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Glutathione Reduced Powder

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Glutathione Reduced Powder


  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-aging
  • Promotes overall health
  • Taste

  • Mixability

Glutathione is a tripeptide made up of Glutamate, Cysteine and Glycine (all very important amino acids). It can be found in both oxidized and reduced forms. The reduced form has antioxidant properties.


Serving Size & Timing

Suggested serving size can range from as little as 50mg per day to as much as 500mg (regular serving size) per day, depending on intended effect. In order to maximize effectiveness, it should be taken with food. A serving of a little less than 1/4 tsp should yield about 500mg.

Refrigerate this product immediately upon arrival.

Nutritional Information

Supplement Facts

Serving size: 500 milligrams
Serving per container: *
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value**
Glutathione Reduced 500mg *
* Daily Value not established.
** Based on 2,000 calorie diet


Soy, dairy, yeast and additives.

Individual needs vary. As a dietary supplement, take 50mg (scant 1/32 tsp) to 500mg (scant 1/4 tsp) daily with meals, or as directed by physician.

US Standard Measuring Spoons
Spoon Size(level) milligrams
1/32 teaspoon 68
1/16 teaspoon 136
1/8 teaspoon 272



There are no fillers of any kind present in this product.


As long as suggested serving size is adhered to, no side effects will be suffered from consumption of Glutathione.


There is no taste to this supplement, and it is easily water soluble. It can be mixed well with water or added to a variety of other types of drinks with the same level of effectiveness. The product should be stored in an area that is free from heat, light and moisture in order to prevent degradation or loss of potency.

California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

Customer Reviews

very very satisfied super fast order and the complement nothing to say quality just excelente*

On 5/11/2019 ndongo ndongo said...

Unbeatable price for an Incredible Ingredient!
I'm very happy with the purity and mix ability of the Bulksupplements Glutathione powder. It is not a cheap Ingredient, but you pay what you get for and Bulksupplements has the best price. *

On 4/24/2019 John S. said...

Top Quality freshness
I was looking for an antioxidant powder and I think after a few uses that this supplement will help achieve my goals.
Its not something that you can feel effects right away,as they are more subtle, but I expect a positive outcome after a week or two once my body gets used to it.*

On 4/11/2019 Robert said...

Best of the best
The glutathione Bulk has is one of the best and i buy it again and again for its purity and cost effectiveness. *

On 3/27/2019 James said...

Glutathione reduced powder
This is a very good product for a good price. *

On 2/23/2019 Dora said...

I was very impressed with the purity of this product, glad I could finally find it without any fillers and at an amazing price. Just started using it but I already see its antioxidant effects... will definitely purchase again. *

On 1/31/2019 Zita said...

easy to use
I am excited to start using this based on reviews and information about its beneficial properties. It dissolves easily in water. I slept better the first night I took 1/4 tsp. The second night was better and today I plan to increase my intake during the day. *

On 12/1/2018 Annamaria said...

Dissolves easily for nebulizing!
I've been looking for a glutithione powder that dissolves in water. I've dissected every capsule on the market and they, of course, all have a ton of fillers and do not dissolve in water. They also vary in sulphur intensity which alludes to being "old" and "stale." I ordered this glutithione just to see the quality and it seems VERY pure and fresh; super tart and sulphury! I used to get bi-weekly glutithione IV's for my auto immune condition but they are $ and sometimes I could not feel it afterwords and was concerned that the quality was not consistent. SO I started nebulizing instead via intranasal delivery (for polyps) and this also of course, reaches the lungs. I would imagine it would make a wonderful lipo glutithione as well. 10 grams will last me about 40+ days. (I use 1/16-1/8) tsp (125-250mg) to 5ml (distilled) water for nebulizing. Thanks Bulk Supplements, please keep up the quality!*

On 11/27/2018 cor said...

Better than capsules
My first experience with Glutathione Reduced were capsules of a different brand (a well-respected brand) and I felt absolutely no difference after a month, good or bad. With Glutathione Reduced Powder by Bulk Supplements I have a tangible effect and at a lower cost. I think I'll stick with it and see what happens!*

On 11/15/2018 MARYA said...

Master antioxidant
Glutathione is our bodys master antioxidant, has been shown to extend life and is a critical part of the bodys detoxification process. I make homemade lipospheric Glutathione using Sunflower lecithin. Lipospheric supplements readily absorb into the bloodstream, so it's extremely important to find a pure product without fillers. I've been a long-time customer and always trust Bulk Supplements products to be pure and high quality. *

On 11/1/2018 Stephanie B said...

Bulk Supplement provide best price
Comparing to several stores, bulk supplement provide best price. Its not easy to find pure powder, so for my repurchase definitely will come nack to bulk supplement, the more you buy the more will save.*

On 10/25/2018 Merci said...

Amazing 5 star product
Truly amazing product. The first time I took it, it was after a very hard, long day of work. Next and I morning I woke up refreshed and in a very good mood. Been using the product every day 2 hours before going to sleep, and still having the same effect in the morning. I will buy again here. Thank you bulk supplements..*

On 10/18/2018 Helidon said...

Glutathione Reduced
Excellent for skin and detoxification. (External / Internal)
Most all chronic diseases will be accompanied by an overload of toxins in the body.. Glutathione will get it out of your system and reduce and finally eliminate symptoms that are due to toxins.
Buy some soy lecithin granules and make your own liposomal glutathione. You dont really "need" an ultrasonic cleaner to make a liposomal delivery. A personal mixer will even do. Very handy.
Dont see any mixers or blenders listed on bulksupplements. hint hint


On 10/17/2018 Peter said...

Glutathione Reduced
I love glutathione I take 1/4 teaspoon every day with water it has a ok taste not bad I use it on my face and my soaps that I sell I love it.*

On 10/5/2018 Aidee said...

