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Caffeine Powder

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Caffeine Powder


  • 100% pure Caffeine powder
  • Promotes energy
  • Warning: highly toxic in larger quantities
  • Taste

  • Mixability no longer offers pure caffeine powder to consumers ( We do offer pure caffeine powder in 200mg capsules to consumers). If you are a manufacturer, you may purchase caffeine powder with a valid FDA Registration Number or Proof of Use in a Product. Contact customer support for more info.

WARNING! Caffeine is HIGHLY TOXIC in higher quantities. Excess use with as little as a few grams may result in death. DO NOT use more than 200 milligrams (mg) of Caffeine in a single serving, or more than 600 milligrams (mg) in a day. Accurate measurement requires a milligram weight scale. Do not take if you have a history of heart disease, or if you are pregnant or nursing. Consult your physician before taking this product.


Serving Size & Timing

The suggested serving size of Caffeine powder is anywhere from 50mg to 200mg per day, adding up to a total of no more than 600mg per day to be taken in three different servings, depending on intended effect. Caffeine being consumed from other sources, such as coffee and sports drinks, should always be taken into account when apportioning out the remaining supplement amounts to avoid chance of accidental overdose. Despite the teaspoon measurements being given, it is best and safest to obtain the apportioned amount by using an accurate gram weight scale.

This product should be avoided by anyone who is pregnant, nursing or has a history of heart issues, liver issues or insomnia. If diabetic, it is important to consistently monitor blood sugar while consuming this supplement. If on any other drugs, medications, or suffering from any other ailments or illnesses not mentioned here, it is best to consult a medical professional before usage of this supplement.

Nutritional Information

Supplement Facts

Serving size: 200mg
Serving per container: *
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value**
Caffeine Anhydrous...200mg *%
* Daily Value not established.
** Based on 2,000 calorie diet


Sugar, soy, dairy, yeast, gluten or additives

As a dietary supplement, take 50 to 200mg up to three times daily. DO NOT use more than 200mg in a single serving, or more than 600mg in a day. Use a milligram scale for accurate measurement.



This Caffeine supplement comes as a fine white powder and is considered pharmaceutical grade because of its strength and its purity sans excess fillers and additives. It should be stored in a dry area away from any heat or light sources.


Taken in small servings, some of Caffeine’s side effects are immediate, including an increase in body temperature, dilation of the pupils, frequency of urination and increased metabolic rate. Although Caffeine provides temporary energy, cognitive functions still need real sleep to be fully restored; Caffeine should not be used as a substitute for a good night’s sleep.

The ways in which Caffeine can affect someone depend on many factors, the most important of these being height, weight and resistance to Caffeine already established. Those with little exposure to Caffeine are already more likely to experience side effects from the drug almost immediately and at a more intense level.

Taking too much Caffeine at once can cause elevated blood pressure, restlessness, headaches, irritability, nausea and increased heart rate, which could be very dangerous. It should also be noted that Caffeine is extremely toxic in large doses. The larger the dose, the more likely one is to experience negative side effects. In some cases, large doses of Caffeine beyond the recommended daily value could even be fatal. This information is not to be taken lightly.


Caffeine powder comes in the form of soft white crystal powder and is bitter to the taste. It can be mixed effectively with most liquids, water included, but it is recommended that it be mixed with a flavored sugary drink to help assuage some of the bitterness.


Due to varying import regulations, not all of our supplements are available to international customers. This product is restricted for sale in the following countries:


California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

Customer Reviews

Great product at a fraction of the cost
These caffeine pills help me stay energized throughout the day. The capsules are easily removable, especially if you want to mix it with drinks. Great product!*

On 4/23/2019 Aaron said...

Skip the Morning Coffee
I'm a commuter so naturally I have to get up fairly early for work. These are the perfect dose and extremely clean. I've even saved time by not having to brew coffee every morning. Great product as always from BulkSupps!*

On 4/18/2019 Jonathan said...

Simple, effective, easy
Best caffeine capsules I've taken. No chalky nonsense that most others have, very easy to store and consume. *

On 4/11/2019 Bobby said...

Smooth Energy!
These Caffeine capsules don’t leave you with jitters. Just smooth constant energy for a good amount of time! Will order again for sure!*

On 4/9/2019 John said...

Smooth Caffeine
These 200 mg*

On 4/9/2019 John said...

Stronger than powder
This product is great! If you want a stronger “kick”, go with the capsules instead of the powder! *

On 4/7/2019 Gavin said...

Love it
Was feeling really tired all the time so I decided to add a little boost. I wasn't wanting to get the jitters. This product works perfectly. *

On 4/7/2019 Deanna said...

Perfect for custom preworkouts
We make our own preworkout, and like the 200mg caps so we can add a whole one to my preworkout and a half one to my wife's preworkout (she does the same amount of everything else). Excellent quality and clean feeling buzz from these.*

On 4/6/2019 Robert said...

Fantastic product
I have been mixing my low but pre workout for several weeks. The only caffeine pills I could find were tablets which meant I had to crush the pills myself. Not a complete pain but still another step. These gelatin pills make things a lot easier.*

On 3/27/2019 Matt said...

Excellent Caffeine Powder
This product is a great alternative to energy drinks and coffee, plus it free of sugar and soy! *

On 3/5/2019 Scott said...

The Cleanest form of Caffeine
These capsules are easy to break open and pour into a preworkout for extra caffeine. I like how easy and clean it is*

On 2/24/2019 Jerrod said...

These work great on the morning to get my day started. I take one with my morning shake and but the time I get to work, I don't need coffee to wake me up. *

On 2/10/2019 andrew said...


On 2/4/2019 Marcia said...

Very convenient!
If you constantly are drinking coffee or energy drinks and are tired of spending so much money, these caffeine 200mg pills are a great alternative. They are a lot more time efficient and cheaper than any other energy alternative.*

On 1/13/2019 Nicholas said...

Very Effective, Crashless Caffeine!
I purchased the 300x Gelatin pills (which are 200mg in size) for use in making my own caffeinated soda syrup for my SodaStream. I had never taken a caffeine pill before, and was eager to see if the claims made by other reviewers were true - within fifteen minutes, I felt much more energetic (in the manner in which caffeine generally effects me), without feeling jittery, and the effect lasted for three or four hours before gradually subsiding. I did not feel drained, sluggish, or foggy afterward - overall I am very impressed, and the price is very reasonable. I will definitely order again in the future!*

On 1/12/2019 Chris said...

These are great!
I really like the simple dosage, small size, clear nutrition facts. I'm taking 200 mg of these before workouts and it is going great!*

On 12/6/2018 Kyle said...

Fast and easy
I rarely buy capsules because I mix the powders all together. Having caffeine in a capsule is my exception, great to always keep a couple with you. *

On 11/21/2018 matt said...

Caffeine Pills
Easy to pull the pill apart and add it to my preworkout shakes. Perfect amount in a pill!*

On 10/3/2018 Erik said...

Caffeine Pills
These do exactly what I needed them to and are more convenient than the non capsules or powder form I was looking for.*

On 9/24/2018 DT said...

Great size and potency
Works great and I dont have to worry about it not being pure when I buy from Bulk Supplements. Very convenient also*

On 9/9/2018 Matthew said...

Caffeine Pills
Very convenient and very effective! Never been a coffee guy. I normally take one as soon as i wake up and then one an hour before my workout. Cheaper and better than most preworkouts out there. *

On 8/29/2018 Landen said...

Caffine without jitters!
I am a huge fan of this caffeine pill. I stopped drinking coffee because of acid reflux this little pill left me jitter free and amped to tackle every activity.

I very excited to have this as a tool in my toolkit while I continue my training for a full 140.3 mi triathlon. *

On 8/8/2018 john said...

Excelent results
This caffeine pills make me energetic and awake only about 15-20 minutes after taking just one.The effect last several hours.
Totally recommend. *

On 7/28/2018 Charles said...

Caffeine Pills
I like to take these as a pre-workout with creatine and notice benefits in alertness and performance. The pills are perfect to take on the go and provide clean and pure energy.*

On 7/16/2018 Sean Clements said...

Does the job
Very convenient to take. No longer need to load up on coffee.*

On 7/6/2018 JC said...

Simple. Effective. Flexible
This has become my go to product for any type of pre-workout stimulant I might require. It's got just enough to really notice the extra ergogenic improvement without giving me the shakes, plus I get to decide when I want to take it in relation to my other pre-workout ingredients as opposed to the types with the caffeine mixed in with the rest. It can also prove useful in the event I need to have a late night and don't want to be drinking coffee or an energy drink.
It can sneak up on you if you don't track how many you've taken. It's a lot easier to forget if you've taken a pill than it is to forget if you've drank an energy drink/cup of coffee/shaker bottle of pre. Still, I wouldn't consider going back to the alternative.*

On 6/12/2018 Josef said...

great product
I was originally looking for caffeine powder because i didn't necessarily want 200 mg in each capsule. Once i received them, they were very easy to pull apart and not take the full amount. I recently started taking them apart and putting them in my pre-workout. I would highly recommend getting your caffeine pills here!*

On 5/3/2018 David said...

good stuff
Will definitely re-order.*

On 1/20/2018 Ryan said...

Better then others ive tried
I ordered a different brand of caffeine pills from Amazon and enjoyed them, but they always made me jittery and gave me anxiety. I like these a lot more. If i take it too late in the evening, i wont be able to sleep and night so i will take the L Theanine that i also purchased from here and it helps get rid of the effects of the caffeine.*

On 8/19/2017 Sam said...

Better then others ive tried
I ordered a different brand of caffeine pills from Amazon and enjoyed them, but they always made me jittery and gave me anxiety. I like these a lot more. If i take it too late in the evening, i wont be able to sleep and night so i will take the L Theanine that i also purchased from here and it helps get rid of the effects of the caffeine.*

On 8/19/2017 Sam said...

Pure Energy
This isn't your coffee or soda caffeine! It's Bulk Supplements pure. You can be sure of what you're putting in your body! It's energy isn't just a boost. It lasts throughout the day. Plus there's no crash. I've used every available caffeine sources. Bulk Supplements' is hands down the very best!*

On 6/24/2017 Nancy said...

Great Energy Caps, No Crash
Great product. Provides a nice energy boost with just the right amount of caffeine to sustain me throughout my workout or work day. No crash.*

On 5/24/2017 Hollie said...

Pure, no crash
I take one of these caffeine capsules (which are tiny! compared to your regular sized capsule) about 60min prior to my workout/run at the same time everyday, and the caffeine gives me a nice boost for my workouts, and for the rest of the day. Energy from these caps are nice and pure, no crashing, and no jitters (I am sensitive to caffeine). Bulk Supplements is my go to for all my supplement needs. Keep up the great work!*

On 5/16/2017 Keith said...

