixes good with water too. This was my first time ordering this product and I will definitely be reordering again. *

On 2/19/2018 Brent said...

as always , great quality and best prices on supplements , and if you like something it is really worth to get the bigger size . *

On 2/9/2018 malcolm said...

Co enzym Q10
We take CoQ10 for heart health. We love the powder from Bulk Supplements. Since it is fat-soluble, we add 1/8 tsp. per person to our salad dressings. We eat huge salads almost every day. The salad dressing assures it is digested properly by our bodies... and we are over a hundred years old. We recommend this product highly. *

On 1/20/2018 Jessica Lynn said...

CoQ10 Powder
As suggested, I dissolve 25 grams of this CoQ10 powder in 16 oz. of coconut oil and store it in a mason jar in the fridge. I take 1/3 teaspoon every day for increased energy and general heart health. Thank you Bulk Supplements for top quality products at reasonable prices.*

On 1/9/2018 Denise said...

so far so good
The very first time I tried it I could tell my body enjoyed absorbing it. I'm on day 4 and it appears as if this is a good product. It's bright orange and flavorless but doesn't break down in water super well.*

On 12/4/2017 Ryan said...

Coq10 is one of the MUST have supplements
I have been using Coq10 for many years. Since I consume so many things, the only way I can tell if all the claims are true, is by either, noticeably increasing the amount taken (selectively, if safe), or stop taking altogether. Since starting BS Coq10 I feel like I'm still getting good results. I believe it is a very good product, as I believe the other supplements I have purchased here are. I won't stop taking this just to test how good it is, but after reading reviews here, I will try upping my doses. When, and how one takes supplements can make a big difference! I have also added this to the other list of what My 15+ yr. old dog (and the others) receives daily. Recommend this product. Anyone on a statin drug, for cholesterol CAN'T, not take Coq10.*

On 11/5/2017 gary said...

Just love it!
I mix with my morning kefir, and taste just fine. I feel really good when I take Co-Q10. Also super FAST shipping, all the time!*

On 9/26/2017 Kathy said...

So far so good. It mixes in nicely to a pint of melted coconut oil. Then just a spoon of the now redish-orange oil and we're ready to go for the day!*

On 9/26/2017 Curtis said...

Great Product
I love this product. As I am now closer to fifty and my energy level has decreased this product is helping restore me to my natural state. It is used daily and I love the results of more energy and clarity. *

On 9/23/2017 David said...

I've been taking Coq10 for years. Im recently a trying to increase from 200mg to 600mg to 800mg/day to see if it helps increase my limited energy envelope from ME/CFS. This powder makes it affordable and I don't get the shortness of breath from the magnesium stearate that is in our capsules.
I put a little coconut oil in my mouth and then add the Coq10 powder.

On 9/23/2017 Bazia said...

Reliable & cost effective
Ive ordered this product a couple of times-great value and mixes well...thanks BS!!*

On 9/13/2017 Michael said...

Coenzyme Q10 powder
I've only been taking this for a short time, but I have noticed I have more energy and my mood is better when I take it. Shipping was fast. I will continue to purchase my supplements from bulk supplements. *

On 8/17/2017 Maranda said...

Co Q 10
As an older guy I know my levels of CoQ10 have been decreasing with age. The lower levels affect my mitochondria causing lowered energy. The CoQ10 has brought my overall energy up. The only thing to watch for is too much too soon can cause some sleep disturbance. Pulling back some on the dose then slowly bringing it back up works. *

On 8/13/2017 Barry said...

Coenzyme Q10 Powder
Great product at a good price. mixes well in my morning smoothy.*

On 6/20/2017 Jamel said...

Coenzyme Q10 Powder
I was diagnosed from my doctor, with high triglycerides and high cholesterol. After taking this bulk supplement of Coenzyme Q10 [which we make our own capsules from] for approx 2 weeks, my cholesterol and triglycerides were lowered immediately and after a month almost back to normal. We also make up supplements for our dogs. Bulk Supplements is the only way to go for price and quality.*

On 5/7/2017 Joseph said...

Haven't used it long
I've only been using for a few days, but the powder is very high quality! Keep up the quality bulksupplements!*

On 5/1/2017 Patrick said...

Useful form at a good price
I use coQ10 powder for a mixture I make for my dog. He is small and the available soft gel versions become very expensive in the size he needs. With the powder form of coQ10, it is easy to measure the correct amount to mix in a batch of pumpkin puree that is divided into portions. Also, since the powder is extremely lightweight, it is more accurate to weigh a larger volume. I have been mixing supplements for my dogs for many years and am happy to have found Bulk Supplements to supply many of the products that I need.*

On 4/29/2017 Alexandre said...

Amazing standard of coq-10
Just wanted to drop a review for this product since now this is about the 5th product I have used from bulk supplements and I am always satisfied with what I get. I first used the L-theanine, then pine bark and a few aminos and now I am on the coq10. It's tasteless, its helping me with my hear condition (helps strengthen the beat back up I feel like as well as controlling my hear rate). The doctor has put me on some meds that my body wasn't responding to but once I stated dosing this at 300mg twice a day it has helped immensely!! Thanks guys*

On 4/3/2017 Chaz said...

Best of both worlds
As I was putting in my order and needed to restock on (COQ10) powder; I read the most interesting thing under "TIPS" on this page. Coenzyme Q10 has hydrophobic properties, making it a challenge for the body to successfully absorb. It is best to allow the powder to absorb into fatty foods or oils before consumption. Good substitutes include olive oil, peanut butter and especially coconut oil. There are also gel caps that can be purchased, which include Coenzyme Q10 that has been pre-dissolved in oil. However, this is not always considered as effective.

I already took a mixture of coconut cream and oil, adding the (COQ10) powder is genius!!! The richness and the flavor of this mixture is so good. Knowing that it will successfully absorb and coconut oil contains antioxidants which help to preserve the Coenzyme Q10, Is a win win*

On 4/1/2017 fadia said...

easy to use
I had been neglecting to take my COQ10 until I got this powder. It mixes right into my yogurt along with my daily liquid fish oil and CLA, It does not impart any noticeable flavor. My only complaint is a small one - it's highly pigmented and a bit messy. Being fat-based, the powder wants to adhere to the spoon (or my fingers, etc.), a small price to pay for COQ10 that's so easy to take.*

On 3/24/2017 Gail said...

Very reasonable price, pure product without fillers or gelatin. Not miscible in water, but can be taken as is without any aftertaste. Great product at fair price.*

On 3/22/2017 Mahesh said...