Glutathione reduced
I feel better since since adding this to my daily . My overall well being has improved in just the last ten days. I have ordered and received more and I will continue taking this daily!*

On 9/11/2018 Jeff said...

I was glad to find this without any fillers*

On 7/31/2018 Gary said...

This is a powerful product. I could feel the detoxing after a couple of days. *

On 7/30/2018 Jo-Ann said...

glutathione reduced
you will really feel the effect of antioxidant in your body.*

On 7/16/2018 Jason said...

Anti aging
Awesome Product and quality*

On 7/1/2018 Carlos said...

Anti aging
Great Product*

On 7/1/2018 Carlos said...

Shipped quickly
Good packaging and arrived in time!*

On 5/22/2018 Amrita said...

Great for liver
I've been reading a great deal lately about importance of keeping liver functioning well to keep the rest of the body healthy and to help eliminate toxins. Glutathione is a key nutrient for the liver.*

On 2/7/2018 Larry said...

Mixes easily with water.
Mixes easily with water. *

On 1/31/2018 Kim said...

We all could use this as we get older
Glutathione is one of the all time most important supplements we can take.
This is a great product with as just as great a price. Cheers*

On 1/23/2018 Blair said...

Excellent Quality
I've tried a variety of brands of this stuff and the Bulk Supplements brand is always as advertised. Tons of ways to use everything here, a savvy consumer can do amazing things thanks to this company!*

On 1/10/2018 P said...

miracle for chemical sensitivity
I used this powder to make 1-2 g. homemade cocoa butter suppositories. It was a miracle for chemical sensitivity. It is more effective if you can get it directly into the bloodstream.

On 1/10/2018 Elizabeth said...

miracle for chemical sensitivity
I used this powder to make 1-2 g. homemade cocoa butter suppositories. It was a miracle for chemical sensitivity. It is more effective if you can get it directly into the bloodstream.

On 1/10/2018 Elizabeth said...

miracle for chemical sensitivity
I used this powder to make 1-2 g. homemade cocoa butter suppositories. It was a miracle for chemical sensitivity. It is more effective if you can get it directly into the bloodstream.

On 1/10/2018 Elizabeth said...

Glutathione Reduced
I just received my order, and plan to use this product for detoxification. *

On 1/5/2018 Debra said...

Glutathione Reduced
This like other orders were delivered quickly. I am using Glutathione Reduced in combination with Curcumin 95% Natural Turmeric Extract & Boswellia Serrata Extract for joint and muscle pain and stiffness. In just a short time I am noticing good results. I plan to continue using these long term. *

On 12/20/2017 Robert said...

Must have
You know Glutathione levels are super high for those in their youth though a person who passes from old age has a Glutathione level of which can be zero. This stuff is so very important. And this is a great source!*

On 10/25/2017 Yogi Blair said...

Good Stuff
After taking this for two weeks I feel like i have more energy and my skin feels clearer and smoother. Good amount for the price.*

On 9/16/2017 Arliss F said...

After I try Glutathione
It's work out really good to my skin. I can feel differance after I used them with Vitamin C. I love the product. Just a couple day my skin look brighter arealdy. Thanks I found this produce. *

On 8/4/2017 Kochagorn said...

It works amazing. I will definitely get it back. *

On 6/24/2017 sultan said...

Felt a difference in first week
I mix this with NAC makes a huge difference with brain fog and fatigue I have been experiencing my symptoms have lessened from this supplement. bulksupplements is the best in prices that I have seen so far.*

On 5/14/2017 Dana said...

First Time
This is my first time incorporating a powder supplement to my daily routine. I use this twice a day and have noticed an increase in energy and brightening of my skin!*

On 5/1/2017 Melissa said...

Glutathione makes a great cream
I buy glutathione powder and mix it with a lotion to put it on my skin where I'm achy, plus on the bottoms of my feet. It absorbs in and reduces pain by escorting toxins out of the body. The bottom of the feet is the best place to absorb. *

On 4/26/2017 Alice said...

Good product at a very good price
Fast shipping and good customer service. The product is as advertised, and works well for mixing or formulating.

Four start stars for two reasons:

1. The pouches have a poor quality sip seal and do not seal at all.

2. A verifiable COA listed online with each product would strongly help to validate the purity claims. Far too much adulterated material is available globally and this is a major concern.


On 4/23/2017 TY said...

glutathione powder
the product is a fine powder that is easy to work with, poorly mixes in water , great in protein mix or milk. not much taste (little on the bitter side) to me. *

On 4/19/2017 Jason said...

glutathione powder
the product is a fine powder that is easy to work with, poorly mixes in water , great in protein mix or milk. not much taste (little on the bitter side) to me. *

On 4/19/2017 Jason said...

glutathione powder
the product is a fine powder that is easy to work with, poorly mixes in water , great in protein mix or milk. not much taste (little on the bitter side) to me. *

On 4/19/2017 Jason said...

Great for mens energy
My husband has been enjoying this. It has been helping his energy levels. Quality product*

On 4/17/2017 Cynthia said...

Great for mens energy
My husband has been enjoying this. It has been helping his energy levels. Quality product*

On 4/17/2017 Cynthia said...

Great price...
This is my third time to purchase from Bulk Supplements... Great product, delivered on time, and always have what I need available. Would recommend them if you need bulk supplements. Only four stars because the bags are kind of hard to reseal. I just fold it over and put a rubber band around it. *

On 4/13/2017 joy said...

Pure Glutathione at a Great Price
Unmatched in purity and price! I've used many brands of encapsulated and liposomal reduced glutathione, but this bulk powder is so much better quality. And less expensive. Because there are no fillers in the Bulk Supplements glutathione, it can be easily measured when making your own oral liposomal glutathione or other preparations. The taste is similar to any other glutathione powder-- slightly tangy. The bag did not re-seal easily because the powder gets into the zip lock, but I didn't plan on keeping in it the bag anyway. Order arrived quickly and nicely packaged. Will re-order!*

On 4/9/2017 April said...

