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Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR) Powder

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Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR) Powder


  • 100% Pure ALCAR powder
  • Performance & cognitive benefits
  • Promotes energy
  • Taste

  • Mixability

Acetyl-L-Carnitine is known for a great variety of benefits it provides related to overall mental health. It is also an antioxidant.


Serving Size & Timing

ALCAR is to be taken in servings of 600mg (roughly 1/4 tsp), taken anywhere from one to three times a day, depending on the intended effect.

Nutritional Information

Supplement Facts

Serving size: 600 milligrams
Serving per container: *
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value**
Acetyl-L-Carnitine 600mg *
* Daily Value not established.
** Based on 2,000 calorie diet


Sugar, soy, dairy, yeast, gluten, corn and additives.

As a dietary supplement, take 600mg (rounded 1/4 tsp) one to three times per day, or as directed by physician .

US Standard Measuring Spoons
Spoon Size(level) milligrams
1/16 teaspoon 144
1/8 teaspoon 289
1/4 teaspoon 579



This is a substance is considered safe when taken in the recommended doses. Any negative side effects that may result from consumption of ALCAR are unlikely. Of course, if serving sizes are not adhered to and overdose occurs, this can result in increased blood pressure, diarrhea, heart rate and fever. However, no side effects were encountered in any of the clinical tests done on the drug, not even for children. To be cautious, however, this drug is not to be used by anyone with a history of Epilepsy or seizure.


This product is absorbed into the system very rapidly and is known to dissolve quite easily in water. While the taste lies on the sour side by a bit, this makes it an even greater candidate for mixture in citrus based drinks like limeade or grapefruit juice.


Due to varying import regulations, not all of our supplements are available to international customers. This product is restricted for sale in the following countries:


California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

Customer Reviews

Product arrived in a timely manner and was free of any defects. Definitely a lot cheaper than GNC or big name supplement stores, but with the same if not better quality. *

On 4/24/2019 Ratha said...

Awesome product!
I love this product! Bulk Supplements does a good job of sending out clean and pure forms of different products and this one is no different! I can really feel the difference in my energy levels when I take this! *

On 4/11/2019 Jonathan said...

Acetyl L-Carnitine
Love the simplicity . Clean pure . Basic .*

On 4/9/2019 Shawn said...

Pleasant taste
I like that this is easy to mix and has a nice taste, it makes it easy to take.*

On 3/28/2019 Gail said...

Great Product
Bulk Supplements come through again. Alcar is great, no taste, easily dessolves in water and effective.*

On 2/22/2019 William said...

ALCAR powder- a lifesaver!
I use this for a better mood, energy, fat burning, and a better cholesterol ratio. I mix it in spicy V8 to mask the sour flavor, and add in some other supplements as well. Tastes and works great!*

On 2/4/2019 Anna said...

Great item!
Another great buy from B.S. Price was great too!*

On 1/30/2019 Erika said...

Excelente producto y muy buen precio.
Recomendado, no tiene sabor, es fácil de mezclar con mi batido de proteínas o el café en la mañana...*

On 1/30/2019 Luis said...

Excelente producto y muy buen precio.
Recomendado, no tiene sabor, es fácil de mezclar con mi batido de proteínas o el café en la mañana...*

On 1/30/2019 Luis said...

Wow great results
I feel stronger & need less sleep. I think it improved my mood too. It didn’t take long to feel results.*

On 1/24/2019 Dale said...

Complete and fast
Green Tea Extract 50% EGCG Capsules*

On 1/7/2019 Steven said...

Amazing Product
I’ve used the liquid L Carnitine in the past, but the powdered version from Bulk Supplement is hands down the best. I use this for toning and fat loss, and it doesn’t take a lot to feel the difference it makes with your workout. I had to get small measuring spoons to reduce the amount I use, it’s powerful that powerful. Thanks BulkSupplements*

On 1/2/2019 D said...

Amazing Product
I’ve used the liquid L Carnitine in the past, but the powdered version from Bulk Supplement is hands down the best. I use this for toning and fat loss, and it doesn’t take a lot to feel the difference it makes with your workout. I had to get small measuring spoons to reduce the amount I use, it’s powerful that powerful. Thanks BulkSupplements*

On 1/2/2019 D said...

love the Alcar. It works for me. Like all the products I have had so far. *

On 12/31/2018 Dora said...

love the Alcar. It works for me. Like all the products I have had so far. *

On 12/31/2018 Dora said...

Great L carnitine capsules
Great they are really helpful for the body *

On 12/19/2018 Carlos said...

Purest ingedients
Great addition to pre workout for an extra cognitive boost. Great company*

On 12/16/2018 Carson said...