Caffeine Pills
Some of the capsules were broken or empty upon arrival. Thats why there are only 4 stars. So instead of 300 capsules i probably received about 270 or so that are usable. *

On 4/12/2017 Aaron said...

300 Vegetarian Capsules
Great product, great price, hard to open the capsules. Also, about 10-15% of the capsules broke during shipment. 4 stars.*

On 4/5/2017 Robert said...

Excellent Product
Excellent product, only issue is the bag does take a little work to reseal hence the 4 stars*

On 4/5/2017 Kastro said...

endurance runner looking for a boost
Pills worked pretty well, hit later than i was expected. took a few trials to find optimal time (i found around 60-90 minutes before starting a workout was optimal). also, some of the pills were split open in the bag. *

On 3/17/2017 Kai said...

Caffeine Powder, Coffee Kick
I found this coffee at a local health food store that I really like, it just didn't seem to have enough kick. I ended up getting some of this caffeine powder and supplementing an additional 50MG per cup and woah, it really does the trick. Be VERY careful with your measurements and I'd start small. It can give your heart a flutter if you're not careful. Great stuff, works to pep me u for work. Would recommend.*

On 1/18/2017 Daniel said...

Caffeine Powder
Bulk Supplements has done it again! I ordered the caffeine vegetarian capsules. The right amount every time. I thought it would make me jittery or nauseous. Bulk Supplements powder is so pure and clean all I felt was what I had wanted....a boost of energy and mental clarity. I will be telling my friends and reordering!*

On 1/10/2017 Nancy said...

Working exactly for what I need...
I bought this to create my own energy cocktail of vitamins and supplements. I like it because I know exactly how much caffeine I am getting per ounce. It provides just the perfect amount of energy. Thank you for supplying a great product.*

On 12/21/2016 Greg said...

Works like magic
I always take these before working out because I'm exhausted after my work/school. Pumps me up and keeps me focused at the gym. Works every time. *

On 12/10/2016 Andrew said...

Caffeine Capsules
Great Clean Product A++ Caffeine Capsules
I use a capsules 30 minutes before my workout and I'm ready to go.
would order again.*

On 12/2/2016 Scott said...

Please offer this in smaller quantities again.
I bought the 3.53 size when you offered it over 6 years ago and I just ran out today. I'm so disappointed that I you don't offer it in a size I can afford. I'm 54 and suffer from chronic arthritis and back pain from years of bodybuilding. Because of strict laws on pain medications I can almost never find a pharmacy that has my drs prescription in stock and have to wait weeks for relief. This powder has helped relieve my pain like nothing else and I can't believe I'm again put in the position of facing misery. These government restrictions are creating a new class of criminals, guilty by necessity.*

On 7/16/2016 peggy said...

Please Restock Smaller Sizes
I can't justify buying a 25KG package of caffeine for $600. It's more caffeine than I'd use in 10 lifetimes.
100g - 250g packages would be ideal for personal users.

I love this product and the site, but I'd need smaller packages to justify ordering more from you.
Please restock sizes more feasible for personal users.

On 6/28/2016 Peter said...

Please Restock Smaller Sizes
I love this product, and this company. However, I buy this for personal use.
I can't justify buying a 25KG package of caffeine, that's more than I'd ever need in 10 lifetimes.

Please restock your smaller sizes. I want to remain loyal to your site but right now the only option is 25KG.
100g - 250g packages would be ideal for personal users.
Thank you.*

On 6/28/2016 Peter said...

This is GREAT!
I've been very pleased with this product. It's super potent. I just take a small amount in the morning before I workout, and it's been great!*

On 9/8/2015 Melissa said...

Great, clean, cost efficient preworkout
This product is great as a substitute for a preworkout. It works fast and mixes well in water with little notice of taste. would recommend 10/10.*

On 9/2/2015 Brad said...

First time placing an order with bulk supplement and have nothing but good reviews. Mixed up our own little pre workout. We are loving the affects and how easy it is to mix.. Will for sure be purchasing from this site again.. thanks*

On 9/1/2015 Shawna said...

Caffeine is perfect
The granules of the caffeine are incredibly small due to it being pharmaceutical grade powder, so it mixes very well with everything. The taste of it isn't great but as far as buying a bunch of premium caffeine, it does not get better than this! *

On 8/31/2015 Tyler said...

caffine suppliment
Nice! Quit coffee 25 yrs. ago because of all the toxins. Replaced w/green tea. 1/8th teas. of the powder boosts 6-8hrs. Clean. No headache. No jitters. Mix w/2oz.sweet drink you can shoot it(drink in one gulp)to back of mouth. Quite bitter but doesn't linger long. Novice, don't take 2nd 1/8th 10hrs. before you want to sleep. Now I can quit the energy shot drinks. This powder is way better, more economical.*

On 8/29/2015 Norman said...

Speedy delivery! Product is great. 1/8th teaspoon delivers in about 20 min. wait for it before taking more. It works! Now, I can quit the energy shots & caffine pills. A bit bitter. Nothing that can't be handled in a shot of sweet drink. No regrets.*

On 8/26/2015 Norman said...

I love it!
Great for caffeine shakes it have me moving through out the day.*

On 8/26/2015 Latoya said...

Love it
Perfect clean pre workout!*

On 8/22/2015 bryon said...

Perfect pre workout boost
I use this caffeine powder in my pre workout along with bet alanine, creatine and arginine. Perfect clean boost for sustained energy... no crash!
Bulk Supplements is always fast and courteous. The quality can't be beat and the prices are awesome.
I used to spend tons at GNC or Vitamin Shoppe for supplements but not any more. I found my pure supplement provider through bulk supplements. Thanks!*

On 8/22/2015 bryon said...

powdered caffeine
Super convenient. ..cant lift without it *

On 8/19/2015 david said...

great product will buy again and again
I throw 250-300mg in my own preworkout and gives me alertness and energy to make it through my workout and longer awesome product bulksupplements are the way to go *

On 8/16/2015 jasen said...

Many Uses!
I purchased this to make my own pre-workout, but it comes in handy for lots of things. Pretty much anything you feel like you want a little caffeine in, you can put what you need. Great for smoothies as well. At 200mg it really doesn't add much taste to anything either. Just make sure you get a very accurate scale and be careful cause we're dealing with milligrams!*

On 8/12/2015 Wil said...

Great Supplement and Great Price
The caffeine from Bulk Supplements is fantastic.

The taste is not great (similar to aspirin), but that cannot be helped with pure caffeine. I put it on my tongue and swallow it with lots of water and chase it with some soda or juice or a small snack.

The shipping is the fastest I've ever gotten from any company. The price is great for such a great product. I would absolutely recommend Bulk Supplements.*

On 8/12/2015 Katie said...

Extra Pep an excellent value
This caffeine is great. You can mix it with most liquids and in powder form, you can vary dosage easily. I take every morning before working out and it really helps to keep me going and focused. Additionally, there is a minor fat loss help too. The 100 MG bag should last several months easy if you follow recommended dosages. I also recommend reducing or eliminating it for a couple of weeks every 3 months. IMy body gets used to it after awhile so reducing or stopping helps when I retake at normal dosages.*

On 8/5/2015 Tom said...

Undoubtely beats any caffeine infused product on the market
I am a regular consumer of caffeine, whether it be coffee, sodas, or energy drinks. They all produce different results and side effects along with having other undesired (or not) ingredients besides caffeine. This caffeine supplement absolutely gets the job done, as far as what caffeine is primarily known to do; fatigue fighter, energy boost, mental alertness, focus and the list goes on and on. Also, the side effects that I have experienced are pretty much non-existent as comparable to other methods of caffeine consumption. I rarely write reviews but this is one supplement that I would absolutely recommend. *

On 8/2/2015 jose said...

Great Supplement
I just ordered my second bag of Caffeine Powder through BulkSupplements. The first 100g bag took me about a year to get through. I consider myself a moderate caffeine user. Taste isn't great but when mixed with a flavor enhancer its awesome. I mainly use it to make my own preworkout. But I also use it on occasion separately and it works great. Better than coffee IMO as long as you use common sense when you use it and don't abuse it.*

On 8/2/2015 benjamin said...

Gets you Going
I purchased this caffeine just to help kick-start my day without buying energy drinks. Well a little really does go a long way, I can feel it almost instantly, the flavor isn't great but that's not why i bought it. DO NOT TAKE TOO MUCH CAFFEINE IN ONE SERVING!!! Awesome product would buy from again*

On 8/1/2015 Ethan Mikkelson said...

happy customer! !
Was amazed at there fast service an delivery!! Products were all that i was seeking in quality...5 stars! !*

On 7/29/2015 Don said...

caffeine powder
Very good product, don't need much.*

On 7/27/2015 Yves said...

Caffeine: God's Gift to Man
After receiving synthetic caffeine from Bulk Supplements, I tried a pinch.
Quite effective, but a pinch gave me the jitters. Before I start using the product on a regular basis, I will purchase a mg scale. I plan to use
caffeine as an insecticide in my vegetable garden. Maybe, start with a Tbs
in my rain barrel to kill mosquito larvae. I look forward to trying other products from Bulk Supplements. A good company!
. *

On 7/27/2015 Frank said...

Great product
I began mixing my own pre and post workouts about a year ago and order nearly every ingredient off of bulksupplements. It keeps my per-serving costs low and is all pure ingredients. This caffeine powder is essential for my pre-workout and gives the energy I need at a SUPER low cost.*

On 7/27/2015 Dempsey said...

What is there to say about caffeine? Plenty! But i'll stick to this: bulks supplements caffeine is one i trust and is my go to caffeine source. Got to have it to help get me going during my morning workouts!*

On 7/26/2015 Garrett said...

Awesome stuff to make your own pre workout. Energy is nice and clean, scales and accurate measuring is a must*

On 7/21/2015 Darin said...

Great Product
I use it to keep me going at my night shift. It really helps me get through the night.*

On 7/21/2015 Rogelio said...

energy now
caffeine powder is great for a nice energy boost before a work out and its not against the rules for any sports or competitions so its my first choice for a boost when needed*

On 7/21/2015 william said...

Great buy
Great price and and product. Shipping was quick and easy. Will definitely be buying again*

On 7/18/2015 MICHAEL said...

Great stuff, worked just like it was supposed too. Product was sealed great, which allows for easy use and storage. It even had proper serving size and how many servings were in the package. Definitely will be a returning customer, awesome company!*

On 7/15/2015 Phil said...