Price, qualily and timely shipping
This is the second order I have made directly through I have also ordered their products through another online vendor.

In all cases I have been impressed with the quality of the products, their no-nonsense practical packaging, and highly competitive pricing. Everything I have ordered has been timely delivered.

I use products as components in carefully researched and personally tailored disease prevention and life- longevity supplement blends. I have a highly active lifestyle and intend to keep it that way for decades to come. Quality supplements are an integral part of my regimen, together with sensible diet and constant vigorous/challenging exercise programs.

I do not expect to report any miracle cures as a result of the supplements I use, nor will I likely be impacted by any placebo effect. I am a skeptic with regard to these things. But I am a healthy, living example of their benefits and BulkSupplements has become an appreciated, dependable one-stop shop for me.*

On 3/16/2017 Barry said...

Good Product
My wife has been taking glutathione reduced powder for some time now. It helps her feel better. The product ships fast. The only downside of the product i have is the packages do not seal very good once they are opened. *

On 3/14/2017 Steven said...

glutathione reduced powder
great product,I would recommend it to everyone.I have more energy and the delivery time was great.*

On 3/8/2017 Thomas said...

Glutathione powder
I got my order fast. The product looks unusual when you see it in the big bag, but when I tasted it has the same taste as others in capsules or liposomal, However price is much better. Good product. Will buy again. *

On 2/20/2017 Alexei said...

First Time
This was my first order with bulksupplements. The package arrived promptly and packaged well. I recently had a ton of blood work and my glutathione was way below the range. I did research a lot of research on the benefits of glutathione, as I had never heard of it before. I found that making your own fresh liposomal was better absorbed and better on the wallet. I was a bit shocked at the price per gram, bur I'm hoping this lasts a few months. I cannot tell anything yet, as it's too soon. I didn't find a better deal online.*

On 2/15/2017 lisa said...

Glutathione Reduced Powder
I have tried a number of different Glutathione Reduced capsules, its a huge relief to find one of this caliber at this price! and I look forward to reporting on results, am using as an adjunt to hashimotos' autoimmune situation

On 2/1/2017 Nina said...

Master Antioxidant!
Everyone benefits from taking this supplement. Known as the master antioxidant, glutathione is essential in maintaining a healthy immune system and helps reduce free radical damage in our cells. Do a little research on glutathione and you will never be without it again.

I was taking a pricey pharmaceutical grade glutathione and decided to try Bulk Supplement for my replacement. It is kept refrigerated and I add it to my morning collagen smoothie. *

On 1/31/2017 Karen said...

Loving this product so far, only had it for a week, but feel it works great with the Citrulline I also bought from Bulk Supp. It seems to really enhance what the Citrulline is doing in my pre-workout drink. I can also see a big difference in my focus and intensity since starting the Glutathione. I love what its doing for me but it is rather pricey so I will reassess in a couple of weeks as to reorder or not. You get what you pay for I guess...Good Stuff!*

On 1/27/2017 BRAD said...

Reduced Glutathione
Glutathione is the "master anti oxidant of of the body" as some would call it. It plays a vital role is detoxing the body and supporting our immune system. It is also commonly used for its skin whitening effects. I am interested in using this compound for its overall health benefits (liver, immune, etc).

I do not suggest any of you do this but I used this product to make an injectable intramuscular solution. I am being honest here. Do not take this as an endorsement. None of bulksupplements product are intended to be used this way. I personally used it this way because it is more bioavailable IM then orally and I have the knowledge to make it into an sterile solution. Again I am just being transparent

With that said, for my purposes I needed a high purity product in the 97-99+ range. I emailed bulksupps for an COA to confirm then made my purchase. So far I have been satisfied with the product. Thanks.*

On 1/19/2017 aaron said...

awesome product
I've been using this product for a week and I feel more focus and can sleep better*

On 1/5/2017 Juan said...

This product is very pure and potent without any fillers. It really works to improve the skin. I have noticed less pigmentation and clarification of dark spots on my face within about 4 weeks. This is a good product for those with hyperpigmentation.*

On 12/27/2016 Sandra said...

Reduced Glutathione
I've read that the reduced glutathione is more bioavailable and buying it this way is much less expensive then getting the liposomal liquids or buying capsules from companies like integrative therapeutics. I don't taste it at all and am glad to have found BS in order to reduce my monthly spending on supplements. My only complaint with BS is that the packages rarely zip close. I end up putting them all in my refrigerator in another ziplock bag but I do wish that their ziplocks closed a bit better. Shipping was fast and I think this is a really high quality product. *

On 12/14/2016 Lorraine said...

Bulk Glutathione Reduced
Reordered. Fast Shipping & Quality Product as usual.*

On 12/7/2016 JK said...

Wife and I mixed up some liposomal glutathione mainly for our brains and liver functions. Could tell within 2 days the improvement. Also, our daughter is studying for her PhD, she took some and noticed a difference in her retention abilities. *

On 12/4/2016 John said...

Glutathione Reduced
This is the second time I ordered this product. This supplement gives me a lot of energy and better complexion. I have adult acne and this helped my skin clear out. I will buy again and recommend this to a friend. *

On 11/23/2016 Ana said...

Since purchase, I take the recommended amount in the morning with a bit of juice. Within about 15 mins. I feel so focused & remain that way for many hours. Pleased with this supplement.*

On 11/22/2016 Judy said...

Glutathione Reduced Powder
I am very happy with this product. I have been using it for about two weeks and have noticed my complexion is getting clearer. Just the past few days I have noticed that I am having a more restful and deeper sleep at night.*

On 11/6/2016 Joan said...

