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Choline L-Bitartrate Powder

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Choline L-Bitartrate Powder


  • Helps maintain overall health
  • 100% pure powder
  • Antioxidant
  • Taste

  • Mixability

Choline L-Bitartrate is what is known as a lipotropic compound. It is often classified within the Vitamin B category.


Serving Size & Timing

It is recommended that adult women take no more than 425mg of Choline daily (unless pregnant or nursing, in which case 450 and 550mg doses should be taken, respectively). Adult men should take no more than 550mg.

Nutritional Information

Supplement Facts

Serving size: 600 milligrams
Serving per container: *
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value**
Choline (~40% as Choline L-Bitartrate) 240mg *
Choline L-Bitartrate 600mg *
* Daily Value not established.
** Based on 2,000 calorie diet


Sugar, soy, dairy, yeast, corn, gluten and additives.

As a dietary supplement, take 600mg (rounded 1/4 tsp) once or twice daily with food, or as directed by physician. Do not exceed 8 grams daily.

US Standard Measuring Spoons
Spoon Size(level) milligrams
1/8 teaspoon 300
1/4 teaspoon 600
1/2 teaspoon 1200



There are no fillers whatsoever present in this product, and it contains 40% Choline by weight. The supplement comes in a resealable bag and should be stored in an area free from light, heat and moisture.

This Choline supplement is considered pharmaceutical grade Choline, which has been bound to Tartaric Acid for the purpose of heightening the effectiveness of absorption. It is highly soluble in both alcohol and water.


As long as suggested serving sizes are adhered to and the supplement is introduced into one’s system gradually, side effects are unlikely. However, some users have reported increase in body temperature and sweating resulting from use of this supplement. Taking servings larger than the recommended dosage may also result in loss of appetite or nausea. Anyone with a liver condition or that sustained past liver damage will need to talk to a doctor before use of this product.

California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

Customer Reviews

Great for orthomolecular psychiatry
L-Choline with sunflower lecithin for max absorption has been great to maintain mood and prevent mania for bipolar or schizophrenia *

On 12/5/2018 Tyler said...

Great sample trial, decided to buy
Recently placed another supplement order off of amazon & it came with a free sample. I opted for this choline powder. And it gave me good results. I did shop around for the best value, ut Bulksupplements again turned out to be the best option. Specially with the sales promo offered.*

On 12/1/2018 John said...

choline l bitrate
Good supplement. It is sort of subtle.
after you take it, I usually notice a sort of uptick in my alertness.*

On 11/16/2018 William said...

Great for brain fog
Quality product! Helps to keep me focused and lifted my brain fog. Thanks Bulk Supplements!!*

On 11/12/2018 Herdis said...

Great for mental clarity
First time using products from Bulk Supplements. I am impressed with the quality and price! I mix choline with juice because it’s kind of tart. Great for daily mental clarity! *

On 10/26/2018 Jacob said...

great service
While I haven't experienced any overwhelming benefits from the addition of choline to my supplement regime, neither have I suffered any undesirable side effects. The product was delivered quickly and I look forward to any benefits this supplement may provide.*

On 6/11/2018 Daniel said...

Does the job
I got the Choline L-Bitartrate, hoping it would do the job when stacked with inositol and my other noots that need to be taken with choline. Slightly tart, just right. And so far seems to be working fine.

Shipped very fast. Overall experience with BS has been A-OK.*

On 4/21/2017 Ann said...

Loose Stool
I heard this with Inositol at 3 g each a day is great for the liver. This may be so. However at 3 g a day there were frequent bathroom visits after taking it. Tried 1.5g the next day. Same issue though not as bad. Calcium is supposed to help this. It did mix well in water. Was a little bitter but nothing too bad. *

On 11/9/2016 Bradley said...

Got a Key of Dat 'line
Having been a student of Dr. Carl Bell in Chicago, IL, I have learned about the importance of Choline supplementation [i am not going to copy/paste his research here, but it is well worth looking up!]. The L-isomer is the one to get because it is the most bioavailable. BulkSupplements is my go-to supplier, and as usual, shipping was fast and the stuff is quality.*

On 10/29/2016 JK said...

Great Product
I love this product. It mixes easily in water. I put it in my fruit smoothies for a nice Brain Boost.*

On 9/21/2016 Ray said...

Choline L-Bitartrate
After only using the choline supplementation twice per day for 3 days, I have noticed a higher level of baseline mental focus even after hours of work. Highly recommended if you don't get enough in your diet!*

On 9/21/2016 Carson said...

always great!
As always, the products I get from bulk supplements are great. Excellent prices and the most important part for our celiac family....GLUTEN FREE! Thank you!!*

On 5/20/2016 cindi said...

