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N-Acetyl L-Glutamine Powder

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N-Acetyl L-Glutamine Powder


  • Memory & focus
  • Digestive health
  • Improves athletic endurance
  • Taste

  • Mixability

N-acetyl l-glutamine is an amino acid that benefits digestive health, memory, and focus. It could also improve athletic endurance and workout recovery time.


Serving Size & Timing

The suggested serving size for N-Acetyl L-Glutamine is between 500mg (1/4 tsp) and 1000mg (1/2 tsp) to be taken three times per day. N-Acetyl L-Glutamine works best when it is consumed on an empty stomach. Those that use this supplement as an exercise aid generally prefer to take one of their doses directly after exercise in order to immediately replenish what was lost.

While this supplement may alleviate certain symptoms and contribute to overall general feelings of well-being, it is not meant to be used in place of real medical advice and the word of a licensed medical professional. Make sure to go to a doctor if you need treatment for any medical issues you may be experiencing.

Nutritional Information

Supplement Facts

Serving size: 1000 milligrams
Serving per container: *
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value**
N-Acetyl L-Glutamine 1000mg *
* Daily Value not established.
** Based on 2,000 calorie diet


Sugar, soy, dairy, yeast, gluten, corn and additives.

As a dietary supplement, take 500mg (scant 1/4 tsp) to 1000mg (scant 1/2 tsp) three times daily preferably on an empty stomach, or as directed by physician.

US Standard Measuring Spoons
Spoon Size(level) milligrams
1/8 teaspoon 285
1/4 teaspoon 570
1/2 teaspoon 1141



This product is considered pharmaceutical grade and contains no fillers of any kind.


As long as suggested serving sizes are adhered to, few side effects will occur as a result of Glutamine consumption. Taking too much of it could cause some stomach upset, but this can quickly be fixed by lowering dosage or discontinuing use if necessary.

Those who have ever suffered serious liver or kidney damage or those who have been diagnosed with a disease that causes a surplus of ammonia in the blood stream should not take this supplement, as it could make these conditions worse. In addition, anyone that has ever been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease or anyone that is either pregnant or nursing should stay away from this supplement.


This product is easily dissolved in water and does not have any discernible taste to it. It can be mixed with either water or juice and consumed that way. This product should be stored in an area that is free from light, heat and moisture in order to preserve overall potency and to make sure that it is not degraded or damaged in any way that would decrease effectiveness.

California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

Customer Reviews

Fastest shipping and lowest cost! *

On 2/7/2019 Judson said...

I wanted to try this to see if it can aid my recovery time. Taste similar to citruline. Not bad taste but sour like lemon which is good.. I added this to my overall supplement blend recently. Cant hurt. Thanks*

On 11/12/2018 Andy said...

N-Acetyl l-Glutamine (pure powder)
Works Great *

On 5/7/2018 Richrd said...

N-Acetyl L-Glutamine
Works well, I take ~1g and notice an increase in well being.*

On 4/25/2018 Nicholas said...

N-Acetyl L-Glutamine (pure powder)
Warning, for the faint of heart, it is rather tart, but I combine it with so many other Bulksupplement powders along with some Keifer and stevia that it is not a problem for me at all. My Dr. has asked me what I was doing for my skin, as it looked so much improved.... it's the Glutamine. My gut is healing as well. I do wish that it didn't require as large of a dose to get the number of grams in that I require daily right now, compared to some other brands, but because this is pure without fillers, flavors or colors, I can't complain. *

On 12/4/2017 Marnie said...

Great Addition!
I used this supplement for a trial period and i can definitrly say im better off WITH this into my daily routine! I feel like it only adds to my health and wellness along with my other daily supplementations. Taste is okay but im not taking a supplement for the taste, im taking it for the RESULTS! Two thumbs way up!*

On 8/27/2017 Sterling said...

Not a fan of this glutamine!!!!!!
Ok, first the disclaimers: Yes, is great and their products are awesome. I've been purchasing my supps from for several months now. No complaints. Second, I'm an avid user of Glutamine; 10-30 grams per day. I've been using the regular Glutamine powder without any problems at all. I highly recommend Glutamine. However, this product took me by complete surprise. BE ADVISED: The first thing that hit my like an underserved facial punching was the taste. I've had some pretty foul tasting supps in the past, but this was the absolute worst!! Seriously, and it will destroy the taste of you protein shakes as well. if that weren't bad enough, I've had diarrhea everyday since starting this product. Yesterday I only took 10 grams, and I was ok this morning. 20 grams later, and diarrhea's back. The other Glutamine didn't bother me at all, and I will reorder it. As for this one, I can't even finish it. I'll be throwing the rest away, as much as I hate to do it. *

On 7/14/2017 Walter said...

N-Acetyl L-Glutamine
This product is fantastic. My mood is heightened and my muscles feel younger after taking this product in this form--very bio-available.

