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R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA) Powder

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R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA) Powder


  • 100% pure R-ALA powder
  • Antioxidant & anti-inflammatory
  • Weight management
  • May improve energy
  • Taste

  • Mixability

R-Alpha-Lipoic Acid, (R-ALA), is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that may increase energy, aid in weight loss, and benefit heart health.


Serving Size & Timing

It is recommended that R-ALA be taken at a dose of 200 mg one to three times a day, depending on the intended effect. These servings should be taken without food. It is best not to take too much at once, as this might cause imbalanced levels of ALA.

Nutritional Information

Supplement Facts

Serving size: 200 milligrams
Serving per container: *
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value**
R-alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA) 200mg *
* Daily Value not established.
** Based on 2,000 calorie diet


Sugar, soy, dairy, yeast, gluten, corn and additives.

As a dietary supplement, take 100mg (scant 1/16 tsp) to 200mg (1/8 tsp) one to three times daily, or as directed by a physician.

US Standard Measuring Spoons
Spoon Size(level) milligrams
1/32 teaspoon 66
1/16 teaspoon 132
1/8 teaspoon 265



This pharmaceutical grade of ALA has no extra additives in it of any kind. R-ALA will remain stable provided that certain storage conditions are met. Keep in a tightly sealed container and away from direct sunlight and hot temperatures. Store between 25° and 30°C .

Note: Bulksupplements is not responsible for any clumping or discoloration that may occur if this product is not properly stored. Do not leave packages in the heat.


Due to the natural acidity of the powder, supplementation of ALA or R-ALA may cause some acid reflux or mild discomfort. This symptom can be eased by taking this product with food, dairy or in capsules.

There are few side effects associated with use of ALA. However, diabetics should consult their physician before use, as this supplement has the potential to lower blood sugar. ALA can also interfere with medications used to treat under- and over-active thyroid conditions. Women who are pregnant or nursing should not take this product, and those who drink excessive amounts of alcohol are encouraged to supplement Thiamine in tandem with R-ALA, as there may be a shortage.


While ALA is fat soluble on its own, because of the unpleasant taste associated with it, it is best to take it in capsule form or mixed into a shake or juice with an appropriate concentration of ALA and ALCAR combined.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR) is another form of antioxidant that is naturally produced by the body. In conjunction with ALA, it is known to help to speed up brain functions and heighten mental acuity. For this reason, they are usually found to be blended together in products. ALCAR and ALA together can help speed up the transfer of glucose to muscle greatly, and this blend can also help to increase the utilization of fatty acids and energy production at a cellular level.

California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

Customer Reviews

R-ALA is awesome!
So useful for heavy metal detox!*

On 2/17/2019 Anna said...

Almost 5
Just now I noticed that I had opened and read an email addressed to me at 0115. I was up THAT late and still got up naturally, without feeling tired at 0630. Yawned a few times today but did not nod off. I have been taking only my free sample of R-ALA combined with CoQ 10 in coconut oil for the last 3 days. The CoQ/R-ALA combination seems to extend my energy beyond work, into the evening.

I waited until the weather cooled down here in the desert before ordering the sample as the product is known to clump in high temps. The product came clumped but still usable for oral applications but not very user friendly in the "try to dissolve it in oil" application. I do have a scale but measuring daily is inconvenient. So I just rip off a piece that i think might be 1/6 to 1/8 teaspoon.

I have some ALA from a purchase (different company) about 3 years ago and it is still flowing and usable. I suspect that Bulk Supp is trying to finish out their old ALA/R-ALA stash so that they can get the free flowing stuff. If they do that this winter I will purchase more for cosmetic and oral use.

Almost 5 stars as the product arrived clumped. It is all good though. I can use my ALA solely for cosmetic formulations and the R-ALA with the ALCAR internally. I haven't tried the R-ALA/ALCAR comb yet. Looking forward to feeling and seeing results . *

On 10/22/2018 Court said...

R-ALA Benefits
I'm excited that I received my R-ALA order. It's come to light that this supplement is one of the most powerful and effective free radical scavengers that can even "work its magic" in our brains. Look up Dr. Burk Berkson and how he's pioneered the use of this supplement. This supplement has the ability to regenerate various antioxidants and helps with inflammation, insulin sensitivity, etc. I'm looking forward to trying it and seeing what benefits we'll obtain due to this supplement.*

On 8/2/2018 Vica said...

R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA) Powder
The product was shipped right away and I received it in half the amount of time it said it was gonna take to be delivered and that is not the first time I received my products in that fast. The powder is perfect no clumps or any melting. I cap my own pills and this is easy to cap. All in all it is a good product and should be added onto any ones supplement regime. *

On 5/4/2018 Kyle said...

I bought this product to help fight diabetes.I take twice a day with Alcar, L-Carnsoine, Cinnamon. I been taking about 2 weeks, I have not seen BS numbers change yet. Have experience more energy. Hoping to get my numbers down.The only turnoff is that it clumps up would order again.*

On 4/13/2018 Michael said...