Great for High Cholesterol
Ordered for my dad who was diagnosed with high cholesterol and high triglycerides. Before life with this CoQ10, he couldn't eat any bacon because it would cause such dizziness. Since he has been taking the CoQ10 before he eats bacon he doesn't experience the dizziness. He simply mixes it with coconut oil and it dissolves . When he went for his physical the doctor said everything was now normal...his cholesterol was regular and everything. But he still eats bacon every 2 months...These are Amazing supplements. *

On 3/16/2017 John said...

Coenzyme Q10 is GREAT!!!
Nice pure product, I add it to my vegan capsules, as well as other formulas to help with ones' blood pressure or heart issues. *

On 3/8/2017 william said...

Theraputic doses in pure powders!
I have been using only bulk supplements since putting all my resaerch and a regiment together.I suffer from syndromes and disease that all cause chronic fatique.I find their pure powders and recommended doses are right on.I also noted that compared to other "pure" supplements the dosage measurement is often much smaller for same "dose".I found this confusing at first.Though with this brand product I almost immediately know the effect if any it is having, so I follow there measurements for my dose,I use the CO Q10 to tie other supplement and or amino acids that are synergistic and precursors together.Love that I can feel a difference with it . I'm not so happy with the way it doesn't fullly dissolve.Since their is no awful tastes or fillers and small doses I have no problem keep shaking it up with the others in mix and enjoying it just fine.I find with the ones that dont dissolve sometimes adding aloe vera to mix helps and it binds better with its synergistic buddies.*

On 2/28/2017 Teresa said...

I think this has really helped my memory...I love that I can just put it in my smoothie...great price !*

On 2/21/2017 aleta said...

Steady gum guy here. Used a ton of CoQ10 supplements like this, powders too. This is by far the best one! Dissolves and hits hard fast. I'd recommend beginners to use 300-600mg and advanced to use 400-800mg.*

On 2/21/2017 Justin said...

haven't had for very long but seems to give me a nice energy boost, so far so good!*

On 2/14/2017 matt said...

Great Product
I mix 1/8 teaspoon into my yogurt. Tastes great!! Love that there are no added ingredients. Helps with tinnitus, inflammation, and memory.*

On 1/17/2017 Nancy said...

Great Product
Helps with inflammation, tinnitus and memory. Love the fact that there are no added ingredients. Mixed with yogurt, it tastes great!*

On 1/17/2017 Nancy said...

Overall good
Doesn't dissolve very easily but nothing a shaker bottle doesn't remedy. Doesn't have much of a taste so easy to add to other stuff. Overall great!*

On 1/16/2017 Adam said...

Coenzyme q10
Second time I bought bulk supplement coq10. 1st time from amazon because it was more convenient. Really like it. I use it not only as daily supplement @ 400mg daily mixed in smashed banana or coconut oil (it's tasteless) but also @ occasional 4gram doses per Hudula Clark parasite cleanse. It is very effective and so much easier than swallowing ten capsules. It works better than the capsules I previously used and probably costs less so I am happy.*

On 1/12/2017 Marguerite said...

Coenzyme q10
Second time I bought bulk supplement coq10. 1st time from amazon because it was more convenient. Really like it. I use it not only as daily supplement @ 400mg daily mixed in smashed banana or coconut oil (it's tasteless) but also @ occasional 4gram doses per Hudula Clark parasite cleanse. It is very effective and so much easier than swallowing ten capsules. It works better than the capsules I previously used and probably costs less so I am happy.*

On 1/12/2017 Marguerite said...

Almost Tasteless
Doesn't mix very well, but hardly notice the taste. Ubiquinone was hard for me to find, as almost everything is ubiquinol. Thanks Bulksupplements!*

On 12/24/2016 Benjamin said...

Fresh and better than any bought from other sources
All you need to do is to open the package and you can tell that getting from here, the herb is fresher and will do more for you. I haven't gotten one herb from here that I haven't been able to tell the difference and COQ 10 is no different.*

On 12/23/2016 Bernard said...

Coenzyme Q10 (COQ10) Powder
I started taking this supplement as a way to increase my cardiovascular output during my cycling workouts. I wanted to increase my intensity either in cycling resistance or in time duration. So far, at about 100mg, I have seen an increase in both measures. I feel that this substance has possibly increased my body’s energy efficiency and/or reduced fatigue. It is still early in my CoQ10 trials but I do believe it has pushed me beyond my present plateau with my cardiovascular workouts. I recommend this product, in addition to the other benefits, if you want to push beyond your present plateau(s).

On 11/14/2016 BL said...

The following is a list of clinical trials, most double-blinded and placebo-controlled, recorded at the National Medical Library, MEDLINE, as abstracted by GreenMedInfo for Coenzyme Q10:

