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Fish Oil (1000mg) Softgels

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Fish Oil (1000mg) Softgels


  • Promotes heart health
  • Provides essential fatty acids
  • Easy-to-swallow softgels

Fish Oil is a great supplement because it contains essential fatty acids that promote heart health. Fish oil is the only source of Omega-3 fatty acids that is bioavailable.


Serving Size & Timing

Suggested serving size for this supplement is 2 capsules, which should be taken anywhere from two to three times per day.

Nutritional Information

Supplement Facts

Serving size: 2 Softgels
Serving per container: *
Amount Per Serving
Calories: 18
Calories from Fat: 18
% Daily Value**
Total fat 2g 3%
Saturated fat < 1g 3%
Monounsaturated fat < 1g *
Polyunsaturated fat < 1g *
Cholesterol 14 mg 9%
Fish oil concentrate 2g *
containing Omega 3 Fatty Acids *
including Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) > 16 % 330 mg *
and Docosehaxaenoic Acid (DHA) > 12 % 230 mg *
* Daily Value not established.
** Based on 2,000 calorie diet

Softgel capsule (glycerin, gelatin and water)

Sugar, soy, dairy, yeast, gluten and corn.



This particular fish oil contains at least 16% EPA and 12% DHA.


Fish Oil is considered to be a safe supplement by the FDA. Because there has been recent public outcry about the mercury content of fish, there has also been some scrutiny on the Fish Oil market as to whether the product contains poisons or not. However, because mercury and other harmful toxins are absorbed into the tissue of the fish, not the oil, this makes Fish Oil safe and non-toxic.

The recommended dosage of Fish Oil should be heeded, however, or else adverse side effects are possible. Side effects resulting from overuse include diarrhea, acid-reflux and general gastrointestinal upset. Anyone that is allergic to fish or taking blood thinners should avoid this product or talk to a doctor before use.


This product should be refrigerated or frozen immediately upon receipt. When refrigerating, the shelf life for Fish Oil is about 6 months. This number can be increased to 3 years if kept in the freezer.


Due to varying import regulations, not all of our supplements are available to international customers. This product is restricted for sale in the following countries:

  • Norway
  • Denmark
California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

Customer Reviews

Eat them like candy.
This fish oil is my #1 supplement that I take. 4 a day for heart health and cholesterol lowering since I can't take statins anymore. Also drops my blood pressure about 15 points when I take 2 softgels at a time. Also my pulse rate drops to a normal level instead of 100 and I can feel my heart be at peace. Amazing product. I'm on my third bag and will most surely buy again from bulk supplements. I love the fact that I'm getting clean and pure product.*

On 4/22/2019 Joshua said...

Small and easy to swallow
These fish oil gels caps are easy to swallow. No true taste entering the mouth, or swallowing. I’ve noticed a slight fish tast after 30-1hr. Mainly from burps. Clears up after about 2 hours or less. Over all great product for the price! *

On 3/11/2019 TJ said...

Fish Oil
I just got my fish oil order with other 4 more powders to mix with my protein it came fast and the packages were sealed very good.
These is my first time ordering from BoolkSupplements and I'm sure is not the only one I did look in to other companies and they have great products and prices.*

On 2/23/2019 Oscar said...

Fish Oil
This company is great! I purchased 2 items a few weeks back and was given a complimentary item to try. I decided to try the fish oil soft gels as I have liquid at home but hate the taste! These softgels are easy to swallow and have no aftertaste or burp. Definitely recommend*

On 2/19/2019 Danielle said...

Great product!
I take two of these a day every morning and they are great. The capsules are in good shape and help suppress any fishy smell. *

On 2/2/2019 Charles said...

Fish Oil Review
The fish oil caps have a good taste and a good size so that swallowing is not a problem. 1,000mg is comparable to the product we are now using, but it is less expensive.*

On 1/14/2019 Geraldine said...

Lowered my BP
Prior to taking these, my BP was 140/110 for a couple years. With two to 3 daily it dropped to 120/70 after a few days. Perfect. I'll be purchasing these on an ongoing basis. Thanks!*

On 10/23/2018 Darryl said...