Bulk Suppliments Alpha Lipoic Acid powder
We love this product because it is a co-enzyme which helps burn glucose for energy. It is an effective agent for diabetics treating many of the effects of diabetes. Alpha-Lipoic acid also protects against heart disease and stroke, improves memory, and slows brain aging. It is soluble in either fat or water and can be taken with meals. 100-200 mg daily sprinkled on foods. Great product. Great way to promote health by including this simple to add supplement to one of your meals during the day. *

On 1/26/2018 Jessica Lynn said...

Bulk Suppliments Alpha Lipoic Acid powder
We love this product because it is a co-enzyme which helps burn glucose for energy. It is an effective agent for diabetics treating many of the effects of diabetes. Alpha-Lipoic acid also protects against heart disease and stroke, improves memory, and slows brain aging. It is soluble in either fat or water and can be taken with meals. 100-200 mg daily sprinkled on foods. Great product. Great way to promote health by including this simple to add supplement to one of your meals during the day. *

On 1/26/2018 Jessica Lynn said...

•L-Citrulline DL-Malate 2:1 - 1kg Pure Powder
I have been using this product for over a year and find it gives me extremely great pumps. Timing is everything when taking this. I like to take about 5-6 gms about an hour before my workouts, I get the greatest benefit by using this combination. I feel the pump for hours after my workouts! Great product that works…*

On 1/26/2018 Gary said...

The BulkSupplements Garcinia Cambogia product that I purchased is great. I make capsules from the product. I have tried several of Garinia Cambogia capsules in the past, but it made me break out. I thought that I try this product and I am glad I did. My hunger cravings are less intense. I had already successfully losing weight and my progress have continued and I am quite happy with results. I take it three times a day and eat less food between meals. It has definitely helped to curb my day long grazing habits. It has greatly helped me with not wanting snacks. I think it keep my appetite at bay. I am so glad that found the product and that I was willing to try it. I will order this product again.*

On 12/8/2017 MYRA said...

Love being able to take this product without any fillers. I just add to some water and drink, quick and easy!*

On 11/15/2017 Angie said...

Why the Powder - R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA) Powder
When buying pills you pay a premium
I cap my own so I want the best product available at a fair price.
When you buy a powder and cap it yourself you same a fortune.
And this product is the best.
It costs way too much to have a pill factory sell me low dosage pills.
Thanks to BULK SUPPLEMENTS for offering fair prices so I can afford to ingest the amounts that can make a difference.

On 9/4/2017 Pouvre said...

Great product
I have been using Bulk Supplements R-Alpha Lipoic Acid Powder for a couple of years now on a near daily basis. Until a week ago I had ordered it exclusively through my Amazon prime account. Last week I ordered directly from BulkSupplements. I was motivated to switch because of quality control issues I had begun encountering when receiving from Amazon. The primary issue was the progressively worsening consistency of the powder. Over the past year it went from being a uniform powder to including large hardened clumps to ultimately arriving as a near unusable gummy block. Though it still performed very well as a nutritional supplement it seemed less effective in this state and clearly much more difficult to weigh and capsule. In fact I threw out about a fifth of my previous bag due to this issue. Research revealed the critical importance of proper storage and transportation temperature so I decided that the issue was most likely to be found in the Amazon distribution process. Ordering direct from BulkSupplements rewarded me with the best consistency of R-Alpha Lipoic Acid Powder that I can recall. The qualitative difference in product is enough for me to use BulkSupplements site exclusively going forward. *

On 7/9/2017 Lindsay said...

High quality, great price!
I have used r-ALA--an important antioxidant--for many years, but this was my first time using it from bulksupplements. Great price, fast delivery, and I can attest to the quality and effectiveness. You know it's working when it gives your pee that funny smell! :)*

On 5/16/2017 James said...

High quality, great price!
I have used r-ALA--an important antioxidant--for many years, but this was my first time using it from bulksupplements. Great price, fast delivery, and I can attest to the quality and effectiveness. You know it's working when it gives your pee that funny smell! :)*

On 5/16/2017 James said...

One Star
It automatically goes to 5 stars when this product is 1 Star!*

On 4/20/2017 Houndjog said...

Clumped up goo
This product arrived Not a POWDER - but a formable goo you needed to cut with a knife to get correct dosage. The product took 6 days to arrive, traveling through the high dessert for sure and on top of that - the company is not responsible? Say what? They knew they were sending an old clumpy product from the start. Don't think you are saving $ by buying bulk. The joke is on you!*

On 4/20/2017 Houndjog said...

Waste of money
Product arrived totally clumped after waiting 6 days for the arrival. It is not a POWDER - it is sticky, clumped goo you need to cut with a knife. First time ordering and the last time ordering. I bought the 250 grams thinking I was saving $$ - the joke was on stupid me!*

On 4/20/2017 Houndjog said...

Package damaged
I received this product in exchange for an earlier review. Package was delivered torn with a green label attached which had a box checked RECIEIVED DAMAGED with the zip code written on it. Fortunately the contents had not leaked out at the post office, therefore I cannot truly review the product. *

On 3/31/2017 Richard said...

