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Rhodiola Extract 3% Rosavin Powder

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Rhodiola Extract 3% Rosavin Powder


  • 3% rosavin
  • Energy & athletic endurance
  • Improves mood
  • May burn fat
  • Taste

  • Mixability

Rhodiola is a plant native to arctic regions. It is rich in amino acids and can improve athletic endurance, burn fat, and improve mood.


Serving Size & Timing

It is suggested that this extract be taken in servings of 400 mg (about 1/8 tsp) once or twice daily, depending on intended effect.

Nutritional Information

Supplement Facts

Serving size: 400 milligrams
Serving per container: *
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value**
Rhodiola Extract (Standardized to 3% rosavins)... 400 mg *
* Daily Value not established.
** Based on 2,000 calorie diet


Sugar, soy, dairy, yeast, gluten, corn and additives.

As a dietary supplement, take 400 mg (approximately 1/8 tsp) up to two times daily, or as directed by a physician.

US Standard Measuring Spoons
Spoon Size(level) milligrams
1/16 teaspoon 197
1/8 teaspoon 394
1/4 teaspoon 789



This non-irradiated extract contains at least 3% rosavin and 1% salidroside. There are no extraneous fillers of any kind present in it.


As long as suggested serving sizes are adhered to, it is generally agreed that rhodiola extract is safe. However, taking too much of it may result in restlessness, insomnia and mood swings. Taking extremely high amounts may also cause irregular heartbeat, so it is best to avoid doing this at all costs. This product is not meant for women who are nursing or pregnant.

This product should be stored in an area that is free from light, heat and moisture in order to preserve its potency.

California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

Customer Reviews

Good Clean Powder
Nice powder. This has noticeable effects and seems to mix pretty well with coffee. I would recommend this.*

On 9/22/2018 Milo said...

Good for anxiety in small doses
This stuff is strong, so just a little is all you need to fight anxiety. Too much and it seems to cause a little fogginess, for me anyways. Thank you for a pure product!*

On 8/29/2018 travis said...

better than coffee
Great morning pick me up.*

On 7/27/2018 gary said...

Energy booster
Aside from the health and longevity benefits, Rhodiola improves mood, energy level, motivation, concentration and focus. This herb is considered an adaptagen and can work with other supplements. The energy boost is gradual a lasts a few hours. *

On 7/27/2018 Joseph said...

Good product, really gets you going in the morning. Don't overdue!*

On 6/13/2018 gary said...

Mood Lifter
This is my second Rhodiola Rosea order from BS. I have always found my orders to be of the highest quality and lowest price. Rhodiola is a calming extract that soothes the nerves in anxious situations. Will order again from BS. *

On 6/12/2018 l said...

Easily as good as other, more expensive, brands
I have been taking Rhodiola for 5 years and paying 30 dollars per bottle got to be a bit much. This Rhodiola is excellent and does the job just as well if not better than the capsules I have used before.*

On 5/23/2018 AL said...

Very Strong Taste
I'm taking this first thing in the morning along with the Astragalus Extract - nice combination... take it straight - down it with water. Gives me that extra lift in the morning. BA has the BEST PURE powder supplements! No more pill form for me! No more fillers! Thank you so much! I'll
be back!*

On 5/13/2018 Kimberlie said...

Rhodiola Rosea 3% Rosavin Powder

This product is extremely effective for anybody that needs that extra energy. The taste is bitter, but the benefits are superb.*

On 2/28/2018 Pam said...

Great Sample
First time utilizing this supplement. After doing a large amount of research, I decided to give this a try.

I've found this to be easily mixed; the taste, while isn't great, is bearable (I don't drink supplements for the taste). I take about 400mg once per day, and it is easily measurable at home.

I like bulksupplements because of the purity of their products, and lack of "fillers" found in nearly every other supplement manufacture. Customer service continues to impress, and I find that this is my "go to" site for supplements now.


On 2/22/2018 Steve said...

