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Folic Acid (Vitamin B9) Powder

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Folic Acid (Vitamin B9) Powder


  • Pure folic acid
  • Essential vitamin
  • Promotes immune health

Folic Acid is part of the vitamin B chain and is sometimes more commonly known as vitamin B9, folacin, folate, or pteroylglutamic acid. It is derived from all natural sources and is totally water soluble. Folic acid is helpful in maintaining healthy nervous, immune and digestive systems.


Serving Size & Timing

This supplement contains pure, concentrated Folic Acid. It is recommended that individuals take no more than 500 to 1000 micrograms daily. 1000 mcg should not be exceeded under any circumstances. Pregnant women are recommended to take 300 to 400 mcg per day. Since individual needs will vary, it is important to consult a physician prior to supplementation. An accurate milligram scale is required to measure out this supplement.

It should be noted that the body's absorption rates of Vitamin B12 can be inhibited or slowed by consumption of Folic Acid; because it has the capability of masking possible symptoms of deficiency, it is best to take Vitamin B12 supplements along with Folic Acid supplements.



This supplement contains no additives of any kind and is completely pure.


Few people report side effects experienced from consumption of Folic Acid. However, mild side effects still do occur when overdosing on Folic Acid. These side effects include nausea, abdominal issues, a lingering bitter taste in mouth, insomnia and decreased appetite. Those prone to epilepsy should specifically stick within the prescribed or recommended amount so as not to exacerbate their condition. In addition, taking more than the recommended amount of Folic Acid can result in low levels of Vitamin B12.

Additional considerations should be taken for anyone who takes oral contraceptives regularly, as these types of medications can cause a reduction in the body’s ability to absorb Folic Acid correctly.

Anyone that is pregnant or nursing should still consult a doctor before use to obtain information on adequate serving sizes, especially those that have health conditions or suffer from other problems.

California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

Customer Reviews

The product Folic Acid Powder is very good and work very well with formulations.*

On 2/26/2019 Maria Esparza said...

Excellent Soluability
Dissolves well into PG and VG.*

On 2/15/2019 Kason said...

Good portion size
Thank you for providing the 10 grams size to try in return for a previous review. This will be the perfect size to integrate into my own personal B complex powder that I take daily for health, energy and nerves. Being gluten free and am getting older, the supplements help a great deal to keep wellness high while foregoing excess calories! I will use a gram scale to weigh out the folic acid; I also have some measuring spoons I ordered off amazon that measure as little as 1/64 teaspoon -- it seems to do a good job to ensure not overdosing on these micronutrients.*

On 7/5/2018 Barbara said...

The purest of the pure
Bulksupplements are the purest supplements I've ever had! *

On 3/12/2017 Tim said...

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