I am going through a heavy detoxification process and I am so happy I found R-ALA from Bulk Supplements in the pure form. I love it!*

On 3/20/2017 Daniel said...

Potent Stuff - Recommended
I've been buying R-ALA from Bulksupplents for over a year now and talking the recommended dosage once daily mixed with protein shake at breakfast. It's a potent antioxidant and according to Dr. Mark Hyman, who wrote "The Blood Sugar Solution", which is a good read, the dosage can be 300-600 mg twice per day. This is three times the amount on the package.*

On 1/2/2017 Walter said...

Highly recommended
Price far better than any capsules or tablets I have found.
Arrived quickly and in good condition (no hard clumps)
Had immediate good effects.
I mix the dosage with a little peanut butter and have no consumption problems.*

On 12/5/2016 Dave said...

Immediate benefits
Price much better than any capsules or tablets I have found.
Product quickly arrived in the sort of condition I expected, mostly loos powder with some soft clumps easily broken up.
Had immediate excellent effects.
Have been mixing with a little peanut butter for easy consumption.
Highly recommended.*

On 12/5/2016 Dave said...

so much better than from other companies
Not only do I save a lot of money loading my own capsules but this R-Alpha is so much better than what I was paying for elsewhere. I also found out from Bulk Supplements that R-Alpha is temperature sensitive and relatively high heat will damage it.*

On 12/4/2016 Bernard DeGruchy said...

I am pleased with how quickly it has worked for me as far as energy goes. I read that it helps heal nerves, but the best thing for me has been the sustained energy it gives me for the day. I take an 1/8 tsp in morning and evening on an empty stomach, and the energy I get is awesome. I can't tell if any nerves are healing, I suffer from cubital tunnel syndrome, but it does feel a lot better. I plan on keep taking this for the energy and possible nerve healing that I believe is working, just slowly. *

On 11/29/2016 Michael said...

Make sure to take with Dairy or Food
The R-Alpha Lipolic Acid comes as a light yellow somewhat clumpy powder when shipped. I made the mistake at first of mixing with water instead of dairy/food, big mistake! It gave me a slight burning sensation as I drank it with water and I would recommend anyone taking this to take it only in capsule form, with food, or mixed into a protein shake. Otherwise good product. *

On 11/3/2016 Christina said...

I've lost track of what purchase number this is, I love BS, what a great company. I combine RALA with ALCAR for a neurological boost in my morning drink and have read numerous studies that recommend the synergistic power of them combined. I found the shipping to be fast, the bag air tight, and the product to be pure and very well priced. I will order again. Happy Camper!*

On 10/20/2016 l said...

Repeat purchase
This is the second time I have bought R-Alpha Lipoic Acid in bulk form from BulkSupplements. I find that, being it is not very mixable with water and not that great to just swallow, a simple smoothie is the best way to add some of the bulk supplement powders in a palatable form. It is a strange clumpy light yellow looking "substance", but worth the effort. We are both in our 60's and feeling great. I think the combo of everything we are using is working. Neither of us take any medications at all! Just good nutrition and these supplements. BulkSupplements is a great choice for more affordable supplements without all the questionable fillers!*

On 10/6/2016 Lisbett said...

Diabetes and R-ALA
After searching for a clean form of R-ALA that is not a proprietary blend of ALA or S-ALA or any of the other mixtures out there, I came across Bulk I am very glad I did, now I can control my blood sugars without having to take Metformin and spending hours in the restroom. Not only is it pure but because you buy in bulk the price is much more reasonable. I highly recommend this product.*

On 9/18/2016 Terry said...

Still Early, But In For Long Haul
I have recently been alarmed by very high blood sugar levels with attending diabetes symptoms so I am attacking with full force. One of the key strategies is R-ALA which I am combining with ALCAR. It is hard to tell yet how effective the R-ALA has been specifically but I will say that in a few short weeks I have gotten my BG down to right around 140 and below. And I expect the R-ALA to play a major part in reversing some of the symptoms and increase overall health and energy.

I am also impressed with the integrity of in handling any problems which instills a great deal of confidence in doing business with them; I will be coming back for more! Also love that the products are pure and unadulterated which is very hard to find from other vendors and that I can use whatever amount I select vs. having to select set amounts in capsule form.

Thanks BulkSupplements!*

On 9/13/2016 Jeff said...

This is good quality R-ALA at a decent price. I do wish Bulksupplements would carry the Na-R-ALA, the sodium salt mixes very well and does not clump. There is a way to make the version currently sold to mix better, and that's to add lecithin to it. Bulksupplements also sells that, and it works very well to emulsify the R-ALA and break it almost completely down. The choline in the lecithin also is a good source of methyl groups and helps those using this product to detoxify heavy metals.*

On 8/2/2016 Derek said...

This is a repeat order of R-ALA. We add it to our green shake in the mornings to help us detox from decades of accumulating significant levels of toxic heavy metals and chemicals. This is a good product.*

On 6/25/2016 KARL said...