This stuff is no joke!
Let me start out with this. I only use about 1/16 tsp in my prework out shake. Give about 20 minutes to kick in .. and .. it's on!! As for taste if taken with water, it's a bit bitter. But it is easily masked when mixed with anything with a taste. Shipping was fast, I will buy from Bulk Supplements again. I have told my friends about this site. For closing I want to say again .. be careful with pure caffeine. It's a great booster, but too much can really mess up your day!! Be safe and have a great day!*

On 7/14/2015 Chuck said...

Reliable but dangerous
Great product for preworkout mixes and adding to any juice. Definitely recommend using this product always on the side of caution. Be aware when opening up the bag to not inhale or keep your face near. Also ships fast. *

On 7/13/2015 Andrew said...

For the gardener
A couple of years ago, I read about experiments that were being done with caffeine to combat garden slugs. They are the bane for anyone who has hostas, marigolds and a variety of other plants. Rather than wait for a product to come on the market, I started to experiment with it myself, with excellent results. I boil 3 tbs per gallon of water and put it in a garden sprayer and apply. I've yet to see any negative effects on plants at that level, but have watched slug damage virtually disappear. It kills them when they come in contact with it as it absorbs through their slime. I"ve had such great results with this formula, I've not experimented with others.*

On 7/13/2015 Martin said...

Give me energy
I really enjoy this product it a boost for early in the morning. It keep you very alert,better than a cup of coffee or something like energy booster. I this makes it the second time ordering I was referred by a friend .you want go wrong it last a long time.*

On 7/13/2015 Tresa said...

Good caffeine powder
It's the same as all the energy drinks and such that have caffeine included and is more accurate in dosing than either coffee or tea. Overall if the taste isn't too much for you, (I usually just mix it in a strongly flavored drink) this power works pretty good. *

On 7/13/2015 Eric Skulavik said...

BulkSupplements [Caffeine Powder] Review
This 100% caffeine powder is a very reliable product, very pure and was received tightly sealed. I would recommended it to a variety of people who need the extra boost throughout the day as well as the energy as it a mild central nervous stimulant. Very clean product. Highly recommended. *

On 7/13/2015 McKenna said...

Highly effective, minimal cost
This caffeine powder is great! Adding a tiny amount (as indicated in its enclosed usage instructions) to water or juice, gives you all the caffeine you need to "get going" without having to drink coffee. There are many chemicals/preservatives in coffee, none of which are in this powder. The caffeine powder is practicly tasteless in water, and completely tasteless in juice; Im truly glad I found this site to order it from for such a reasonable price. Thank you!*

On 7/11/2015 Michael said...

Extremely Clean Energy in and Out of the Gym
High quality caffeine and log lasting energy. I use it as a preworkout (mixed with vitamins B3, B6, B12 and C from here too) and as a little pick me up 7-8 hours later. It gives great focus and as a shift worker can be a life saver out of the gym. *

On 7/11/2015 Stephen Flowers said...

Fantastic product!!!!
Great product. Shipping was fast. Im satisfied with the purchase.*

On 7/9/2015 Benedicte said...

Caffeine Powder
Best price on the internet, hands down. Clean pure products. I will be buying from this website from now on. *

On 7/7/2015 Justin said...

Great for saving money if you need caffeine to start your day
Less than 1 cent per serving, can be combined with juice to mimic an energy drink or flavored teas if you prefer a warm beverage. Taste is bitter if consumed with water only, but easily masked by juice/tea. Does not cause jitters like coffee, more of a smooth even boost. Shipped very quickly. *

On 7/6/2015 Grace said...

Best sourse of caffeine!
I add some in my nalgene water bottle and keeps me going throughout the day. Almost tasteless depending on how much you add, and way cheaper than coffee any day!*

On 7/4/2015 Paul said...

caffeine powder
gave me just the kick i need. all pure. no fillers. only need a little bit to get going and it lasts a long time!*

On 6/30/2015 Michael said...

Fast acting.
Great product for preworkout. Helps keep you focused and alert. Works quickly. *

On 6/30/2015 Thomas said...

Good product
Helps with alertness and focus without the jittery feeling. Also bought a scale to measure out the proper amount. *

On 6/30/2015 Thomas said...

Easy Energy!
This is a great and inexpensive product. Just mix with any liquid you want and you have an instant energy drink!*

On 6/29/2015 Joseph said...

great product!
i used before lot of no reactors,they countain caffeine. but this is real thing. i have real kick when i use about 200mg dosage. i go to workout after job,tired. but with caffeine it is other story. i clear my mind, have lot of energy and will to workout.
people take care of dosage you use! *

On 6/24/2015 igor said...

Caffeine powder
Mixes well with liquids, and gives a nice energy boost. Taste is slightly bitter, but if you mix it with a flavored drink it isn't bad. *

On 6/24/2015 Christine said...

Great product!
Product is of high quality and its effectiveness shows. You can feel it working within minutes and won't give you crazy jitters, just smooth powerful energy. This will definitely be a part of my regiment. Great quality service and fast shipping. *

On 6/23/2015 Daniel said...

Actually better than most local $100.00 a gram stuff!
Similar to energy drinks or capsules, only virtually free in comparison. Been daily energy supplement user for 35 years, long before it was even heard of by most people. Other than a few passing fads that were quickly made illegal and unobtainable, this works as well as any of them. Not to mention, more controllable if you need just a little evening boost, but don't want to be up all night. And the greatest thing, the price of a few days of drinks or pills will buy a year or two worth of this.*

On 6/23/2015 Allen said...

caffine supplement
don't know what to except I have never experienced such a quick and efficient order fastest order I have ever received using the internet thanks for the no hassle and quickness*

On 6/22/2015 David said...

Caffeine Anhydrous
Great product and very reasonably priced! MUCH cheaper than buying energy drinks on a regular basis. Only a very small amount is needed so, to be on the safe side, I would recommend weighing it out with a milligram scale. *

On 6/20/2015 Scott said...

It works!!
Got the shipment BEFORE the expected delivery date. Used it the first day, and let me tell you that it works!! Great results so far, no crash, full of energy. Will always order from here again.*

On 6/20/2015 Patrick said...

Shipped fast and very powerful..*

On 6/17/2015 chalyce said...

Caffeine Powder
Works instantly and is a great substitute for expensive energy drinks. Mixes well but has a slight bitter taste to it in water.*

On 6/16/2015 Holden said...

caffeine powder
Mixes well with all liquids. .feel the energy faster than pills*

On 6/14/2015 david pawlowski said...

caffeine powder
Mixes well with all liquids. .feel the energy faster than pills*

On 6/14/2015 david pawlowski said...

Order came quickly and accurately. *

On 6/13/2015 Paul said...

Best on the Market
I've used other sites for caffeine and this site is the best. The powder is clean and cut great. Needed much less volume to still get 200mg. i will forever be ordering all my supplements from this site. Recommended to all my friends.*

On 6/11/2015 Joseph said...

Love it
Works great and extremely inexpensive . I received the product in two days with the free shipping option. Very happy with company and products ordered.*

On 6/10/2015 Aaron said...

Excellent product! Give me a little pick up. *

On 6/8/2015 T.C. said...

The purpose of my purchase was to dose a pond where frogs have invaded. It is a smaller home pond of about 15,000 gallons. Frogs don't agree with the caffeinated water and will start hopping and "Croak". It seems to work quite well at a higher dosage.

Well worth the expense to satisfy the cravings of the little noise makers on their journey to their final home.*

On 6/6/2015 Scott said...

Caffeine powder
Love... Love... Love it..... True to what is says... *

On 6/4/2015 billie jo said...

Great Product
Fast on delivery. I like that they include recommended dosages.

On 6/3/2015 tammy said...

Clean powder without the crash
I've ordered caffeine powder from other websites and they can't even compete against this stuff. It dissolves very well in water. It's some what bitter but if you take it with fruit juice or a smoothie you won't even notice it. I felt like I had a lot more energy to max out and the best part about this is the shipping was FAST!*

On 6/2/2015 Adhem said...

So worth the money
I wanted a product to give me energy and stamina without the calories or sugar, just a clean product and this is it, gives me energy and starts my day, I just mix it into my protein shake in the morning and I can feel it almost right away, it is a little bitter but I do not taste it in the shake, I did the first time mix it with a little water just to check the taste and was worried it would be too bitter for my shake but it is not! Honestly if I took two doses I would not sleep so I take it first thing and I have not had a problem, Also this does NOT make me jittery or nervous at all, nothing bad to say at all about this product and when I run out, which will be a while because a little goes a long way I will repurchase! Thank you for a wonderful product at a great price!*

On 6/2/2015 Susan said...

Great powder
Powerful. Tasteless. You get what you paid for. Great product.*

On 6/1/2015 Devin said...

Caffeine gave me clean energy without a headache.
I mixed this with some citrulline malate, beta alanine, and creatine hcl with some X-tend, and it tasted good. I believe this made a great pre-workout because the x-tend has some flavor, bcaa's and 1 gm of citrulline malate. I only have a gram scale, but I put in 27 gm (300 mg X 90 servings). It gave me good clean energy and pump. I would love to use PreJym, but it's like $2 per serving. All I need now is some betaine and I'll have his mix at a cheaper cost per serving.*

On 5/31/2015 Nathan said...

Does what's intended
The Caffeine Powder works as it's supposed to. Supplying you a surge of power in a short amount of time. I don't use a scale, I use a 1/8 tsp lightly filled which should be around 200 milligrams. That 200mg or .2 grams will turn whatever you make into a bad tasting drink. Don't do it with water! I've tried flavoring powders like the fruit punch powder from walmart, but the taste is too strong. Now, I just chuck that 1/8 spoon in the back of my throat and put a cold glass of water in my mouth and swallow fast. The taste will linger, but doing this will get the process through quicker, like drinking vodka.
Let's move on to the performance;
I feel awake after taking it around 15 minutes after. I don't feel or see my heart beating out of my chest so that's a safe dosage. If you feel like it doesn't work try taking a little more or going complete cold turkey from caffeine for a couple of weeks. I don't get that "I'm going to tear the gym apart feeling, but I get that I'm going to do this ! feeling"
In comparison between this product + Beta Alanine +
L-Citrulline DL-Malate 2:1 to ON preworkout, they are similarly the same in performance, but in taste wise, ON preworkout fruit punch wins.

I hope this review helps those who reads it.*

On 5/30/2015 Kevin said...

Caffeine Powder
This stuff is the real deal. ONLY use if you have a scale. You can hurt yourself very easy by taking too much. Measuring spoons do not measure small enough amounts. Great product but be careful.*

On 5/28/2015 Russ said...

