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Green Tea Extract (50% EGCG) Powder

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Green Tea Extract (50% EGCG) Powder


  • Contains antioxidants
  • No fillers or additives
  • Non-GMO & MSG
  • Taste

  • Mixability

Green Tea Extract 50% EGCG (Camellia Sinensis) is a green tea derivative that has been evaluated to contain at least 50% Epigallocatechin (EGCG), which are antioxidants believed to be beneficial to overall health.


Serving Size & Timing

Green Tea Extract 50% EGCG is recommended to be taken in servings of 500 mg (roughly 3/16 tsp) to be consumed either once or twice a day. Intake should never amount to more than 1000 mg per day, and this supplement should never be used for more than 3 months at a time. This product should be stored in an area that is free from light, heat and moisture to prevent erosion and potency loss.

Nutritional Information

Supplement Facts

Serving size: 500 milligrams
Serving per container: *
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value**
Green Tea Leaf Extract 500mg *
Standardized to contain... *
...Polyphenols 490mg *
...Catechins 400mg *
...EGCG 250mg *
Caffeine 5mg *
* Daily Value not established.
** Based on 2,000 calorie diet


Sugar, soy, dairy, yeast, gluten and corn.

As a dietary supplement, take 500mg (3/16 tsp) one to two times daily. DO NOT use more than 1000mg in a day. Not intended for use longer than 3 months as prolonged use of high amounts of EGCG may cause liver or kidney damage.

US Standard Measuring Spoons
Spoon Size(level) milligrams
1/16 teaspoon 160
1/8 teaspoon 321
1/4 teaspoon 642



Green Tea P.E. 50% EGCG is taken directly from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis and contains at least 98% polyphenols, with 83% of these being catechins. Of those catechins, 50% have been identified as EGCG. As it is a tea extract, there is caffeine content, but this should never be more than 2% overall. There are no fillers of any kind present in this concentration.


As long as suggested serving sizes are adhered to, Green Tea Extract should be entirely safe to consume. For those that choose to take more than the recommended dose, the excess caffeine could result in insomnia or alertness. Taking EGCG in large amounts over a long period of time has the potential to damage the liver or cause damage to the kidneys.

Those who are pregnant or expecting to become pregnant should avoid taking excess EGCG. as this can cause defects in the child. Anyone that has a serious medical condition of any kind should speak with a doctor before taking this supplement.

California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

Customer Reviews

Green tea benefits without the caffene
In searching around the web I found reports that this was the most consistent quality and had the lowest amount of caffeine. And the thing I like most is no additives!*

On 4/22/2019 Beth said...

I had knee surgery in November, one of the side effects from a medication that I was taking for my knee is rapid weight gain; after much research, I decided to try this product to reduce the weight gain, after receiving the product and taking it for a week, I am back to my normal weight before surgery. I am quite pleased with the product, I will continue to take the product to fulfill my weight loss goal. I, also, take other products from BS to supplement my health and weight loss goals. I am glad I found this company and the cost for the supplements are justifiable compared to the other companies I was purchasing. *

On 1/8/2019 Joretta said...

Great item!
Exactly what we needed. As always, quick shipping.*

On 12/31/2018 Erika said...

Good for removing plagues from arteries and keep cholesterol low. worth it!*

On 11/19/2018 pramuan said...

Great For Increased Energh and Fat Loss
I do a lot of cardio every day so I take this before my workout and it gives me that edge to push through. Also the capsules are far more convenient than having to drink the actual tea. I love Bulk Supplements.*

On 11/9/2018 Mike S said...

Potent, mixes well. Definitely needs to be mixed with a shake or drink. Stimulatory so start at a minimum dosage and work up.*

On 10/7/2018 Jeff said...

Pretty good so far
I bought this product to help burn fat in morning cardio sessions. I can definitely feel the difference in my energy levels during and after cardio. Time will tell if it will help shred fat. Has a bitter taste but can be disguised in a smoothie or juice. *

On 9/27/2018 Rueben said...

I'm excited to keep taking this type of green tea with 50% catechins and low caffeine! I tried it today and so far I am satisfied with the product.*

On 9/5/2018 Nicholas said...

Highest quality Green Tea Extract I've ever tried
This stuff is pure-- no fillers, no fake additives -- and with the handy dosing chart, it's easy to customize your intake to whatever serving size you need. The powder has a slight bitter taste, so I'd recommend adding to a protein shake or drink of some kind. And the mixability is great; a simple shaker bottle did the trick for me.

EGCG is one of the few "fat burners" that actually shows some promise in scientific literature. Beyond weight loss, it has a ton of other health benefits. Highly recommended.*

On 8/16/2018 Taylor said...

Grean Tea
Muy bueno*

On 7/26/2018 ILIANA said...

Green Tea
Muy bueno.*

On 7/26/2018 ILIANA said...