Great workout boost
Like everyone else, I resented the additives in commercial supplements.
I wish I found this website 5 years earlier because everything I ordered is great.
I used OO capsules and packed ALCAR well including the cap for tight well filled capsules. It just takes patience. I get about 650mg per capsule, and take 2 in the morning with coffee with the rest of for my supplements for 4:30am workout. What a difference in stamina, endurance and mental clarity, for a solid 2 hour workout with lots of energy to spare.
My unusual combo includes Alcar; Arginine; Prolien; Lysine, Vit C, Vit E
I appreciate the long expiration dates, which was another problem with commercially prepared supplements. Good customer service and speedy delivery.*

On 12/11/2018 CCa said...

Awesome ALCAR
cognitive & energy supercharge, love it!! works better than other brands ive tried, & is also the best price.*

On 12/8/2018 Tory said...

This product was recommended by my Vet. My horse gets ALCAR in the mornings , every morning, with grass forage. I prefer to buy human grade as I know it is the safest, also as a bonus I take it too. We both are doing great. The bonus is it works, and Bulk is the place to buy from always fast service. Very Happy .*

On 11/23/2018 Sharon said...

Helps keep my mind clear
Ever since finding this site, I've been experimenting with amino acids and extracts to help treat a list of ailments common to most men these days. Insomnia, vitamin-D deficiency, ED. ALCAR is part of my daily stack for a reason, it helps clear out that brain fog first thing in the morning and keeps me sharp and lean during my prolonged fasting periods lasting several days.*

On 11/17/2018 Gabriel said...

Bulksupplements has not let me down. Everything is pure and effective. The alcar is as expected and higher quality then I used to get from other bulk suppliers.

On 11/8/2018 Shaun said...

Increases brain choline level, helps prevent dementia later
I take a couple prescription drugs which have the unfortunate side effect of lowering the level of choline in the brain. This tendency is known as 'anti-cholergenic'. This is bad as its been linked to early dementia, etc. Acetyl L-carnitine is known to naturally increase the brain choline level, thus I'm hoping to counteract the bad side effect. Many commonly-taken prescription drugs have this anti-cholergenic effect but I'm sure almost nobody taking them, knows this. Do your research!
I do feel a slight improvement in my mood since beginning taking ALCAR, but mainly the above reason is why I take it. I take many other supplements from BulkSupplements and have almost always had great results plus save a fortune!*

On 11/6/2018 JJ said...

I have nothing but praise for Bulk Supplements ALCAR. It's consistent quality speaks for itself. It mixes easily. It doesn't create lumps or stick together. Best of all, it does what you want an amino to do--makes you look and feel better. I've ordered from other suppliers in the past, but stick with Bulk Supplements now because it's top quality at a price I can afford. *

On 10/24/2018 Robert said...

Workout optimizer
Pushing 60 and training at a rock climbing gym on overhanging terrain, I'm staying on longer and cranking hard throughout the workout. The ALCAR is the bump I need for those steep climbs.*

On 10/23/2018 Darryl said...

Works great
Part of a daily stack, works great just as expected. Helps with focus and burnout. Bulk supplements as always reliable and good quality.*

On 10/18/2018 BJ said...

Great Product
The Acetyl L-Carnitine is easy to use and the taste is isn't bad at all.

Mike Porter*

On 10/3/2018 Michael said...

Bulk Supplements Rock!
I always turn to Bulk Supplements for all my supplemental needs. I received this as a free sample for the purchase of another product. After a few short days of usage, I was so impressed I purchased more. I felt a calm,smooth boost to my energy and concentration. I'm 55 years old and a Tae Kwon Do student that suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury. This has become one of my secret weapons. *

On 9/13/2018 Gregory said...

Alcar better than prescription drug for Neuropathy
I have been using Acetyl L-Carnitine for a couple of years now and it hasn't let me down when it comes to controlling the Neuropathy pain in my legs. the neuropathy I have has been primarily in my legs and that pain has been controlled very well since I bega n taking Alcar. I have been having some issues with pain and numbness in my arms over the last 1 1/2 years and it could be neuropathy or pinched nerves. I will be seeing a neurologist for a diagnosis on that issue.

If I do have neuropathy in my arms I will not take any prescription meds for the condition because they cause me to forget things and to not be as sharp as I need to. If it comes to it, I will add a third dose of Alcar to my daily regimen to further control it.

If you have neuropathy and you don't like the side effects of the prescription meds check out Acetyl L-Carnitine. Do your research on its effectiveness and/or interactions with prescription meds. I have no problem in recommending Bulk Supplements' Alcar.


On 9/10/2018 Robert said...

Great quality Stuff
I love ALCAR and can notice a huge boost in cognition as well as physical performance after taking. Definately good stuff!*

On 8/27/2018 Jordan said...

