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Bilberry Extract Powder

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Bilberry Extract Powder


  • Natural anti-inflammatory
  • Urinary tract health
  • Gastrointestinal health
  • Taste

  • Mixability

Pure bilberry fruit extract powder.


Serving Size & Timing

As a dietary supplement, take 400 mg (about 1/4 tsp) once or twice daily with a meal, or as directed by a physician.

As with all supplements meant to promote a general well-being, it is important to note that a supplement such as this is by no means a substitute for legitimate medical advice. It is always best to talk to a doctor if you are experiencing problems with your health before taking a course.

Nutritional Information

Supplement Facts

Serving size: 400 mg
Serving per container: *
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value**
Bilberry Extract (Vaccinum uliginosum) (Fruit)... 400 mg *
* Daily Value not established.
** Based on 2,000 calorie diet


Sugar, soy, dairy, yeast, gluten, corn and additives.

As a dietary supplement, take 400 mg (about 1/4 tsp) once or twice daily with a meal, or as directed by a physician.

US Standard Measuring Spoons
Spoon Size(level) milligrams
1/4 teaspoon 475
1/2 teaspoon 950
1 teaspoons 1900



There are no fillers of any kind present in this solution.


Provided suggested serving sizes are adhered to, this supplement should be safe to take by healthy adults. However, pregnant women and those who are nursing should not take this product.

California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

Customer Reviews

Beautiful color, great taste
This is a great product. Beautiful color, great taste.
I highly recommend it for everyone who wants to improve night vision.*

On 11/1/2018 ildiko said...

hoping to reduce occular pressure.......will have it measured
on 11/19
product dissolves in water nicely
tastes tart like a berry.
berry colored.*

On 10/23/2018 peter said...

Recent order
Looking forward to using this in combination of other supplements with my war with leukemia. I opting out of traditional protocol as suggested by oncologist and using Bulk Supplements instead. Several years in and I've been successful. Routine blood work due in December and will be better informed. I very much appreciate the service provided by this company. *

On 10/5/2018 Henry said...

Hail Bilberry!
I bought bilberry primarily for circulation. After a few days I felt a difference. I seem to feel better and have a little more energy. Thank you BS!*

On 9/22/2018 Thomas said...

mixes well
I add it to oatmeal, great taste*

On 9/3/2018 marina said...

Great supplement. Krill oil
I had a friend purchase your krill oil the first time I tried it and have not found a better product . The jell cap has no after taste and I have not had a problem with burping up a fishy taste after taking the supplement. So that is great for me Thanks for selling it an affordable price I will continue to order from Bulk supplements *

On 6/30/2018 Patricia said...

Recently ordered bilberry extract
I have read about how bilberry can be very beneficial to the eyes so I recently received a sample. I am looking forward to seeing how it improves my eyes!
Thank you for making great products and keeping the prices affordable. *

On 3/7/2018 Lilliana said...

A Staple
Years ago I purchase Bilberry in capsule form (Vacinum myitus) from another firm because its label says it supports eye health. It was very expensive and required me to take 2 capsules every day. Then, I stumbled upon it being available from, and now purchase it in powdered form (1 K at a time for less money than what I was spending before for a 30 day supply.

I've religiously used only 1 tsp. per day; but, up until recently, have realized any benefit. In the past I've had 7 concussions, with 6 of them in the past 3 years from stupid things I've done. Otherwise, my health surppatheth understanding of excellence, at my age of 80+ years of age. And still, I've had this pus daily drip from my right eye, clog my vision and seal my eyelashes together with a heavy crust which I awake to, and must moisten to remove. Fun? Not!

Then, since I know I let my nose be my "health doctor" increasing my daily Vitamin C consumption based on whether my nose drips or doesn't, with it being 1/2 tsp. daily, I commenced to do the same with the Bilberry powder. Figuring, I'd do the same as I do with Vitamin C. If my eye became normal, I'd decrease or eliminate the powder. If my eyes dripped or clogged with pus, I'd increase the dosage.

1 tsp. became 2 tsp, and recently became 1 Tablespoon. Up until recently, I've simply added this amount to my protein shake which serves as my basic nutrition since I had bariatric surgery around 20 years ago. It's worked fine. But, still my right eye has been a long unresolved issue. And, if I don't use my protein shake, I'd add the Bilberry powder to my fruit/vegetable smoothie each day. But, this becomes a very boring diet!

Years ago I attempted to have a doctor assist me; but, he needed to retire and it was a waste of my time to see him. He thought I had an ear infection and sent me to an ear doctor, who didn't find any infection but did un-wax my ears. Over the years, I'd seen other doctors, and the result was the same: no help.