Pretty Good
I like this product because it does give me some energy. I have noticed that I am able to wake up a lot easier in the morning, even before taking the supplement for the first time of the day. It's not as potent as a cup of coffee for me, but it keeps me up. I also don't use a scale for this, I use measuring spoons. I don't get the jitters or anything from it and I like it. *

On 5/23/2015 Kwame said...

Caffeine Powder
Best caffeine purchase I ever made!*

On 5/21/2015 Rob said...

Great product
I love this I have narcolepsy and this seems to help very much along with my medication to keep me from falling asleep all the time I love this I would recommend this to anyone who wants a little more energy in their life.*

On 5/19/2015 Dennis said...

Caffeine Powder
I actually bought this powder to formulate my own cellulite cream and all I can say is WoW!!! It works!!*

On 5/19/2015 Samantha said...

Quick Shipping Caffeine
Tired of relying on energy drinks for my caffeine intake yet still wanting to sip at something (other than coffee), I decided to try powder caffeine. My order, though I chose standard shipping, arrived within three days. The powder mixes completely in juice or water and I do not taste it. Be sure to use a scale as even a "smidgen" fluctuates between +- 80 to 110 mg (.08 - .10 g). Overall I am impressed with how quickly my order arrived and how "fresh" the product appears making me a very happy customer. *

On 5/16/2015 Seth said...

Pure Caffeine Powder
WOW!!! This powder is great...dissolves quickly, makes me alert without feeling jittery, And no crashing! This is a big bag 250g and will last me quite sometime but I will be back for more when I run out...also shipping was very fast! Thank you!*

On 5/10/2015 Virginia said...

Works great
I measure it and take roughly 200mg before working out , three days a week and works great.

Over the years I have found that taking more than 200mg pre-workout actually works against me and I 'crash' rather fast so 200 mg is my dose .

I do enhance it with DMAE .


On 5/10/2015 Luis said...

Caffeine Powder
Website very easy to order from. After receiving product, was very happy with the results. Gave me more energy within a short period of time.

On 5/4/2015 Michele said...

First, I would like to address shipping, which was not outstanding considering it is coming from NV, but the product itself makes up for any fault in the delivery method ten fold. Extremely pure and extremely effective. Two thumbs up*

On 5/2/2015 Jordan said...

Excellent Product even better Customer Service
I ordered the 500g bag and I think it will last me quite some time. It's relatively flavorless so it mixes with anything. I'm deployed and they emailed me 10 minutes after I placed my order to verify my address I then had my package less than a week later. For those of you deployed that is lighting fast. *

On 5/1/2015 Anthony said...

Gets Ya Going
This product was great. It got me energized as well as helped me power through a grueling workout. Love it and very affordable.*

On 4/27/2015 Logan said...

Caffeine Powder
It's the best!!*

On 4/26/2015 Portia said...

Caffeine Powder
This product is the best for energy!!! *

On 4/26/2015 Portia Nwankwo said...

This product is pure and conveniently packaged in a re sealable bag. I would recommend this caffeine and this site.*

On 4/24/2015 Douglas said...

caffeine powder
Product is great. No problems at all. Very good energy.*

On 4/19/2015 KENWAN said...

Pure caffeine - no additives - what else could you want?
I am a big fan of this product. I was disappointed that it is no longer sold on Amazon but it was just as convenient to order from BulkSupplements and maybe it's better that I now am more familiar with their website and products. The reason I am a fan is simple: It is so hard to find simple, pure products without added crap (e.g., excipients). That's the most important point for me. However, the value one gets from BulkSupplements is also tremendous because you get much more of the same active product for the same price or less compared to standard supplements. Finally, the shipping was relatively quick and they even provided a tracking number. This was great considering that I did not know what to expect ordering directly from I appreciate that there are options for free shopping with certain size purchases (even though I did not take advantage of that this time).

It would be great for BulkSupplements to continue to focus on offering and even improving great/cheap/free shipping options because the only possible downside of ordering might be shipping costs, That said, the shipping was still reasonable. Although it was something like five or six dollars, the product did come quickly. I didn't actually check my mail every day - so I can't state exactly how many days it took. It was within the 2-5 days estimated and maybe on the shorter end of that...

Additional unnecessary info:

In the past, it has seemed that added "non-active" ingredients might sometimes cause me GI issues. And in general, I believe you should ingest just the ingredient you want and nothing else (unless the formulation/extras serves some purpose such as to aid absorption - but usually it just allows the manufacturer to make different forms like pills and also just helps them cut costs - nothing for the consumer).

This is a sincere review. It has been frustrating trying to find pure supplements without fillers. And I am happy with the price and shipping as well.*

On 4/19/2015 Brendan said...

Best source for clean bulk Supplements
Just bought almost all the items Bulk Supplements offers. They are professional and the products are of very high quality. Stop buying stuff from the retail stores or combo products. You never know whats in them. The caffeine I ordered is concentrated and combined with other offerings you can make your own energy drink and save big $$. *

On 4/18/2015 steve said...

workout booster
Great product for workout enhancement. Good price and fast delivery.*

On 4/18/2015 Samuel said...

caffeine powder synthetic
One of the best stimulants I have experienced for weight loss and alertness.Would really recommend this product if your looking for high potency at a reasonable price.

On 4/17/2015 nitesh said...

Caffeine Pure Powder
This caffeine is very good. I have purchased caffeine from many different suppliers in the past and I have to say that all caffeine powder is not created equal. This is actually one of the better powders out there. I use caffeine powder to save money and time. Coffee and tea get expensive and they take time to prepare. *

On 4/17/2015 Scott said...

Super charged up for Bodybuilding!
This is a lovely pick me up when I need it at work or before the gym.

The reality is that "Preworkout" supplements are a huge sham. The active ingredients are beta-alanine, BCAA's (Also available on bulk supplements) caffeine, and maybe a small handful of other ingredients. The reality, however, is that Preworkout supplements are loaded up with a bunch of things that don't actually enhance your workout. I realize my opinion is biased, and not the result of a double-blind study or anything truly scientific, but since switching to just Beta Alanine, BCAA's, and 250 mg of caffeine, I have noticed literally no difference between my performance now and when I was buying expensive, 40$ canisters of PRE. I really suggest buying the key ingredients of these supplements and taking a multivitamin. Voila, the exact same result for about 1000$ per year less.

Be careful, if taken too close to bed time, sleeplessness will result. *

On 4/15/2015 Darren said...

Synthetic caffeine powder
As with the previous order, I am thankful for such a great product. I am not only impressed with the product, but also at the prices that I receive. Also the staff that I speak with is great. *

On 4/14/2015 Gerald said...

An Excellent Product
This product is exactly what I was looking for. Its nice to get just the caffeine and not all the extra junk in sodas. I would definately recommend this product to others.*

On 4/14/2015 Joel said...

Excellent Product
Started making my own pre gym cocktail and this stuff does the trick, great energy, clean product, absorbs well in water...processing and shipping was super fast, will order again!*

On 4/12/2015 Mark said...

Pure Caffein Powder
Obviously a pure, clean product. Good packaging and fast delivery.
Nice to have this option to buy a product that I can manage myself and not rely on other products that have mystery ingredients and amounts...*

On 4/11/2015 Guy said...

Synthetic caffeine powder
You guys I loved the product at a great price. I am a life long customer. I'm looking forward to ordering more. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.*

On 4/7/2015 Gerald said...

Great Price
It's caffeine powder, it does what it's suppose to do. Great price and easily mixable. *

On 3/27/2015 Matthew said...

Good Quality!
Reasonably priced and good quality. I include it in a healthy energy drink I make. It's nice to avoid all of the unwanted sugar,sweeteners, and other ingredients from Red Bull and Monsters.

Be VERY carefully with measuring. I use less than a 1/16 of teaspoon and can definitely feel the effect. *

On 3/27/2015 John said...

Pure caffeine Powder
Better than expected. Good communication and I got it quick*

On 3/24/2015 James Radsvick said...

Synthetic Caffeine
This is my 2nd purchase of this product through Bulksupplements.Com, and as before the product arrived quickly and packaged well in sealed mylar bag.

The caffeine itself seems very high quality, and does not give me jitters like other caffeine products do. I consume 300mg in pill form that I weigh using a digital scale. The half life of caffeine depends on the person, and is between 3-6 hours. For me personally, as a person very tolerant to stimulants, I would say the half life is between 3-4 hours. This is a good product from a reputable supplier, with very reasonable pricing, and I will continue to make all my powder supplement purchases from Bulk Supplements.*

On 3/22/2015 Matt said...

Wired me up!
Oh boy let me just say this was exactly what I need to make my preworkout! This little gem is going to save me lots of money and it was such a great price. Not to mention fast shipping!*

On 3/21/2015 Konnie said...

Pure Caffeine Powder (Synthetic)
This Is an extremely good product. This is my first order, but it will definitely not be my last. I will be a customer for life. The cost is very reasonable and the shipping is extremely quick and efficient. Again I plan to place may more orders in the future. Thank you for your product and your service.*

On 3/20/2015 Gerald said...

Awesome Product
The price was incredibly low, especially considering the number of servings per container. The delivery time was very fast. The product dissolves very quickly and is virtually tasteless. The effects were quick with no crash at the end.*

On 3/17/2015 Johnny said...

This product has saved me a TON of money
This is my second purchase of pure caffeine powder from BulkSupplements. The first time I bought this item on Amazon, but it is no longer available there so I decided to go straight to the source. As far as the product goes, it is high quality and very reasonably priced. I purchased one kg, which should last pretty much forever. Since I started using caffeine powder, I've literally saved several hundred dollars on coffee, soda, and energy drinks. One note of warning, though... you NEED a quality scale for this. Caffeine can be extremely dangerous if you take too much. This is a high quality product, but you need to insure that you are taking the necessary precautions regarding the proper dosage.*

On 3/16/2015 JJ said...

First Class Product
Product is well made and just as promised with very quick delivery. Couldn't be happier with the Company's service.*

On 3/16/2015 William said...

Freedom is just another word for nothing left to loose. Well, maybe or at least in this case, no
I did not know how much I did not like being hooked on coffee, dependent on coffee, a slave to coffee until I tried the caffeine powder. Now I know and I am almost as happy and free feeling as when I quit smoking. Freedom is a word for shove it, I don’t need it anymore.

Like all BulkSupplements products that I receive, the caffeine came quickly and packaged in a sanitary manner. I can’t say enough good things about this company and their products. I trust BulkSupplements.

I was kind of afraid to try it after reading that you could die from this. I took it pretty seriously and was very cautious with the amount I used.

My daily coffee habit was a 12oz cup of Starbucks plain pike coffee with a caffeine dose of approximately 180 mgs per cup.