Reduced my Blood pressure
This is my second time buying a pack of 300 of these softgels. My blood pressure was running around 140/100 for a couple years. After taking two to 3 of the fish oil softgels daily, my BP dropped to 120/70. I'll be taking these forever!*

On 10/23/2018 Darryl said...

Cholestrol health
The Fish Oil was shipped quickly and has contributed to my quest to lower my cholesterol. I'm extremely happy with the quality and price of the product!!*

On 10/4/2018 Don said...

Fish oils
BulkSupplement is my goto reliable source for all of my supplement needs. I received Fish Oils as a sample pack to review. Heres my review: biting into the capsules releases a dense liquid that tastes reminescent of sardines, and about 30 minutes after taking them I get that feeling like I had a great nights sleep. Energy, endurance, and clarity. I'm considering buying a very large supply as fish oils are the healthiest supplement anyone can take and benefit from. Thanks BulkSupplements~!*

On 9/17/2018 Zac said...

Fish oils
BulkSupplement is my goto reliable source for all of my supplement needs. I received Fish Oils as a sample pack to review. Heres my review: biting into the capsules releases a dense liquid that tastes reminescent of sardines, and about 30 minutes after taking them I get that feeling like I had a great nights sleep. Energy, endurance, and clarity. I'm considering buying a very large supply as fish oils are the healthiest supplement anyone can take and benefit from. Thanks BulkSupplements~!*

On 9/17/2018 Zac said...

Heart Health
Fish oil is great for heart health. Our whole family takes the fish oil. No aftertaste.*

On 9/11/2018 Jo-Ann said...

Fish Oil
Bulk Supplements Fish Oil is as good as any product on the market and cost lots less. Have been using it for a year or so and never disappointed. Once again B.S.Com is killing it!!*

On 7/28/2018 George said...

Good stuff
Great product no fishy aftertaste fast delivery great buy*

On 5/31/2018 Tree said...

Very pleased....
This will be the third shipment I've order for the family.
Great quality, no after taste and very affordable.*

On 5/21/2018 Cynthia said...

Fish sotgels
Timely shipping, great price and great quality. I'll continue to shop here!*

On 4/18/2018 Don Schlander said...

Nothing fishy here
Great product. We keep it in the fridge. *

On 3/21/2018 Melissa said...

great supplement
The capsules have no odor at all. I only have the occasional slightly fishy burp if I take them on an empty stomach.

The packaging was adequate for the contents and shipping was fast.*

On 12/13/2017 country blumpkin said...

Tasteless and Odorless!
Picked this up as recent lipid profile showed high Trigs. Just started taking so effects remain to be seen; however I am pleased that there is absolutely no fish smell or taste. One thing to mention is that the pills are 1 inch long, so if you may want to keep that in mind if you have a problem swallowing larger capsules. *

On 11/12/2017 David said...

No fish aftertaste
Just received my first order ever from bulk supplements and couldn't be happier. Was able to get 300 soft gels for the sam price I was paying for 100!! Both me and my wife take these and are both impressed with quality and no fish burps!! Will be ordering again.*

On 10/19/2017 Harry said...

No fish aftertaste
Received my first order from bulk supplements and couldn't be happier. Shipping was super fast (3 day total). Had been taking another brand fish oils but found these for 1/3 the price (acutally same price for 300 soft gels that I was paying for 100). Both me and my wife have been taking and neither have had any fish burps at all. Great product!!*

On 10/19/2017 Harry said...

Excellent quality
Capsules look well constructed and in excellent condition. No leaking or discolorations. Much better than other brands I have purchased. Had absolutely no fishy flavor. Will buy again and recommend. *

On 10/5/2017 David Hop said...

Good stuff
No fishy smells, goes down easy, and hopefully is and will do what it says it will. Time will tell... *

On 9/7/2017 Mark Esposito said...