Very Strong
Like a lot of other reviews said, a little bit of this stuff goes a long way. I take a tiny scoop and dump it into my coffee in the morning and makes me feel great. I learned my lesson when I took way too much the first time and had too much energy. I've noticed that it really curbs my appetite too. For example, when I know I should have hunger pains because I haven't eaten in a while, they just aren't there. I guess that's a good thing if you're trying to lose weight. Ive been stacking this with some ashwagandha I bought and haven't had any anxiety. A+!*

On 2/13/2018 Derek said...

give it a up
great service, love the free shipping, packaging is very informative with dosages and conversion to parts of teaspoons excellent. I have tried it for several days now and what I notice is that I don't get hungry for another two to three hours, that was a surprise -- so I have more energy in that regard, might help in fat loss. *

On 1/14/2018 Raymond said...

Good stuff.
I always get my stuff from Mountain Rose and wouldn't have tried you guys but MR has been out of their north American Rhodiola powder for weeks and I got tired of waiting. Now I'm glad they ran out.
Came quick. The bag weighed a an ounce or two heavy. So far so good.
Open the stuff up, man, this smells SO GOOD. Much stronger than what I had been getting. MR's is not a standardized extract. Bulk's is powdered MUCH finer also, I like this because it makes for more in each capsule.
Very happy, I will be getting this Rhodiola from now on. Thanks Bulk Supplements!*

On 1/5/2018 John said...

Excellent prep of Rhodiola
I tried different preps of Rhodiola and I believe this one is among the best. Minimal taste and mixes very well. I noticed some results right away and I like the fact that you can take as much as you want by measurement when you buy the powder form. I stack this with other supplements and I think it is great.*

On 11/14/2017 Ahmed said...

Excited to try this!
Thank you for the opportunity to try this powerhouse herb in extract form. I am using the root for decocting for my Chinese herbal patients and am curious to compare the effects of the extract vs. the root in decoction. As always, great job with your products, Bulk Supplements! I am a newer buyer but have a feeling that I will be lifelong purchaser from this site.*

On 9/20/2017 Barbara said...

Great product!
Definitely has helped with clearing of the mind! Taking for loss of hair and can see it is making a difference. Taste is strong, but it goes away quickly. Will order again!!*

On 7/22/2017 Trisha said...

Rhodiola Rosea
I have been taking rhodiola daily for about six months. The product seems to help me clear my mind and manage stress. I do not care for the taste but mix it with fruit and grape juice in a shake. Great quality and service as always from BS.*

On 6/23/2017 Nathan said...

I was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome 2 years ago. I found a holistic doctor who treated me. I am an RN of 35 years. This is my go to for reliable supplements. I take Rhodalia for an increase Cortisol level which causes me to have insomnia.
There are alot of suppliers out there but I like Bulk Supplements. I don't need capsules. I can measure myself and I get great supplements at a great price. I shop here frequently. I LOVE BULK SUPPLEMENTS*

On 3/24/2017 Carmen said...

Subtle Changes
I have been taking the Rhodiola 3% Rosavin for just over a week now. I am taking 200 mg/2xday. I am taking it for the management of high cortisol which affects the body in many ways. I have difficulty sleeping, high morning blood sugar, fat around the waist, and memory problems. These problems are inter related. I have noticed in the short time I have been taking it that my memory has been slightly improved and can remember names better. Before I would be going over and over things I had forgot like names and where I put my keys. I have also found that my productitvty has increased whereby tasks I deemed too much seem less overwhelming now. Subtle changes. I will write another review when I can give this product more time to work on blood sugar and sleep problems. Taste is interesting.*

On 2/19/2017 Michele said...

Rhodiola Rosea 3% Rosavin
Rhodiola has given me a comfortable relaxed feeling without feeling sleepy within a few moments after taking it, my mind is clear and I am alert and ready to start my busy day. I enjoy the taste it gives my warm tea in the morning. It dissolves readily with a warm beverage. Thank you
New Englander*

On 2/15/2017 maria said...

