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Capsule Machine (Size 0)

In stock

FROM $16.96

Ships today if ordered in the next 1 hour and 38 minutes!

Capsule Machine (Size 0)


  • Fills 24 "0" capsules in minutes
  • Fast & easy to use
  • Customize your supplements

Play an active part in your health and make your own supplements! This home encapsulating machine allows you to fill size "0" capsules with any desired herb, vitamin or supplement. Join and eject custom capsules in less than two minutes. This machine is not compatible with "00" capsules.



Do not place this machine in temperatures of 160 degrees or more. Do not wash the machine on the bottom rack of a dishwasher (top is okay). Failing to do this may cause the machine to warp.

California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

Customer Reviews

Great product
This capsule machine is easy and makes the perfect capsules fast. Bulk supplements also has the best price. Buy yours now. *

On 2/21/2019 Larae said...

Excelente device
Great little machine. It saves you money when buying in bulk and make your own capsules. Easy and fun. *

On 7/27/2018 Antonio said...

Novice Capsule Maker
I got mine in today and boy, was it easy to use! I was impressed by the solid construction and the step by step directions with pictures. *

On 6/30/2018 Gregory said...

Good product
It took a few attempts to learn how to use it, but it worked out fine*

On 6/18/2018 Avery said...

Awesome tool when making your own supplements
This product is perfect for designing your own supplement. I hate taking all these preworkouts and supplements with their artificial colors and flavorings, but I still need something to get me amp'ed. So I use this capsule filler and multiple products from this site to help be my preworkout. The capsules are easy to fill, and once you get use to it you can knock out capsules fast. I will make my pre-workout for the week on Sunday and it takes me 15 minutes to knock them all out. Highly recommend this product!*

On 6/5/2018 PJ said...

Smartest purchase I have made in a long time
The capsule machine is the next best thing to buy when you get your supplements in bulk. I am a patient man but it gets old filling capsules every other day. I either spent a couple hours filling and weighing or broke down and filled them to last about two days. Last night I filled 72 of them in the time it takes to do 12-20. Easy and way faster. Thank you for having this time saver. *

On 1/17/2018 Bob said...

Easy to use
This is a very nice machine for filling capsules
Just don't pack them to tight or they wont come out of the machine easily as I learned
Sure beats filling by hand
Much quicker and not as messy

Bulk Supplements*

On 12/21/2017 Bobby said...

Excellent Tool
I have a need to fill many capsules and this handy capsule filler works wonders. I can get them filled very quickly and easily. I like using it.*

On 3/28/2017 Lanona said...

Very Nice!!
I received this Capsule Machine as a free trial. I have to say that I am pleased with it. It's so much easier to fill the capsules with this setup than it was before (filling each capsule from a bowl). My 20 yo son even helps me and says its goes pretty fast.
It cleans up nicely. The only thing that stained it was the activated charcoal that I put into capsules to take with me when I go on trips. The stain isn't bad... just a light gray color in some places, not all over it. :)*

On 3/14/2017 Regina said...

I use this and empty capsules for fertilizing my plants in my fish tank.
Best way to do it. I fill with osmocote *

On 3/13/2017 Brett said...

Amazingly simple and fast!
Have been using supplements for years and just starting buying bulk. This pill makers / capsule machine is extremely easy and fast. Using capsules and supplements from saves a lot of money and offers great flexibility for making your own customized single capsule supplements when ever you need them. Great product at a great price.*

On 12/28/2016 Paul Sehnke said...

0 capsule machine and extra 0 empty capsules
The capsule machine sure makes it easier to fill 24 capsules at one time to use vs filling each capsule separately as needed.*

On 9/16/2016 Susan said...

This is my third!
I love this capsule making machine! This one is my second after using my first for years. Only problem I had was when I opened the dishwasher to find that I didn't stack it securely and it fell onto the dry heating element so the thing melted. I am very satisfied with my purchase and am all too happy to buy a third if necessary one day.
I love that BulkSupplements sells this little gadget as it makes using their bulk supplements all the more simple.*

On 9/15/2016 Sigrid said...

Capsule Machine
Good product.*

On 7/18/2016 Mike said...

Works well!
I was very happy that this little gadget worked so well. Very easy to use! Better than I expected. *

On 6/25/2016 Laura said...

great product
This machine has been great. Still trying to get all 24 to work . Usually have about 4 fail. Must be something I'm doing wrong. FYI- the size 0 is the smaller of the two capsules which works out just perfect for me. Must have for the supplements that taste bad!*

On 6/21/2016 Rene said...