Yellow and Good
This product does tingle a bit when you put in your mouth, it tickles your throat on the way down and does burn a bit in the stomach due to the acidity, but it is not as acidic as other products I've tried so I think its ok to take without a capsule. It floats on water and does not mix well, that is why its probably best to take it in straight powder form. I notice my thinking is clearer. Definitely its doing something positive. *

On 6/14/2016 Gavin said...

R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA)
I have used this R-ALA along with ALCAR for a few months now. My focus while trading FX has been much improved. I read that these two supplements work very well as a team, so that is how I use them and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.*

On 6/11/2016 douglas said...

R-Alpa Lipoic Acid
I have always received a good quality product, quickly and inexpensively as compared to other stores. You cannot beat their powdered forms available. I can mix exactly want I want easily in a drink. I buy most of my products from bulk supplements now!*

On 5/31/2016 Donna said...

R-Alpha Lipoid Acid Review
I ordered the R-Alpha Lipoid Acid Powder. It was shipped quickly. I started taking it immediately, along with Biotin later in the day. I have noticed a big difference in how I feel with this form. I don't hurt anymore and my blood pressure has improved considerably. It is pharmaceutical grade and I highly recommend this product!*

On 5/29/2016 tricia said...

yet another outstanding product from Bulk Supplements
I am on a nutritional regimen for heart failure designed by a nutritional cardiologist. He stresses the criticality of ensuring the ALA is 100% R-ALA. Many supplements do not specify, and more often than not, both L-ALA and R-ALA are present. The L-ALA diminishes the R-ALA. With Bulk Supplements, I am assured that the product is 100% what I need, with none of what I do not. The product is of the highest quality, the price is reasonable, and the service is exceptional. It would be difficult to envision a more positive online shopping experience.*

On 5/28/2016 John Kocur Jr said...

Sprint times to exhaustion have improved,
I have delayed for six years buying the R-fraction alpha lipoic acid because it was so expensive compared to the racemic (RS) version. What's the point, I thought, of paying ten times for something only twice as good? Today, however, I broke down and bought a large quantity of BulkSupplements R-ALA. It was not five times as expensive as an equivalently potent amount of the inexpensive RS-ALA I had been buying from Trader Joe's. It was 40% less expensive! Now that is a deal.

There are other important benefits of R-ALA compared to RS-ALA. It is easy to purify single-species substances such as R-ALA by a process called recrystallization where saturated solutions are cooled so that crystals start to form. The surface of each growing crystal rejects molecule by molecule anything that does not fit onto the crystal lattice. The lattice accepts only the super-saturated single-specie molecules and rejects everything else, that is, all of the impurities. A few rounds of recrystallization can lead to very high levels of purity even on an industrial scale (and even if done in countries with very high levels of environmental pollution such as China). It is because BulkSupplements' products are nearly all single-species substances that they can offer high purity at low cost. BulkSupplements can simply tell their suppliers: If your shipping container full of product does not pass our US-based purity tests, you do not get paid.

RS-ALA is not a single-species substance but a racemic mixture of two opposite enantiomers (left and right-handed molecules). Some racemic mixtures such as RS-ALA cannot be purified by recrystallization, no matter what. Some brands of RS-ALA and other supplements have been found by testing agencies to be loaded with up to 40% (or more) of impurities.

BulkSupplements R-ALA is US pharmaceutical grade according to the BulkSupplements website and is yellow, not white.

It is a good idea to take biotin at a 1:100 ratio to R-ALA. If taking 250 mg R-ALA, then should take at least 2.5 mg biotin (at a different time of day) because otherwise R-ALA depletes biotin.*

On 5/25/2016 Stephen said...

Satisfied Customer
This is my third order of R-ALA from Bulk Supplements and as always I am completely satisfied with the potency of the product, price, and prompt shipping.*

On 5/11/2016 JOSEPH said...

On Point!
First off, I would like to say that the shipping was incredibly fast - 2 days and it was free!!! That really is something to brag about, because you don't see very many companies nowadays doing such favors for their customers! On to the product, all I can say is that the R-ALA is of great quality! The color, the smell, and the mixability of the powder are exactly on point, so I know BulkPowders have sent me a quality item! The price per gram is also spot on! Overall, I'm very very satisfied! Keep it up that way guys!*

On 5/11/2016 Dimitar said...

Awesome R-Alpha Lipoic Acid
This is a very good R-Alpha Lipoic powder. Very potent, like the other products I've tried from BS. The good thing about R-Alpha Lipoic is that it's better than normal Alpha Lipoic both internally and externally. Research shows that it is the R-Alpha Lipoic that produces the most benefits with skin. *

On 4/19/2016 Mark said...

Great Product
I use R-Lipoic acid and Alcar for it's purported effect on brain function. It is so nice to find this product at such a reasonable price.*

On 4/11/2016 Jean Risman said...

Fish oil
Delivery was quick and I am so far happy with product*

On 4/6/2016 Donald said...

