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Potassium Gluconate Powder

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Potassium Gluconate Powder


  • Essential mineral
  • Promotes healthy bones
  • Organic electrolyte
  • Taste

  • Mixability

Potassium gluconate is an organic compound made up of gluconic acid combined with a salt of potassium. It supports healthy bones, muscle function, heart health, and overall wellness.


Serving Size & Timing

It is suggested that this supplement be taken in servings of 435 mg (scant 1/8 tsp) which should be consumed once per day.

Nutritional Information

Supplement Facts

Serving size: 435 milligrams
Serving per container: *
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value**
Potassium (from Potassium Gluconate...69mg 2%
* Daily Value not established.
** Based on 2,000 calorie diet


Sugar, soy, dairy, yeast, gluten,corn or additives

As a dietary supplement, take 435mg (1/8 tsp) once daily or as directed by a physician.

US Standard Measuring Spoons
Spoon Size(level) milligrams
1/32 teaspoon 136
1/16 teaspoon 272
1/8 teaspoon 544



This supplement is considered pharmaceutical grade and has no fillers of any kind present in it.


As long as suggested serving sizes are adhered to, this supplement is considered safe. However, taking more than the recommended amount of Potassium may cause gastrointestinal problems and pains such as flatulence and upset stomach. Anyone that has been diagnosed with diabetes or anyone that has had kidney problems in the past should talk with a medical professional before taking this supplement. Do not take if you are pregnant or nursing.

Any drug that contains Potassium should only be taken as directed by a medical professional or under supervision by a medical professional. This is especially true for men or women who have had problems with their kidneys, heart, or persons who have been diagnosed with diabetes in the past, as large amounts of Potassium in the bloodstream can cause heart problems.

Some individuals may have an allergic reaction to this supplement. At the first signs of rash, dizziness or trouble breathing, cease intake immediately and see a doctor.


This supplement is very soluble in water and should be taken with food. Potassium Gluconate may be mixed with water or juice and then consumed that way. It should be stored in an area that is free from light, heat and moisture. It is also best if it is stored in such a way that it cannot be easily accessed by pets or small children.

California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

Customer Reviews

Easy to mix and no noticed of taste at all
Potassium gluconate Powder can be mixed with several drinks easily without bad taste. Potassium necessary to the body together with magnesium. *

On 12/1/2018 Marisol said...

Potassium Gluconate
Great service and product without fillers. Very pleased with fast shipping as well. *

On 10/11/2016 Debra said...

used to make homemade energy gu
Worked great for our application mixed well,*

On 6/24/2015 Christina said...

Potassium Gluconate
I really like this product because it mixes quickly and completely in water, and has a very neutral taste. Mixed with juice such as orange juice or tomato juice the potassium gluconate has no noticeable taste at all. This product has an advantage over potassium bicarbonate in that it can be taken just as well with food or on an empty stomach. I've seen a study which claims the body can't absorb potassium without magnesium being present, so it makes sense to mix them together and take both at the same time. Anyone deficient in magnesium will almost certainly be deficient in potassium - and vice versa. I've lately been mixing the potassium gluconate with magnesium citrate in water, and this moderates the citrus flavor making it easier to drink. For those who don't know, the U.S. governments RDA for potassium is 4,700mg though some researchers claim the optimal amount is more like 10,000mg per day - since that is most likely what primitive man consumed before agriculture was invented. Most Americans get less than half, more like 25% of their body's requirement for potassium, and massive health problems result. Every cell in the body uses potassium and it is vitally important for regulating heart beat, regulating water levels, regulating acid/alkaline balance, and serving as an electrolyte to transmit electrical impulses among the cells and nerves. High blood pressure, conjunctive heart failure, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, kidney stones, tooth decay (cavities) and numerous other ailments are the result of potassium deficiency. Potassium deficiency causes the body to become too acidic, which sets the stage for cancer to develop. Suffice it to say, except those who subsist by drinking large amounts of raw vegetable juice, everyone else can improve their health and avoid ailments by supplementing with potassium gluconate. *

On 5/8/2015 Gene Windell said...

Potassium Gluconate
Since im in the competitive world of strongmen i need quality products i can trust to get the job done from recouperation to endurance and bulk supplements has been my go to powder vitamin amino site for the past 3 years ..I will continue to use them and to pass their site to my growing teammates *

On 4/27/2015 Steelbar1 said...

Quality Potassium Gluconate
We recently purchased Bulk Supplements Potassium Gluconate, and everything was superlative. The product is the mild sort of potassium that we want. It looks, smells, and tastes like the finest grade of potassium gluconate. That's important, because if you try something less, you must expect something that is not of this quality. The price is right, and the service was prompt. Not to mention all the helpful advice. I used to get leg cramps after running, but not any more. If they start, I take potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Problem solved. I also use it with my other daily supplements. My wife uses the same minerals with powdered whey as a nutritional drink. Thanks!*

On 1/15/2014 Sam said...

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