Capsule Machine
This little gadget is awesome. So easy to use and the capsules fit perfectly. When I ordered this I had no idea what to expect because I had never used a capsule machine before. I am very glad I decided to try this out. I see many capsule filling hours in my future.*

On 5/24/2016 karen said...

Good Product
The capsule machine is easy to use. Like this product.*

On 4/16/2016 Valeria said...

Capsule Machine
I love this gadget!! I've always packed my own supplements when ever I've had the option to buy in bulk. Now with my discovery of Bulk Supplements, I'm buying all my supplies with them.
The machine produces 24 capsules with little effort. A better way than my old time consuming method. And clean-up is much easier.
I separate the empty capsules in advance, so loading the machine is fast and the task is over in a short time.
I've always been amazed at the junk they label in ' other ingredients'.
Now, I can avoid : Magnesium Stearate, FD&C coloring agents, talc, titanium dioxide, and many other harmful and unwanted ingredients.
I think you'll like the capsule machine!*

On 4/5/2016 Dave said...

Fast and easy
This was easy to use ..the instructions were clear and easy. I highly recommend this to save money on natural vitamin making.*

On 1/23/2016 Deborah said...

Great capsule filling Tool!
I have used a different bigger tool for 50 caps, which the tamper was not included, i purchased it separately.
This one is smaller with barriers and makes it easer to fill with finer powers.
I'm very pleased with the heavier duty construction, user friendly design and tamper comes included with a reasonable price.
I appreciate that it came with spacers in packaging to prevent any damages in shipping. *

On 11/28/2015 Joe said...

Capsule Machine
The Capsule machine was smaller than expected, however, I am quite satisfied with it. The directions are easy to read and the machine works well. I made my first capsules and it was easy. Very satisfied.*

On 11/14/2015 Dorothy said...

Great product that is easy to use!
Although I was initially a bit intimidated by the number of items included in the capsule filling package, when I followed the enclosed directions and saw how easy it was to use I became extremely pleased with my purchase. I was able to 72 capsules in less than 15 min!! I highly recommended it. It will save you lots of money in supplements!*

On 11/7/2015 Nora said...

Simple, and easy to use. :)*

On 11/7/2015 Sharon L said...

So far so good
Capsule Machine is simple and easy to use. I have only used it once so I don't know on the long run if it would give any problems, but it seem to be made of good quality material. I mean materials que last, not that look pretty or anything like that... but that's not important in this case.
I watched a demo video on youtube that showed how to used it and had no problem following the simple instructions after that.

On 10/26/2015 Isis said...

capsule machine works great!
This is a great way to put the powder into your own pills and save TONS! I realize now how much money was wasted buying all those pills from other companies. The instructions are easy and each time you do a set of pills, you get a lot done. You don't waste a lot of powder either since it goes into a reservoir. It's easy to use. You can also just look at online videos to see how it works. Great product! A Must for anyone taking lots of supplements!*

On 10/13/2015 mollie said...

Capsule Machine
I ordered the capsule machine and gel caps. I received them within 2 days! The machine is fun, easy to use and is easily cleaned. I'm saving lots of money and time doing my own capsules.*

On 10/12/2015 Jeanie said...

capsule machine
I was surprised how well this simple thing worked. While it is necessary to keep the capsules dry so that they do not stick, it is easy to use.


On 10/9/2015 W Stuart said...

Works perfectly!
I searched the internet for the lowest price on a capsule filling machine and had the lowest price. The machine works exactly like it's supposed to, which was a surprise. I expected to have problems closing the caps but I haven't had any! It works neatly and efficiently when used per the instructions. The box even includes a desiccant pack to store with your capsules to prevent them from absorbing too much humidity! *

On 10/5/2015 Carol said...

the capsule machine
This is a very convenient piece of equipment is size and the way it is designed. It is constructed of very sturdy material and packaged very well for shipping. I reviewed it on several sites but none of them offered the machine for this price and none offered this substantial savings on shipping, that offered. It is handy to travel and to use. My neighbor showed me her machine and how well it works, so I had a heads up on first time buyers.*

On 10/5/2015 Jan said...

This worked well*

On 10/4/2015 Eli said...

Very good
exactly what I was expecting, workin very well.*

On 10/4/2015 Eli said...

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