Maximum Muscle Recovery Bundle

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Maximize your muscle recovery with the Maximum Muscle Recovery Bundle from BulkSupplements! This bundle includes Potassium Citrate, Magnesium Citrate and Calcium Citrate – perfect for faster muscle recovery, nervous system support and bone strengthening. 

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Muscle Recovery - Magnesium Citrate is an ideal supplement for athletes looking to aid muscle recovery. This powerful compound helps reduce muscle soreness, rebuilds energy levels and maintains optimal muscle performance so you can push further, faster!
- Replenish Energy Levels - Magnesium Citrate helps replenish energy levels naturally and without the added chemicals of processed foods. Feel energised all day long with natural, sustained energy.
- Reduce Muscle Soreness - It can help reduce post-workout inflammation and therefore alleviate discomfort after physical activity. Plus, it helps improve muscular endurance which in turn assists in maintaining peak performance.
- Promote Muscle Strength - Regular consumption of magnesium citrate helps to restore lost electrolytes and promote strong muscles. It also supports healthy conditioning which is essential for your regular training routine.

Nervous System Support - Potassium Citrate plays an essential role in promoting a healthy nervous system. Its powerful electrolyte formulation aids in proper nerve functioning, which can help reduce symptoms of stress, tension and anxiety for a calmer mind and body.
- Improved Energy Levels - Get ready to feel energized all day! With increased potassium levels, you can increase your energy production without any caffeine or added sugars!
- Maintains Electrolyte Balance - Potassium Citrate helps to maintain electrolyte balance within the body and provides optimal hydration for improved total body health. The ideal solution for those looking to revive tiredness and low energy.
- Strengthen Immune System - Potassium is also known to boost immune system function by helping fight off viruses and bacteria! An ideal addition to any balanced diet for maintaining good health.

Bone Strengthening - Calcium Citrate is an essential mineral that helps fortify and strengthen bones, teeth, and more. With daily use, it helps to maintain healthy calcium levels in the body that are necessary for optimal bone health.
- Essential Mineral - It contains the essential minerals like Iron, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Zinc which helps in promoting healthy bone structure. These minerals work together to increase bone mass and enhance bone mineral density.
- Absorption - Calcium Citrate has been specially formulated for superior absorption into the body with a proprietary blend of vitamin d3 and citric acids. This combination ensures maximum utilization of this naturally occurring mineral.
- Safety Considerations - Calcium Citrate is safe for both adults and children so long as its taken in recommended dosages as prescribed by your healthcare professional. As with all supplements, it's always best to talk to your doctor first before beginning any new regimen.