I read about not using spoons to measure and to be sure to use a mg scale. Boy am I sure glad that I DID USE A SPOON to measure and here is why.

I have the small set of spoons with the tad, dash, pinch, smidge, and drop and there is this conversion chart on one of the pages at Amazon:
TAD = 1/4 tsp = 530 milligrams
DASH = 1/8 tsp = 264 milligrams
PINCH = 1/16 tsp = 132 milligrams
SMIDGEN = 1/32 tsp = 66 milligrams
DROP = 1/64 tsp = 33 milligram

I took my drop spoon and into a cup on the mg scale I started placing scoops of caffeine. At 4 drop scoops (should be 264 milligrams according to spoon measure), my scale was only showing 88 milligrams. I placed this amount into my 12 oz cup of ginger root and hot water and took a tiny sip. Way too bitter. Not going to happen so I threw it out and started again.

This time I only put 2 drop size scoops of caffeine and I was able to drink it. At this amount I have not had a headache or any signs of withdrawals, so I am getting enough caffeine, plenty of caffeine.

If I had put 180 mg after weighing it out on the scale (the same amount from my Starbucks coffee) straight on my tongue and swallowed it, I may have become very sick as it would have been way too much. I really do not know what to say other than to go slow. Put the amount you think you need into a liquid and see if it gives you too much of a buzz. It is easier to add more caffeine then to put it all on your tongue and 10 minutes latter regret that you did.

This product works, but I am glad that I was cautious. This has really given me a new sense of freedom and is going to save me a ton of money.

On 3/15/2015 Carol said...

Caffeine Powder 100g Pure Powder
Mailed in a timely manner.
Found to be clean and mixed well.*

On 3/15/2015 Ricky said...

31 Minutes
Caffeine in this form, combined with my hemp protein (Manitoba 70) works very well together. 31 Minutes after my WOD's were getting completed on regular basis. Plus, my attention span increased. Great product for the price! *

On 3/14/2015 David the Crossfiter said...

High quality, low price
I put 200mg into a capsule which I take early on at work to get my shift started. Gives an excellent boost. Quick shipping and lovely packaging. I'll be returning for much more supplements! Can't imagine going anywhere else. *

On 3/11/2015 Daimon said...

Works as advertised
It gives me the energy for my exsercise program, and has helped greatly with my weight loss.*

On 3/11/2015 Robert said...

Outstanding Product
Outstanding product....perfect for pre-workout drink or a quick pick-me-up. Make sure to follow the instructions on dosing because there are adverse side effects when you fail to follow instructions such as nausea and nervousness. It doesn't take much for this product to work effectively, so please make sure that you start smaller on your dosing.*

On 3/10/2015 Rafe Montgomery said...

Bulk Excellence
I have purchased caffeinated products from other sites. Never again. This is the pure, uncut stuff you are looking for. Do not be suckered into overpaying for fancy packaging and "proprietary blends". Take the time to learn about what you want to put into your body, choose the ingredients you want, and concoct your own mixes.*

On 3/8/2015 JK said...

Caffeine Review
With the right dosage, it gives me the energy I need for my workout without much jitters. *

On 3/6/2015 Nick said...

Great for Custom Mix
I enjoy using Pre-Workout shakes. Only problem, I enjoy coffee in the mornings too. I make my own pre-workout and with this powder I can add just a small amount of caffeine so I don't get a caffeine overload. Does as described. *

On 3/6/2015 James said...

Good product
This product works. Nothing more, nothing less. With the appropriate dosage, you can have the equivalent of a couple cups of coffee in just a couple hundred mg of powder. I could feel the extra bit of energy this caffeine gives me within 20-30 minutes of ingestion. Would recommend!*

On 3/5/2015 Christopher said...

White Gooooold
This magical powder keeps me active and wired for work and is a great pre workout supplement. I usually take around 300 mg in the morning and 200mg in the afternoon for my pre workout.

A kilo of this will last me around 10 years and costs 36$ compared to thousands spent on coffee! You can't beat these savings*

On 3/4/2015 Terrae said...

Eliminates teeth staining/eroding coffee
I work a pretty early shift. Making it through the day on one cup of coffee is difficult. As much as I like coffee, knowing the effects it has on your teeth, I no longer care to drink more than a cup a day. Not a huge fan of tea, either, so I decided to try this. All I do is mix it in some water - have a tiny measuring spoon that measures about 100mg a scoop (a strong cup of coffee), dump it in a watter bottle, shake it up really good, cant really taste it at all. One 32 oz bottle of water and three scoops (300 mg) lasts me from 6 am till about 1 pm (shift ends at 3). Enough to get me through my work day - cup of joe in the morning, the equivalent of three more at work, without the effects on your teeth - all in time for me to stop so it wont affect my sleep. Perfect.*

On 3/3/2015 Keith said...

Make your own preworkout
I purchased this to add to my home made preworkout. This stuff works great. It is a lot easier then breaking individual pills. Just measure 300MG and add to the rest of you ingredients. *

On 3/2/2015 James said...

Make your own preworkout
I purchased this to add to my home made preworkout. This stuff works great. It is a lot easier then breaking individual pills. Just measure 300MG and add to the rest of you ingredients. *

On 3/2/2015 James said...

Just what you'd expect.
Lost about 500mg while opening it since the zip lock wasn't closed but other than that I couldn't be happier. I'm using this to add to e-cigarette fluid with some coffee flavor for a "vapeaccino" and it works perfectly. You do need to apply heat for it to dissolve properly though. *

On 3/2/2015 Michael said...

Caffeine powder
I ordered this caffeine powder to try so I didn't have to drink all those energy drinks anymore without having the jittery feeling. this works great for me, where I can control how much caffeine I can use and as stated please use a scale to measure.

Also received order earlier than expected.*

On 3/2/2015 KATHLEEN said...

Caffeine jolt without the jitters!
Typically have spent a small fortune on sugary energy drinks. The energy drinks have a ton of additives that I really do not want to ingest.
The caffeine powder is a much better solution for my needs....wake up in the morning and add to OJ. Off to begin my day!

Shipping was much quicker than expected. *

On 2/28/2015 Amos said...

Caffeine supplement
I purchased this product to eliminate drinking more than one 10 ounce cup of Joe a day. Just started adding this week. If this gets out to the rest of the world, coffee bean growers could be in for a surprise. I love not getting a headache because of my limited coffee intake and the additional energy is a bonus.*

On 2/27/2015 Dena said...

Awesome pure caffeine to use for preworkout
Really glad I ordered this! My trainer suggested that instead of buying a premixed preworkout powder that I mix my own. The great thing is that I can add caffeine for morning/daytime workouts and omit it if I'm working out at night. I highly recommend! I use about 200mg (check your own body stats for recommended dose) with b3, l tyrosine, beta alanine, and BCAA -- awesome mix!! I recommend =)*

On 2/27/2015 Melody said...

Great for making your own pre-workout but use with caution
I work out early in the morning and need some caffeine to get me up and motivated to lift. I generally do not like the caffeine concentrations in most pre-workouts so I decided to make my own-I enjoy this way more.

I will say that a scale that appropriately measures these amounts (mg) should be a must for using raw caffeine. I am a pharmacist who compounds medications as part of my job but would not trust myself using the tsp or equivalent tbsp to make my pre-workout mixes. I ALWAYS use the scale and make sure the powder is evenly distributed.

If you are unaware of the potential dangers of this product, do yourself a favor and learn them.


On 2/26/2015 Robert said...

Did not fill in a crash
Have only used very little of this product but I have seen no side effects nor have I felt a crash.super fast shipping most definitely will use this company again and their products*

On 2/25/2015 Jennifer said...

Our son was a very intelligent electrical engineer. He was a healthy 24 year old. On June 13, 2014 , he used caffeine powder. He went into cardiac arrest almost immediately and passed away after being in a coma for 11 days. Please understand that this product is hard to measure (with standard measuring spoons) and can result in death. *

On 2/3/2015 Julie said...

Great Caffeine Option BUT Get It While You Can
I like using caffeine powder because gives me control of my caffeine consumption. I get to decide how much caffeine I want at any one time. I don't get extra sugar or chemicals that I don't want and I don't have to pay an arm and leg to get it. I have calculated using caffeine powder saves me at least $750 a year in sugary energy drinks and Starbucks (if I liked coffee which I don't).

But soon it may not be available because the FDA is considering banning caffeine powder sales to consumers because a few senators and nutrition groups think we are all too stupid to know how to use a scale. Google "caffeine powder FDA" for more info.

Granted, it is EASY to overdose if you are not using a milligram scale which are readily available here or on Amazon for cheap. Using kitchen utensils are not accurate and are an unreliable means of measuring caffeine powder. You MUST use a milligram scale!!!

I purchased a 1kg bag which I have determined will last me 18.3 years at 150mg a day and will save me at least $15,000 in caffeinated drinks.*

On 1/30/2015 Mark said...

A great way to boost energy
Sometimes chugging coffee to get caffeine can be tiresome, which is why I often use powdered caffeine to get a boost. It's especially great to take before a workout, always giving me the drive and energy to go the extra mile--literally and figuratively.*

On 1/17/2015 Conrad said...

Great product!
I'm so glad there's a place that's still selling this! I make my own skin care products, and since caffeine can be absorbed through the skin, adding a little to a batch of soap gives it a nice pick-me-up, without the risks associated with ingesting too much. Arrived quickly in bags that are ideal for long-term storage. *

On 1/16/2015 Asha said...

I have been drinking too much coffee and it caused teeth stains along with increased stomach acid. So I began drinking energy drinks, but hated the sugar and fake sugars. This is better than either of them. I can add a 1/16th teaspoon dose to any drink. Then feel the mental alertness and energy. *

On 1/12/2015 Angel said...

Caffeine Powder
Product arrived quickly and undamaged to my home. I use it as an alternative to multiple cups of coffee and afternoon energy drinks or Soda. I hope to see an additional benefit of some weight loss as I will be eliminating a bunch of sugary drinks*

On 1/10/2015 Thomas T said...

Great Product
This product does exactly as you'd expect from caffeine. It is a great boost for those of us who cannot handle drinking a lot of coffee or energy drinks.
Not to mention how reasonably priced and easily ordered. It was delivered promptly right to my home. *

On 1/9/2015 Gloria said...

Very happy
First time I've tried this product, or any caffeine in this form, for that matter. I spent way too much on energy drinks & supplements before this. I think this is perfect, I am a DIY sort of person anyway & I like that I can regulate the amount as I please, in whatever I please. Usually just a pinch & I'm good, very convenient, inexpensive option in comparison to anything else. It hasn't substantially effected the flavor of anything I've added it to either. Ordering was simple & delivery was quick.*

On 1/7/2015 Victoria said...