I m using glutathion 4 years health is improving ,i have a very light complexion without no pimples ,no scars .my hair and my nails are growing faster.i need no more medecine to feel good*

On 11/1/2016 Evelyne nikoue said...

Gluthathione Reduced
This product is the TRUTH! I have been taking the product almost a full week and I have already notice better sleep and my skin spots on my face are slightly lighting. I have also notice that my shoulder pains have lessen when I do my push-ups & other shoulder work regiments. This is definitely a re-order product. *

On 10/28/2016 Stephanie said...

great quality, great price
I continue to be impressed and satisfied with this store*

On 10/25/2016 christian said...

Glutathione enhancing and the science
A close family member was given a 18 to 24 month death sentence (as conventional medicine likes to call them a "NOCEBO") Seven years later she is still with us in part, I believe do to use of GLutathione we make into liposomes. *Research on YouTube.

Anyone with an auto immune disease or post stroke and or heart attack needs to do their own diligence on this fantastic products effects and " youtubes DIY liposomal mixing and key word glutahione.

Starting point would be:

Be Well! JohnInTheOC*

On 10/16/2016 JohnInTheOC said...

Gluthathione Reduced
200mg added with L Citrulline Malate 2:1 works well for extending your workout and reducing acid building up the muscle. Resulting in less tightening of the muscle, less muscle damage, and shorter recovery. Highly recommended!*

On 9/22/2016 KGOLD said...

ezcema woes?
This stuff gets rid of Eczema for good! it doesn't treat it, instead it gets rid of it. just take 1 tablespoon in a few ounces of liquid a day, in 2 to 3 days it will do it's job!*

On 9/13/2016 Nav said...

I purchased Glutathione b/c of its master antioxidant properties, and this one was beautifully priced! I stir approximately 1/4 teaspoon Glutathione Powder mixed with approximately 1/8 teaspoon Ascorbic Acid in a small glass of water (about 1/4 cup) & pour it all in. In order for it to absorb sublingually I hold that mixture in my mouth for approximately 30 seconds, or as long as I can, then swallow it. The taste, for me, is like a tart lemonade!! I think it is a wonderfully refreshing and tasty way to take this supplement!

I poured my packet into a glass jar that I store in the refrigerator b/c
1. It needs to be stored in a cool, dark place
2. I can see it and remember to take it
3. It is easier to put my teaspoon into a glass jar/ simpler access
4. It looks pretty :)
Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!*

On 9/7/2016 Jennifer said...

Reduced Glutathione power
I received my 1Kg order of Reduced Glutathione power promptly, with a tracking # so I could keep abreast of delivery. It is super fine and dissolves easily. Easy on the palate, too. Over time, I am excited to reap the benefits of this fine product. *

On 9/2/2016 Janet said...

gluthathione reduced
it has only been a few days, but I feel as if I am feeling betteer with more energy*

On 8/28/2016 ron said...

I have been taking the reduced powder sublingual, as it is better absorbed. I have noticed an improvement in my energy and health. I also include it in my daily body lotion to lighten the skin and slow down the aging process. I will continue to purchase this item, as it is a potent antioxidant.*

On 8/27/2016 Karen said...

Reduced Glutathione power
I have a question for Moe or anyone using this powder.
how much powder and water for nebulizer?


On 8/17/2016 timothy said...

For My 90 Year Old Dad
When my dad came to live with me he was in pretty stressed out shape, he used 3 breathing/lung medicines. His, new to him, naturopath prescribed glutathione to use in his nebulizer. I found Bulk and ordered this product, we have just received our second order. Dad is doing great, only uses this and one other medicine for his lungs. And nearly no prescriptions, unlike when I got him. It mixes in water great and goes through his nebulizer just fine. The service is great. We're happy.*

On 7/31/2016 Moe said...

Great Stuff
My wife and I are both 72 and been looking for something like Glutathione to keep us young and healthy. We have been taking 1/4 tsp under tongue twice per day. Been taking 1 week and both of us are feeling better and I notice when I wake up in the morning I dont seem to have that foggy feeling any more. When it comes to anti-oxidants, this is the best you can get. Thank you BS!! *

On 7/26/2016 Gary said...

Reduced Glutathione
After doing extensive research, I decided to go with the reduced form of Glutathione. I chose BS bulk powder over others because of price and convenience and no added ingredients. Potent product. I take it daily.*

On 6/7/2016 Mark McCarty said...

Having shopped extensively for this product, I have found that the bulk supplement product is "as good as any and better than most". The bang-for-the-buck factor is very high. i am using it for detoxification of the liver
after extend alcohol abuse, in conjunction with milk thistle seed extract and glutamine. I highly rcommend this version of the product.*

On 6/2/2016 otto said...

Mother of Antioxidants
This is considered the mother of all antioxidants that the body produces, but with the multifarious toxins that we are exposed to via poor diet, environment, stress, and etc. our bodies cannot produce enough to keep up. Bulk Supplement's product is potent, and it has really helped me and my husband with our unique medical challenges. However, we are also combining this with several other products from this company. The customer service was execellent, and the delivery service was fast. I will definitely be ordering more products from this company, and we are so grateful for discovering their products.*

On 6/1/2016 Tamara said...

Glutathione Bulk Powder
I am allergic to most capsules, so I have to pull them apart and empty the contents anyway; the powder skips this step. So grateful!*

On 5/3/2016 Rolinda said...

helpful for Parkinson's
My good friend and I have been taking glutathione as a prescribed treatment. Our symptoms are much improved- daily activities such as walking and sports are more successful. *

On 5/3/2016 jon said...