Great Product for Metabolism & Fat Loss
Great product to assist in speeding up the metabolism and reduction of fat. Other added health benefits are a plus.

Taste of the powder straight up is not great, but results are.*

On 7/11/2018 Bill said...

Easy to use
Great capsules that are effective and easy to use. I take one every morning and take breaks from this supplementation for about 1-2 weeks per each month or so due to green tea's well studied effects on the inhibition of CYP enzymes.*

On 5/30/2018 King said...

I bought this to help speed my metabolism and trim some belly fat. All of the other health benefits for my brain, heart, and immune system will be a huge bonus.*

On 3/31/2018 Sheila said...

Green tea extract @ 50% EGCG
Green Tea Pure Extract 50% EGCG is very valuable in any form.

I blend the powder with my protein powder twice a day.

The flavor isn't even noticeable.

The capsules are a great value & convient for me when I want a stack waiting when I first wake up.

The powder is amazingly low cost delivering some very broad benifits.

Thanks BS for all you do.

I would not be the same without you folks.


On 1/19/2018 Danney said...

Low caffeine and lead
Wanted to include green tea in my dietary plan but try to avoid caffeine and have read that many green teas contain lead. Read on that this product is very low in lead and caffeine. Adding to my morning protein shake and my pre-workout drink.*

On 12/24/2017 Larry said...

Holy Basil
I use Holy Basil to drop my estradiol levels as prescribed by a natural Dr. As men age, we need to decrease estradiol levels and increase testosterone levels to aid our masculine hormone levels.*

On 12/20/2017 Dennis said...

Consistency and delivery
with a substantial amount of Green Tea extract,I'm now ready to speed up my metabolism & loose a few lbs...thanks BS!!*

On 11/21/2017 Michael said...

great product
I've been using bulksupplements EGCG for several years now. Best price, highest quality. EGCG causes natural cell death (apoptosis) in tumor cells on contact.*

On 10/14/2017 David said...

Green tea
This product is very effective keeps me alert for the most part without feeling tired, will order again but this time capsule because it is very bitter.*

On 10/1/2017 Ada said...

Don't let this powerful medical tool escape your grasp!
This product is as good as the leading competitor for a lower price. Fresh sealed pack (100g) I got for free after a review of L-Theanine. For all my green tea needs, I come to bulk supps. This product literally cured my tooth pain after swishing with it twice a day for a week. The stuff is proven to increase metabolism (and weight loss) on a dose dependent basis. Higher dose = higher metabolism. The bio-availability after swallowing is low (less than 1%) so you must use it buccally/ sublingual. It is proven to remove plaque from teeth and is more powerful than anything on the market. It has been shown to be at least 1% more effective (86-7%) than the most powerful antibiotic at battling bacterial infection, and over 5 percent better than all other commonly prescribed antibiotics tested. It is a likely candidate for improving brain health and preventing dementia. This powder is the real deal, do not let this powerful tool escape your grasp. Your life, and the lives of your loved ones can be significantly improved if you utilize a reputable green tea extract. Works best in combination with theanine and NAC.*

On 8/30/2017 michael said...

green tea
Terrible taste, but manageable in a shake. I like the research being done, which includes that green tea extract helps to unclog the arteries. *

On 8/7/2017 William (Bill) said...

Like all of the other products I have used from Bulk this one is pure and effective. I ordered as part of a new work out program and so far so good.*

On 7/7/2017 JOE S said...

Green Tea Extract (50% EGCG) Powder
Bulk Supplements has two different Green Tea Extract Powders, one is the 50% Polyphenol extract and the other is the 50% EGCG extract. I've tried both and much prefer the 50% EGCG product because it is noticeably lower in caffeine so that I can take more than twice as much without getting the "jitters" and have my heart race. Both extracts are of excellent quality. However, I'll be buying the 50% EGCG from now on due to my sensitivity to caffeine, *

On 7/6/2017 William said...

Potent taste but great benefits
The taste is very strong when you mix with plain water. I found mixing with strong citrus flavorings helped to make drinking it easier. Good kick of energy and focus before a workout. Good quality product that I will continue to use...just maybe in a capsule next time. *

On 5/28/2017 Ryan said...

Works Well
I received a sample of this to test it out. I have used other green tea extracts before but this has by far worked the best. I use it for an antioxidant for when I feel like I am getting sick. I take a little bit throughout the day when I feel like I am getting sick and haven't actually gotten sick yet. I also take it an hour before I workout when I am dragging. It helps keep me alert and is a mild thermogenic. It doesn't make me feel hot and sweaty, but it makes it easy for me to get a good sweat and keep it going. Tastes poorly, but works.*

On 4/28/2017 Kelvyn said...

Great ingredient for safe weight loss
This is simple and pure antioxidant. It is fantastic addition into the arsenal of safe weight loss promoting ingredients!*

On 4/25/2017 Boris G. said...