Great product
Excellent product. The quality is great. *

On 3/27/2016 Xiaoxia said...

Too early to tell, but appreciated the fast delivery
I just got my order and have only tried two of my products so far (this is one). It is packaged well. One comment I have is that this one said "refrigerate upon arrival," which I didn't notice until the second day. I think the warning should be more prominent for that (maybe just a different color ink?) if this is important.

On 3/7/2016 Lily said...

rEview for R-ALA
I have been using this product for almost three weeks for the treatment of my neuropathy in my feet. sO far it seems to be helping and I have Hugh hopes it is the answer to my pain. The quick shipping is an additional perk.*

On 3/7/2016 Donald said...

I use R-ALA combined ALCAR as part of my daily stack for skin, anti-aging, and memory which I also purchase from BulkSupplements. I always find products that are reasonably priced, pure and unadulterated with fillers and such. I am always amazed at just how fast I receive my orders. You can't put a price on awesome customer service. Bulksupplements is the first place I go to for my supplements.*

On 2/19/2016 Marietha said...

So far, so good
Great product + fast shipping == happy customers. I have been using R-ALA as part of my pre-workout stack.*

On 2/14/2016 Tom said...

R-Alpha Lipoic Acid Powder
I bought this product just before 2015 Christmas holidays and started using it since then. It is a great product for diabetic polyneuropathy.
My legs are already feeling better. With ALCAR, it is helping my memory.
Grate products. Glad I bought them.*

On 2/11/2016 Ramasamy said...

I always use R-ALA as part of my daily workout stack. I feel like I have more energy to burn during my workout, especially toward the end (after about 40 mins). I like the fact that R-ALA from BULKSUPPLEMENTS is in my price range when others charge so much more. And I can count on pure product without a bunch of added garbage or fillers from BULKSUPPLEMENTS.*

On 1/28/2016 James said...

Several reasons to use this product.
1. Very few web companies offer this product in bulk, versus capsule, form. This is very important, and a credit to
2. Bulk prices make this very affordable.
3. R-ALA is much more effective than the mixed polymer (aka ALA).
4. I take both R-ALA and ALCAR for independent and combined effects.
5. R-ALA raises glutathione levels and AMPK levels. Both typically relate to telomere lengthening, I have read.
6. Lots and lots of good research done on ALA.*

On 1/16/2016 david said...

Great product. Is a great antioxidant, but I add it to my pwo with creatine because R-AlA helps creatine to get to the muscle. Great quality from bulksupplements as always...*

On 1/16/2016 Christian said...

Important antioxidant not used much because of cost till now*

On 12/4/2015 Thomas said...

Clean and pure R-ALA
We have been using Bulk supplements for some time now and have been thoroughly pleased with the products we have ordered. We love the powder form of products with no fillers or other unnecessary ingredients. The R-ALA is the only ingredient in this supplement powder. The powder form is great for us to add to our protein shakes or matcha tea in the morning. Another plus is you only need an 1/8 tsp of the powder to get 265mg. There are 250 servings at 265mg per the 50 gm pouch. Shipping was prompt as well. *

On 11/28/2015 Regi said...

Great little product
Been taking a little at a time per recommendation on package and was surprised to feel the difference. Must be some pure stuff. Yes, I do recommend.*

On 11/27/2015 Tung said...

Definitely Helps Me!
I began taking R Alpha Lipoic Acid a few years ago to help with pain in my feet due to neuropathy from diabetes. It definitely makes a noticeable difference. There have been times that I've gotten out of the habit of taking it, and sooner or later, my nerve pain reminds me. I used to buy a name brand capsule, at a considerably higher price. I'm now stocking up on the pure powder from Bulk Supplements and saving money. I won't go without this supplement and highly recommend it. *

On 11/26/2015 Bob said...

I Feel Great!!
I read the news a lot. I get so tired of the stories about companies ripping people off by selling cheap, ineffective supplements at a high price.

I never have to worry about that when I order from BULKSUPPLEMENTS. I can count on a great price and a quality product when I order my R-Alpha Lipoic Acid from them.

I like to add R-ALA to my stack after I work out at the gym. I feel more energetic on the days I add R-ALA to my supplement intake. I can feel the difference when I cycle back on R-ALA after a month off. Great product. I wouldn't buy from anyone else but BULKSUPPLEMENTS. *

On 11/19/2015 James said...

Great Price
High quality product for a good price. Shipped fast too. Thanks*

On 10/26/2015 Melissa said...

R-Alpha Lipoic Acid
Great product but difficult to measure. Such small amounts are needed for effective supplementation. Taste is slightly peppery. A high quality product, it is just difficult to measure very small doses. I would rather this supplement being sold in a small capsule. *

On 10/25/2015 Latasha said...

Feeling young again
I had been taking ALA in tablet form a for months with minimal results. After a few days of taking R-ALA in the pure form I feel more energetic and better over all. I'm 62yrs old and I feel young again. This product really works. Thank you BulkSupplements! *

On 10/18/2015 JOSEPH said...