Glutathione Reduced
I have been using this product for a week and I can already see the results. I was suffering from horrible water retention and with the Glutathione Reduced my body started to rid itself of the fluid. I took this with an antibiotic. I have taken antibiotic before before was not releasing enough water from my body, it worked much better with the Glutathione Reduced. I am very happy. *

On 5/1/2016 nikki said...

Glutathione is good for tasting
Since the molecules are large for Glutathione, it is absorbed best with IV solution or by mucous membrane, i.e placing under the tongue or through enema. This product has enough of a vitamin C taste (along with sulphur taste) that makes it palatable enough to be placed under the tongue and not gag from the smell or taste! Bravo*

On 4/6/2016 Navia said...

LIPOSOMAL Glutathione
Must be in liposomal form or IV direct.
The only way to get significant amounts into your body is with liposomal glutathione supplements, IV (intravenous drip) or injection. The best $$ of these 3 absorption ways is a high quality liposome, because it can be taken orally and it can be taken several times a day. That’s important, because most of the supplemented glutathione is used up by the body within six to eight hours.
please take!*

On 3/29/2016 DR. MARK E. said...

Glutathione Reduced
I like that it can be taken sublingual or with water. It dissolves easily and no bad taste.*

On 3/26/2016 Donna said...

Glutathione Powder
My order was processed within hours of when I placed it and I received my supplements a couple of days later. I have been taking 250mg of glutathione for its antioxidant properties twice a day as part of a detox cocktail (along with Vitamin C and ALA). I have noticed significant improvement in my chronic fatigue and brain fog since taking these supplements, along with changes in diet and exercise. I am very happy with both the service and the product, and will definitely reorder from Bulk Supplements!*

On 3/22/2016 Meridith said...

Great product to have
My wife has been taking this and it seems to uplift her mood. Dissolves fast and I like the pure powder form. Thanks BS!*

On 2/16/2016 Steven said...

Glutathione Reduced Powder
For those of your with motor neuron disease like ALS or Parkinsons still cracking open capsules for liposomes (see youtube instructions on DIY to get 5x this in the blood stream) I would recommend this powder *

On 2/15/2016 JohnInTheOC said...

Best Glutathione
BS has the best supplements bar none. I order the Glutathione again and again and will continue to do so. *

On 2/8/2016 James said...

Great product!
I'm so glad I found your website. This is a great product, shipping was fast and I will definitely be ordering more products from this site...Thanks...*

On 2/1/2016 Judy said...

Seems to be effective
It's only been a few days, but it seems great. I'm making liposomes out of it, and it mixes extremely well. *

On 1/29/2016 Jeffrey said...

This is my second order of Glutathione Powder. This is better than any other I tried in my search for glutathione. I am using it sublingually and making liposomal. Strong flavor tells me it is the real deal. I feel amazing in a short amount of time. So many improvements in a short time. I am looking forward to seeing the long term effects. *

On 1/26/2016 Ronald said...

Amazing Product!
I definitely noticed a significant improvement in a week of using this miracle powder. I am feeling an overall sense of higher energy and a remarkable improvement in my skin tone. A lot of my 'dark patches' on my body has significantly lightened to a (((whiter color)))). I am using this powder in conjunction with [DMG Sulfur] and i can't wait to see the results in 6 months. Will definitely be purchasing more next time. Thanks Bulksupplements!!


On 1/25/2016 Benjamin said...

Glutathione powder
I am hoping to see improved health as I incorporate this product into my regimen. I also plan to add it to my cataract eye drops*

On 1/23/2016 Robert Eckardt said...

Good quality
The first day I used this glutathione under my tongue, my teeth became very sensitive that it was hard for me to eat my food so I guess using it sublingually did not work for me. I just used it for a day so I can't say I had any benefit from it. However, I am going to start making it in liposomal form and I will update if I notice any benefits.*

On 1/16/2016 Andrew said...

Glutathione Powder
In just the few days of using Glutathione Powder I can feel a big difference in my over all well being, I have more energy my thought process is more clear, I've slept better as well, I've also noticed that my complexion is much better! In that my brown spots have faded, as well as my over all skin tone is lighter in color' The yellow undertone is not as noticeable' this was much of a surprise! But welcoming indeed. Very happy with this product and I will be ordering again in a larger size.
Thank You. *

On 12/12/2015 Gayla said...

Thank you for the free sample, I am sold. Worked well, so I ordered larger package. *

On 12/7/2015 linda said...

Glutathione Reduced - 50g Pure Powder
I have tried other brands that cost more and I had to break out of capsules. This is very fairly priced!*

On 12/4/2015 john said...

Great Glut
This glutathione is rich and full of quality. If you're looking for glutathione this is the place as the price is about the best in the marketplace. *

On 12/3/2015 James said...

Works Great!
My wife has ALS and uses Glutathione Reduced along with other Bulk Supplements products she takes as part of the Deanna Protocol which helps her feel better over all. She like the powder form so she doesn't have to swallow so many pills. Good product and fast shipping! *

On 11/30/2015 Steven said...

Great product
I am making liposomal gluthathione and this powder works great and I can always count on Bulk Supplements to provide the best quality and most efficient service available. *

On 11/22/2015 robert said...

Glutathione at its best
I make liposomal glutathione with this powder and it is marvelous, as it mixes well and absorbes very effectively. The quality is unsurpassed and the shipping is fast. As a personal trainer, I recommend Bulk Supplements to all of my clients!*

On 11/21/2015 robert said...

Awesome shipping*

On 11/16/2015 j said...

I love this product really help with working out as well for your skin ,this is the second time I re-order is pure and it is worth every penny thank you
Bulk Supplement for all your great product *

On 11/14/2015 Deva T said...