Very happy
First time I've tried this product, or any caffeine in this form, for that matter. I spent way too much on energy drinks & supplements before this. I think this is perfect, I am a DIY sort of person anyway & I like that I can regulate the amount as I please, in whatever I please. Usually just a pinch & I'm good, very convenient, inexpensive option in comparison to anything else. It hasn't substantially effected the flavor of anything I've added it to either. Ordering was simple & delivery was quick.*

On 1/7/2015 Victoria said...

Very happy
First time I've tried this product, or any caffeine in this form, for that matter. I spent way too much on energy drinks & supplements before this. I think this is perfect, I am a DIY sort of person anyway & I like that I can regulate the amount as I please, in whatever I please. Usually just a pinch & I'm good, very convenient, inexpensive option in comparison to anything else. It hasn't substantially effected the flavor of anything I've added it to either. Ordering was simple & delivery was quick.*

On 1/7/2015 Victoria said...

Awesome Product!
I take 250-300 mg of caffeine, mixed in with my BCAA, in the morning, right before a workout. Gives me that extra kick and energy in the morning. I love the fact that I can easily control the dosage, unlike pills, which are hard to break or cut. The powder is absorbed more quickly and is much less expensive.

A mg scale is an absolute must, if you want to take this product. DO NOT use a teaspoon, or you might take too much.*

On 1/7/2015 Hyok said...

Fast, clean, safe.
The caffeine arrived in one large 1kg bag. Very prompt shipping. Everything was intact, which is great since leaking powder is the last thing you want. Upon inspection, everything looked clean and after testing with 200mg as a replacement for the morning soda, I can attest to it working and being safe. I will be ordering other supplements very soon.*

On 1/6/2015 Mark said...

helps with daily workouts
I received an order of the caffine powder about 6 wks ago . I've used it 6 days a week , I down it with a few sips of water about 10 minutes before my workout . It provides an almost immediate boost and makes the workout easier . I just ordered and received the 500 g package , because I don't want to run out ! *

On 1/6/2015 george said...

Real Deal
The only downside is the taste is a little bitter. But it's far from a deal breaker Other than that, this product delivers. Great alternative to coffee or energy drinks. *

On 1/5/2015 Jason said...

This pure synthetic caffeine (trimethylxanthine) is US pharmaceutical grade
I run five fifty-second all-out sprints every day. Taking 200 mg of this caffeine reduces my elapsed times by at least two seconds as measured by a stopwatch. I can get into the "swiftness groove" so much more easily.

I used to take 400 mg of the BulkSupplements Green Tea Extract, 50% Caffeine. This helped me run faster, too. But I was nervous about impurities. Ninety percent of green tea comes from China, which has extreme environmental pollution and has been known to use banned pesticides and other agricultural chemicals. Most coffee, too, from anywhere, is not organic, even Starbucks coffee, is grown with a lot of pesticides and other chemicals. I am happy that BulkSupplements is carrying this clean synthetic caffeine.*

On 1/5/2015 Stephen said...

This product is amazing! Now I can control my caffeine intake without having to take energy drinks filled with sugar and other added ingredients I don't need. The doses are super small yet VERY effective so adding it to a Pre/Post protein shake or my bfast/snack smoothie is simple and won't change the flavor. No I don't run around looking for expensive coffee shops or gas stations to get a sugar coated energy drink. Thanks Bulk Supp!!! *

On 1/4/2015 Josh said...

Excellent Product
This is exactly what I wanted just caffeine without all the extra sugars in energy drinks. I would definetly recommend to a friend.*

On 1/4/2015 Joel said...

great stuff
I hate the taste of coffee but need my morning wake up. This fits the bill, I mix it with water or juice and I can't even taste it. *

On 1/3/2015 Rick said...

Exactly what was expected
Fast shipping. Very good packaging and care taken in delivery of product. Absolutely pleased with the product *

On 12/30/2014 Josh said...

This is by far the best thing I have found when it comes to caffeine. I am a coffee drinker but seems to never give me the energy i desire. So I add a little to my coffee just to give me the energy I want to help kick start my day. It works and I love it. I only need one cup of coffee each morning now instead of several. The best part about it is you can add it to any drink of your choice and it taste just as good as if you never added anything to it because it has no flavor. I recommend it to whoever that is looking for that extra kick to their drink. *

On 12/29/2014 Rodney said...

This is by far the best thing I have found when it comes to caffeine. I am a coffee drinker but seems to never give me the energy i desire. So I add a little to my coffee just to give me the energy I want to help kick start my day. It works and I love it. I only need one cup of coffee each morning now instead of several. The best part about it is you can add it to any drink of your choice and it taste just as good as if you never added anything to it because it has no flavor. I recommend it to whoever that is looking for that extra kick to their drink. *

On 12/29/2014 Rodney said...

Caffeine Powder (Synthetic) - 1kg Pure Powder
This product is incredibly powerful. I am very impressed at the quality and purity. It mixes well and replaces the need to spend $$$ on energy drinks. The best thing about this is I can mix it with morning Orange Juice, or add it to my coffee. I often wonder what all the other additives are in those energy drinks. I'd recommend this to anyone who uses caffeine and realizes just how much money is spent on caffeinated products. *

On 12/28/2014 Derek said...

Great Product, amazing shipping
I add caffeine powder to my coffee soap and "Morning Energizing Soap". This product is excellent quality at an excellent price. As a new company I'm thrilled to have found a vendor with great products and dependable shipping. Ordered on Wed and received on Sat. Thank-you! *

On 12/22/2014 Cindy said...

Caffeine Powder
I am not a coffee drinker, so when I discovered this, I thought I would give it a try, I have now ordered it twice. I like its effects, just gives me a little extra boost in the morning. It is bitter and I can't seem to mix it and still tolerate the bitter taste, so I measure it, swallow the powder with a glass of water, and done, no lingering sips. The shipping was fast!!!!!*

On 12/20/2014 Bonnie said...

Saving time and money
I slowly realized I only drank coffee for the caffeine buzz, not necessarily for the flavor. For the last 3 years, I can safely say I've spent over $1000 on morning coffee, which also cost me time and a few shades of white on my teeth. This product delivers a more potent caffeine buzz in a fraction of the time with no effects on my teeth. Love it!*

On 12/17/2014 Anthony said...

Best pre-workout money can buy
Over the years, I have tried a plethora of pre-workout supplements. I know, most of them are bull. But, I enjoyed being able to down something and quickly feel it's effects without having to use the bathroom immediately like you get with coffee in the morning.

This product has been great. As others have said, the taste is bitter. Myself, I mix it with some chocolate milk to circumvent any bad taste. Many times I have mixed with just water, and it is not as if it is unbearable.

The effects are quickly noticeable. Often I had only finished half when I began my workout. This, compounded with the myriad of other products offered is one of the reasons I will be a repeat customer of BulkSupplements. *

On 12/15/2014 Brian said...

Caffeine (Synthetic) Powder
Great addition to my pre-workout mix. Gives you that extra boost when you need it. Just be very careful with the dose. 200mg doesn't look like much but that is all you need. *

On 12/15/2014 Joe said...

Caffeine (Synthetic) Powder
I'm extremely pleased with all Bulk supplement products because they all work efficiently with great results. The website gives a comprehensive description of the supplements with the exact amount dosage that delivers good benefits. Many of the supplements have greater results if mixed with another product as explained in description and what not to mix it with. For instance creatine suggest using glucose to enter the muscles more effectively
I enjoy the caffeine in days and I'm doing weight training to give you a little extra boost. I mix a small dosage in a water bottle drink it throughout the workouts rather than take the whole amount at once. It is vital to follow directions for the exact dosage and you can control it to have a pleasant experience and a great workout.

Bulk Supplements caffeine works perfect for me as I use it every other day and there are all positive symptoms. It's vital to take smaller dosages throughout the workout so that your body maintains normal functions. Coffee destroys your teeth and sport drinks destroys your entire body as clean caffeine allows you to execute your intellectual skills to create stronger bone and muscle mass.

I'm anxious to try the biotin next is it is a important vitamin supplements especially for hair growth. I enjoy the caffeine as all the supplements especially if you need any help there therefore you. Please read the entire description for each product you purchase you will find greater results in a shorter time.*

On 12/7/2014 JOSEPH said...

Caffeine (Synthetic) Powder
I'm extremely pleased with all Bulk supplement products because they all work efficiently with great results. The website gives a comprehensive description of the supplements with the exact amount dosage that delivers good benefits. Many of the supplements have greater results if mixed with another product as explained in description and what not to mix it with. For instance creatine suggest using glucose to enter the muscles more effectively
I enjoy the caffeine in days and I'm doing weight training to give you a little extra boost. I mix a small dosage in a water bottle drink it throughout the workouts rather than take the whole amount at once. It is vital to follow directions for the exact dosage and you can control it to have a pleasant experience and a great workout.

Bulk Supplements caffeine works perfect for me as I use it every other day and there are all positive symptoms. It's vital to take smaller dosages throughout the workout so that your body maintains normal functions. Coffee destroys your teeth and sport drinks destroys your entire body as clean caffeine allows you to execute your intellectual skills to create stronger bone and muscle mass.

I'm anxious to try the biotin next is it is a important vitamin supplements especially for hair growth. I enjoy the caffeine as all the supplements especially if you need any help there therefore you. Please read the entire description for each product you purchase you will find greater results in a shorter time.*

On 12/7/2014 JOSEPH said...

5 starts on for the quality of caffeine.. but the bag it comes in isn't very good
Taste is bitter but still less bitter than any other forms of powder caffeine I have ever tried. So 5 stars on taste. If i mix it with grape juice i don't even notice it. 5 starts on mixing well in water. 5 starts for the effects of the caffeine. 5 stars on the overall price.

Only reason for giving it 4 starts instead of 5 is because the bag it comes in does not seal very well and it is also difficult to scoop the caffeine out of.

Overall great product!*

On 12/6/2014 Tyler said...

Bang for your Buck
This is the cheapest and most effective way to get a pick me up without all the nasty fillers and preservatives that you would get from sugar filled or fake sugar filled energy drinks. The energy from this is pure and alertness is on point! Need to make sure you have a measurement device or smaller measuring tools to be accurate with this powder. Great Price!*

On 12/5/2014 Mike said...

Great quality, fast shipping
I ordered the 100 gm caffeine powder and it got here within 2 days! I mix it with water and replace soda and coffee with "Caffeine water". I like to watch what I put in my body and not have too much artificial sweetners and colors and flavors, so I love that I can just add the caffeine to my water, and it is just what I want, no sugar, no flavor, and no calories. Perfect*

On 12/4/2014 Vivian said...