Great metabolism booster
I use it 2x a day before breakfast and lunch. It slightly decreases my apetite and helps maintain energy and thermogenic effects throughout the day. Will buy again*

On 4/8/2017 Zachary said...

Having trouble wiht the taste
I'm happy with the product but because of the taste I had to put it in capsules in order to get it down.*

On 3/27/2017 JoAnn said...

Great morning addition
One of the reviews goes into great depth into the benefits of EGCG, so I won't beat the dead horse. I added it to my morning prework-out and I've noticed a slight reduction in soreness and inflammation. This doesn't sound like much, but it really is a pretty big difference maker considering the lengths people go through to alleviate soreness and tension.*

On 3/17/2017 Kyle said...

Great product!
Great addition to my morning tea. I feel as if I have more energy throughout the day and in my workouts*

On 1/13/2017 Andy said...

Independently tested by
Bought Bulk Supplements Green Tea Extract because it was the highest rated Green Tea supplement as reported by The Green Tea powder looks good but looks can be deceiving. I'm reassured by independent lab testing that Bulk Supplements Green Tea Extract really is the best. Some of the other green tea products were lab tested to have unsafe levels of arsenic and lead. I'm sticking with Bulk Supplements.*

On 1/9/2017 William said...

Keeps me alert
I love this green Tea for my 10:00 am break at at 3:00 it gives me the uplift to get through my day I feel energized and alert, its a little bitter in taste but well worth the benefits you get from it. *

On 12/18/2016 Green Tea extract said...

Great to add to Morning Tea
I like it as an addition to my morning tea. It tastes a little strong, but similar to some strong green teas. Overall is a great product and good for overall health. I would buy it again,*

On 10/30/2016 Scott said...

Solid accessory supplement!
I added this to my preworkout stack a week ago and noticed a nice spike in my energy levels with zero crash or jitters. IO also felt very focused as I went through my day. I did order the capsules but received the powder so the only negatives I can speak of was the general messiness of dealing with powders and accurately measuring dosages for consistency. This powder is particularly fine so the slightest wind will make a mess! I also ended up removing it from the bag that it came in because I couldn't get it to seal completely but I put it in an air tight tupperware and had no issues with caking or preserving issues. Overall, I would say that this is definitely a quality product that I would recommend when weight loss or energy is the goal.*

On 10/25/2016 Keith said...

Good strong tea taste
I like it as substitute for my morning tea. It tastes strong, but similar to some strong green teas. Overall is a good product and effective for overall health and weight loss!*

On 9/21/2016 Rinat said...

Good anti oxidant boost
Good way to add an antioxidant boost to your recovery shake or your diet in general. Be mindful of the amount you use as a little goes a long way and the taste is quite bitter. *

On 9/14/2016 Erik said...

Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) improves everything
The following is a list of clinical trials, most double-blinded and placebo-controlled, recorded at the National Medical Library, MEDLINE, as abstracted by GreenMedInfo for EGCG:

1. Piperine significantly enhances the bioavailability of EGCG in mice.
2. Green tea possesses significant anticataract potential.
3. EGCG, a compound found within green tea, is effective and well-tolerated in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
4. EGCG inhibits cell cycle and induces programmed cell death in pancreatic cancer.
5. EGCG inhibits autoantigen expression in a way relevant to the treatment of Sjogen's syndrome.
6. Various flavonoids may protect against intestinal permeability.
7. This review attempts to increase our understanding about the beneficial properties of EGCG to prevent metabolic syndrome.
8. The neuroprotective properties of EGCG are associated with its antioxidant, iron chelating and neuritogenic properties.
9. The natural polyphenol epigallocatechin gallate protects intervertebral disc cells from oxidative stress.
10. The intake of dietary compounds that regulate epigenetic modifications can provide significant health benefits preventing various processes in the development of cancer and other life-threatening diseases.
11. The green tea catechin, EGCG, significantly inhibit HIV-1 infectivity on human T-cells and macrophages in a dose-dependant manner.
12. The flavonoids apigenin, EGCG and genistein selectively induce programmed cell death in glioblastoma cells.
13. The dietary flavonoids EGCG, luteolin, quercetin, kaempferol, apigenin, and taxifolin inhibit cancer cell lipogenesis.
14. The combination of curcumin, EGCG and arctigenin synergistically enhanced the anti-proliferative effects in both prostate and breast cancer cells.
15. Synthesized prodrugs of EGCG analogs have potent antiproliferative, antiangiogenic and antifibrotic activities.
16. Synergistic effect of L-Carnosine and EGCG in prevention of physiological brain aging.
17. Sulforaphane and epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) can positively modulate the epigenome and lead to many health benefits.
18. Resveratrol and EGCG may inhibit angiogenesis in endometrial tumors.
19. Polyphenols such as curcumin and EGCG from green tea may chelate out iron from the Alzheimer's brain.
20. polyphenols are able to modify epigenetic mechanisms promoting immune modulation.
21. Polyphenols may have therapeutic value in a variety of diseases through modulating AMP-activated protein kinase which reduce fatty acid and cholesterol synthesis and gluconeogenesis.
22. Phytochemicals have the potential of modulating various molecular processes, including signaling pathways involved in the development and progression of tumors.
23. Over the counter anti-oxidants EGCG and ALA showed the most consistent benefit for MS in preclinical studies.
24. Nutritional interventions may be therapeutic in the treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
25. Natural polyphenols have potential in the prevention of sexually transmitted viral infections.
26. Long-term drinking of tea may be one of the effective strategies for the deceleration of the progression of degenerative disorders.
27. In this review, they have summarized the recent progress on dietary nutraceuticals in reversing multidrug resistance.
28. In this review we discuss several commonly methylated genes and flavonoids used to modulate DNA methylation in the prevention of genitourinary cancers.
29. In silico study of plant polyphenols' interactions with VP24-Ebola Virus membrane-associated protein.
30. Green tea protects against asbestos-induced cell injury.
31. green tea polyphenols possess a number of properties that may contribute to reduce S. moorei-related halitosis.
32. Green tea polyphenols could be a novel approach to the prevention of viral infections.
33. Green tea may be benefit to the therapy of atrial fibrillation.
34. Green tea inhibits lung carcinogenesis.
35. Green tea induces programmed cell death in human cancer cells.
36. Green Tea induces apoptosis in drug-resistant small-cell lung carcinoma.
37. Green tea contains phytochemicals (e.g. EGCG) which exhibit significant therapeutic activity in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia.
38. Green tea catechins exert chemopreventive effects in liver carcinogenesis and metabolic syndrome-associated liver carcinogenesis.
39. Extracts enriched in polyphenols showed promising neuroprotective effects.
40. Experimental data supports the bright future of natural polyphenols as anticancer tools.
41. Epigallocathechin gallate, polyphenol present in green tea, inhibits stem-like characteristics and epithelial-mesenchymal transition in nasopharyngeal cancer cell lines.
42. Epigallocatechin-3-gallate shows anti-proliferative activity in HeLa cells targeting tubulin-microtubule equilibrium.
43. Epigallocatechin-3-gallate protects against tumor necrosis factor alpha induced inhibition of osteogenesis of mesenchymal stem cells.
44. Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) prevents the anti-neuritogenic activity of Nogo-A, a myelin-derived axonal growth inhibitor.
45. Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) can protect cochlear hair cells from ototoxic drug gentamicin.
46. Epigallocatechin gallate and Quercetin had a synergistic effect against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.
47. Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) exhibits inhibitory activity against colorectal cancer cells.
48. EGCG, a polyphenol from green tea, inhibit human T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells.
49. EGCG, a polyphenol found within green tea, synergizes the activity of beta-lactam antibiotics against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.
50. EGCG, a polyphenol found within green tea, inhibits infectivity of influenza virus.
51. EGCG, a polyphenol found within green tea, demonstrates potent and specific antimyeloma activity.
52. EGCG, a green tea polyphenol, may prevent and treat keloids.
53. EGCG, a green tea polyphenol, may play a role in regulating inflammation and bone destruction in RA patients.
54. EGCG, a green tea polyphenol, may inhibit invasive medulloblastomas.
55. EGCG, a green tea polyphenol, inhibits malignant brain tumor cell lines.