Glutathione reduced powder
This was my very first purchase from BulkSupplements. I was very skeptical...but right now, I'm so excited! I received my order in time...and the product was just what I was expecting. Thanks a lot!*

On 10/29/2015 QueenT said...

great product
just recently got the capsules more cost effective than from the local stores had been using a liposomal form but find this as just as effective according to some current research I have read*

On 10/25/2015 david said...

Glutathione Reduced
Love this product!!! I have only been using the a few weeks along with the vitamin c (ascorbic acid) and my powdered msm (from another company), but the energy I get is awesome... Also, I am getting better sleep, and don't wake up groggy. Not sure if these are normal side effects, but whatever these supplements are supplying to my body, is produce positive results in these areas.

I am not sure if I am taking them correctly, but I use the recommended dosages and add them to my fresh juice (cuts the bitter taste) or I add to water and just kick it get used to the bitter taste pretty quickly.

Thanks for making such quality supplements. They work, even for someone like me who is not as fit as I want to be.*

On 10/25/2015 Diane J said...

Cell repair
This product is tremendously important for Lyme disease patients and those with chronic illnesses. It is expensive, but priceless in its own sense. Watch the aches and pains disappear. I take with my other supplements and NAC in particular, and mix the powder in a protein/creatine shake. Optimum diet, cleansing/detoxing and good quality supplements such as this glutathione reap massive benefits. The powder is the consistency of powdered sugar.*

On 10/20/2015 Revel said...

Glutathione Reduced Powder
In our opinion, this product (Glutathione Reduced Powder) has been a life savor for neuro muscular diseases such as ALS (The Dr. Tedone Deanna Protocol) We micornize (liposomal) it See YouTube Lipsomal on DIY

Thanks for the fast shipping & fair price!!!*

On 10/19/2015 john said...

Glutathione Reduced Powder
Glutathione Reduced may be pricey but it is soooo worth it. I am very vascular during workouts and most of the rest of the day.*

On 9/26/2015 Rick said...

Glutathione in Liposomal form
I find that I need more glutathione to curb muscle cramps. It made the difference within the hour of taking it. These were not the typical Charley horse cramps. *

On 9/26/2015 Carole said...

Glutathione sample.

Pure/high quality supplement: Looking forward to try it for longer time. *

On 9/24/2015 Mohsen said...

Glutathione 100mg pure powder
I received my package in days and started taking it right away and felt a difference in my joints in less than 48 hours. I'm a runner and it felt good not having the knee pain. It's very easy to mix. I will make another order for sure! Thanks BULK SUPPLEMENTS.COM*

On 9/20/2015 Jacquleyn said...

For Liposomal Glutathione/Vitamin C
I use this to make liposomal Glutathione/vitamin C and take it about 2x daily on an empty stomach. As with the other bulk powders I purchase from BulkSupplements, the price per gram is about as low as I can find and the quality seems good. *

On 8/22/2015 John said...

Helps my eyes, I was seeing haze over lights especially at night. Hope it will help blood sugar count as well. Easy to take and will also try it in face cream I added your ascorble palmitate already. Thank you, great company.*

On 7/14/2015 linda said...

it is the mother of all antioxidants. great to use before a workout to tackle any free radicals and inflammation that may come from the workout or even chronic stress.*

On 7/9/2015 Justin said...

Consistent quality, great results
I have been using this product for over a year now. The quality and great customer service, keeps Bulk Supps, my 1'st choice, always.
I cannot say enough about the great health benefits, including immune health, and overall well being, with glutathione as part of my good health regime.*

On 6/29/2015 Angela said...

The service was excellent.The price was better than any other and the glutathione is very good quality. I am very happy with the whole deal. Thank you Bulksters!*

On 6/21/2015 Robert said...

It's great!
I take 1/32 tsp very morning with my other vitamin powders that I also purchased from the BulkSupplements. I feel great! Glutathione is a strong antioxidant and can white skin. It can also take away toxins from our body. I put some in my homemade lotion too. I will buy more when it's gone. Thanks!*

On 6/8/2015 Hongbing said...

Great product to make liposomal glutathione
This glutathione reduced powder from bulk supplements is excellent to make liposomal glutathione. I always get it fast delivery. I am just learning about ways to stay healthy and glutathione is a super antioxidant from what I understand. This is a very high quality product and it keeps really well in the packaging. Recipes on how to make liposomal glutathione are easy to find on YouTube but you need a good quality glutathione and bulk supplements provides what I need. Thanks for being out there. *

On 6/2/2015 Susan said...

I have been taking 500mg daily. The First two days i felt a bit lousy but after that i started feeling great. I initially started with bulk supplements to help balance my neurotransmitters about 2 months ago. With such unexpected, amazing results, i have added more supplements for energy and weight loss. I have so much energy, motivation and can feel my body changing in just a few weeks. I am obese (34 BMI) with depression, anxiety and fibromyalgia etc. however i have been able to exercise daily and actually ran for 27 minutes last night at the gym - that was 2 miles for me. Btw, i lost 6 pounds this month too. I am extremely pleased and thankful i found bulk supplements. *

On 5/23/2015 Kristina said...

Best form of glutathione to use
The reduced form of glutathione is the preferred form. I use this to make glutathione suppositories and this saves so much money and works just as well.*

On 5/12/2015 HK said...

Good Antioxidant
I took the 25g packet and added 1/8th of a tsp twice to my daily regimen. The difference is not so noticeable as I had started taking around 15 days back. But I do notice my energy levels are high and I was not getting the common cold and flu while others were getting at home. Seems to be working for me.*

On 5/11/2015 ANSHUMAN said...

Excellent - Use it to make liposomal Glutathione
I was thrilled to find this. It is a pure glutathione powder that has no fillers or excipients. I use this to make liposomal glutathione. The cost of liposomal glutathione is extremely expensive premade (for the doses I take the cheapest I found was $80/month and most of the brands would cost me about $150). Now for about $30 a month I can make it with the finest ingredients. Thank you Bulk supplements. *

On 5/6/2015 Krista said...

