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Quercetin puts a stop on the body secreting Histamine. Histamine is a chemical that causes allergic reactions in people. Not the type of allergic reactions someone who is allergic to food might have, but those caused by the environment which include symptoms like sneezing and swelling.

Though Quercetin provides coloring for many different plants and sources, it can be found in the highest concentrations in citrus fruits, onions, apples, parsley, red wine, and certain kinds of tea. Foods that are generally high in flavonoids that also include Quercetin are dark berries, olive oil, cherries, and grapes. The darker the fruit, the more flavonoids present.

Health Benefits Provided by Quercetin

Quercetin, as an antioxidant, helps protect against free radical damage. Free radicals are harmful molecules in the body that are known for going on the offensive and attacking healthy cells, taking apart their DNA and damaging the cell walls. It also protects blood cells as well.

Quercetin enhances the body's absorption of Vitamin C and allows the content of Vitamin C within the body to proliferate more strongly. This is good because Vitamin c itself is another type of antioxidant.

Supplement Facts
Serving size: 500 milligrams
Serving per container: *
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value**
Quercetin... 500mg *
* Daily Value not established.
** Based on 2,000 calorie diet


Sugar, soy, dairy, yeast, gluten, corn and additives

As a dietary supplement, take 250mg to 500mg once or twice daily, or as directed by physician. 


There are no fillers of any kind present in this solution. It is notably soluble in oils (olive, coconut, etc.), and does not mix easily into water. It has no discernible flavor and should be stored in an area that is free from light, heat and moisture in order to preserve potency.


As long as suggested serving sizes are adhered to, it is unlikely that Quercetin will result in any negative side effects. Those who use Quercetin while also consuming citrus fruits or Vitamin C supplements may have some issues involving oral sores, upset stomach or headache. Since Quercetin may have an effect on blood flow, it is best to avoid this product if you are at risk for blood clotting or if you have high blood pressure.

Quercetin may also hamper the effectiveness of some antibiotics. If taking Felodipine or any antibiotic medication with regularity, it is best to discuss this supplement with a doctor. Anyone doing hormone replacement therapy must not take Quercetin, as it will interrupt the flow of estrogen in the body and could cause an imbalance. Quercetin should not be taken by women who are pregnant or nursing.


Due to varying import regulations, not all of our supplements are available to international customers. This product is restricted for sale in the following countries:



There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

California residents: Click Here for Proposition 65 warning.

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Zoila C.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Quercetin powder

The powder looks beautiful. I have not noticed any different. Maybe in a few weeks? I will post results later.


Quality Quercetin Dihydrate Powder at a great price

I take 500 mg quercetin along with 150 mg for better sleep in that I don't wake up in the middle of the night with stuffed up sinuses. The combination works for me. I'm VERY sensitive to mold mycotoxins and know that Bulk Supplements products are mold and mycotoxin free because I don't get bad reactions from Bulk Supplements Powders. I don't if they employ dehumidification equipment or if maybe it is just the Las Vegas naturally dry climate that keeps mold from growing in their powders.

Geraldine B.

Quercetin Review

Please accept my review here. We have been using Quercetin for over a week and my mother feels that her eyesight has improved on some days and not on others. I have not noticed a difference in my eyesight. The product I'm requesting is hyaluronic acid. My shipping address is:Geraldine Baca7209 Raymond Drive NEAlbuquerque, NM 87109. Please process this response to your ad for free product if we leave a review since I could not access the review page. Thanks


Good Results

I bought the 250grams of Quercetin and have been using it for a month now. I have experienced a great deal of endurance during my workouts, less joint aches post workout. My husband takes it with me also and he said his severe allergies when we take the kids for bike ride in the park, has been greatly reduced since taking this product. Will continue taking this and reorder when out.


Quercetin Dihydrate

10 stars! I requested this item, then negligently failed to recall that i was obliged to contribute my feedback. Only 6mo.s late! Ok, i wanted this basically because when you look online to many, if not all, of the websites selling cosmetic actives/raw materials, the best ones not only offer this form of this splendid flavonoid, they do so at the most jacked-a** prices! ! That was my honest reason. Wasn't even particularly sure what it was for. Since then, i've discovered that not only is this a powerful anti-oxidant & mega-nutrient, it is also helpful, topically, with scars (old) & scarring (happening now)..especially when combined with alpha lipoic-acid & pracaxi oil, (& an emulsifier plus a preservative system, if water-soluble, & just the addition of some mixed tocopherols, if lipid-soluble; for some reason, i am entirely blanking on its solubility at this moment & i don't know how to pause this ginormously epic review w/o it disappearing while i check)..yes, i am a tech-wizard, thank you. Just last week, i found out another intriguing fact on quercetin..it is also a senolytic (?!)..another thing i can't check..it is like fisetin, in that it kills off all the doddering old senescent cells, bumbling around our bodies, consuming stuff, crapping out other non-helpful stuff..all these guys had their hari-kari orders ages ago, but something went wonky w/the apoptosis routine that works so efficiently when we're young (programmed cell death) & these hangers-on were NOT apopped at the right time & are now kind of passively poisoning us w/their poo&goo..well, quercetin comes in & starts pickin these guys off, which conserves those resources for our healthy cells & begins cleaning up our bloodstreams of all those cardigans w/wadded-up snot rags stuffed in the sleeves, etc, & pretty soon, we start feeling younger, better, basically much less fuhklempt/ferklempt (less like Costanza, more like Kramer).. So, there you go. Good stuff! Price & quality unmatched! Longevity assured!

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