Several weeks ago, I decided to try adding Bilberry powder to other products, and commenced to use 3 flat Tablespoons of this powder, which I'd add to a chocolate pudding mixture. Wow! Can't taste it. The texture of the pudding remains the same. The result, after only 3 days of having this chocolate pudding? My eye is barely dripping, and feels ever so much better! I put sliced nuts on top of the pudding, which has the same texture and taste as it did before I added the Bilberry powder, and is ever so delicious.

The other issue I've had with Bilberry powder has been the packaging. After I commenced purchasing it in 1 K size, I'd order it, only to have the package open up in transit and spill Bilberry powder over .... everything. Bulk Supplements immediately replaced it, and ... again in transit the seal came apart and spilled the contents over everything within the package. Again, without hesitation,, replaced the package at no cost to me. Today, my 3rd 1 K size container of Bilberry powder arrived, and this time, no issues. I love the fact that Bulk Supplements stands behind their products. I'm a long-time user and am most happy being a happy customer of Bulk


On 3/2/2018 HealthyHappySenior said...

Bilberry extract
just received it and will take as recommended and a little extra as it is shown in experiments to be very beneficial to eyesight....Can't beat the price --which is why id stopped taking it until i found it on your site and affordable.*

On 2/21/2018 dave said...

Good multi use supplement
Bilberry really is an amazing herb. Not only improves vision but also helps with digestion all via circulatory system. Bulk Supplements quality is at its usual superior. Thanks Bulk Supplements for this addition to the must have supp.*

On 12/15/2017 Paul said...

Great Taste
The Bilberry contains the anthocyanosides pigments that have powerful antioxidant properties. Numerious studies shown that bilberry had positive effects on vision in lower light environments. The bilberry is used to treat retinopathy,. It also has protective effects against and macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts. Having said I brought this product to improve my vision. I use this daily in my green juices. Tastes good. No fillers. Low price.

On 12/8/2017 Anwar said...

About improvement to take bilberry extract powder
It made my eye is not tired and more clear.
and it helped my digestion, so I feel light.
also my blood pressure is getting down to almost normal.*

On 7/8/2017 Jeong Ku said...

First time user
I've only used this product for about a month, so I can't really say 100 percent that it works. It dissolves easily in liquid and has a pretty berry color to it. My eyes look slightly less tired since I've taken this supplement. though.*

On 6/6/2017 Ann said...

Powerful product
I bought the Bilberry for varicose veins, and I see the veins in my legs being less pronounced in a reverently short time. The health benefits of this product are numerous. *

On 6/1/2017 Jo-Ann said...

Bilberry extract 1 Kg
This was my first order of this product and I am extremely pleased with this product!
I have had problems with my eyes for years and know how beneficial Bilberry is to the eyes and for circulation as well which is also an issue for me. I have been looking to find Bilberry powder with not too much success until now. It is generally in capsule form and I wanted it in the powder to add to my smoothies. The taste is really delicious and I've found it adds the same flavor as if Ive added fresh or frozen berries. I will be ordering more!! I totally LOVE it!!

On 5/31/2017 Christine said...

First time Buyer
I just started taking this supplement and find it easy to use and the taste is great. I would recommend this product.*

On 4/25/2017 Eileen said...

Wonderful supplement
I received my order that I placed for the bilberry extract powder and I'm extremely pleased with it. It appears to be a pure and quality product. It's known to be great for eye health (especially helpful in improving nighttime vision). It's wonderful that this supplement is pure and free of fillers. I personally like to take it with MSM and vitamin C. I'm so grateful that I found Bulk Supplements to meet my supplement needs.*

On 3/16/2017 Vica said...

Great taste, looking forward to it helping my eyes and my overall health!*

On 3/1/2017 Cheryl said...

The taste is great and looking forward to it helping my eyes and my overall health!*

On 3/1/2017 Cheryl said...

Bilberry for eyes and circulation
I have never really taken many supplements for my eyes but read that bilberry was very good for strengthening the capillaries in the eyes and overall eye health regarding the retina and macular degeneration. I have noticed the whites of my eyes seem a little clearer although I have only been taking the 1/4 teaspoon once or twice a day for a little over 3 weeks. I also read it was good for hair growth and overall better circulation. I have noticed that the veins in my lower legs are showing less, so it is helping strengthen them too and it has also improved my digestion. Other benefits I have read about are improved blood sugar maintenance, bad cholesterol, anti-inflammatory, prevents cancer ... if you google bilberry benefits it lists quite a few. *

On 2/14/2017 Isabella said...

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