Note: The BulkSupplements Pure Coenzyme Q10 (COQ10) is ubiquinone, not ubiquinol.
1. Ubiquinone and ubiquinol have differing roles in reducing oxidative stress. The antioxidant role of ubiquinol is mainly in preventing lipid peroxidation.
2. Vitamin B6 and coenzyme Q10 may have significant therapeutic value in the prevention and treatment of cancer.
3. Ubiquinol may have anti-inflammatory properties.
4. Ubiquinol is capable of regenerating vitamin E.
5. Ubiquinol has anti-inflammatory properties on various proinflammatory cytokines and chemokines.
6. Ubiquinol down-regulates lipopolysaccharide-sensitive genes in human monocytic THP-1 cells.
7. Supplemental Coenzyme Q10 may be a useful option for effective management of patients with heart failure.
8. Statin drugs result in coq10 depletion associated with congestive heart failure and which may be rectified by supplementation.
9. Nutritional interventions [vitamin E, folic acid, alpha lipoic acid, lyophilized red wine, coenzyme Q10, epigallocatechin gallate, Ginkgo biloba, melatonin, Cu chelators, and regular low and moderate intensity exercise, as well as treatments with catalase and l-carnitine] may be therapeutic in the treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
10. Molecular replacement therapy with nutrients such as coenzyme Q10 and antioxidants may reverese mitochondrial dysfunction, fatigue and the adverse effects of chemotherapy of metastatic disease.
11. Lifestyle and diet changes, as well as biofeedback, acupuncture, magnesium, riboflavin and coenzyme Q10 may provide suitable therapies for migraine during pregnancy.
12. Elimination of 'dietary triggers' and the inclusion of a number of natural substances [in decreasing order of preference: magnesium, petasites hybridus, feverfew, coenzyme Q10, riboflavin, and alpha lipoic acid] may prevent migraines.
13. Dietary supplements and nutraceuticals could help with hypertension.
14. Coq10 is a safe and effective treatment for hypertension.
15. Coenzyme Q10 suppresses oxLDL-induced endothelial oxidative injuries.
16. Coenzyme Q10 protects hippocampal neurons against oxidative stress.
17. Coenzyme Q10 prevents lipid oxidation in LDL cholesterol.
18. Coenzyme Q10 may suppress advanced periodontal inflammation.
19. Coenzyme Q10 may be an effective adjunctive treatment of chronic or congestive heart failure.
20. Coenzyme q10 has anti-inflammatory activity.
21. Case report: bovine cartilage, coenzyme Q10 and wheat grass therapy for primary peritoneal cancer.
22. Vitamin E and Coenzyme Q10 work synergistically to inhibit atherosclerosis in mice.
23. Ubiquinol, the reduced form of CoQ10, effectively ameliorates renal dysfunction.
24. The reduced form of coenzyme Q10 may prevent or minimize cyclosporine nephrotoxicity by an antioxidant effect.
25. The reduced form of coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinol) is more effective at decelerating aging than the oxidized form (ubiquinone).
26. The reduced form of coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinol) has distinctly different effects on cholesterol metabolism than oxidized coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone)
27. The reduced form of coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinol) decreases aging in middle-aged mice.
28. Neuronal degenerative findings and the secondary brain damage and ischemia caused by oxidative stress are decreased by CoQ10 use in rats with traumatic brain injury.
29. Mitochondrial parameters including, SDA, ATP levels, MMP and MPP were reduced with statin treatment and improved by co-administration with CoQ10.
30. Melatonin and coenzyme Q ameliorated most of the impaired fatty acid profile in rodent model with persistent autistic features.
31. L-carnitine and CoQ10 supplementation reduce ascites mortality of broilers.
32. EGCG and CoQ10 ameliorate cisplatin induced nephrotoxicity.
33. Curcumin and CoQ10 independently as well as in combination ameliorate chronic hyperalgesia in sickle mice.
34. CoQ10, omega-3 and propionyl-L-carnitine may provide an effective adjuvant to conventional therapy in dilated cardiomyopathy.
35. CoQ10 supplementation reduces exhaustive exercise-induced muscular injury by enhancing stabilization of muscle cell membrane.
36. CoQ10 is a robust neuroprotective agent against ischemia-reperfusion brain injury in rats.
37. Combination therapy using CoQ10 and creatine may be useful in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's disease and Huntington's Disease.
38. Coenzyme q10 reduces high fructose feeding induced hepatic stress.
39. Coenzyme Q10 reduces beta-amyloid plaque in an APP/PS1 transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer's disease.
40. Coenzyme Q10 protects against the acute sequelae of myocardial infarction by profoundly reducing the infarct area, inflammation and oxidative stress.
41. Coenzyme Q10 protects against sodium nitrate-induced lipid peroxidation in rats.
42. Coenzyme Q10 prevents paraquat-induced oxidative stress, neuronal loss in substantia nigra region and parkinsonism in adult rats.
43. Coenzyme Q10 prevents noise-induced hearing loss in a guinea pig model.
44. Coenzyme Q10 may have profound and beneficial effects in treatment of certain forms of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis.
45. Coenzyme Q10 has a protective effect in an experimental model of myocardial injury.
46. Coenzyme Q10 counteracts testicular injury induced by sodium arsenite in rats.
47. Coenzyme Q10 attenuates the hepatotoxic effects of Isoniazid and Rifampicin in an animal model.
48. Coenzyme Q10 and α-lipoic acid have therapeutic properties in fructose fed rats.
49. Coenzyme Q10 and resveratrol may have therapeutic value in muscular dystrophies.
50. Coenzyme Q10 and curcumin administration improves retinal histology by reversing the pathological changes due to chronic methanol and establish a morphologically normal retina.
51. Coenzyme Q10 and acetyl-l-carnitine prevents antiretroviral toxic neuropathy in an in vitro model.
52. Coenzyme Q(10) supplementation reverses age-related impairments in spatial learning and lowers protein oxidation.
53. Co-Q10 may represent a potential molecular target for prevention and treatment of inflammatory skin diseases.
54. Aloe vera and ubiquinol have a protective and healing effect on experimental ulcerative colitis in rats.
55. Ubiquinol + L-carnitine can cause a significant reduction in the pro-inflammatory cytokines in patients with heart failure.
56. There is increased mitochondrial oxidative damage in patients with sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
57. The reduced form of coenzyme Q10 improves glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes.
58. The administration of CoQ10 to heart transplant candidates led to a significant improvement in functional status, clinical symptoms, and quality of life.
59. Supplementation with selenium and coenzyme Q10 could reduce cardiovascular mortality 10 years after supplementation.
60. Supplementation with coenzyme Q10, vitamin E and selenium result in significant improvement of the clinical condition of psoriasis patients.
61. Short-term ubiquinol supplementation reduces oxidative stress associated with strenuous exercise.
62. Pycnogenol® in combination with coenzyme Q10 may be of value in heart failure patients.
63. Oral supplementation of coenzyme Q10 may be of value for post-polio syndrome.
64. Foetuses are under greater oxidative stress than their mothers, as measured by the respective levels of oxidized and reduced coenzyme Q10.
65. Dietary supplements containing EPA, GLA or CoQ10 may significantly affect serum PSA levels.
66. Deficiency of CoQ10 may be common in pediatric and adolescent migraine.
67. Daily supplementation of coenzyme Q10 can be effective in decreasing some pro-inflammatory factors in hypertensive patients.
68. CoQ10 supplementation with 500 mg a day can improve fatigue and depression in patients with multiple sclerosis.
69. CoQ10 supplement at a dosage of 100 mg could be effective for improving the systemic inflammation and biochemical variables in NAFLD.
70. Coenzyme Q10 supplementation improves salivary secretion associated with dry mouth.
71. Coenzyme Q10 supplementation during pregnancy reduces the risk of preeclampsia.
72. Coenzyme Q10 redox state predicts the concentration of c-reactive protein.
73. Coenzyme Q10 may decrease the symptoms of tinnitus in patients with low plasma Coenzyme Q10 levels.
74. Coenzyme Q10 may be of benefit in patients with fibromyalgia.
75. Coenzyme Q10 levels as high as 3,000 mg a day are safe and well-tolerated in ALS patients.
76. Coenzyme Q10 improves subjective fatigue sensations and physical performance during fatigue-inducing workload.
77. Coenzyme Q10 improves sperm kinetic features in patients with idiopathic asthenozoospermia.
78. Coenzyme Q10 has therapeutic value in the treatment of maternally inherited diabetes mellitus and deafness.
79. Coenzyme Q10 enrichment decreases oxidative DNA damage in human lymphocytes.
80. Coenzyme q10 appears to prevent tachycardia in heart failure patients.
81. Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinol-10) supplementation improves oxidative imbalance in children with trisomy 21.
82. Coenzyme Q(10) may have therapeutic value treating male infertility.
83. Atorvastatin worsens left ventricular diastolic function, which is improved through coenzyme q10 supplementation.
84. Aged garlic extract and coenzyme Q10 have a beneficial effect on vascular elasticity and endothelial function in firefighters with high occupational stress.
85. After a six-month administration of coenzyme Q10, muscle pain and sensitivity statistically significantly decreased.
86. A combination of coenzyme q10, vitamin E, selenium, methionine and phospholipids protects against occupational and environmental stress in workers of the gas and oil industry.
87. A combination of acetyl-l-carnitine, n-3 fatty acids and coenzyme q10 improves visual functions in early age-related macular degeneration.
88. A 14-day coenzyme Q10 supplementation is more effective than the acute supplementation to overcome the exercise induced adverse responses.*

On 10/24/2016 Stephen said...