Buckle Up - This stuff rocks
Cost: I was spending at least $5 a day on energy drinks. I ordered 250g of this product. Now, it costs me $0.013 per day. Plus, I'm not consuming all the junk in the energy drinks.

Potency: This product is pure, strong, and fast acting. I feel it within 30 minutes.

Customer Service: This isn't about the product, but this company. I had my initial order stolen out of my mailbox. I contacted their customer service and they sent me another order without any hassle. They didn't charge me or ask for a copy of the USPS investigation letter. I didn't think customer service like this existed anymore.

I really don't have anything truly negative say about this product. I do have these two suggestions.
1) BUY the MG SCALE! Other reviewers have the same advice. I received the caffeine before the scale arrived. I used my food scale to measure out a gram of caffeine. I then manually divided the gram into smaller amounts. Bad idea, I was up half the night.
2) Caffeine is an alkaloid; thus very bitter. In small amounts, 75mg (amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee), I take it with just water. In larger amounts, I found mixing it with a citrus drink neutralizes the bitterness.*

On 10/17/2014 Spenser said...

Great quality, and very cheap!
I ordered 100g of caffeine, enough to last me quite a while. This is great stuff, no more spending $4 for a coffee, and I love that I can take as much or as little as I want. I've recommended making the switch to a lot of friends and gotten a few on board, it's just so much more economical. *

On 10/15/2014 Alex Vasquez said...

Inexpensive given that one would probably order a small quantity. 100g will last a very long time if used appropriately. The taste is unpleasant when pure, but is excellent when mixed. I highly recommend for re-caffeinating decaffeinated beverages, or maybe just adding a little kick to your morning glass of orange juice.*

On 10/13/2014 Andrew said...

GREAT stuff!
I have started using the caffeine powder with hot water and lemon juice, in place of coffee, every morning. I LOVE IT! Honestly, I did it at first for cosmetic keep the coffee stains off of my teeth! But now in addition to that, Just love this stuff! It works fantastic. Just the smallest amount is needed. I even add it to my morning shake if needed; which wouldn't taste well if I added coffee. BUY IT! *

On 10/8/2014 Kerri said...

Great for any Pre workout blend!!!
I love this stuff!!! Main ingredient of any good work out drink. Well worth it from*

On 10/6/2014 Adrian Gonzalez said...

Im in love
This stuff is great I take about 125 mg and I'm pumped for hours no more wasting money on all those sugary drinks *

On 10/4/2014 jake said...

good to go)
just received this product , the packaging was excellent and the shipping was quick.
I put some natural caffeine in my small cup of coffee and I most definitely felt the extra push. It was clean and clear not panic or jitters good stuff im getting more. thank you*

On 10/1/2014 jes said...

Amazing stuff!
I bought this product along with a couple other products from this sight to make my own PO. I used 200 mg and holy crap! I was ready to pump some iron!! I highly recommend this product!!*

On 9/30/2014 Bailey said...

This product is awesome!
There's no reason to drink those full of sugar energy drinks again.
I work in construction and getting older and some days I need that extra pick me up. This stuff helps because you can make any drink an energy drink. There are no jitters or crash at the end of the day. Well worth the money. *

On 9/29/2014 Christopher said...

Very Potent Stuff
It literally takes a pinch to feel the effects of this product. Just a pinch provides 200mg of caffeine according to my milligrams scale, and the small amount leaves it virtually undetectable in the beverage of your choice. Combined with 2.5g of Taurine, and you have a 5 hour energy equivalent for pennies, minus all the sugar. Great stuff. A must have if you are a college student. The smallest size offered here (100g) should last you an entire year. *

On 9/29/2014 Omar said...

Clean Energy
I use this in my homemade pre workout. This is great clean energy. Just be extra careful and use a good scale when figuring dosage. Awesome product and quality.*

On 9/27/2014 Darin Carney said...

How to get up and move.
I love this product. The only thing you need to know is make sure you are using the correct amount for your body. 50mg is a very small amount, you'll be surprised.
There's no reason to drink those full of sugar energy drinks again.
I am a worker and getting on up in age and some days I need that extra pick me up. I can tell you I work circles around people half my age and caffeine in it's natural form makes it much easier.
There were no jitters or crash at the end of the day.

On 9/26/2014 Ricky said...

Great Product
I was not sure what to expect when I ordered the powdered caffeine but after trying the product I got a boost of energy and my body do metabolism seemed increased and my appetite diminished some...Great product and will continue to use.*

On 9/25/2014 isfine said...

Good product
The produce was carefully packaged and mixed well with our topical formulas for hair restoration. Caffeine is critical to the growth of healthy hair. Thank you for offering this excellent product. *

On 9/24/2014 Mark said...

A Swift Kick right to morning time's gooch!!
Ladies and gentlemen, I present you caffeine in its most natural form. I bought this with the intentions of using it and combining it only for pre-workout purposes, but out of curiosity I took 120mg before my Genetics lecture and Physics lab early in the morning. Sweet baby Jesus does it work. I eat healthy and don't drink coke or coffee, so I have 0 caffeine tolerance. With that said, my experience is completely positive. Energy and alertness with no crash or jitters because I didn't have to mask caffeine with coffee cream and artificial sweeteners or whatever's in soda.

HERE'S MY DISCLAIMER; BUY A SCALE. I was mind blown to see what 50mg of caffeine looked like when I put it on the mg scale. If you think you can get away with "eye-balling" mg's and you live in America, I LOL at your life. Also, remember caffeine is a diuretic, so there's that. I take it before I leave the house. That way, I can get rid of the post-caffeine-deuce.

All-in-all, this stuff rocks.*

On 9/23/2014 Gabriel Lopez said...

Almost instant energy
I'm not really into energy drinks because of the taste and expense, This caffeine powder is as advertised (very pure) and very effective. I'm pretty sure I can stop drinking coffee in the morning now if I want to. They say it has a bitter taste, but to me it's not bad at all. You only have to be careful with how much you take and how you take it. Follow the directions given and it's an excellent value!*

On 9/21/2014 Ryan said...

Pure Caffeine Powder
I order this powder once a month to give me energy for my busy daily schedule. It woks great.*

On 9/20/2014 Portia said...

Great Purchase
I bought this for the pure joy of turning random food and drink items into caffeinated ones and it sure works! This product gives you all of the positives and none of the negatives of caffine from my experience so far. Perfect for getting out of a morning fog or getting jacked before lifting. *

On 9/18/2014 Anthony said...

Finally, I can drink my breakfast shake without slamming a coffee first!!
I wake up and think, I'd love a protein shake, but wait, need to have my coffee first. And on work days that means double fisting beverages to the car. Now I just drop a little caffeine powder into the protein shake and I'm off! And there are so any other convenient uses I've found too.*

On 9/18/2014 Michael said...

I love this stuff and

I've been using this and the B12, B6 and Taurine powders to make my own energy drinks without sugar or salt! Thank you bulksupplements!*

On 9/17/2014 Peter said...

Clean and consistent
Measures easily, delivers consistent energy, dissolves easily in hot or cold liquids. Good value.*

On 9/16/2014 John said...

Great product
Works great and almost instantly. Has instructions on the bag with quantity measurements which is nice. Also, most places don't ship to Hawaii with such cheap shipping. *

On 9/15/2014 Christian R said...

Caffeine Powder
This caffeine powder works excellently, though it is a bit bitter. I would definitely recommend it. *

On 9/15/2014 Elliot Dorlac said...

Real deal
This powder is the real deal. It is a great sub for coffee and it sure helps me lots. I like to add it to a morning drink and get my day started. 5 stars*

On 9/13/2014 Caffeine powder said...

GREAT PRODUCT! Will buy again!
Great product, but be sure only to measure it out carefully with a digital scale. I use it as a preworkout, and it works great! Lots of energy and focus. Added bonus is that I crash after I take it. Arrived quickly after I ordered it too!*

On 9/10/2014 Brian said...

Super pure & effective caffeine
Shipping took only 2 days from over 2000 miles away. Product got here in perfect condition. Much cheaper and healthier than energy drinks or coffee. Definitely would purchase from this site again!*

On 9/10/2014 Cody said...

Great Caffeine Powder
This powder is very good quality and is a fine quality. I use it in my morning shakes to wake me up. It gives me a good wake up.*

On 9/10/2014 Jack said...

I am blown away by the service & product
I tried the caffeine powder and rally had great results. I am also very happy with the service provided me. I Really recommend the caffeine powder*

On 9/9/2014 Andy Bell said...

Quick shipping, highly-effective product!
I've recently been using smaller doeses of various pre-workouts as daily "pick-me-ups", and wanted to get rid of the filler and make my own. Using this caffeine powder as a base, I've found my homemade mixes EXTREMELY effective! Just be very mindful of the dosing, as a little goes a LONG way!*

On 9/6/2014 caffeine powder consumer said...

Lovin it
This is the way to go forget about energy drinks way healthier*

On 9/3/2014 caffeine powder said...

great recommend
I love this product healthier than monster and coffee I am a firm believer and will record to my friends that work over night two thumb up*

On 9/3/2014 caffeine powder said...

caffeine synthetic powder
Before I used to drink s lot of energy drinks and coffee like monster and red bull Starbucks but when I started this product out was very help full I put it in my smoothies before my jog then I go to work and have ask the energy that I need for the day this product I give two thumbs up*

On 9/3/2014 victor said...

Excellent Product
Great product, prefect for people like me who want the taste of dark roast coffee but want the caffeine from a light roast. Adds a little extra something to any beverage and I've already recommended this item to a number of friends. Would highly recommend using a milligram scale to ensure correct content.*

On 9/2/2014 Derek said...

At first I was reluctant to believe the hype. After a couple of uses, I am now a firm believer. Lovin It!!!*

On 8/31/2014 chuckyp said...

At first I was reluctant to believe the hype, but after a couple of uses, I'm a believer now. It more than lives up to the hype!!!*

On 8/31/2014 chuckyp said...

love it
I love this stuff. So little goes a long way. I love the natural caffeine and use it multiple times a day to get me powered through my work day and the gym afterwards. I will always have this on hand.*

On 8/31/2014 tyson said...

Great product really strong can't go wrong , make sure to follow directions *

On 8/31/2014 Giancarlo said...

Good Start to Day
I use this along with beta alanine to make a preworkout instead of buying expensive ones with a laundry list of random chemicals.

It gives a good little jolt of energy and focus without jitters, etc.

Use a milligram scale to safely measure your doses.*

On 8/30/2014 Sam Wagner said...

get things done
I filled capsules with 300mg @had no negative side effects. I lacked willpower to get started on projects, now I get things done!*

On 8/27/2014 john said...