WOW Rhodiola Rosea 3% Rosavin Powder
This really does give you a bit of a lift-mind & body. I take the 1/4tsp with other powders from BS and found if you place powders in a bit (tsp or so) of boiled water (better than tap water) it will dissolve faster, then mix with a spoon . When that's dissolved, I place Emergen-C (any flavour) in with some more water, this makes the taste a bit better than having it straight up! As with any plant based meds, please keep in mind that not all work for everyone! Bulk Supplements have not let me down with their products, service or shipping. Have had some issue with the bags sealing but am putting all my powders now in mason jars with labels and serving amounts.*

On 2/1/2017 Anita said...

nice with ashwaghanda
as an adaptogen, this herb compliments ashwaghanda nicely since they both fulfill almost the same benefits, but slightly different. i always take these two herbs together alongside my fish oil, a form of choline, and turmeric daily, so that i get the mental and physical benefits. it takes about 30-45 minutes before i feel the nice wash of 'less anxiety' come over me, and find it easier to get my work done. needless to say, buying in bulk saves me alot of money over getting individual bottles, since i have no issues mixing this into my morning drink. *

On 1/24/2017 G said...

Great product
This has become one of the default options in treatment for me. You do not need big doses (in fact, Rhodiola is known to have a bell curve response - ref Medium doses seem best. I would personally chose for 300 milligrams of the 3% Rosavin and 200 milligrams of the 3% salidroside (other product on this website) or alternatively/even just 200 milligrams of the 3% Rosavin and 150 milligrams of the 3% salidroside. Sometimes this product is a bit foamy/bubbly when mixing with water which makes me wonder a bit about process refinement, though it could be a natural result as well.*

On 1/6/2017 RV said...

My lovely room mate and I have been taking rhodiola daily for years.

A friend who is now disabled tried it last year and it was his favorite supplement.

This 100 gm package is the equal to seven bottles at the price of a bottle and a half of my favorite brand.

Prices like these and fine quality put much needed help in reach of those who need it most.


On 12/21/2016 Danney said...

Anti Stress and more
As Naturopathic Physicians we found Rhodiola as a very effective stress reducing herb with multiple uses, it reduces angina, Parkinson's symptoms, is also useful for dengue and has anti-cancer properties.*

On 12/8/2016 Al Ortiz said...

It works!
I have been taking rhodiola rosea 2 weeks already and fix some evident improvments in my mood - feel like more stable and stress reliefed. Also I gained some vitality rise - better sleep, better activity in gym, more productivity and wiilingness to take action. Thanks to BS team for another great product!*

On 11/13/2016 Anton said...

Seems to be helping
This seems to be helping my mind be a little clearer and calmer. Improvement is subtle but definitely there. I have MS and appreciate even the small improvements! As always service is excellent! *

On 11/9/2016 Shirley said...

Rhodiola Rosea 3% Rosavin Powder
Seems to help with my memory. It also tastes like mild cinnamon, unlike Bacopa Monniera! I like it in my tea.*

On 10/10/2016 Jake said...

Rhodiola Rosea 3% Rosavin
I feel more energetic/*

On 10/4/2016 VJ said...

R&D Delight
I am a R&D Formulator and find Bul Supplement's Botanicals all grade well in any ingredient analysis, thankfully. Great service too.*

On 9/19/2016 William said...

Haven't used it long
I have not used this long or consistently enough to tell what positive results it could have. I will review again at a later time.*

On 9/6/2016 Patrick said...

Super Fast Shipping
I love Bulk Supplements shipping, they are quick and the shipping is fast!*

On 8/2/2016 Sara said...