56. EGCG, a green tea polyphenol, induces programmed cell death in rheumatoid arthritis synovial fibroblasts.
57. EGCG, a green tea polyphenol, induces programmed cell death in human lymphoblastoid B cells.
58. EGCG, a green tea polyphenol, induces programmed cell death and growth arrest in pancreatic cancer cell lines.
59. EGCG, a compound found within green tea, suppresses inflammation in osteomyelitis treatment.
60. EGCG treatment of pancreatic carcinoma cells significantly reduced lactate production, anaerobic glycolysis, glucose consumption and glycolytic rate.
61. EGCG significantly lowered the concentration of curcumin required to inhibit the AKT-mTOR pathway, reduce cell proliferation and induce apoptosis.
62. EGCG protects against organochlorine pesticide-induced cell injury.
63. EGCG possesses novel anti metastatic therapeutic potential for the treatment of salivary adenoid cystic carcinoma.
64. EGCG mediates choriocarcinoma cell growth via the AMPK, ERK, and p38 pathways.
65. EGCG is an effective bactericidal agent against antibiotic-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii infection.
66. EGCG is a potent apoptosis inducer that functions exclusively through a p53-dependent pathway in A549 cells.
67. EGCG inhibits the proliferation of malignant lymphoma cells.
68. EGCG inhibits neutrophil-associated damage in a pulmonary inflammation model, significantly reducing fibrosis.
69. EGCG inhibits lung cancer cell growth.
70. EGCG inhibits and induces programmed cell death in kidney cancer cells.
71. EGCG induces apoptosis in melanoma cells.
72. EGCG inactivates both herpes virus simplex type 1 and 2.
73. EGCG has the potential for therapeutic effect on oral cancer and may be useful for long-term oral cancer prevention in the future.
74. EGCG has neuroprotective abilities in Parkinson's disease.
75. EGCG has anticancer effects against ovarian cancer cell lines.
76. EGCG has a protective role in hypoxia-induced impairment in mesenchymal stem cells.
77. EGCG has a direct effect on growth inhibition in human esophageal cancer.
78. EGCG fights cancer by modulating telomerase activity.
79. EGCG exhibits anti-cancer activity in a in vitro model of breast cancer.
80. EGCG changes the phenotype of invasive breast cancer cells, repressing malignancy.
81. EGCG can protect against asymmetric dimethylarginine induced human brain microvascular endothelial cell injury.
82. EGCG can be regarded as a new pharmacological agent that targets both mitochondria and altered autophagy in subarachnoid haemorrhage therapy.
83. EGCG and thymoquinone, a compound found within black cumin, compares to 5-fluorouracil in the suppression of colon cancer cell growth, with a greater safety profile.
84. EGCG and hesperetin may act as antiatherogenic agents blocking oxidized LDL-induced endothelial apoptosis.
85. EGCG and a compound found within black cumin inhibit pancreatic cancer cell proliferation in vitro.
86. EGCG (from tea) has great potential in cancer prevention because of its safety, low cost and bioavailability.
87. EGCG (abundant in green tea) inhibits Epstein-barr virus.
88. Curcumin, EGCG and resveratrol inhibit inflammation.
89. Curcumin induces programmed cell death in chronic lymphocytic leukemia B cells and works synergistically with the green tea polypenol EGCG.
90. Common botanical compounds inhibit prostate cancer growth.
91. Combining lower concentrations of EGCG and theaflavin results in greater cell death compared to either extract alone at the same concentration.
92. Catechins such as EGCG (found in green tea) act as proton pump inhibitors.
93. Bioactive compounds isolated from apple, tea, and ginger protect against dicarbonyl induced stress in cultured human retinal epithelial cells.
94. Avocado soybean unsaponifiables and epigallocatechin gallate reduce inflammation in chondrocytes.
95. A variety of natural substances have preventive potential in osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
96. A green tea extract inhibits the growth of human Barrett's and aerodigestive cancer cells.
97. "The dietary bioflavonoid quercetin synergizes with epigallocathechin gallate (EGCG) to inhibit prostate cancer stem cell characteristics, invasion, migration and epithelial-mesenchymal transition."
98. White Tea, Green Tea, EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate), and Caffeine inhibit colon cancer progression.
99. Various plant polyphenols inhibit lung cancer caused by metastatic melanoma.
100. This study reveals an anti-nociceptive role for EGCG in the progression of pain caused by tumor bone metastasis.
101. These results suggest a protective effect of EGCG in treating reserpine-induced impairment of memory, most probably through its powerful antioxidative activities.
102. These results indicate that EGCG feeding may reduce the metabolism and toxicity of acetaminophen in rats.
103. The polyphenol in green tea known as EGCG may inhibit the progression of Huntington's disease.
104. Tea polyphenols Epigallocatechin gallate and Theaflavin restrict tongue and liver carcinogenesis.
105. Resveratrol and EGCG restore the severe impairment of mitochondria in hippocampal progenitor cells from a Down syndrome mouse model.
106. Quercetin increased the cellular absorption of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) four-fold in A549 cells with a decreased methylation rate from 63 to 19%.
107. Oral consumption of the green tea polyphenol EGCG improves disease paramaters in a mouse model of human Sjogren's syndrome.
108. Mobile phone radiation-induced free radical damage in the liver is inhibited by the antioxidants n-acetyl cysteine and epigallocatechin-gallate.
109. Green tea rescues mice from lethal endotoxemia and sepsis.
110. Green tea extract rich in epigallocatechin-3-Gallate prevents fatty liver in mice fed a high-fat diet.
111. Epigallocatechin gallete and theaflavin restrict mouse liver carcinogenesis through modulation of self-renewal Wnt and hedgehog pathways.
112. Epigallocatechin gallate, a green tea phytochemical, attenuates alcohol-induced liver damage.