Caffeine Powder and other supplements
i had been taking prework out powders for about a year. I started investigating making my own, and all you need is four components caffeine, creatine, and beta alanine. All three products i got off ( also your favorite flavored drink mix mines grape.
The caffeine is very strong so i encourage you to follow the directions on the packet you receive. It worked just like a very good prework out i have no ccomplaints and also feel better about what is going into my body.*

On 8/23/2014 Lee Fogg said...

Great Product
You can't go wrong with this (unless you take too much) Its cheap, high quality, and shipping is immediate. I'd recommend getting a milligram scale if you are buying caffeine powder for the first time.*

On 8/18/2014 Henry said...

real 357s
Fast acting, clean.... In small measured doses capsuled up for those early morning long hauls to work or you just don't have time for that coffee.*

On 8/18/2014 Paul said...

Eye Opening
I have been buying and drinking energy drinks for years, and I have to assume now that their caffeine content is a fraud. Substituting exactly the caffeine content of my usual drinks with this pure caffeine powder provides a very noticeable difference in alertness. Considering the prices on this site, you can get decades worth of caffeine or even a lifetime supply for less than a trip to the supermarket. Package was mailed quickly too. I am very pleased.*

On 8/18/2014 Ben said...

Works like a dream.
Highly recommended.*

On 8/18/2014 Patrick said...

Pure Caffeine, no filler
This is a product I use pretty much everyday. Perfect wakeup in the morning boost/pre-workout staple. Use a digital scale to measure your quantity. Don't consume without first measuring via digital scale!*

On 8/17/2014 Andrew said...

Great Product
Can't go wrong with this stuff (unless you take to much)! Great quality and the best price! Make sure to buy a scale too and be careful!*

On 8/16/2014 Henry said...

cheeper then coffee
i drink a lot of coffee, this caffine is just as effective and much much cheeper. i saved so much money and the shipping was very fast.*

On 8/15/2014 brian said...

Caffeine powder
All the clean energy and alertness without all the sugars and extra ingredients of an energy drink!!!*

On 8/14/2014 Joshua said...

Great stuff!
Caffeine powder is great! Gets the job done. :)*

On 8/14/2014 JT said...

I love this product!
Gave me the extra boost I needed in the mornings and before my workouts. You'll have lots of energy without all the jitters. I highly reccommend this product to anyone thinking about trying it.*

On 8/13/2014 sydney said...

great stuff
just what I needed!*

On 8/10/2014 Portia said...

Caffeine Powder
It's just what I was looking for. Thank you!! It's great!!*

On 8/10/2014 Portia said...

caffiene powder
very nice and no side affects, gets me into first gear when needed.*

On 8/10/2014 john said...

caffeine powder
Fast shiping high quality stuff will be buying again :-)*

On 8/9/2014 Adam said...

Quality Product
So far, so good! Received my product 4 days earlier than expected (standard shipping, ETA 7 days). The quality of the product is top notch, and I especially like the thoughtfulness they had by putting commonly used measurements right on the front label. I typically use caffeine first thing in the morning to jump start my brain and it can be rather tricky converting fractions and decimals at that time of day, haha.

One thing I would recommend to buyers, especially of the smaller sizes: when you receive the package, don't open it up quite yet. Due to tosses and turns of shipping, the powder can sometimes settle above the resealable Ziploc-like closure at the top of the bag, so when you open it like I did, you can accidentally spill some of the product. I'd recommend shaking the bag a bit to resettle the powder below the seal before opening it.

All in all, I definitely see myself ordering this product again from this site in the future, and would recommend it to friends as well. After all, it's hard to find a great health supplement at a good price, and I wouldn't want to recommend to my friends inferior stuff cut with god knows what to save a buck.*

On 8/9/2014 Sable said...

This is the real deal!
Just buy a decent scale and be careful with how much of this you take. It's definitely a viable replacement for coffee - you will save money, and there's always the potential to make more palatable drinks. You can mix this, for instance, with diet soda and easily come up with something that tastes better than any energy drink. Even just mix it with water if you want, although it does impart a slight aspirin taste. Caffeine is fantastic and this is a great way to get it - just USE GOOD JUDGEMENT.*

On 8/8/2014 JT said...

Great product. Much better than a monster or red bull. No crash or jitters. Tried this from a friend and loved it so I ordered my own. Cant wait for it to arrive. Mix with Beta-Alanine for a great pre-workout. Highly recommend getting a scale for accurate measuring.*

On 8/6/2014 Chris said...

1kg pure caffeine
Great product, but be sure only to take about a 16th of a teaspoon at a time. It hits you hard, and is great for exercising. I have noticed that it doesn't cause a crash after you take it, maybe because there's no fillers.

On 8/3/2014 Joshua said...

Good Stuff!
Works great. Gives me the rush I was looking for. Used for making pre-workout mix. 300mg a day. *

On 8/2/2014 Brandon said...

Fantastic product!
Fantastic caffeine product with no fillers, fluff or anything to weigh you down! I have been a heavy caffeine user for most of my life, and have been trying to get my 'fix' without resorting to the huge, bloating Energy drinks common today. Along with this amazing caffeine powder concentration, I ordered a digital scale which is a MUST for accurate weight and measurement. The product disolves well and is great with just a bit of water in a shot glass. I take 200mg twice a day. Thank you Bulk Supplements!*

On 7/30/2014 MH Tyrrell said...

Don't overdo it!
I don't usually eat much food or drink with a lot of caffeine in it, but I'm trying to lose some weight so bought this as an additive for meal replacement shakes. You can definitely notice its affect. It gives me energy, but doesn't make me jittery. It can make it hard to sleep at night so I don't use it too late in the afternoon.*

On 7/24/2014 DMK said...

Natural and Pure
GREAT for my morning workout. Little goes a long way. Good focus too.*

On 7/24/2014 D. E said...

Great product
I'm very happy with this caffeine powder. It's very potent, doesn't take much and mixes well. Make sure to mix it with something that has a strong flavor.*

On 7/23/2014 Ashton said...

Great product
Mixes well and keeps me going. Better value than all the monster energy drinks I was drinking a day. *

On 7/23/2014 Arthur said...

Skin Rejuvination
I purchased this item as an additive to my homemade skin products. The price was excellent and the delivery time was superb. I will definitely be a return customer; and highly recommend Bulk Supplements.*

On 7/21/2014 Virginia Stevenson said...

just wow
This stuff gets me going!*

On 7/4/2014 David said...

This is great
Great alternative to energy drinks!*

On 7/4/2014 David said...

Caffeine (Synthetic) Powder
Works great 'nuff said*

On 6/24/2014 Arthur said...

caffeine powder
I often need caffeine to get me going in the mornings. Coffee tastes horrible, and soda has too much sugar. After my first dose of this power I realized my dream was found. 1/8 teaspoon in a sugar free soda had me bouncing off the walls for the morning. This product is effective reasonably priced and easy to take. The taste is a bit bad, but if mixed with something flavored its tolerable.*

On 6/21/2014 Andre said...

Great product!! Very High quality and fast absorbing. Ive ordered this product twice now. Great before a hard resistance training workout. Keeps me focused, alert, and my energy levels high throughout the entire workout. Thanks again BulkSupplements!!*

On 5/21/2014 Brian said...

Energy for five am wod
This is a great way to boost energy and wake you up before a Five am workout.. Without the sloshing belly fully of coffee or other heavy workout drinks! Plus, it's a trusted brand, so you don't have to worry about the crazy ingredients in other capsule formulated thermogenesis products, this gets it done! *

On 5/11/2014 Jordan said...

An excellent product to make my own make my own pre-workouts. No added sugar or other ingredients! Clean and need packaging and a heck of a kick. *

On 5/9/2014 Lucien said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!
This product is amazing i love it. Helps me get through the day and go crazy at the gym. Great for those long hours at work.*

On 5/9/2014 Brad said...

my review on caffeine
Wow what an incredible product! Most impressed with quick results and length of product production. Nothing better than a preworkout bump and then about a late afternoon bump. I will use again.*

On 5/6/2014 justin said...

Ahem. Damn this works
Beautifully packaged (sealed nice and tight) with tear-away security and resealable ziplock (Nice touch folks). First dose was 384mg + 400mg of theanine. Made for an amazing workout. Too damn effective, lol. Took it at 8pm for a 9pm workout and stayed up until 3am.*

On 4/30/2014 Del said...

Good Stuff
I'm sure you've tried Caffeine before, in one form or another. But this is the best way I've consumed Caffeine. Coffee usually gives me digestion issues, so this is a godsend. Clean rush (I highly recommend taking some L-Theanine with the caffeine--it's like magic) and a high productivity. Would be lying if I said it wasn't near euphoric as well.

Try it!*

On 4/27/2014 Haig said...

GOODMORNING World!!!!!!!!
I LOVE this product. I am NOT a morning person. I cannot wake up in the morning. I have narcolepsy and the meds I take are to keep me awake and they do somewhat, but take quite a while to work. This worked much faster and gave me some energy actually. I actually woke up, something I don't do for hours after I get up. I honestly am happy. I do not recommend this for people with narcolepsy I am not a Dr. I am just saying for me it is what I needed to wake me up. So happy to find it. I just wish it came with a measure spoon.*

On 4/8/2014 Dennis said...

Big punch, little dose
Started taking the caffeine 30 before I workout at the gym. Did not make me feel bad or jittery. I noticed a big differance with how easy it was to work out and not be tired. Great product. small amout goes a long way. Fast delivery and quailit products. I recommend the site to all my friends.*

On 4/5/2014 Steve said...

Good product
I bought this product because I wanted to start making my own pre-workout and I have seen the differences in my performance. It is super cheap and I will buy this product again.*

On 4/4/2014 Thach said...

Great quality and great service.*

On 3/31/2014 Jake said...

Even though it is not (anhydrous), still found this very effective to take before my workouts.*

On 3/2/2014 Allen said...

Great Quality
Best price and quality online! Will buy again.*

On 2/9/2014 BENNETT said...

Caffeine Powder (Synthetic)
I used 200MG of this product before my workout and found it to be extremely effective and now plan on making it a staple in all my pre-workout mixes. *

On 1/19/2014 David said...

excellent product
This product is the best i have tried definitely pure and no fillers. Great for work outs or just a extra boost of energy!*

On 1/11/2014 vancel said...

As Pure as it Gets
This powder is very pure and powerful. Only a small amount is needed. I use it in a pre-workout shake.*

On 1/28/2013 Blake said...

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Product Questions

I am curious about caffeine's effect on the skin, when applied topically. I have noted it to be an ingredient in firming products...?