Great choline source.
I have been using this choline source with aniracetam and Piracetam and it seems to work great. No headaches and I can tell a small cognitive difference with this choline alone. Will be purchasing more. *

On 4/17/2016 Jeff said...

Good Choline
I bought this choline as part of my stack. Its a good choline supplement, has that familiar sour taste when you take it on its own, although you can always mix it with some juice powder. Tastes right compared to choline I've had before and definitely perks up the brain and muscles on its own or if you take a choline uptake enhancer with it. Only downside was the re-sealable bag it came in didn't work great, but thats pretty minor and easily fixed with a ziploc.*

On 4/5/2016 Philip said...

Quality Choline
Mixes perfectly, leaves no chalky residue. No taste as far as I can tell, but I don't drink it on its own. I don't get the buzz I get from Aplha GPC, but this is still a good solid choline supplement. *

On 2/7/2016 Nash said...

great company
I bought this to accompany Inositol (which I also purchased from Bulk Supplements) It has a sour taste so I put it in capsules rather than mix it in water with the Inositol. I am very happy with the quality of all Bulk Supplement's products*

On 1/8/2016 S said...

Choline for muscles and nerves,
All last year (2014) I had been taking an athletic stack containing 1400 milligrams of DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) so to run five all-out 50-second sprints everyday, seven days a week. Dr. Mercola had stated that if you do this kind of exercising (called HIIT, high intensity interval training), that at least 48 hours must be allowed between sessions so to let the body recover from the stress of such extreme exertion. Of course, I didn't believe this. I thought Dr. Mercola was just making excuses for his own laziness. For me, HIIT seven days a week put me on a whole different level of insanity. I jumped out of bed every morning, no matter how cold, eager to set a new elapsed time with my stopwatch. My legs were hard as rocks all the time.

HIIT sprinting does take it out of you. On my second day of sprinting, in September, 2013, I developed cramps and could not continue running. I was already taking magnesium citrate so it must be potassium. I ate three bananas and a couple of hours later, I was able to complete the sprints. Immediately after this I discovered BulkSupplements and ordered potassium citrate plus many other supplements. No cramps since then.

Then in October, 2014, I was getting the very best elapsed times and on the last sprint of the day, I said, "This time I am really gonna ...." But, instead, my leg muscles and membranes were tearing and ripping spasmodically. I was like a car whose ignition timing had become advanced way too much. I thought, "This time you've really done it." I felt terrible. I couldn't run for ten weeks.

On the website,, I discovered that DMAE can inhibit the enzyme, choline kinase, essential for catalyzing the synthesis of phosphatidylcholine, necessary for the production of sphingomyelin and the myelination of nerves and neuro-motors to control the muscles. Since DMAE is a form of choline, I had omitted taking choline. The Amazon blurb for BulkSupplements choline says, "Choline is thought to be useful in muscle contraction and general good coordination skills." I immediately threw away my kilogram bag of DMAE and bought some choline dl-bitartrate. I also bought some non-GMO lecithin. But mechanically-separated lecithin, without hexane or acetone solvents, is expensive.

I resumed sprinting but for only three days a week. I was no longer insanely motivated and I dreaded doing it. I was thinking that maybe choline was not the only culprit, but that the stress of sprinting was causing a shortage of vitamin C, even though I had been taking 2000 milligrams a day. Maybe I forgot for a couple of days and this set up some sort of scurvy - rebound scurvy. So in May of 2015, I started taking 18 grams of ascorbic acid, later 30 grams, then 50 grams, every day. Then, in November, 2015, I bumped the sprinting up to five days a week, weekends off. My legs are rock-hard again, I am more motivated, and my elapsed times are right on the edge of beating my best times from October 2014.

Note! I just noticed on, that "Urolithiasis [has occured] in rats consuming a dl bitartrate form of choline in a purified diet." "No urolithiasis occurred in siblings or cohorts of the rats described here that were maintained on a standard rodent chow containing choline chloride. Urolithiasis was traced to racemic, rather than levo-bitartric acid in some purified diets shipped in 2001 and 2002." Next time, I think I will buy the Bulksupplements Pure Choline L-Bitartrate instead of the DL form.

The following is a list of clinical trials, most double-blinded and placebo-controlled, recorded at the National Medical Library, MEDLINE, as abstracted by GreenMedInfo for choline:

1. Choline-related supplements may improve status of children with Cystic Fibrosis.
2. Dietary choline supplementation improves behavioral, histological, and neurochemical outcomes in a rat model of traumatic brain injury.
3. Deficiency of dietary sources of methyl groups (e.g. methionine, choline, b12, folate, sam-e) reduce DNA methylation in the liver which 4. leads to liver cancer.
4. There is evidence of increased choline needs in pre- and postnatal health.
5. Choline may prevent increased homocysteine concentrations which may reduce cardiovascular risk.*

On 12/7/2015 Stephen said...

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