Rhodiola Rosea 3% Rosavin Powder
The packaging and shipping were excellent, as per BulkSupplements' usual modus operandi. Opening the packaging was better than usual as I was able to avoid getting powder spilled everywhere. Whether that is my increasing skill or a quality of this particular product, I'm not sure. The taste is very mild. About half the time I just spoon it into my mouth and swish with water, no problems with the taste. The other half I put it in a protein shake and don't even notice it is there. Note: It does not dissolve whatsoever, just clumps to varying degrees. As with many naturopathic supplements such as this, I was unable to notice any pronounced effect. Doesn't mean it isn't working, but there it is.*

On 6/16/2016 Andrew said...

Rhodiola Rosea
I've been taking this product for about a week now with no effect-and I'll continue to take it and write a review about its effects later on. The product came in the mail on time, so I'm giving 5 stars for the service. Rhodiola Rosea powder has an awful taste that's dry and sticks to your mouth, so be warned-take it quickly with a drink, or make your own capsules! *

On 5/22/2016 Alex said...

Just started but I've noticed benefits already
Really helps with my stress levels. I found myself getting a little stressed, but was able to quickly get back to a manageable level.

It is a little bitter, but it has a woodsy, tea flavor. It's not really that bad. Hopefully more benefits to come*

On 5/3/2016 Jennifer said...

Energy, mental clarity
Rhodesia is an effective, highly sought after supplement with a thousand year history. It provides a nice boost of energy, mental clarity, and overall well being. HIghly recommended. *

On 4/28/2016 Graham said...

Great supplement
This has given me more energy without the "jitters" that I get with other supplements. The taste is better when dissolved in grape juice.*

On 3/29/2016 Patty said...

Great way to get benefits of Rhodiola
I order this to see if it would help me in both soothing nerves while helping to increase concentration. I have to say it is quite satisfactory in doing both. Though in the bitter category, it can be put in other drinks, such as fruit juices, to make it easier to take. I recommend it.*

On 3/26/2016 Robert said...

So far, so good!
I've been mixing this into my morning shake, and it does not add any noticeable flavor or texture. It also mixes in quite well, and at the quantities recommended, it should last quite a long time! I've recently started working out much more regularly, so any additional boost of energy that this supplement provides will be appreciated.

Great quality product, once again--I'll continue coming back and letting others know of this great website!*

On 3/13/2016 Ryan said...

Works for me!
I've used their products for some time now, and rarely go anywhere else. There just is no comparison in quality of product, customer service, packaging, price and speed of delivery.

In a double-blind crossover human trial, rhodiola increased several measures of mental performance, including associative thinking, short-term memory, concentration, calculation and speed of audio/visual perception. Statistically significant improvements were reported after just two weeks of supplementation (Phytomedicine. 2000 Oct;7(5):365-71). I've also read that individuals with manic or bipolar disorder should not use Rhodiola.
I can attest; take early in the day as Rhodiola Rosea may interfere with your sleep. A very nice, even keel energy throughout the day, with a noticeable mental clarity.
There is an excellent review by "Stephen" explaining many details & differences between the Rosavins & the Salidrosides. I always look for, and gain from his reviews. *

On 2/23/2016 Denise said...

Gives great boost
I have been taken other supplements that contained Rhodiola Rosea while being on a calories restriction diet. Normally calories restriction affects mood and energy level, but after starting taking the supplement I have noticed a boost in energy, and I was able to workout as hard as I used to be.
That is why I decided to buy pure Rhodiola extract separately. I mix it with water. It is better mixed with a little warmer water than cold; it has pleasant herbal flowerish taste like a herbal-berry tea. *

On 2/20/2016 Elena said...

Tested and True
This product works better than anything else on the market! I've been ordering Rhodiola Rosea now for over 5 months and it's been great. Bulksupplements has the highest quality over the others. I'll continue to order and would recommend others to do the same. Thanks!*

On 2/17/2016 John said...

wonderful product
Love the benefits of this product and love all the wonderful variety of products available from BS. *

On 1/30/2016 Sharon said...

