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What's the difference between creatine and whey protein?

They're staples in every fitness junkie's blender bottle, and with good reason--creatine and whey protein are two critical players in any nutritional supplement routine.

But which one should you take? When do you take them? And what's the difference between them, anyway?

Let's start with some basics:


Creatine is a compound found in muscle cells that produces adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a substance that gives your body the explosive energy it needs for fat-burning exercises like jumping and sprinting. Creatine is not an amino acid, although two amino acids (glycine and arginine) produce it.


Whey is a protein-rich substance in found in milk. If you want gains, you can't get them without a protein-rich diet; it strengthens and grows healthy muscle tissue, especially when paired with a weight training program. (And it helps you feel fuller for longer, potentially aiding weight loss.)


Whey builds and strengthens your muscle; creatine gives you the energy you need to push yourself so you can build muscle. (There's some evidence to suggest that creatine could help build your muscle, too. x )


That depends on your fitness goals! If you feel extra sluggish at the gym or if you're eager to take your athletic performance to the next level, creatine could give you a much-needed boost.

If you want to increase your strength and lean body mass, whey is a must; it contains a complete amino acid profile to build strong, lean muscle.

If you want to kick up your workout and build muscle, try them both! We recommend taking creatine before you hit the gym to give you sustained energy, and taking whey within 30 minutes of completing your workout to repair and rebuild muscle--your body needs all the protein it can get after a tough lifting session.


Both creatine and whey play key roles in improving your athletic endurance, performance, and physique. When taken together, they're a dynamic duo that gives you the energy you need to increase your strength and finally get the results you want.

One thought on “What's the difference between creatine and whey protein?”

  • Jack Parker

    Great article. You can use the combination of creatine and protein for the better results. I myself use creatine as a pre-workout supplement so I can get a little power booster and after the workout, within 20 min I take the protein shake for faster muscle recovery.

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