Great Product
Great Product that I enjoy mixing into my morning fruit smoothie for a nice energy boost. This is a very important supplement in that it boosts the heart muscle. Thanks Bulk Supplements!*

On 9/26/2016 Ray said...

Great supplier and products. I ordered this so I could make my own capsules a lot less expensive. Thank you for the quick turnaround of my order.*

On 9/22/2016 Anita said...

pure and reasonably priced
I used to get this from Herbal Academy, I was shocked to find the exact pure product with bulk supplements at an even more affordable price. Thanks Bulk Supplements*

On 9/20/2016 Karen said...

Helps with Energy
Fantastic Product. Works great when mixed with coconut or peanut oil and delivers energy to the heart. When paired with L-Carnitine, it delivers much needed energy and strength. *

On 9/10/2016 Johnny said...

I'm again impressed
Well, I just ordered Co-Q10 powder after having been on capsules for a while. I am on a number of supplements for my memory and am improved with the combination (Co-Q10, Ginkgo Biloba, and Acetyl-L-Carnitine). I can't say which one is doing the most, but I am glad to switch to BulkSupplents, as I know they are pure and trustworthy. There is no taste and its the color of Turmeric, but doesn't "stain" like Turmeric does. I can't wait to see how my memory does with the change to BulkSupplements!*

On 9/10/2016 Samantha Marie said...

Easy to take. Tasteless. Eat the powder with a water chaser.*

On 9/8/2016 Eric said...

Great for memory
I bought CoQ10 because of studies showing its efficacy in improving memory. It's been a little bit over a week and I can already feel some improvement. This is a great product!*

On 8/29/2016 Thiago said...

This helps my cognitive thinking ...I convinced. As a 64 year old we need all the help we can get....don't get much from our food these days...I would recommend this product... *

On 8/26/2016 aleta said...

Great product, and value
As I run out of the store bought supplements I'm switching to "BulkSupplement" products. The price got my attention, and the quality will keep me buying from B.S. I like the poweder form, as it's super easy to cap my own. *

On 8/11/2016 TW said...

Great product
I ordered this and other products for hypertension but while I was shopping the next day I met a woman that was looking for co-q10 that her daughter could take. Her daughter can not swallow pills so I told her about bulk supplements and the powder form. I hope she finds what she needed. I am pleased with this product as well as the others but I will be putting my supplements in glass jars just for easier use.

On 7/28/2016 Michelle said...

Grateful for the CoQ10 shipment
I think I have more energy when taking CoQ10. I think BulkSupplements ships orders quickly. I am very glad I found this company!*

On 7/26/2016 Laura said...

Great product, great value
Title says it all, there's no reason to buy coq10 anywhere else.*

On 7/20/2016 Brian said...

CoQ10 for my dog!
I bought CoQ10 because I recently found out my dog had an enlarged chamber of her heart. I had read that CoQ10 helps supply energy to the heart. I mixed 10gr of CoQ10 in coconut oil as the coconut oil helps to preserve it and that would make it easier to dose for a very small dog.

I started giving it to my dog 3 days ago, and today she already is having better endurance while walking. I'm going to start taking it, too.

Thank you for an excellent product at a good price. *

On 7/12/2016 Elizabeth said...

The Cq10 supplement gives me more energy then the different different brand I used before. I add the cq10 powder to my veg drink in the morning. *

On 6/13/2016 Penny said...

I've never felt anything specific from taking any CoQ 10 supplement. The science for taking it is more or less convincing so I add it to my supplement regimen every so often. I normally add it to my morning slurry of garlic, turmeric, black pepper, cayenne and coconut or olive oil and wash it all down with a glass of H20 and apple cider vinegar. I had been emptying CoQ 10 capsules into this combo. With the CoQ 10 from this website I can definitely see the lack of additives and the purity of this product compared to other brands out of a capsule. The color is more intense and it mixes easier. Hopefully it's easier to absorb without the Magnesium Stearate and rice flour that's in many capsule brands. Thumbs up!*

On 6/4/2016 Henry said...

Nice Product
This powder is great and a nice alternative to buying the oral form, which is really expensive. I also like the powder form since I already take enough oral supplements. This powder can be easily added to any protein drink or smoothie.*

On 5/25/2016 Cameron said...

Great deal
My wife uses this and loves it. She can't take capsules, and this is so affordable and high quality.*

On 5/22/2016 david said...

my wife uses this for an ingredient in her smoothies energy drink..*

On 5/10/2016 Kenneth said...

I ordered the cq10 for my wife and she uses it to her smoothie to make her energy drink...*

On 5/10/2016 Kenneth said...

Excellent quality for internal and external health
I drink the coq10 internally at the proper dosage along with my morning fruit smoothie. I'm 42 and am looking for heart healthy. I'm pleased with the quality and how well it blends. I mix a pinch of coq10 in with my homemade face serum to use topically and love this, too!! I highly recommend this purchase *

On 5/10/2016 Crystle said...

Love the Product
Great price; great results. Measuring is a little problematic, but still worth it.*

On 5/3/2016 Shalisha said...

capsules with coconut oil
I have taken CoQ-10 for some time in the form of gel caps, but could find none that contained coconut oil. I have found that it is easy and relatively inexpensive to make my own 200 mg. capsules. I melt 90 ml of coconut oil in a relatively small glass with the glass partially submerged in hot water. I add 20 grams of CoQ-10 powder from Bulk Supplements. The powder from BS is extremely pure, and when added to the liquid coconut oil, it gives the mixture a very clear, orange-red color. I have a capsule machine and I add the CoQ-10 mixture to the capsules using an eye dropper. It is easy and fast. The coconut mixture does not have any effect in dissolving or harming the filled gelatin capsules. The above amounts of Coq-10 and coconut oil make about 200 capsules each containing about 200 mg Coq-10 when using 00 size capsules. When the capsules are left in the refrigerator, the coconut oil rapidly freezes to a solid. The capsules can then be stored at room temperature of 70 degrees without causing any change in the solid coconut CoQ-10 mixture in the capsules. If room temperature goes above 75 degrees, the coconut oil may begin to melt and become liquid. In that case, I will put the capsules back in the refrigerator so that the coconut oil remains solid. The capsules makes it easy and a neat way to take the CoQ-10 and coconut oil daily.*

On 4/25/2016 Terry said...