Glutamine is also good to help people in alcohol recovery to reduce cravings, especially when combined with a b-complex vitamin.*

On 3/11/2017 JD said...

N-Acetyl L-Glutamine
This product is fantastic. My mood is heightened and my muscles feel younger after taking this product in this form--very bio-available.

Glutamine is also good to help people in alcohol recovery to reduce cravings, especially when combined with a b-complex vitamin.*

On 3/11/2017 JD said...

Great Product and Price!
Works Great! Thanks!*

On 11/26/2016 Mike said...

The product is great and helps in my post-workout recovery...will keep using.*

On 11/4/2016 Vik said...

Great Product L-Glutamine
The pure L-Glutamine product is Great!! I add it to my Pre and Post workout drinks. It works great mixes very well with any other products.
Will Buy Again A++*

On 11/1/2016 Scott said...

Gut Repair
I use this in my post work out shake. This mixes well and has no taste. I liked this better than the L-Glutimine for these reasons. I also use this for my gut, which I can tell if I don't take. No bloating or discomfort.*

On 10/19/2016 Ben said...

It's all about recovery
Being 42 now, it's a little different when it comes to being able to bounce back from the stresses of training and being healed and ready to go full force for the next workout. In fact most regardless of age focus only on the training and not the recovery process, which is where we make the gains. I notice faster recovery from workouts, soreness fading quicker, and just more energy when I use this product, especially before and after training. Excellent product you'll love it!!

On 8/27/2016 Eric said...

Pre Work-Out Boost
Not only does this work as a pre-workout boost, it also helps to alleviate any lactic acid buildup by taking it after the workout! GREAT pure powder! Thank you!!!!!*

On 6/14/2016 Kimberlie said...

Glutamine Easy on the gut
I consume high levels of glutamine, and it can cause some stomach upset, but this one doesn't bother me at all. Very easy on the gut. *

On 3/8/2016 Marnie said...

n-acetyl l-glutamine prescription
My N.D. prescribed this product to alleviate severe fatigue and concentration problems, due to neurotransmitter dysfunction. It has been a great help for that as well as my workouts.*

On 10/25/2015 Ken said...

N-Acetyl L-Glutamine
First of all, Bulk Supplements is far and away the best place to buy supplements. The prices, quality, and customer service are outstanding. I recently purchased this powder and I regularly use it in my pre and post workout drinks. I think it is a great product and I definitely notice a shorter recovery time. The bonus is that this powder is also vegan...that's extra stars in my opinion!*

On 9/6/2015 Robert said...

works good
Received product very fast and it works just as described. I recommend!*

On 8/18/2015 Patrick said...

N-Acetyl L-Glutamine Powder
Excellent products and service*

On 8/11/2015 Arlene said...

Glutamine is an essential supplement that helps with muscle recovery before, during, and after exercise. Prevents muscle loss during cutting and helps to burn fat.*

On 6/30/2015 Athanasios said...

Great Product
I just started using this a several days ago. I have heard it can help repair the lining of your gut and keep things moving. I can't say for sure but I think it's doing something positive for my digestive system. I have had less bloating and discomfort and am more regular. Great Product!*

On 5/17/2015 Kim said...

This is the second time I bought this stuff. I used this while I had a injured hand from gymnastics and I swear I felt better the few days after taking this than I did with icy hot compresses. It also helped me maintain my weight while I'm stuck on the sideline. Try it you can't go wrong. *

On 5/16/2015 eric said...

Great Product
I find this to be so pure and helpful to my workout. Thank you.*

On 4/14/2015 Amanda said...

Glutamine with a kick
Love this product! Recovery benefits like regular L-Glutamine with the benefit of fat burning properties and what feels like a little boost. Drink this in my workout mix with carbs and other energizers and feel like I can workout all day! Great stuff. *

On 4/14/2015 Todd said...

N-Acetyl L-Glutamine
Great product, great price, fast shipping and I will be a customer for life.*

On 3/24/2015 Michael said...

N-Acetyl L-Glutamine (pure powder)
Great product, great price and super fast shipping. I will be a customer for life.*

On 3/23/2015 Michael said...

I love the pure L-Glutamine product! I add to to my shakes post workout. They are great prices, pure products and fast shipping!*

On 3/17/2015 Heidi said...

N-Acetyl L-Glutamine (pure powder)
I purchased this product because of the statements on the website that it reduces fat and muscle breakdown as well as protects the immune system. I'm almost 3 weeks into a rigorous weight training/cardio schedule and I thought this supplement would benefit me. I've bought other products from Bulk Supplements and I keep coming back because they have the cleanest, best supplements that I can find!*

On 3/13/2015 Shelly said...

So far this product is starting to work for us with liposomal nutrients. We will keep using it with Glutathione and Lecithin. *

On 9/9/2014 Carole F. said...

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