113. EGCG-containing supplements may be important in correcting skeletal deficits associated with Down syndrome.
114. EGCG, a polyphenol from green tea, ameliorates chronic fatigue syndrome in mice.
115. EGCG, a green tea polyphenol, significantly interferes with androgen-independent prostate cancer in vivo.
116. EGCG, a green tea polyphenol, prevents photocarcinogenesis in mice by enhancing DNA repair.
117. EGCG, a green tea polyphenol, inhibits growth, invasion, angiogenesis and metastasis of pancreatic cancer in vivo.
118. EGCG reduces the susceptibility to cholesterol gallstone formation through the regulation of inflammation.
119. EGCG protects against muscle wasting disease, in a mouse model.
120. EGCG prevents cardiac hypertrophy induced by pressure overload in rats.
121. EGCG modulates the reversal of gene silencing involved in colon carcinogenesis.
122. EGCG may provide a potential therapeutic candidate for ALS as a disease-modifying agent.
123. EGCG may possible have a clinically relevant therapeutic effect in preventing, delaying or even treating tardive dyskinesia.
124. EGCG inhibits fibroid tumors in quail.
125. EGCG has strong pharmacological activity against the development of morphine dependence.
126. EGCG has significant antipathogenic effects on C. difficile.
127. EGCG has multifunctional therapeutic effects in the mouse model of ALS.
128. EGCG has a beneficial effect on impaired adult neurogenesis caused by lipopolysaccharide induced neuro-inflammation.
129. EGCG exhibits anti-fibrotic effects in a rat model of pulmonary fibrosis.
130. EGCG decreases ovariectomy-induced bone loss via inhibition of osteoclasts.
131. EGCG could mitigate the teratogenic effects of hyperglycemia on the developing embryo and prevent diabetes-induced neural tube defects.
132. EGCG could have beneficial effects on neurogenesis and stroke recovery.
133. EGCG could be useful for the prevention and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory disorders.
134. EGCG could be used in the prevention or in the therapy of anthrax infections.
135. EGCG could attenuate Sodium arsenite-induced cardiotoxicity.
136. EGCG consumption prevented diabetes-induced loss of cavernous smooth muscle.
137. EGCG can be developed into a potential agent for the prevention and treatment of smoking‑associated NSCLC.
138. EGCG appears to attenuate cardiopulmonary bypass-associated lung injury.
139. Drinking green tea may reduce the toxic potential of acute high oral doses of EGCG supplementation.
140. Diet supplementation with green tea extract epigallocatechin gallate prevents progression to glucose intolerance in mice.
141. Daily consumption of EGCG might be effective in the prevention and treatment of secondary damage related to peripheral nerve injury.
142. Chronic treatment of diabetic rats with EGCG could prevent the abnormal functional changes in vascular reactivity in diabetic rats.
143. Administration of Epigallocatechin-3-gallate resulted in a significant reduction in bone loss.
144. A major metabolite of EGCG increased the activity of CD4(+) T cells and enhanced the cytotoxic activity of NK cells in vivo.
145. A combination of nutrients [curcumin, piperine, epigallocatechin gallate, α-lipoic acid, N-acetylcysteine, B vitamins, vitamin C] improves cognitive functioning while decreasing Alzheimer disease neuropathology in an animal model.
146. "Green tea epigallocatechin-3-gallate attenuates Porphyromonas gingivalis-induced atherosclerosis."
147. "Green tea epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) promotes neural progenitor cell proliferation and sonic hedgehog pathway activation during adult hippocampal neurogenesis."
148. "Green tea catechins ameliorates adipose Insulin resistance by improving oxidative stress."
149. "Amelioration of influenza virus-induced reactive oxygen species formation by epigallocatechin gallate derived from green tea."
150. A case of complete and durable molecular remission of chronic lymphocytic leukemia following treatment with epigallocatechin-3-gallate.
151. VEGF (Vascular endothelial growth factor) is a key molecular target for specific polyphenols found in tea, apples and cocoa which potently inhibit VEGF signalling and angiogenesis at physiological concentrations.
152. These results provide new evidence for the effectiveness of EGCG in vitiligo treatment.
153. Epigallocatechin-3-gallate prevents oxidative phosphorylation deficit and promotes mitochondrial biogenesis in human cells from subjects with Down's syndrome.
154. Combinations of EGCG and anticancer compounds induced synergistic anticancer effects in vitro and in vivo experiments, and showed an average reduction in tumor volume by 70.3 %.
155. Topical green tea extract appears safe and effective in treating external anogenital warts.
156. The inhalation of tea catechin appears to suppress MRSA infection in the elderly.
157. Tea polyphenols (primarily EGCG), significantly reduce PSA, Hepatocyte growth factor, VEG in men with prostate cancer.
158. Tea polyphenol has potential to be a therapeutic adjuvant against human metastatic breast cancer.
159. It appears that EGCG should be taken without food in order to maximise its systemic absorption.
160. High-dose green tea extract resulted in significant weight loss, reduced waist circumference, and a consistent decrease in total cholesterol and LDL plasma levels.
161. Green tea catechins may have a therapeutic role in the treatment of metabolic syndrome.
162. Green tea catechins are effective in reducing atherosclerosis risk associated with oxidative stress.
163. EGCG given to patients with multiple sclerosis over 12 weeks improved muscle metabolism during moderate exercise to a greater extent in men than in women.
164. EGCG enhances fat oxidation in men and may contribute to the anti-obesity effects of green tea.
165. EGCG decreased skeletal muscle lactate concentrations in overweight individuals, suggesting a shift towards a more oxidative muscle phenotype.
166. Decaffeinated green tea extract resulted in significant reductions in lesions located on the nose, perioral area and chin.*