R-lipoic Acid at a great price!
I have been paying so much for r-lipoic acid and Vitamin companies sell it in tiny amounts so I kept running out. I bought it in bulk from Bulk Supplements, as well as this great capsule filling machine. The delivery was fast with well explained information inside the box. You also get great service on the live web support. I would recommend this type of R-lipoic acid. You save tons and get a great product!*

On 10/13/2015 cammie said...

This product is a little powerhouse. A little bit goes a long way. Doesn't mix into water very easily, need to use a powerful blender. Got it mixed into liposomal VC. Hope that doesn't damage it in any way. So far so good. hope to notice some improvements soon.

On 9/23/2015 Marsha said...

great RALA

On 8/9/2015 ZAINAB said...

Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA)
I have taken it straight and chase it with plenty of water and has a bite. Many people will want to mix it with a smoothie or a protein drink. I can not say yet how effective it yet I only just start using Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA). *

On 8/6/2015 Michael said...

Prompt delivery and well packaged. The instructions and information on the packaging is very well done. Very satisfied with the service of Bulksupplements as always!*

On 8/2/2015 Yan said...

At the advise of my friend, I started taking R-ALA and ALCAR together twice a day. I already see a big difference in energy and clarity. I love the fast delivery and the packaging. *

On 7/28/2015 debra said...

testing out R-ALA for diabetic neuropathy
My husband was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 10 years ago. Until very recently, he did not need to take medication. He now takes the lowest dose of metformin ( which I am not in favor of!). Within the last couple of months, he's been experiencing some nerve/foot pain. My research led me to RALA. So, based on the studies outlined here: he will be trying high, daily doses. It's a pricey supplement and based on my research, Bulk Supplements offers the best price and most credible purity standards. The shipping is timely and the packaging of the product exceptional. *

On 7/18/2015 Lynette said...

Very Satisfied
Very potent stuff . Excellent quality, Great price . Feeling the results immediately. I use this to keep my hypoglycemia in check, besides not ever eating any sugar or junk foods. I also take GTF Chromium and find these products keep me from getting headaches and other symptoms of hypoglycemia. *

On 7/12/2015 JSB said...

I just started taking r-ALA combined with ALCAR both from Bulk Supplements and can already feel the effects on my skin. Once again, I really appreciate the ultra fast delivery of my orders along with the follow up from customer service, it's superior!*

On 7/7/2015 Marietha said...

Workout Stack
I love stacking some R-ALA with my BCAA's and DMG in my post-workout protein smoothies. The quality of this R-ALA is pure in form and I'm glad that I don't have to worry about additives junking up my mix. The quality stands out over other R-ALA products that I've tried in the past.

I'm so glad that I found BULKSUPPLEMENTS for all my supplement needs. I like knowing that BULKSUPPLEMENTS strives for both quality and consistency, unlike other retailers who add silica and other crap to to their products for added weight so that they can make money off of the unsuspecting.

I'm always happy with my purchases from BULKSUPPLEMENTS. Their customer service is world-class and their products can't be beat, as far as I'm concerned. BULKSUPPLEMENTS doesn't gouge you like other retailers. Great products at a great price, that's why I keep coming back to BULKSUPPLEMENTS.*

On 7/4/2015 James said...

ALA Helped Lower My Blood Sugar
I'm a type 2 diabetic and I have been taking ALA for close to a year. BulkSupplements' powdered form of ALA, along with a proper diet, cinnamon, chromium, fish oil and a few other supplements have lowered my blood sugar so much that I am no longer on Metformin. My fasting glucose used to be over 180 and now I am seeing numbers between 98 and 114 first thing in the morning.

I trust Bulksupplements to deliver a quality product at a very affordable price. I highly recommend it. *

On 6/30/2015 Jorge said...

Big difference
I bought this product for both external and internal consumption. I made a ALA serum with Hyaluronic acid, the result is amazing skin texture and younger looking skin within days of using it. I take ALA as daily supplement as well. I love the speed in which Bulk Supplement ship orders. just incredible *

On 6/17/2015 jacob said...

I use 100 mg R-ALA in conjunction with 1000 mg berberine, 500 mg turmeric curcumin with 5 mg bioperine, and have found that these taken in this amount twice daily have a powerful effect on my blood sugar. I am type 2 diabetic & now am able to back off from taking so much insulin. We put the powder in capsules when we received it & so there is no unpleasant flavor & it is easy to take!*

On 6/9/2015 Richard said...

Very satisfied with the purchase
I sift Alpha Lipoic acid first and mix it with my other vitamin powders that I bought from Bulk Supplements. I take the mixed supplements every morning. It gives me energy. I don't feel tired at all after swimming one hour without break. I love all the powders that I bought from Bulk Supplements. I also put some in my vitamin C and Hyaluronic serum and also put it in my lotion. Thanks, Bulk Supplements. *

On 6/1/2015 Hongbing said...