Good stuff
Energy deficient due to rapid dehydration (genetic and improper electrolyte consumption) and muscular issues, this product has helped increase my energy level. I can do a lot more repetitions when lifting weights (light weights) and can move up and down the field or court while officiating sports (basketball, lacrosse, football) without feeling exhausted.*

On 1/18/2016 Rocky said...

First time ordering from Bulksupplements. Quick service and great products! I used Rhodiola Rosea as part of my preworkout drink. It has a pleasant almost floral smell to it, which is nice. Due to its darker color, it also worked great as a tracer when combining with other products.

This herb is considered a stimulatory adaptogen because it increases the body's resistance to a variety of stressors. It can help support critical hormones such as testosterone, growth hormone (GH), insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), dopamine, and thyroid hormone.*

On 1/10/2016 Clay said...

Amazing Product
I recently purchased 250g of Rhodiola Rosea 3% Rosavin and I'm happy to say my cognitive functions are steadily improving. I assumed at the age of 63 I might as well forget about any memory function improving, but was I wrong!
I am anxious to try Bulksupplements other great products, especially the nitric oxide boosters. *

On 12/20/2015 Jack Riley said...

Great herbal product. Research indicates numerous potential positive benefits. As always, order was sent out very quickly.*

On 12/16/2015 R said...

Great Product!
I'm a first time customer. The packaging is great. The powder is very refined and fragrant. I just began taking the supplements I ordered and I do find I don't have anymore brain fog. I also finding myself in a better mood and able to catch myself when I ever get into a depressed mood. I will be a repeat customer in the future*

On 12/15/2015 Joseph said...

Rhodiola can extend the lifespan of healthy individuals. Very few substances can do that,
The following is a list of clinical trials, most double-blinded and placebo-controlled, recorded at the National Medical Library, MEDLINE, as abstracted by GreenMedInfo for rhodiola:

1. Rhodiola Rosea and Eleutherococcus Senticosus induce increased stress response and a longer lifespan.
2. Rhodiola can improve endurance exercise capacity.
3. Rhodiola reduces C-reactive protein and creatinine kinase in the blood.
4. Rhodiola reduces the level of biophoton emission in human subjects.
5. Rhodiola rosea has a therapeutic effect in treating mental fatigue.
6. Cinnamon and rhodiola have significant blood sugar lowering and antioxidant activity.
7. Fermented Rhodiola rosea extract effectively protects against fatigue caused by strenuous exercise.
8. Rhodiola exhibits an effect on decelerated aging in the fruit fly.
9. Rhodiola has radioprotective properties.
10. Rhodiola is cardioprotective and has anti-stress activity.
11. Rhodiola rosea extract is a potent inhibitor of stress-induced behavioral and physiological changes.
12. Salidroside, a compound found within rhodiola, protects against aging in a mouse model.
13. Rhodiola generates significant improvement in adults with physical and cognitive deficiencies.
14. A combination of Leuzea carthamoides (Maral root), Rhodiola, Eleutherococcus (Siberian ginseng) and Schisandra may boost suppressed immunity in ovarian cancer patients on chemotherapy.
15. A combination of Rhodiola, Schisandra and Eleutherococcus (Siberian Ginseng) improves patients with acute non-specific pneumonia.
16. Rhodiola rosea, although less effective than sertraline, may possess a more favorable risk to benefit ratio for individuals with mild to moderate depression.
17. Rhodiola rosea extract exerts anti-fatigue effect that increases mental performance, ability to concentrate, and decreases cortisol response to stress in patients with fatigue syndrome.
18. Rhodiola rosea significantly improves generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).
19. Rhodiola shows antidepressant potency in patients with mild to moderate depression.
20. A combination of Astragalus, Rhodiola Rosea and Sophora flavescens ameliorates coxsackievirus B3 induced myocarditis in mice.
21. Rhodiola attenuates stress-induced anorexia, in the rodent model.
22. Rhodiola rosea demonstrates an antiarrhythmic effect, possibly through induction of opioid peptide biosynthesis.
23. Rhodiola rosea demonstrates significant cardioprotective and antiarrhythmic properties.
24. Rhodiola rosea has a beneficial effect on the acquisition and expression of morphine tolerance and dependence in mice.
25. Rhodiola rosea has a therapeutic effect in the treatment of smoking cessation.
26. Rhodiola crenulata demonstrates anti-tumor and anti-metastatic activity against human breast cancer cells.
27. Rhodiola has an antiproliferative and antimitotic effect against human leukemia cells.
28. Rhodiola prevents ischemic brain damage development in an experimental model.
29. Rhodiola rosea has neuraminidase inhibitory activity against influenza viruses.
30. Salidroside, a compound found within rhodiola, exhibits anti-aging properties.*

