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Eyebright Extract Powder

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Eyebright Extract Powder


  • Soothes eye irritation
  • Relieves cold & allergy symptoms
  • Flavoring agent
  • Taste

  • Mixability

Eyebright is a flowering plant that soothes irritated eyes and could relieve cold symptoms liked inflamed sinuses, nasal congestion, and sore throat.


Serving Size & Timing

As a dietary supplement, take 1000 mg (scant 1/2 tsp) once daily, or as directed by a physician.

As with all supplements meant to promote general well-being, it is important to note that a supplement such as this is by no means a substitute for legitimate medical advice. It is always best to talk to a doctor if you are experiencing problems with your health before taking any supplements.

Nutritional Information

Supplement Facts

Serving size: 1000 milligrams
Serving per container: *
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value**
Eyebright extract powder (Euphrasia regelii Wettst.)...1000 mg *
* Daily Value not established.
** Based on 2,000 calorie diet


Sugar, soy, dairy, yeast and gluten

As a dietary supplement, take 1000 mg (scant 1/2 tsp) once daily, or as directed by a physician.

US Standard Measuring Spoons
Spoon Size(level) milligrams
1/3 teaspoon 770
1/2 teaspoon 1155
1 teaspoon 2311



This product is pure and contains no fillers or additives of any kind.


Talk to your doctor before taking eyebright if you are pregnant or nursing. Eyebright may lower blood sugar; talk to your doctor before taking this supplement if you have a history of blood sugar disorders like diabetes. Avoid taking this product two weeks prior to a scheduled surgery.

California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

Customer Reviews

Eyebright cleared horses eyes in days
I’m amazed! I knew eye bright would help my horses gunky watery eyes but did not know it would be so fast to work. Within 2-3 days she didn’t have dry crusty fur underneath her eyes anymore!! She’s had eye issues for years, so thankful to bring her some relief! *

On 2/18/2019 Casssiy said...

Been using this product to make tea....2x daily ........seems to
help my eyesight.*

On 12/8/2018 peter said...

Loving the Eyebright!
I ordered Eyebright due to the fact that for as long as I can remember, on any given morning, I wake up with puffy, bloodshot eyes-so much so, that I look badly hungover(I don’t even drink!). After less than a week, my eyes are no longer bloodshot, nor puffy; I actually LOOK well rested when I get out of bed; also, since it relates, let me give a shoutout to the phosphotydyl serine that I’ve added to the mg glycine and kava I take before bed. This combination not only helps me sleep through the night, but I actually wake up sharp, alert, and fully aware.
Bulk Supplements has turned me into a friggin’ morning person!!!*

On 8/24/2018 Dan said...

EYEBRIGHT EXTRACT -- Excellent product!

My Kilo of Eyebright Extract arrived 5-22-2018. I take 1/2 tsp. daily and mixed in my morning supplements. Makes a great tea. Great to add to coffee. Although I've had a 7 year problem, within 3 days, my eyes no longer have any pus oozing out of either eye and my eyes feel fantastic. This product is a keeper for me.

Great product! Finally cleared up a long 7 year problem with puss always in my right eye inspite of trying "everything under the sun" to fix the issue in my right eye, I've remained with this continual pus oozing out of my right eye continually. Yes, I've seen doctors. Over and over and over again. No help. One sent me to see a doctor to get my ears cleaned out. Another one simply yelled at me for 3 hours. I never went back. Another said, "I don't know."

When I saw that Bulk Supplements carries Eyebright Extract, I purchased a Kilo for this "up until now" consistent problem. I also thought that perhaps my eye issue was because my brain has still been healing of 3 horrific concussions I experienced in 2012 which has been taking a long time to heal.

I was in a loonie bin with the 2nd one, and my roommate thought I was his wife and would I comfort him. The 3rd one, I spent about 1 month hospitalized because that black ice slip and fall seriously compromised my brain. So, I figured my eyes were reflecting the fact my brain has still been healing and I've been addressing that issue with various BS products. Now? My eyes after this very brief time on Eyebright, I have no more pus coming from either eye.

Bulk Supplements has always been my "go-to" place for supplements. Quality extraordinaire. Prompt service extraordinaire. Technical issues with site. Well, they're "working on them."


Now, my comment for those who complain about the very efficient bags these BS products come in. These bags are inexpensive for BS. If they went to boxes (God forbid), it would cost us ever so much more. How do I deal with the sealable top which sometimes has issues sealing?

1. Clear the plastic track of product. 2. Finger-press the back to the front, lining up the white plastic track as best you can. 3. Fold over. 4. Attach 3 clippies (1 on each side and 1 in the middle.) RESULT: Product stays closed so no product escapes. Problem solved. No complaining.


Use a Marker pen (I prefer red or blue) and write down the date of when you purchased the product, the price, and then write how to take it, how much to take, and all the benefits listed both in the product info as well as gleaned from customer comments and searched on the Internet.

Now, take those wide clear plastic sealer tape and cover what you write with the plastic tape. Then, you will always know how much to take, the quantity, as well as the benefits and results of taking the product. The white plastic outside, makes it a perfect venue for listing all the appropriate info about the product (good and bad).


On 5/29/2018 Christine said...

Taste great
I have pretty bad allergies and since taking this product, I feel like my sinuses are less congested. It tase like fresh brewed tea. *

On 3/4/2018 Valerie Hernandez said...

Excellent Quality and Price
I added to my vitamin regimine after hearing about this product. Great value *

On 2/22/2018 David said...

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