Awesome product
Once again excellent product excellent fast shipping will be ordering again *

On 9/7/2017 Randy said...

great product
I just received these fish oil caps on time and sealed package. I find their taste pleasant, no fish odor and they go down easy. .

Yes i would recommend to a friend.


On 5/11/2017 Ray said...

Fish Oil
It is a great product and a great value.*

On 5/10/2017 Matt said...

Phenomenal Product
The science talks for itself on the benefits of fish oil supplements. Bulk Supplements packages it in a convenient resealable bag that stores great in the fridge. Shipping was super fast and came a few days faster than expected!!!*

On 4/25/2017 James Goetz said...

Seems high quality so far
Softgels have a slight fishy taste, which I perversely like seeing as how if its fish oil it should taste of fish not lemons or some such. Good quality product as usual from Bulk Supplements, however.*

On 4/22/2017 DARNELL said...

Fish oil
This product works great, just as stated. I've reordered 2 times and will definitely order in the future. *

On 4/18/2017 Jonathon said...

Excellent product love my fish oil super quick shipping and excellent customer service this is my new to go place for supplements*

On 3/28/2017 Randy said...

excellent product
Excellent product quick shipping and excellent customer service will be ordering soon again. My go to place for supplements.*

On 3/28/2017 Randy said...

Love this fish oil
My husband and I have been taking this fish oil for two years now. Our doctor can tell when we have our blood work done!!*

On 3/25/2017 Melissa said...

Fish Oil Softget
I wanted to started adding fish oil to my diet. So I purchased the Fish Oil Softgels 1000mg from I have been taking the softgels to two weeks now and I am very happy with this product. I found no after taste. I take one softgel two times a day.*

On 3/15/2017 Thomas said...

Great value
Great value compared to other brands. Higher dosing than one a days, but still worth the price. I've noticed a bit of a fish burp on occasion, but not severe. As long as I take it after a meal, I'm good. *

On 2/21/2017 Jon said...

Great Value
You can't beat the price of these fish oils. Good quality!*

On 2/20/2017 James said...

Great Product, Great Price
I thought I give this Fish Oil I try after I run out of my supply from local store since I have been please with other Bulk Supplements products. This fish oil is also great. No fishy taste. I love the packaging better then a big bottle of pills. I will buy this again. *

On 1/30/2017 Jeremy said...

Good packaging, goes down smooth. No fish burps. A higher concentration would be nice so you wouldnt have to take so many.*

On 1/25/2017 David said...

Excellent products from bulksupplements.
My rating is for bulksupplements and also for many of the products I've ordered and tried. I also ordered some of this fish oil, as it has great DHA/EPA values. Service has always been fantastic for me. This is a genuine review. I buy from bulksupplements regularly, and since recently I started using MyUS to sent packages to my home country.*

On 11/22/2016 Roel said...

Fabalous Fish Oil
Great value for fish oil supplement. You can spend alot more for similar product with same nutritional values but with bulksupplements, why bother?
Not sure how the oil is processed but assume its same as all other good fish oil brands.
Pills are not too big, easy to swallow. So far, I have had no fish burps or aftertaste.
I recommend this fish oil.*

On 10/13/2016 Tom said...

Fish Oil Softgels
I have been taking this product for the past few days. The first day I took a two capsule serving before a workout. I noticed once during my workout,for a brief moment, the taste. Every other time I have taken the product i have noticed no after taste. The capsule that the product comes in is very easy to swallow. I would recommend this product to others looking for a Fish oil supplement. Like every bulksupplement product I have tried to date, this product is very good.

On 9/25/2016 Allen said...

Great product quality
Can't beat these for the price. Seem like a high quality product so far. There is a very slight fish taste, (which I have tasted with any fish oil I've taken), but this is the least out of any I've tried. With the fast shipping and great quality I will not shop anywhere else for my fish oil now.*

On 8/21/2016 Michael said...

fish oil issues
I have used other fish oil products without any problems, but this product gave me intense indigestion. I took four during the day so the indigestion lasted all day until I did some research and realized it could be fish oil.

