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Take control of your nutrition and save big with our DIY recipe for the perfect preworkout: creatine, citrulline and glutamine for performance and endurance; BCAAs for muscle strength and growth; and arginine for muscle pump.



Directions: Mix all powders into at least 16 oz of water or the beverage of your choice. Stir until dissolved.

             Cost per serving: 46 cents


Beta-Alanine for athletic performance and endurance - 500 mg

Niacin  for circulation, focus, and heart health500 mg




Need an extra energy boost? Try adding one of these to the mix:

Green coffee bean - 200 mg

Green tea extract - 500 mg

Mucuna pruriens - 500 mg

Yohimbe extract - 450 mg


Our supplements are unflavored blank canvases so you can add your own flavors to your preworkout creations! Here are some of our favorites.

Crystal Light Fruit Flavoring

Calories: 5

Mio Fruit Flavoring

Calories: 0

Stur All-Natural Water Flavoring

Calories: 0

Juice fresh or frozen fruit and add it to your preworkout drink for a refreshing, healthy burst of flavor.