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  • The Ultimate Guide to Preworkout Supplements - Part 3

    In the final installment of our ultimate preworkout guide, we talk energy-boosting glutamine, good fats for weight loss (you read that right), and why the all-powerful whey protein gets you such impressive results. (Catch up with parts 1 and 2.) CLA (short for conjugated linoleic acid) is a type of...
  • The Ultimate Guide to Preworkout Supplements - Part 2

    Get pumped: We're continuing our breakdown of the top 15 preworkout supplements. Read part 1 here. Carnitine is an amino acid that contributes to heart, muscle, and brain function. Besides providing benefits for athletic performance, it acts as an antioxidant in the body, removing harmful free radicals that accelerate signs of ageing...
  • The Ultimate Guide to PreWorkout Supplements - Part 1

    Beta-alanine or creatine? What's the best BCAA ratio? What makes whey protein so good at building muscle? And is there a supplement that actually burns fat? If you're new to the preworkout world, it may seem like navigating a mine field. Don't sweat it; we've got you covered. In this three-part series, we'll break...
  • Which supplements should you take together?

    We get it. It can be overwhelming choosing one supplement, let alone several. But the fact is, many supplements work best in teams, naturally enhancing each other's best qualities. If you'd like to reap their full benefits, don't split up these supplement power couples. What are they?  Beta-alanine is a non-essential...
  • Best Supplements for Allergy Relief

      Stuffy nose, scratchy throat, and itchy eyes--if seasonal allergy symptoms are stopping you in your tracks (and using up endless boxes of tissues), these supplements may give you some much-needed allergy relief. The king of cold remedies, vitamin C helps your body regulate histamine levels. Histamines are chemicals in...
  • Top Herbal Supplements You've Never Heard Of: Part 2

    From an anti-inflammatory fungus grown in the Chinese mountains to marshmallow root (yes, that's a thing), we're continuing our breakdown of the top herbal supplements you've never heard of. Read part 1 here. 1. FENUGREEK What is it? Fenugreek is an herb that has been cultivated in the Mediterranean for more than 6,000...
  • Top Herbal Supplements You've Never Heard Of: Part 1

    You know the A-listers: Green tea, acai berry, turmeric, aloe vera...these herbal celebrities always make headlines for their medicinal properties. But what about cordyceps? Bilberry and boswellia? You may not have heard of these supplement superstars, but they offer some pretty impressive health benefits that deserve a red carpet roll-out. ASTRAGALUS What...
  • What are the best supplements to get in shape?

    Okay, so maybe you slacked a little. Maybe your weights are looking a little dusty and your workout mat's been rolled up for so long, it looks more like a piece of furniture than fitness equipment. Or maybe you didn't slack--maybe you've been killing it the past few months with...
  • Vitamin C: What does it really mean for your skin?

    With temperatures hotter than ever this summer, exposure to the harmful effects of the sun can be unavoidable. While it’s easy to forget the daily routine of slathering on sunscreen, damage to the skin can be done in as little as 20 minutes of ultraviolet light. What we typically see...
  • Are there dangerous additives lurking in your capsules?

    As more people take charge on their own health, capsules have become a quick and effective way to consume vitamins and other nutritional supplements. Preferred over tablets for their faster dissolution rate, capsules can reduce stomach irritation and protect sensitive ingredients, allowing anyone to customize a mix that is tasteless...

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