On 12/7/2015 Stephen said...

Love this!!!!
Really keep me calm, something I really needed, and it's natural.*

On 10/13/2015 deloris said...

Great stuff
I did some research online before I bought this product. I was happy to find that all the hype was correct. Not only did it make me feel good but I felt that it was top notch quality too. Bulk supplement dot com has always succeeded in providing the best supplements in every order I have made. I will continue to spend my money here. *

On 9/14/2015 Anthony said...

very effective.*

On 8/16/2015 Sharon said...

This really works!!
I'm so thrilled that I found something natural that helps relieve my anxiety from PTSD!! I was just about to make an appointment with my Doctor to get on something for it but now I don't have to deal with that or taking medications with awful side effects!! I just love bulksupplements! They have made natural medicine affordable for someone on a fixed income!*

On 8/8/2015 melissa said...

Realiy Works!
I received this in the mail nicely packaged just a few days ago. My anxiety level has been really awful the past few weeks and I was considering going on some prescription medications. I really didn't want to do that because of some of the terrible side effects. It has worked amazingly well! I feel so much better and calmer! I haven't seen the increase in energy yet but that would be a bonus since it's helped me feel like I can breath normally.*

On 8/8/2015 Melissa Kingfield said...

This is some nasty tasting powder. You will get used to the taste after several times drinking with juice.*

On 7/13/2015 Said said...

A Rare Find
This substance is difficult to obtain. I had given up being able to find it when I stumbled across it on Bulk Supplements. Seems to work well; I use it to reduce cortisol after intense workouts and it is helping me achieve my weight loss goals as a result. It is apparently a stress reliever, and can promote calmness and a clear mind. *

On 6/17/2015 Caitlin said...

So glad I found this supplement...
I was previously taking Rhodiola in the capsule form by a competitor and was frustrated by its constant unavailability on Amazon. Amazon had the best price, which was almost half the price as the brick-and-mortar stores...when it was available. After waiting over a month for its availability, I finally gave up and look to see if Bulk Supplements had it. Sure enough, I found that they had it in the powder form, which I was pleasantly surprised. I immediately order it, having had great results with Bulk Supplements other products. After taking it for several weeks, I can attest that I am very pleased with their Rhodiola. I religiously take it every morning and it definitely has the calming effect that I seek. Works just as well, if not better, as the capsules I was previously purchasing. I have not been disappointed with any of Bulk Supplements' products.*

On 5/27/2015 Roy said...

Love it!
I was drinking way too much caffeine and I feel that I was taxing my adrenals. Since starting to take Rhodiola, I feel way more energized and calm at the same time. I am getting more tasks done in a day. I am down to only drinking one cup of green tea. I shake the fine powder up in water or mix it in a cup of warm water. I don't mind the taste at all. I am very satisfied with my purchase. Thanks Bulk Supplements.*

On 5/9/2015 Laura said...

fresh and powerful
I was pleased with how fresh this rhodiola seemed. I will definitely be buying this repeatedly.....*

On 5/7/2015 J Crawford said...

Looking forward...
I'm looking forward to trying this product. Based on the reviews, it looks like it might be helpful.*

On 4/24/2015 Brian said...