Excellent service and easy to use prodduct
Purity and control over a supplement is important. I like the policy and products offered here. the lipoic accid in powder allows us to use exactly the amount wanted.*

On 6/1/2015 Suzan said...

Alpha lipoic acid
This was a repeat ala purchase from bulk supplements. I love this product and there is so much research on its benefits! Im using it for energy, weight loss and brain health. My husband just started supplementing with it too and we have been so much more active and motivated to get going and get things done. Very happy with purchase!*

On 5/31/2015 Kristina said...

Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA) - 50g Pure Powder
I am glad to have found Bulk for my supplement needs. Their products mix well with smoothies or on breakfast cereal in the morning. *

On 5/27/2015 Charles said...

Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA)
My first purchase but now - not my last. Purchased the above item to impact to progression of neuropathy. The item comes in a self sealing aluminum bag and in bulk form. The product description was informative. Hopefully their line of products will increase.*

On 5/27/2015 Charles said...

Post Workout
I am very pleased with the quality. I use this in my post workout drink and it has been working well. Bulk supplements is a great company and you will enjoy doing business with them. *

On 5/19/2015 John said...

Great stuff
I use this for treating the burning in my feet due to neuropathy, does a great job, mixed with alcohol applied as a topical to my feet.*

On 5/19/2015 Jerry said...

Fast shipping, accurate info
This was my first purchase from bulk, and I was extremely impressed with the amount of information provided on each product. Unlike most other companies, whose product details (if any are present at all) consist of marketing hype, your company provided accurate and very useful information. I prefer to make my own capsules and mixtures rather than buying manufactured capsules of unknown and possibly dubious quality. I'll be buying all my supplements here from now on. *

On 5/13/2015 Helene said...

Great Product and Great Company to Buy From
I got my R-ALA quicker than the estimated up to 5 days. It was here on the 3rd day.

Product is working better than I thought since I have never ordered or taken R-ALA before.

I would always recommend this company and keep ordering from Bulk Supplements.

You won't be let disappointed


On 5/9/2015 Steve said...

Alpha Lopic Acid
I just want to than you so much for your quick response, received my R- ALA in 5 days. Very satisfied. Was paying much more for pill form, this is the only way to go.



On 4/24/2015 Carl said...

Fast service
Your service is fantastic, I ordered the (R-ALA) on April 10th and it was in my mailbox on April 14, also I am very pleased with your product, as it is pure, without any other ingredients, which is exactly what I wanted *

On 4/15/2015 Elizabeth said...

Great product as expected
I got my R-ALA in the mail recently and am satisfied with the quality of it as i was my last 3 products. What i like is how much i can buy this in bulk compared to the pre-made capsules and just encapsulate the powder myself for less cost. I definitely noticed an increase in muscle fullness, energy and overall well being with this product as I've used many ALA products in the past. The powder is an authentic color and definitely feels like real R-ALA. *

On 3/31/2015 James said...

Great addition to my pre - workout stack and skin care products
Bulk Supplements Alpha Lipoic acid is a great, recent addition to my pre workout stack. I also mix the powder in small amounts into skin care products for its antioxidant properties. *

On 3/23/2015 CH said...

This is my second time ordering the R- ALA. Great product and the price they offer it at is great. I use it for the antioxidant abilities and for turning carbs into energy. *

On 3/21/2015 Omar said...

Legitimate service
I am pleased with the service and product quality.*

On 3/18/2015 Mina said...

Best ALA you can find!!
I have been ordering my Alpha Lipoic Acid from Bulk Supplements for awhile now. Why? Because unlike other hucksters out there trying to make a quick buck on the stupidity of others, Bulk Supplements has quality supplements for sale.

I like to put my own capsules together and that's why I like Bulk Supplements so much. With Bulk Supplements, I don't have to worry about fillers or other garbage in my products and the price is always better than most of their competition.

I can count on Bulk Supplements, time after time, for quality and reasonable prices. You should too.


On 3/16/2015 James said...

Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA)
I have taken ALA on and off for several years and this appears to be a good brand. The science behind ALA is well established. You can take a dosage anywhere from 50 mg (as a daily maintenance dose) all the way up to 600 Mg daily.


On 3/15/2015 Will said...

Neuropathic pain relief
Got this for my wife that had a spinal cord tumor removed, it seems to help with neuropathic pain. The pins and needle feeling as well as the numbness has decreased slightly*

On 2/26/2015 Rich said...

A liboic acid
Most powerful glucose removal below 4-hydroxyisoluecine. Essential for bodybuiilders and diabetics*

On 2/25/2015 Michael said...

R-ALA as part of stack. Great stuff.
I take R-ALA as part of a nootropic stack intended to improve mental clarity and I have been very satisfied with its performance. I do recommend Bulk Supplement's variety--it is pure and effective.*

On 1/17/2015 Conrad said...

More energy
I feel I have more energy since I started taking it, which is one of the reasons I ordered it. I use it in conjunction with ALCAR (Acetyl L-Carnitine) and I notice more effect from taking these two bulk powders from than I do taking the combination caplets from Source Naturals.*

On 1/13/2015 Peter said...