Great product
CoQ10 is a great product from your heart and your pets. I am now adding this powder from Bulk to the supplements I give me cats. It is hard to find in powder form and I am so glad I found it here.*

On 4/19/2016 Susan said...

excellent product
I am very happy with the high quality of this product. As recommended on the website, I mixed it with coconut oil. I love the color, taste and texture and look forward to eating it on a homemade muffin or toast. *

On 4/15/2016 Annelise said...

The Same Effectiveness as the Softgel
In my opinion; the powder form is more pure than the softgel version because it doesn't contain other ingredients such as soy. As an alternative Coq10 can be used on the skin for antioxidant and wrinkle support.*

On 4/14/2016 Ben said...

my own cosmetic products
I bought from Bulksupplemnts CoQ10 to mix it with Vit E also from them and make my own creams. Good quality products! Thanks guys*

On 4/7/2016 Yasnay said...

I really like using the powder for purity and for cost. I have mixed it with coconut oil, as recommended. It's an easy way to do it. Couldn't be happier.*

On 4/5/2016 Jean said...

CoQ10 Powder
The quality is excellent and a small amount goes a long way. Tried for a few days and it does give you extra energy.

On 4/1/2016 Raj said...

I cannot swallow pills so this powder is wonderful. I hated chewing the capsules with the yucky gook inside. I put this in applesauce with a couple other BS powders. *

On 3/30/2016 Carla said...

I first heard about bulk powders about a year ago. I tried several companys, and Bulk Supplements was clearly the best game in town. After using a few BS products I realized how far superior bulk products are to pills. No comparison.

So at this point I am using 16 BSs products, and counting. For me, with a history of depression, it has been especially helpful to have certain critical supplements available in bulk. CoQ10 is one of the main supplements that is beneficial for depression. I also use the BSs B-vitamins, ALCAR, L-Carnitine and others.

As I was really tired of swallowing so many pills, so the BSs products have made compliance a non-issue, as taking them is so easy. Now, I never start a new supplement or re-order without first checking BSs for availability. Amazingly, they almost always have what I need.

And as I said, CoQ10 has been especially beneficial, and when I run out, I can really notice the difference. The efficacy is remarkable. I have eliminated almost all of my anti-depressants, and that's the best thing.*

On 3/8/2016 david said...

Good quality
This product is of good quality. The color is a bright yellow/orange which it should be. Low grade stuff is dark.*

On 2/23/2016 Gary said...

CoQ10 Powder
Powder so much easier and cheaper than capsules. All members of our family take it in varying doses and so mixing it with the coconut oil as recommended works very well. No need to cut open expensive gelatin capsules and squeeze out contents for those unable to swallow caps. Fairly new customer and liking the speedy delivery, price, and quality.*

On 2/21/2016 Hannah said...

Clean CoQ10
I've been taking this with L-carnitine for heart health. It's very clean and this is the best price out there! It is very light so can be difficult to mic alone. I add it to my shake in the morning and it mixes beautifully. I just ordered my second batch. I love bulk supplements. *

On 2/14/2016 Beverly said...

When I found Bulk I never looked back. The Packaging was good and the CoQ10 was a bright orange color. so far I have taken it and noticed I do not have that afternoon crash. I am full of energy. I will continue come back and get another 25g of pure CoQ10 when my current supply runs out. *

On 1/14/2016 Benson said...

Love it!
This is the first COQ10 product that does not upset my stomach. I've tried several with no luck. I love this! No additives, and I think that makes a big difference.

Definitely going to keep getting this!*

On 1/7/2016 Louise said...

Great quality
The product has great quality and I will buy it again. *

On 1/5/2016 Xiaoxia said...

I have used Bulksupplements for a while now and I have not been disappointed. I enjoy buying supplements in bulk in order to save money. COQ10 is a great supplement for the immune system and to stay young. I look forward to adding this to my list of supplements and having enough to last for a long time. thanks again Bulksupplements. *

On 12/15/2015 Tootsie said...

Good Value
I received the 25 gram pack of CoQ10 along with the Milligram scale, and yes it really does have .001 resolution, in a timely manner. I brewed it up into 2 different Coconut Oil batches:
For Internal Use - 16 fluid ounces of unrefined Coconut oil with 16 grams of CoQ10. I added the contents of 8 Vitamin E (d-Alpha Tocopheryl - natural) softgel 400 IU (minus losses on my fingers squeezing the softgel caps) which I'll guess came to about 2 grams vit E.
This yields 166 mg CoQ10 per teaspoon.
For External Use - 4 fluid ounces of refined Coconut Oil with 2 grams CoQ10. I added 1 large drop of Neem Oil weighing .134 gram. Then added the contents of 3 Vitamin E softgells, about .7 gram.
I maintained a low temperature, just enough to melt the Coconut Oil, added ingredients, mixed, and then into the refrigerator to prevent settling of the CoQ10. Both batches came out a beautiful Orange color.
Use: I have been using the cream (external use above) on a small sore in my left eyebrow that I've had for almost a year. I'm sure it doesn't help that I kept picking at it. Everyday, morning and evening, I use a small dab. This sore started shrinking by the second day!
Internal use - I eat a teaspoon every morning and evening. I haven't noticed much effect yet, but its only been 2 weeks.
I ordered with 2 other items, Magnesium Carbonate and Taurine.
I was slightly disappointed with the packaging of the CoQ10 because the "zip lock" part of the bag was not closed as arrived so that when I cut the outer seal some orange powder CoQ10 was lost as dust onto my kitchen counter. Its a good thing I cleaned first so I just licked it up. This bag is also a little too deep for this type of powder. CoQ10 is slightly sticky, both to itself and to my spoon.
The scale could use a slightly larger bowl as it is just as wide as a teaspoon. So transferring from teaspoon to bowl results in spillage. But Bulk Supplements does not make the scale, simply making it available so we can measure accurately.
The "zip lock" on the other two items was closed as arrived. Overall I am very satisfied and I will be ordering again. I wish I could add pictures to show the Orange in Coconut oil.*

On 12/13/2015 Ron said...

Coenzyme Q10
This product is out standing I could feel a difference just in 2 day of using it. It is a great product.*

On 12/9/2015 Yvan said...

This is the goods!
The best value in coq10 anywhere. I've been using this product for eight years now and the quality here beats anything I've tried before and in terms of price without fillers and not paying for capsules this is just the best. I love these guys! *

On 11/29/2015 patrick said...