Now, the product description does advise refrigeration upon receipt of the product and I did not do that. I had read elsewhere that refrigeration is not needed for capsules, only liquid fish oil, and this product was also in a sealed pouch.

This review is not a complaint but to provide a note of caution. I would try the product again, but my research indicates that it is important to know the source of the fish and that Alaskan is the best. This product comes from 'a variety of types of fish.' This is not unusual, but the Alaskan, cold water salmon fish oil, also anchovies and sardines, is available but not as easy to find.*

On 8/15/2016 david said...

Fish oil
Capsule is smooth. so goes down easy. Like said in previous reviews no fish burps at all! Highest quality for all your products. Will only order from you.*

On 8/2/2016 Alan said...

Better than those from others
The capsules I received fit so much better in my "The Capsule Machine" than those I had received from other suppliers and consequently, I had much better luck with clean encapsulating. I believe that due to the packaging used by BulkSupplements that the gel caps were kept dry and did not swell, as I think has happened with my orders from other suppliers. A good deal.*

On 7/20/2016 Steven said...

Fish oil
Great packing, fast delivery , product seems good. Thanks *

On 7/17/2016 Erik` said...

Tasteless fish oil softgels
These fish oil softgels are amazing! I love that they are tasteless and easy to swallow. There is no after taste at all and I will definitely take them on a regular basis now. *

On 7/6/2016 Jessica said...

Great Fish Oil at a Great Price
This fish oil was one of several supplements that I ordered in my first order from I had originally found their products on Amazon, but chose to purchase them directly through their website. They have some great reviews and people seem very pleased with their products, that helped sell me on my first order.

This fish oil works great for me, I have already noticed positive effects in energy and attitude after taking these. The pills are large, but I have no problem getting them down. I was anticipating some fish burps and only noticed a couple from these, so just went ahead and threw them in the freezer and haven't had any since. Package does say to store in fridge or freezer, so just a heads up for those that might not read the label.

I am very impressed with the ingredients and the lack of fillers. I was just in a health food store looking at some additional supplements and couldn't believe all of the junk they had in them compared to these ones. Shipping was very fast, I was really pleased with how quickly they came. I placed my order on a Thursday afternoon and received it on Saturday morning. Packaging is great as well, everything comes in foil, resealable bags. Easy to store and use. I was pleased with every aspect of my order and will be ordering from here again soon!!*

On 6/16/2016 Tana said...

Excellent Choice
Very happy with their costumer service. Received the package in a few days. Great quality and price.*

On 6/15/2016 Adriana said...

Great deal!
I ordered 300 soft gels and it's great stuff and will last for months. I also like that bulksupplements doesn't use any filler or garbage in their supplements like most other companies do. I highly recommend their fish oil.*

On 6/10/2016 Charles said...

Fish Oil
This product is easy to swallow and has minimum after taste when burping.*

On 6/9/2016 Jeff said...

As Advertised!
Happy with the fish oil so far.
Don't forget to refrigerate or freeze per the instructions!*

On 6/8/2016 DQ said...

Quality product
This is a good quality fishoil. The smell is not rancid and there is no fishy burps or after tastes. I personally take 10 pills a day, and even at this dose there are no noticeable fishy smells or gastrointestinal upset *

On 6/6/2016 Russell said...

Fish oil
I have placed multiple orders for the fishoil. I highly recommend it, It is high quality, good priced and no fish burps. 5 stars.*

On 6/5/2016 John said...

Fish Oil
These are great. When I first started taking them they gave me a little bit of fish burp but that has gone away for some reason. This is such a great price for fish oil there is no better place to buy fish oil. *

On 5/26/2016 Bill said...

Fish oil
High quality and no fish burps. I just reordered. I have tried many products from and I have never been disappointed. This is a definitely worth while to buy. Quality and price are great!*

On 5/15/2016 John said...

Fish oil
I don't have too much experience with fish oil. I've only tried 2 other brands in the past, both of which I quit taking after a couple weeks. I don't even remember why I stopped taking them, but I plan to keep taking BulkSupplements fish oil, maybe because I trust it more... the others grossed me out, and this one just feels more pure.*

On 5/5/2016 Rachele said...