Perfect for Lipisomal
I have been trying to take Glutathione sublingual to remove toxins. But I do not tolerate stevia and did not sense results from taking just glutathione tablets. So, I ordered Bulk Supplements powder.. this feels so pure and clean. I added glutathione powder to the ascorbic acid powder in making a batch of Lipisomal Vit. C. I read reviews of a product that is made in Europe telling of how the two together work very well each enhancing the other. Thank you for your great products and fast delivery and service and Thanks to everyone posting informative reviews where I learn so much. *

On 4/29/2015 Eesha Dian said...

Excellent potency
After quite a few years of buying Glutathione Reduced in capsule form from Jarrow Formulas, I was very glad to find Glutathione Reduced in powdered form available from Bulk Supplements. The combination of Milk Thistle, R-Lipoic Powder and Glutathione Reduced is such a multifaceted and powerful assist to liver detoxification processes and sustained energy production, healthy sleep and metabolic efficiency! Definitely reduces dark circles under the eyes when taken consistently. Thanks Bulk Supplements... for a much better price and a good quality product!*

On 4/26/2015 Clare said...

dissolved some glutathione powder in some coconut oil. It didn't all dissolve no matter how much I mixed it. I used the oil on my face every night. It seems to be having a positive effect on my skin. My skin color is lighter and skin texture is more even after a few days.*

On 4/14/2015 Wei said...

Good Value
I only had the smallest packet, very small (10g) and I took 1/8 tsp twice a day for about 10 days. I did not notice any huge changes but now that I'm not taking it I realize I feel less energetic. This is one, if not the best antioxidant and I am seriously considering adding it to my daily regimen. I did do some price checking and this is definitely reasonably priced.*

On 4/7/2015 Kim said...

I stopped all my supplements so I could give this an actual review without anything else hindering results. In the short period of time that I had to review I noticed a few things. I take it first thing in the morning with a little water, under my tongue was too much, it's a bit strong with out a mixer :)
I initially noticed a good calm feeling and mild energy sustained through the day, nothing really outstanding though. I did notice quite a difference in my sleeping. I do take sleeping meds and they often don't work. After I began taking the Gluthatione, I was sleeping longer and more soundly. Another use, which was great, was it's help with processing alcohol. I went to a birthday party and drank a bit of champagne, which normally will give me a headache. I took Gluthatione with some ascorbic acid before I went and before bed and slept well with absolutely no hangover. I would highly recommend this product, through Bulk Supplements. It is oe of those all around good supplements to have on hand! *

On 4/6/2015 Barbee Cain said...

Gluthatione Order
This product is fantastic. Thanks for the speedy ship and excellent care of the product.*

On 3/23/2015 David said...

i have used your glutathione for since last December and have had very good results. *

On 3/21/2015 jane said...

Immunity booster, detoxifier, antioxidant
Glutathione is extremely important for a variety of reasons. It boosts immunity, detoxifies and supports the liver, and is an antioxidant. I have taken glutathione capsules before, but I've read that they are somewhat ineffective. I buy this powder, and blend it with sunflower lecithin to make a liposomal glutathione solution. There are liposomal glutathione products on the market, but they are very expensive. I use a jewelry cleaner to make my own. You can google that process, if you're interested. The price for this product is great, and it blends well in a liposomal solution. I would definitely recommend this if you need some immune system or detox support.*

On 3/14/2015 April said...

This product is wonderful, 1st day I put it under my tongue, taste is a little tart, it gives me lots of energy all day, I order this product to see if it can help me with my diabetes. Glad I found this company,I will order again it's quite pricey, but we should not put price on our health if it can help us.*

On 3/12/2015 Asuncion said...

pure glutathione
Very happy to receive my order fast. I take this product with vitC. *

On 3/10/2015 desiree said...

Pure Glutathione
i only had a chance to use for a few days but I have to say I feel like I have more energy. I like the pure form I have mixedit in a little yogurt it's better than taking in pill form!
Love this product so far*

On 3/6/2015 Candace said...

Lyme's Detox
We use this product to help with Lyme's Disease detox. It is a great product. All of the items we use from Bulk Supplements have been high quality. We were recommended to use them by our doctor.*

On 3/5/2015 george said...

Best of the bunch
Having worked in the packaging industry and having owned a health food store i am aware that the most expensive portion of a retail vitamin package is most often the part we all throw away, the package.This is the reason i buy in bulk and to date Bulk Supplements provides the highest quality of the products i buy from them..\ use Glutathione in eye drops and the impurities included by other sellers are not present in the Bulk Supplement product. Their Glutathione tastes pure and does not sting my eyes as does other products i have purchased from other sources.*

On 2/25/2015 harry said...

Glutathione Reduced Powder
I take Glutathione Reduced Powder sublingually to get directly into my system. I have been taking if for about a week in the morning and it gives me sustained energy throughout the day. I also find that it’s fantastic for clear skin and detoxification purposes. *

On 2/12/2015 Happy Camper said...

high quality product
high quality glutithione, combining with lecithin product to make liposomal Glutithione.*

On 12/6/2014 anthony said...

Perfect for liposomal glutathione!
Well the trend these days seems to be to make your own potent delivery supplements such as vitamin c in the liposomal form. I thought I would try it out myself and wow I really like it alot, will be coming back for more! Thanks bulk supplements for offering pure glutathione without filers.*

On 12/4/2014 Kirk said...

L glutathione
I love this powder because it is pure and without fillers. I use it to make liposomal glutathione. Being able to buy the pure powder and make my own liposomal saves me enormous amounts of money. *

On 12/3/2014 Krista said...