On 9/2/2016 Stephen said...

Green Tea Extract
I have been taking several different brands of green tea for some time now and decided to give BS green tea extract a try . It mixes well in hot water and has a very pleasant taste with a spoon of honey . I am very pleased with this product and will buy again .


On 8/11/2016 James L. said...

Mixes easily in cold water
I was very happy to find that Green Tea Extract mixes easily in cold water because I don't like to drink hot liquids. After drinking for three days I already feel more energetic. I am very satisfied with the product and shipping was fast; three days.*

On 7/11/2016 JOSEPH said...

Good energy without jitters but be ready for VERY strong bitter taste
This provides a nice sustained energy, but be prepared for a taste that is quite bitter!*

On 5/23/2016 Melissa said...

Another All Nighter Overcome
I can remember in college pulling all night cram sessions in preparation for an exam. Nowadays the all nighters come from trying to get my newborn back to sleep.

Most mornings I wonder into the kitchen feeling like beat up road trash. I mix a 1/4 teaspoon in water and in a few minutes feel a gradual energy boost that gets me through the morning without jitters or shakes. Has a great smell and as always BS is the best source on the net. This supplement is on my constant order list.*

On 4/12/2016 l said...

Best Green Tea Powder Available
I really like this product. Good energy throughout day, only 5mg Caffeine, no jitter. Good addition to your fat lose supplements stack.*

On 4/11/2016 Ravigopal said...

Nothing noticeable
After a couple weeks I have noticed nothing, neither good nor bad. Did not notice any energy boost but I already drink coffee and take Ginseng and Grape Seed Extract, etc... Hopefully all the antioxidants are doing me some good!*

On 4/11/2016 Nelson said...

Tasty and very good for health
Just got the package yesterday. The shipping is fast and the package is packed carefully. The Green tea powder can be used for baking and facial cleaner *

On 4/6/2016 Van said...

Green Tea Powder
Super fine powder that dissolves easily. Noticed some positive energy results from first use. I will read reviews to see how to best add to my regiment for best results. Again, Thanks Bulk supplements for ANOTHER! great product*

On 4/1/2016 Ron said...

Work great!
I really like this product. Nice clean energy without the jitters. *

On 3/25/2016 johnny said...

Clean, Smooth Energy
Took some mid-afternoon to get rid of a fog that just wouldn't lift from the morning . cleared everything up without the nervousness and hyper feeling of too much caffeine, a clean clarity that lasted into the evening without the crash that comes then with caffeine. Powder is VERY fine, be careful, the slightest breeze will disperse, makes the bag a little harder to reseal (I think it gets into the zip lock channel). I run the bottom of the bottle I fill to along it and it seals just fine. Has a banana flavor to it, very clean and consistent product, excellent quality. Much better and economical product than buying prepackaged retail. Shipped fast, ordered on Wednesday, received on Saturday! Great job guys (and girls!). Keep up the good work.*

On 2/24/2016 Daniel said...

I like this stuff. Healthy and gets the job done. Very satisfied!*

On 2/15/2016 Aaron said...

Top notch product, as usual from BulkSupplements!
This product gives me such a clean energy feeling! I am just more alert, not jittery or uncomfortable at all. Focused and alert. Plus my diet is always very clean and even so, this has helped me trim around the love-handles nicely!*

On 2/3/2016 John said...

Highly rated, clean, and great energy
Discovered Bulksupplements on Labdoor where their Green Tea supp was rated #1 in quality. I've switched my brand to bulksupplements for the past few days and already notice a boost in energy and no jitters from the former brands caffeine additive. Will continue to purchase these green tea pills for their quality for an excellent price.*

On 1/30/2016 Cody said...

Energy Without the Caffeine Jitters
This is a great product! I was looking for something that would give me a little energy while helping with my workouts and not give me the jitters like caffeine sometimes would. *

On 1/24/2016 Clay said...

Green tea it's great
I see a good boost of energy throughout the day. A great product, effective for overall health and weight loss. Great for a pick me up.*

On 1/4/2016 Yvan said...

Green tea
I see a good boost of energy throughout the day. A great product, effective for overall health and weight loss. Would recommend to everyone who needs a pick me up.*

On 1/4/2016 Yvan said...