Great for me
Have experienced no issues. Love the product*

On 4/29/2016 Stephen said...

Awesome Quality at a great price
This is by far the best price for quality Omega 3 fatty acids. I challenge you to find a better priced Fish Oil or Krill Oil supplement of this quality anywhere (even bulk warehouse stores). Excellent product; I would recommend for those looking to increase overall heart health. *

On 4/4/2016 Ryan said...

Exactly as advertised
The fish oil came neatly and conveniently packaged. Shipping was fast and easy. Will order again!*

On 4/4/2016 Jay said...

Fish Oil
These fish oil caps are a great value and much less fishy, although still a bit for me, than most other fish oil I have taken. *

On 3/25/2016 Bill said...

Fish oil
Great price and quality. I reordered for a second time, will reorder again. No fish burps.*

On 2/23/2016 John said...

Great Product
Love this product, very easy to swallow and no fishy burps. Great quality and price, will reorder soon.*

On 2/18/2016 Alina said...

Joint Pain
I have joint issues in my knee and after taking this the inflammation and pain went down within hours. Nice to know its clean too.*

On 2/16/2016 Jay said...

No-frill thrills
Who needs fancy packaging? I got 6000 pills for a great price - when my cousin is finished with his big fancy drugstore bottle I can refill it for him at 40% off.*

On 2/11/2016 Steven said...

Good Oil
Love this Oil and will continue to order! Good price, fast shipping. Better than AMAZON.*

On 2/11/2016 Trandy said...

Great product. Great price.
Very good quality product. No fishy after burps. Noticed improvement in my mood after the first week of using it. Also noticed ease of joint pain. *

On 1/6/2016 Jennifer said...

Fish oil
Just reordered, this is a high quality fishoil supplement, no fish burps and a great price.*

On 12/27/2015 John said...

fish oil
I ordered this fish oil because I was having some issues with joint pain, this is my second day in already feeling less pain. Also read how fish oil is good for the heart, and immunity from colds and flu.*

On 12/15/2015 deloris said...

great price point
great price point for fish oil compared to whats on the market for me. 3 days into adding to my diet and am already feeling the diffrence upon waking up.*

On 10/22/2015 carlos said...

Fish oil
Great supplement, no fish burps. Great price, just another great product from*

On 10/20/2015 John said...

Good product.
I was concerned that these would get crushed in shipment but they arrived in great shape. Good quality heavy capsule limits fish burps. *

On 9/16/2015 in your hair said...

Good Supplement, good price
No need to pay extra for fancy fish oil. This stuff is just as good as any other and much cheaper.

Fast shipping too!*

On 8/28/2015 Matthew said...

Good product, no junk involved
Great product. I love that there aren't fillers or any other junk added like most products. No fishy taste, goes down easy. I don't order from anyone else*

On 8/26/2015 Jennifer said...

Great fish oil
The is yet another quality product by You can tell this is good quality fish oil. No after taste, or after burps. I will reorder, money well spent.*

On 5/27/2015 John said...

Fish oil
i have tried other fish oil brands and i can say with out a doubt that these are the best quality and are real and for a very great price and quantity along with extra fast shipping. first time ordering these so when i am done i will re-up. 10/10*

On 5/2/2015 jorge said...

Not bad
Great product, but a few fish burps.*

On 4/23/2015 John said...

Great fish oil
great gels, come in great packaging and there is no aftertaste, or after burps. these are perfect from customer service is great, fast and simple.*

On 1/13/2015 Jesse said...

awesome product, even better service
The quality of product from is always excellent and their shipping and customer service are unsurpassed.*

On 12/23/2014 CHARLES said...

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Product Questions

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What is the gelatin made with, animal or vegetable source?
Hello, When the 1000mg Fish Oil Softgels description states "Fish oil concentrate 2g" and only 560mg of that is made up of the EPA and DHA, what constitutes the remaining milligrams?