Great price and quality
My daughter and I both use this product. We love that it is so free of everything -- gluten, corn, etc. This product is terrific for so many things. I took it in juice a few days ago and my chest congestion cleared within an hour!*

On 11/14/2015 CoQ10 Powder said...

CoQ10 Powder
Great price and fantastic suggestion on preparation with Coconut Oil. This simple procedure keeps the CoQ10 fresh and unoxidized for over 6 months! I mix 25 grams (at one time) with 16 fl oz of virgin coconut oil and put in a 16 fl oz mason jar. Each 1/2 teaspoon (serving) has 125 mg of CoQ10. I take 2 to 4 servings a day. If you make (2) 16 fl oz bottles, put one in the fridge (it "freezes" at about 76 degrees, so, it stores for a very long time). One more suggestion I read about...if you can drink grapefruit juice, take a good couple shots of it before taking the CoQ10. I increases the bioavailability of the CoQ10! One more may also want to consider purchasing some Acetyl L-Carnitine, aka ALCAR (also from Bulk Supplements) while you're at it. It works synergistically with CoQ10.*

On 10/18/2015 Phil said...

best quality, price and customer service
after I found Bulksupplements, i am not buying anywhere else, the quality and price they have compared to the competition, are definitely better. plus fast delivery great customer service, better quality and price, what else can you ask for.


On 10/12/2015 Frank said...

Unlike most, I need this for my CHF (Congestive Heart Failure)

Thankfully, I found I first noticed this product online via AMAZON, yet AMAZON doesn't accept PAYPAL payments?

So, what did I do...I went direct to their website.

I am a 20+ year veteran in IT. Yes, I am one of of a few that allowed you to leave AOL 56K dial up for prosperity. This being said, I research, and I research, and then I continue to research....

THIS PRODUCT CANT BE BEAT by any local retailer.

I offer gratitude to for offering me CoQ10 in the raw and ready for my JUICER!


Thank you BulkSupplements!


On 10/9/2015 George said...

COQ10 powder
After reading some of the reviews on line about COQ10 powder, I was very anxious to see if was going to ship my delicate powder safely. IT DID and then some. It was shipped in a perfectly sealed foil pouch, with lots of protective air bags around it and I knew it was new and fresh. No damage and it came very quickly. I have been using COQ10 for 10 years and my cholesterol is down about 100 points. I decided to use the fresh powder and package my own capsules and I am glad I did because I know exactly what I am taking and that it is perfectly fresh. I am a happy camper!!*

On 10/5/2015 Jan said...

Enhances my energy
I love this product. This along with my vitamin C regimen really helps with my energy and stamina. *

On 10/3/2015 Angela said...

Coenzyme Q10 (COQ10) - 25g Pure Powder
This is the third time I have ordered this product from Bulk Supplements. It shipped very quickly. I am happy that it comes in a powdered form because it can easily be mixed in my smoothies or salad dressing. Excellent quality!*

On 9/29/2015 Gaye said...

Excellent Product
Amazing value! Thank you for providing this product.*

On 9/26/2015 Diane said...

I like this products, it does work for me. Bulk supplements is my most favorite company for extracts and vitamin supplements because they carry the highest quality stuff that I like. I love to buy more of co-q10 from you.
Thank you!*

On 9/26/2015 Punya said...

Co-Enzyme (CoQ10)
I purchased this product at Bulk supplement since they have a good quality and really pure, besides they shipped very fast. Co-enzyme gives you a boost in your energy.Love it and we've been using for years already.*

On 9/20/2015 josie said...

Amazing Product!!!
Excellent quality and purity, I love it!*

On 9/18/2015 Jessica said...

Great Product for the Money
I've been wanting to try COQ10 for a few years because of the heart disease that runs through my family but the cost was prohibitive. As usual the supplement arrived quickly and packaged securely. I have been taking it for several days with no negative reactions and hopefully over time it will help with my MTHFR gene mutation. All my supplement orders have been great and I have seen tremendous health benefits from them all so far. *

On 9/11/2015 Diana said...

Pure CoQ10...
I really love Bulk Supplements. I recently started making my own homemade nutritional supplements with much to do from BulkSupps. Now I can make my own nootropic stacks, pre-workout mixes and morning smoothie stacks for a fraction of what it costs to regularly buy pre-made stacks from other companies. I bought bulk CoQ10 to add to a mason jar full of unrefined coconut oil along with Curcumin extract from as well. Great stuff, totally pure and no B.S. fillers or nonsense. Very grateful... My only small complaint has to do with the packaging. Often times my packages unseal inside be delivery and can be kinda messy. Also the seals sometimes don't work hardly at all or very poorly, which can be problematic when dealing with air and moisture sensitive powders. I suppose this is a small price to pay for such cheap, quality products but I'd be willing to pay an extra dollar an order to have a more sturdy, reliable and resealable packaging on a product I've spent perhaps $50+ on. All-in-all though very happy.*

On 9/10/2015 Matthew said...

Lightning fast delivery
Received in 1 1/2 days. Great pricing, great customer service with this group. *

On 8/18/2015 Graham said...

Coq10good stuff
Orderd it in the past cost alot but it is worth it.*

On 7/18/2015 charles adam said...

affordable and excipient free
I appreciate the price, quality, excipient free, good packaging and service*

On 7/14/2015 Donald said...

COQ10 is a Great Product!
Mixed this product with virgin/unrefined coconut oil upon arrival. Noticed an increase in energy shortly after taking.*

On 7/9/2015 Clint said...

Great product of COQ10 powder
I did order three bags of 25g for my parents with coconut oil mixed with this powder. The coconut oil with the COQ10 powder is easy to make and convenient for every day use. Based on the good experience with my parents, I did order two bags of 25g for my mom-in-law. I believe, in this way, the COQ10 will be fresher, more potent and worth of the money. I will never buy the capsules anymore.*

On 7/6/2015 Wei said...

Great stuff
So i mixed it with coconut and so far I'm really loving it. the orange color it brings your skin isn't really all that bad it sort of goes away as you rub it in. i'm new to coq10 but i'm noticing my energy levels are picking up and hopefully i can lower my b/p some. Thanks BULK!*

On 6/20/2015 Eric Bates said...

Coenzyme Q10 give me energy
I received a 10 gram shipment of CoQ10 just a few days after my request.
Packaged in 2 positive seal containers for freshness and safety during shipping. The color was a rich orange indicating a pure and natural product. A fine consistent texture made for filling capsules allowing easy dose control while traveling, which I do a lot. I am also on statin for many years now. Since starting on CoQ10, I have had much more energy and an overall feeling of wellness. This bulk product is much more cost effective and I am very pleased with the fast service and delivery. *

On 6/16/2015 gerald said...

coq10 is a marvelous supplement
as usual, Bulk Supplements delivered. The quality is top notch and the delivery is lightening fast. Coq10 is a great energy source and if you are on any kind of statin or blood pressure med, this substance is a must.