This is an awesome product. It lived up to the hype *

On 4/15/2015 John said...

Immediate Results!
I work on a very demanding assembly line.This helps with stress,& fatigue. Also seems to improve my mental focus. Decided this must be a permanent part of my daily routine. *

On 3/23/2015 Joseph said...

This powder really works. It worked right away at melting stress and anxiety. Felt like I could exhale in a calm, soothing way. The knot in my stomach went away. I hope the effectiveness lasts. I have also noticed an improvement in energy level at the gym.*

On 3/11/2015 Gina said...

This along with million other things I've purchased from this company has been stellar. It does help me in many. Try it. You surely will feel in a more positive mood and more energy, a clean form of energy :) *

On 1/4/2015 John said...

This was amazing
I've wanted to try this for so long and bulk supplements made it possible. This product tasted amazing and I immediately felt my mood elevated *

On 10/13/2014 Robert B said...

This stuff is awesome!!!
I did research and ordered as a mid-afternoon fatigue reliever and it works awesome! The bulk powder is more potent than in capsules and you can't beat the price!!! I always have it with me. It gives me energy and stamina, not to mention all other benefits this herb delivers. I am a customer for life!!!*

On 9/28/2014 Natalia said...

Appears to have a benefit
I am a high stress person in a high stress occupation. I believe this extract has really helped me to remain even tempered since I started using it. I add a little to my drinks (usually coffee or tea - yes it has a taste but I don't mind) and I am less likely to get frustrated. What I really like is that I remain very clear headed and alert without getting dopey.*

On 9/26/2014 Brian said...

Great service, Excellent product
I have been experimenting with this as a nootropic. Its a bit too soon to tell how effective it is, but early results are positive. Regardless the packaging is clean and informative. The pure powder is a great alternative to other products which try to add other supplements.

Overall another great product for bulksupplements and if you know this product is for you then this will be the cleanest and cheapest source. *

On 9/24/2014 Cody S said...

Great Adaptogen
This is a great herb. Bulk Supplements has the best price and highest quality Rhodiola rosea I have ever purchased. I use it to cope with the physiological stresses of weight training and feel it helps me recuperate faster.*

On 7/13/2014 Luke said...

Great quality product and the Best value
This is a great product. Has a strong floral aroma, and bitter herbal taste. I just take it as is and wash down with a glass of water, but it also blend well in smoothies. Like that the package has the date of harvesting ensuring freshness of the product. Best value out there! I'm in Canada and received my order in 5 days! Very satisfied with the product and service.*

On 6/10/2014 Viktorija said...

Good Stuff!!
This powder is good, Super fast shipping. *

On 6/4/2014 Merri said...

Exellent mood an anxiety support
It brings a calming feeling after taking. it is not The same as Theanine for example which I feel is a more alert calm, this rather is a bit more all around; that is to say it calms your mind and body in equal measure. A word on the product it tastes earthy, but that is to be expected. It comes in two kinds this and Salidroside (some differences i have read about) so keep that in mind when chosing.
Over all if you have anxeity issues mild be it mild or severe this would defiantly be an excellent natural aide*

On 4/22/2014 Kevin said...

Excellent service and product
I have received my order quickly even though I live in Canada. The extract is of good quality. Thank you! *

On 3/25/2014 Frank said...

Awesome to fight depression
My husband used this product after I read extensively about Rhoiola and depression and he felt good after only two days. He was clinically depressed for almost a year prior to taking this product and under medical treatment. By a week's time his depression was totally gone. The Doctor eliminated his antidepressive pills just a week or two later. This is the second time I order this product becasue it is good for so many issues. It gives a general good but relaxed feeling when stressed, overwhelmed, or having almost any emotional discomfort. I can't will try their other species of rhodeola, salidrosite !*

On 12/9/2013 Lucy said...

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Product Questions

Is Rhodiola affected by heat, or is it OK to put it in hot tea or coffee without damaging the potency?