Everybody should use it
Dr. Denham Harman is widely known as the "father of the free radical theory of aging", first propounded in the 1950s. Dr Harmon continued his research into his 90s, and died at 98 years of age.

"I'll have what he's having" is from a movie, but it works here, Dr Harmon consistently ingested biologic reducing agents to supress superoxide radical formation and lipid peroxidation, what are now known as antioxidants.

It would be tough to find a more efficient antioxidant than R Alpha Lipoic Acid, or RALA; In addition, RALA has many other benefits, like:
Symptomatic relief of peripheral neuropathy, especiaaly diabetic neuropathy
Increases insulin sensitivity (interventions that enhance insulin sensitivity help maintain normal blood glucose levels)
Increases nitric oxide dependent vasodilation Taking aminos to increase NO2? Take RALA, it helps.
Trials to determine whether RALA is effective in preventing or slowing cognitive decline associated with age or neurodegenerative disease are showing promise
One of its metabolites, DHLA, is also a potent reducing agent capable of regenerating important antioxidants, like vitamin C, vitamine E and glutathione.

Too much info for this space!

I should point out that RALA's mixability and solubility in water is limited, so mixing with something like yogurt, kefir or olive oil is the best bet.*

On 12/8/2014 Germain said...

pleased so far
Hoping this product will help with MS symptoms! Can't beat the price! Don't love the taste but am learning to try different things for mixing!*

On 11/11/2014 misti said...

Been using this product for about a week and has lowered by glucose significantly. This powder is very inexpensive compared to other products. High quality. I will be reordering this again.*

On 9/20/2014 Ian.H said...

I use this powder in my fruit smoothies and in a moisturizer; two uses in one! I couldn't be happier with this product and highly recommend it.*

On 9/7/2014 william said...

Powerful Cost Efficient
One thing I would like to see is this offered in stabilized condition because of the packaging conditions and fact that bulk powder will be exposed often to oxygen.
Make sure you are keeping this cool and air sealed!
Other than that it is a great product of high value.*

On 8/24/2014 Lance said...

After using R-ALA in capsule form from other retailers for several years, I was so glad to find R-ALA in bulk form without fillers from Bulk Supplements! I purchased 100mg and the product is excellent. I will purchase again.*

On 8/20/2014 NYoung said...

I've been taking Alpha Lipoic Acid for 10 years and was so happy to find the new form R-Alpha Lipoiic Acid in bulk -without fillers!! I just use the measurement printed on the package and put it in my shake or morning glass of water. Very happy with the price!*

On 7/31/2014 Ilene Sherfy said...

R-ALA with no additives, well packaged, shipped fast
Pleased to find R-ALA with no additives. Well packaged in a tough airtight and waterproof zip seal bag, with an informative label. Shipped fast, too. More than satisfied to date with service and products from*

On 5/16/2014 David said...

Potent and effective, bearable taste, and no fillers. While the bag is small the doses are also small so this should last a while.*

On 5/13/2014 Mark said...

Finest Quality ALA!
This is the finest quality Alpha Lipoic Acid, I have had. As a regular ALA user, I was purchasing from a major USA supplier. This ALA is far and above the best! It also came double bagged (no waste). I'm glad I switched my bulk supplier. In my past few orders I've saved over 70 dollars. *

On 5/11/2014 robbin said...

Great product
I was looking for an R ALA without fillers because I wanted to add it to my morning smoothie. I am glad I found as this is a great value and appears to work as well if not better than my prior capsule version. It dissolves right away also and does not have any aftertaste.*

On 5/4/2014 Helen said...

Very high quality ALA
This product came fast. I noticed a difference the day I took it. It does have a taste of course, but I was able to cover the flavor (of it and other builk supplements I am taking) with cinnamon in my hot cereal.*

On 4/30/2014 Marianne said...

Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA)
Great value can be mixed or easily put in gel-caps . I will be ordering more products soon the purity is hard to find.*

On 4/20/2014 Danny said...

Alpha Lipoic Acid
I really appreciate being able to buy this supplement in bulk. It is a great savings and I appreciate your company for providing this. The Alpha Lipoic Acid mixes well and arrived so quickly.


On 3/24/2014 mary said...

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Wow! I can't believe the value this company gives its customers. I'm new to Bulk Supplements and grateful to have their products. The Alpha Lipoic Acid powder is easy to take and mixes well. Mary*

On 3/24/2014 mary said...

Alpha Lipoic Greatness
I have taken Alpha Lipoic acid for a while in capsule form. I was excited to find it here at BulkSupplements in free form. Even more exciting is that they also have it in the R-Alpha Lipoic which the body process better. I really enjoy the supplements and recommend to anyone looking for a superior product!!!*

On 3/5/2014 Tyrone said...

I love this stuff. It is easy to mix in with my juices during the day so I find dosing to be quite hassle free. It dissolves right away and I can certainly tell a difference throughout the day with my energy levels. Superb quality :D *

On 2/11/2014 Emily said...

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