Green Tea Pure Extract 50% EGCG Powder
Great in capsule form. Will definitely order again *

On 12/27/2015 Denise said...

Polyphenol power
Always pure, always bulk. Great quality for cheap. EGCG is the most effective anticancer polyphenol! Remember to cycle this product 2 months on 1 month off!*

On 12/9/2015 Lance said...

Green Tea Pure Extract 50% EGCG
WOW! This is a great quality product. This review is after taking one pill around 6pm. It''s FLAT OUT energizing! Unfortunately, the energy lasted me all night. You can see the purity of the product as it is packaged in a sealed bag with powder residue! I come about this company thru labdoor. Great unbiased reviews of their products!

Great job BulkSupplements!*

On 12/7/2015 james said...

Drinking Healthier Teas
I have been drinking green and white teas for almost 20+ years (for my heart and health) however....I never know exactly which tea has the highest cathecin cotent..and is the by supplementing whatever tea i drink

i no longer worry.., *

On 12/6/2015 Mike said...

good quality and value
this stuff is the same quality and has equal or better benefits to other ECGC supplements i was buying previously, getting a lot more product for the dollar buying here than elsewhere. *

On 12/5/2015 Kevin said...

Love the Purity!
we've checked out alot of others but this is the one we keep coming back to over and over again!*

On 12/3/2015 David said...

Green Tea Powder
I am currently cutting weight for a bodybuilding competition. I know all the benefits of green tea and I was eager to add it into my diet. I find that i tend to skip out on taking supplements in the pill form so I've decided to add this powder into my morning BCAA mix as well as post-workout shake. I love how the green tea isn't overpowering &/or gritty in my drinks. I am also getting all the benefits of green tea without gagging on pills! :D *

On 11/9/2015 Victoria said...

Green Tea Extract
Just received my extract a few days ago and was pleasantly surprised that the taste was far milder than that from another company. I also love that it is non GMO and how it works just fine with my wife and I. Good quality and price, keep up the good work and thanks.


On 11/5/2015 Jim said...

THE Way to Go with ECGC, for ME!
I LOVE the subtle energy boost I get with green tea, but I HATE drinking Green Tea. Yuck! I also can't swallow the huge Green Tea capsules easily and don't like their prices anyway.

I used to do kinda like Dr OZ said, slow steeping for at least 20 minutes 2 tea bags in a small amount of water and gulping it quickly. (He recommends the slow steep for two normal cups of tea.) Then, one day I got Super-nauseas and stopped that practice forever!

With my swallowing difficulty, I take a lot of Supplements in powder form, saturating my mouth with water, and dropping the powder in a "lake" in my mouth. Then swallowing and washing it thoroughly down.

I now start all this with the Green Tea powder, so that when I'm finished there is no longer a trace of it remaining in my mouth.


On 10/24/2015 Sylvia said...

Green Tea Supplement
Great product, amazing quality. Purchased after product was shared with me from another one of your customers. Within a week I saw and felt amazing results.*

On 10/15/2015 charles said...

Green Tea ECGC
I ordered the Green Tea ECGC and Green Tea Polyphenols to see if I could replace the regular tea bags I was using. Shipped in a matter of days. Awesome stuff - definitely more potent. *

On 9/26/2015 JK said...

I see a good boost of energy throughout the day. A great product, effective for overall health and weight loss. Capsules make it easy to take. Phenomenal company. *

On 9/8/2015 Ryan said...

High quality, good clean energy, no jitters with other benefits such as fat loss. I take it twice a day with great results.*

On 8/17/2015 darren tyler said...

Green Tea Pure Extract 50% EGCG Powder
Green tea has always been my favorite growing up with Chinese Grand Masters and professors over the past 50 years. It is more convenient to place a small amount of Bulk Supplement powder in a protein drink then boil the water, wait for the leaves to open. Then takes time to drink and between my classes I only have 10 minutes. My best is to mix Bulk Supplements Creatine in a small cup of hot water with green tea pure extract powder to dissolve quickly.

Chinese teas are extremely expensive today and take time to come here from China and although I do love it. I feel the effects of Bulk Supplements Green Tea Extract powder faster and longer any stronger energies surge. Great Product*

On 12/17/2014 JOSEPH said...

Excellent for fat loss
Green tea extract, specifically EGCG, is FANTASTIC for fat loss. In fact, Tim Ferris calls is one of the "Four Horsemen of Fat Loss" and I wouldn't be without it. In fact, I use this in combination with another Bulk Supplements Green Tea, 50% caffeine, in my preworkout. Enjoy!*

On 9/7/2014 Brendon said...

This is a high quality powder. This green tea extract takes me from being groggy to in the zone. It has really cleared up my skin as well. *

On 7/30/2014 Luke said...

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