On 6/11/2015 robert said...

CoQ10 is essential.
CoQ10 is an absolute must for those over the age of 40. (Google "C0Q10" to learn more about it.) It helps provide the extra energy and stamina needed for those of us that are not so young, anymore. Previously, I've taken this product in the soft-gel form from another producer. I was excited to learn that it was available from Bulk Supplements, and I received it as a free sample. I've been using it as an additional additive in my morning protein shakes, and can tell it does work. However, I'm very curious on trying it with the coconut oil as mentioned in the other reviews. I will probably try it after my next order.*

On 6/11/2015 Roy said...

Coenzyme Q10 is great stuff
My package of Coenzyme Q10 arrived very promptly was just as described. I have very good service from*

On 6/11/2015 Thomas said...

Is Mixing CoQ10 With Coconut Oil a Worthwhile Adventure?
All of the comments listed for this product encouraged me to purchase it. I'd run out of my regular supply of coconut oil and took the bus to Costco to purchase more. After my purchase of 25 grams of Coenzyme Q10, I set up my container for 2 cups of liquid coconut oil and added the 25 grams of Coenzyme Q10 to it and stirred well. How did I liquefy it? I put the container on my heated bathroom floor to liquefy. Thereafter, after I made my mixture, I refrigerated it so it would initially solidify.

I am a very long-time user of coconut oil and so I know it is liquid when the temperature reaches 73 degrees and solid when the temperature is 72 degrees. It is not necessary to keep this product in the refrigerator. Nothing negative happens if it liquefies. Just keep it in a place where it won't be disturbed. A wide mouth mason jar would work for this. Then, you wouldn't need to worry if it is liquid or solid.

What is a puzzle, is how to accurately determine the daily dosage, when the addition of 454 grams of coconut oil with 25 grams of CoQ10 are combined. indicates that 454 grams + 25 grams = 479 grams. 479 grams converts to 95.8 teaspoons.

But, this is not quite the right question. The question we need to know is, if the serving of CoQ10 is = 1/8th of a teaspoon, how many teaspoons are in 25 grams of Coenzyme Q10? The answer is 40. Remember, just because we have a whole bunch of coconut oil added to our CoQ10, doesn’t mean we’ve expanded our amount of CoQ10. If 1/4th of a teaspoon, then the servings drop to 20. So, now divide the 95.8 teaspoons by either 40 (the answer is 2.294 teaspoons per serving) and if 20, a whole bunch of coconut oil is almost 5 teaspoons (4.79 teaspoons). In Tablespoons, this means roughly 1 Tablespoon for 40 days, and roughly 1 1/2 Tablespoons daily for 20 days.

Wow! Might we want to actually reduce the amount of coconut oil used to make this mixture? Might we also want to purchase two (2) of the 25 gram packages of Coenzyme Q10? Or, might we even want to purchase a higher amount? Might we only want to use 8 oz. of coconut oil? Might we decide against this adventure? Might we find better ways to incorporate this mixture into our daily diet? If we heat it up and use it along with the coconut oil – heat destroys the benefits of CoQ10. Can’t do that!

Of course, you could smooth the stuff all over your body, because your body would thirstily love it. I'm not sure I'd like to have an orange body though. Or, better yet, simply add this mixture into your daily green smoothie.

But swallow it at one sitting all by its lonesome? I used to do that years ago swallowing 3 Tablespoons at a time of coconut oil (minus the CoenzymeQ10 because I didn't know about it), until my stomach rebelled 5 years later. But, you could also use it like Peanut Butter, or Cashew Butter, etc. and spread it on your morning toast. But, methinks whoever came up with the idea of using a full 16 oz. of coconut oil hadn't thought the reality of the dosing. Because, if you stingily want this product to last 6 months, you'd definitely be getting the benefit of the coconut oil; but, would you be getting a reasonable benefit from the CoenzymeQ10? I'm simply not so sure you would.

But, now that I'm stuck with this 479.0 gram mixture, I know I will immediately be ordering more CoenzymeQ10 to mix with this amalgamated product so that I can reduce the number of teaspoons daily to a reasonable number. What I also know, I should have done the math first.

Now, if I'm wrong. please do let me know.

All this said, I am a long-time benefactor of using CoQ10. Up until now I've used the sublingual ones which go under the tongue and dissolve.
But the dosage is always so negligible. I did find one product where I could get 600 mg; but, it was a horse-size pill I simply couldn’t swallow because it is so huge, and I'm shipping them back to the company.

There is another company who markets a liquid CoQ10, but the dosage is only 100 mg. and the price is about $37.00 for a 2 month supply @ 100 mg. per day. Hmmm. Sublinguals at 100 mg. only cost around $10.00.

I’m glad I now understand the math and know I have to add a lot more CoQ10 to my current mixture, so I don’t gag on the coconut oil or I can use what I currently have and make sure I add it to my daily green smoothie, or rub onto my skin.

I also am well acquainted with the phenomenal benefits of coconut oil. I'm pushing 80 and do not have any wrinkles on my face. My skin is most clear and vibrant. I use coconut oil daily on all the skin on my body as well as my hair to moisturize it. Looking at that big container I mixed up, I just might use it up on my skin and hair and chalk my adventure here to mix the CoQ10 and coconut oil together in ridiculous proportions to a great learning experience. The great learning experience becomes normalized when we all figure out ways to use this "enhanced" product.

I like the idea of simply adding the existing product I've made to my daily green smoothies made with my Vita-Mix and nixing rubbing the stuff on my body.

Let me know what you think and your ideas as well! Here is to all our good health!

On 6/9/2015 HealthyHappySenior said...

Don't know much about these, but as soon as I started to use them, something changed. Satisfied.*

On 6/9/2015 Min Young said...

I have so many allergies that I had to stop taking CoQ10 because of all the fillers. I am delighted to be able to use this product without reservation. I just wish it came with a tiny measuring aid because it is too easy to "eyeball" a dose either too high or too low.*

On 5/28/2015 Shalisha said...

Insurance policy
Love this product I added to my other supplements I get here. How can I tell its working? Went 3 days without it and felt drained. The initial investment in your health is well worth it. I consider this my health insurance. Feeling stronger, clearer and better day by day. I am over 50 btw. *

On 5/26/2015 Cheryl said...