I rec'd this after I placed an order and was asked to write a review of it in 2 weeks. I apologize that it has been more like 3, but my intentions were in the right place...I honestly forgot.
I had been interested in adding this to my daily supplements, after reading about its amazing potential, so the first place I looked was BS, and as with all of their products I have ordered so far, it is the top of the line. I will be placing another order here soon, and this will be on that list. It is clean, and as pure as I have come to know from BS. If anyone is looking to add this AMAZING supplement to their daily supps or skin care serums and creams, I highly recommend that this be the only place they purchase. I have tried other powders, but after finding and trying this line, BS, there is no compare. I really noticed it in the effectiveness right away. *

On 10/25/2014 Apsara said...

I ordered this 2 weeks ago and have had good numbers controlling my diabetes. An added bonus is that my skin is also looking a lot healthier.*

On 10/9/2014 IAN said...

I ordered this after reading few reviews and I like the results. It helps with my workouts. Also it has a lot of health benefits. *

On 9/28/2014 Natalia said...

Glutathione is a potent antioxidant. I'm using it with Vitamin C crystals and Sunflower Lecithin for encapsulation, which increases its potency. Check out YouTube "glutathione encapsulation" for instructions. Thank you for making this product available in bulk. *

On 9/26/2014 Deb said...

Great product!
I have been using this product for 2 months and I am very happy about it. I noticed the wrinkles on my forehead are not as noticeable as before and the lines on the back of my hands have diminished greatly. My skin also looks great. *

On 9/21/2014 Josephine said...

reduced glutathion
I am using it with vitamin c as a liposomal in lecithin. I hope to see excellent results.
Thank you,
Dennis Hedstrom*

On 9/15/2014 dennis hedstrom said...

My second order
Again, the mix that I have been using is Liposomal fix of Vitamin C + Glutathione in Sunflower Lecithin. This has great affect on the skin, a glowing in whitening kind of way. Use only in winter time though, because the use of Vitamin C under the Summer's bright sun would cause irritation.

On 9/11/2014 Ami said...

Glutathione Reduced
This product is working well with the liposomal nutrients I mix. We do have more energy. I will be ordering more nutrients according to our needs to put together in the liposomal mix. *

On 9/9/2014 Carole F. said...

This is a great product. Gives me extra energy running around after my little ones. I am very pleased with the quality of the packaging. Fast shipping and cheaper than the others. *

On 8/6/2014 Josephine said...

Excellent service and great product
Perfect for liposomal and your health.*

On 8/4/2014 John said...

Keep Up The Excellent Service!
I am extremely happy with the quality & packaging of this product. Fast shipping & excellent customer service! This is my first purchase from and the Customer Service Team was extremely professional and helpful, regarding my duplicated orders concerns. Thank you!*

On 8/4/2014 Ashleigh said...

Best price for glutathione power.
I use this product for making liposomal vitamin C. It is a great antioxidant and when added to vitamin C it compliments it well. *

On 7/21/2014 Michael said...

Very pleased with this product
This product comes packaged great, and shipped quickly.
The glutathione is a great worker in the body. It is the master anti-oxidant.
And a great liver detoxifier. I am a come back customer, over and over again. I use the powdered glutathione to make liposomal glutathione.
It works well in my recipe for health*

On 6/16/2014 Angela said...

Good Product, Great Service
This was my first order with Bulk Supplements and I was extremely impressed with the ease of the ordering process and how quickly our product was delivered. The product is excellent, exactly as described on the Bulk Supplements website, and at a very good price! My wife and I take this daily to enhance our detox systems as recommended by Dr. Sherry Rogers in her book Detox or Die. We're very satisfied with Bulk Supplements and this product.*

On 5/29/2014 David said...

Wow the best supplement in USA and the cheapest ....I have to say I am hooked with the .....Gluthathione is the most abundant antioxidant in human body ...I believe it's a cure of every illness out there .....if anyone has any health issue they should start using this supplement and see the results for themselves.*

On 5/26/2014 mohsin said...

Came Quick and Adds Energy
The product arrived quickly. It appears to help with workouts. Take dose before and after*

On 5/11/2014 John said...

good product, very satisfied
i've done business with bulksupplements before and i am very satisfied
with their products and their service. their products are always of the
highest quality and they arrive in good condition and on time. i will continue
to do business with them.*

On 5/5/2014 gordon said...

Great suplement
I purchased this to make Liposomal glutathione. It's too soon to tell any difference but it was packaged well and arrived 2 days after I placed the order. *

On 4/26/2014 Helen said...

Great Packing!
This product was extra bagged, that is a plus as the surface area of the larger bag catches a lot of the product. Less waste for this expensive supplement! Thanks*

On 4/13/2014 robbin said...

Great supplement for senior citizens!
Have added glutathione to my supplement routine at age 70. Thanks to Bulk Supplements for providing both quality supplements and excellent customer service!*

On 3/22/2014 merrill m. said...

Hangover solution
Helped me with my hangovers!*

On 1/15/2014 Abdel said...

Helped my CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)
It gets much better when I do the glutathione.Thank you, BulkSupplements, I have found it beneficial for my CFS. I will order more in 3 weeks when I exhaust my current supply. It certainly is affordable in the larger quanties and saves on shipping as I will have to order it less frequently
Thanks again
,Sincerely, Zero*

On 11/24/2013 zero said...

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Thank you in advance, 1) Is this product (Glutathione Reduced Powder) sterile? 2) Is this product OK for intranasal use? --- Reference: L.Mischley et al "Phase IIb Study of Intranasal Glutathione" JD
I have a question for Moe or someone that uses a nebulizer. how much powder do you mix for nebulizer? Tim
is Glutathione Reduced Powder suitable of vegeterians. can you please mention on your products if they are not suitable for vegeterians