I love it!
I melted 4oz coconut oil and dump all 10g powder in it. It dissolved very well and turned the coconut oil into bright orange color. I put 1/2 teaspoon on my toast every morning and I love it! It's good for heart and cardiovascular. It is also good to skin too. It can reduce wrinkles when use topically. I put a little bit of the Coq10 coconut oil in my oil mix and put on face before going to bed. It is wonderful! I certainly will buy again.*

On 5/13/2015 Hongbing said...

I think we are peppier!
This stuff was easy to mix with coconut oil as described. We seem to be more focused and have more energy. It is still soon to see if this is the reason or if something else is. I just like the fact that I can slide it into other foods and we don't have to gag anything down!
Packaging clean and neat. Shipping on time. No challenges or disappointed expectations.*

On 5/10/2015 Connie said...

Fresh and Potent
For years I knew that we need to have COQ10 supplement but the COQ10 capsules in the market are so expensive. I am so happy to find to order the powder. The delivery is fast, the COQ10 powder is fresh, potent, much cheaper but superior to the capsules in the market. I feel so lucky to have
Will come back for future orders.*

On 5/4/2015 Wei said...

Love bulk supplements!!
we love this! Mix with coconut oil ..our energy is So much better,we feel great,btw,spread b12 on Apple or on organic bread to give you a great lift!!! Bulk Supplements.wife chemist, always looking for purity in supplements..good health to all!*

On 4/17/2015 Ross said...

Great price
Got a trial pack of this from Bulk Sup and it lasted a long time. Mixed well only thing I had to to extra was add some coconut oil for better absorption. *

On 4/10/2015 Mike said...

It arrived fresh and well packaged. I warmed about 16oz of coconut oil in a jar in hot water to liquify it. I then poured it into a jar over 25 grams of COQ10 and it disolved very well. Just stir it for a minute or two. At first the color turned reddish, but after refridgeration to solidify the oil the color turned orange again. I mix a teaspoon in my morning smoothy. So far so good. I am very pleased with the product. I am a big fan of antioxidants and believe COQ10 is one of the best especially for heart and cardiovascular health.*

On 4/7/2015 Peter said...

Great Product
I have used CoQ10 for a long time but have always wanted to try the powder version to save money and customize my dosage. My recent order shipped the same day of my order and arrived very soon. The powder does not have any taste and I can easily swallow it. I've read that it needs an oil for best absorption, so I always take this with my fish oil. *

On 3/19/2015 Helen said...

Energy through the roof + Rock hard erections!
I weighed an 1/8 of a teaspoon measure and it weighed to only 100mg, so I now take 1/4 teaspoon every morning. It gives you an immediately noticable rise in energy -- the kind that makes you just want to sprint around the office. When I started doing intermittent fasting about a week later, my energy was through the roof -- like I was a young puppy. Plus it had the added benefits of a huge rise in sex drive -- rock hard erections that pop up throughout the day and last. Will definitely make this a daily staple for LIFE :)*

On 3/13/2015 Rahul said...

Economical source CoQ10
Good economical way of introducing CoQ10 in your diet. Note it must be dissolved in fatty foods or oils. I've found the suggested coconut oil or even flax seed oil works well. Only small dosages are required, and you get the added benefit from the oil.*

On 3/9/2015 Orrin said...

I use this as a supplement to assist B-12 & B-6 mixture that I also receive from A perfect booster such as one gets in many power shots or R-- B--- drinks. The orange color can be a mess but the dose required is very small so the price is well worth it.*

On 2/11/2015 Ross said...

This adds to my B-12 and B-6 mixture as an added energy boost that is also found in most energy drinks. I love the daily mood of added up - and - go push it gives.*

On 1/18/2015 Ross said...

Very good *

On 1/15/2015 norberto said...

Great Stuff
I was sluggish prior to using this product. Now I am energized. *

On 12/22/2014 Beverly said...

Re: Great Stuff!!!
A very little goes a long way!!! When I rec'd my first order, I thought it would not last long; but the dose is miniscule! So, a little goes a long way!!! It was very fresh and packaged extremely well! Shipment was fast. Really liked the service and also my cinnamon bark. ;o) It helps keep my blood sugar down. The CoQ10 just makes me feel so much better! I can tell when I don't take it. It is that noticeable! It has given me so much more energy and makes me feel great! Thanks bulksupplements for suggesting I put it in coconut oil! Works like a charm! Goes down easy and really can't be tasted much. As I take the coconut oil daily as well, this gets two in one! Thanks again!!!*

On 12/4/2014 Virginia said...

What a great value!!!
This stuff is soooooo good for you! Thanks you are the best source for healthy supplements Ive ever heard of!*

On 9/17/2014 Peter said...

I really like this it helps me stay awake:)*

On 4/7/2014 Patricia said...

Husband wipeout...
I seemed to do fine with this but my husband wiped out. He would come from work and crash. He was also getting headaches. We had been using another brand that he did well with. The day that I gave the other brand again he went out to the yard to work when he came home. I appreciated the hint to mix it with coconut oil. That was the first thing I did. I find it very convenient and a good price. I will probably continue to use it and try it once more with my husband to make sure that was the problem. I would still recommend giving this a go to most anyone. Just remember the oil factor and keep tabs on your response.

On 4/4/2014 Patricia said...

Best Coenzyme Q10 powder
Your COQ10 looks and smells totally fresh. I compared its color to that of the COQ10 powder capsules from another company I had been taking. While your powder is an incredibly bright and richly colored orange, my old clear gelatin capsules showed a washed-out, barely yellow colored powder. Now that’s the difference between a totally fresh substance and one that that has sat around on the shelves for who knows how long.

A very small amount is all that is needed in order to get the amount I want to take daily. This is so much cheaper than what I have been paying by buying capsules. I can detect no taste to this powdered COQ10, even when I stick my finger directly into it and then place it into my mouth. A nice fringe benefit.

I’m used to keeping my supplements away from exposure to air, so preserving the potency here is no problem for me. I appreciate your candor on this issue, though, and your suggestions on preserving the COQ10’s potency.

On 3/26/2014 ARTHUR said...

Good Product
Have noticed more energy. Taste is mild and it does not take much of product per dose. Would recommed. Fast delivery.*

On 3/22/2014 Steve said...

More noticeable stamina
I did notice a difference from the first day. I still do heavy construction work at age 61, and can tell when I have the extra strength and stamina I need to perform well. The Co Q 10 makes all the difference. *

On 2/24/2014 Arthur said...

I give this to my dog
My German Shepherd has had heartworm damage (she is adopted) and also has cancer. Her energy level has increased after giving her CoQ 10 and I can only pinpoint CoQ10 as the source of her energy and lack of fatigue.It took three months to notice a significant difference but it obviously works, and its positive effects are compounded with time..*

On 12/9/2013 Lucy said...

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