Multiple benefits from ALCAR
I am trying ALCAR after reading articles indicating a deficiency may be linked to depression, Although that will be a long-term trial, I have noticed that ALCAR seems to be somewhat diuretic, a plus considering my family history of edema. Tangy, but juice and milk easily hide it.*

On 8/18/2018 David said...

Great for vegetarians
I decided to start supplementing ALCAR since I keep a vegetarian diet. This product came with the option for vegetarian capsules, and they arrived on time with absolutely no quality issues. All the capsules are consistent, there are no broken or burst ones in the package.*

On 8/15/2018 Matthew said...

Good Product
I'm on my second order of ALCAR and have felt more alert since taking this supplement. Will continue to use this product because of the positive affect I get from it. Fast and dependable delivery from BS as expected. Wonderful company and product.*

On 8/15/2018 robert said...

Awesome product,I drink it with orange juice to hide the sour flavor. Inexpensive and ships fast! Highly recommended!*

On 8/13/2018 Joseph said...

Great product/price
This is the cheapest form of the highest concentration I could find. 2g mixed with preworkout for a.m. workouts both for cognitive boost and fat loss.*

On 8/9/2018 Thomas said...

I have been using the recommended dosage in the mornings. I can definitely tell a improved mental energy wakefulness. This is the first time using the product so I can't compare it to other companies, however I can say I feel a difference from this supplement. Also, very fast shipment of the products which is always a great thing. Thank you!*

On 7/28/2018 Sara said...

I have been using ALCAR from bulk supplements for about a year and am hooked. I tried other supplement brands and calculated costs and bulk supplements always came out on top. I get all of my supplement from bulk supplement as the quality, service and price can't be beat. *

On 7/22/2018 Bryan said...

Lose weigth
This product in combination with others from bulk suplements take you to the next level on fat lose. *

On 7/9/2018 aaron said...

Great product
There has been a noticeable difference since I started taking this product. You won't find a better company for such products. I have never had issues with bulk supplement. Thank you for reading this review.*

On 6/27/2018 Matthew said...

ALCAR powder
Bulk Supplement ALCAR powder is the most economical way to take pure acetyl l-carnitine. Carnitine comes in more than one form; I chose acetyl l-carnitine because it is known to be able to pass through the blood brain barrier and reduce ammonia which can cause brain fog and fatigue.
I take about 1/8th of a teaspoon two or three times a day along with Bulk Supplement choline. When you take it with choline you get the added benefit of the production of acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter.

Thank you Bulk Supplement for you excellent products.*

On 6/21/2018 Elizabeth said...

Works well
I like to use ALCAR in the morning to boost alertness. I don't drink caffeine and this makes a difference. I have used this for several years and will continue to do so in the future. This is very pure and a 250g bag last several months. Great value.*

On 6/2/2018 Wendy said...

Adding another supplement in!
So I just started taking this - it was in an AARP article. So far so good. I think I am noticing the fat burn after only a few day! I will keep going with this one for sure*

On 5/25/2018 Adrienne said...

Using this to reduce brain fog and burn fat etc. *

On 5/23/2018 Anna said...

I have been using ALCAR in powder form for my brain health and I am glad that bulk supplement have ALCAR in VEGE CAPSULES this product work and it's reasonable priced at bulksupplements*

On 4/12/2018 UMAR said...

Bulk Supplements ALCAR Definitely a keeper
I have been using ALCAR Powder from Bulk Supplements for a couple of years and plan to continue using it. I have peripheral neuropathy in my legs and without the ALCAR I would not be able to function. For me, I use four different amino acids to replace the use of prescription meds for nerve pain and neuropathic pain. It is not perfect but it is better by far than the prescription drugs that the doctors prescribed. I got to the point that I could not concentrate, I couldn't remember things for a few seconds and I couldn't remember how to measure to make an item that I had made hundreds of previously. This all scared me. I am thankful for Bulk Supplements and the high quality of their products. They are all top quality, easy to use and they don't have a lot of fillers like those purchased at other places. If you have neuropathy from diabetes or non-diabetic neuropathy like me, check with your doctor and give it a try. I have not suffered any side effects with the exception that I can tell if I miss one of the twice daily doses that I take.

I recommend this product with no reservations.*

On 4/5/2018 Robert said...

Blown Away
I am an endurance athlete and a substance abuse therapist.
I have been using this for 3 days.
I noticed a huge difference at 4:30 this morning during my 6 mile pace run. I didn't exactly have more energy, but it took a lot longer for fatigue to set in.
On the other side of my life, therapy can be emotionally and mentally exhausting. Today is a 12 hour day for me and once again the mental fatigue that I normally push through is not an issue.
Crazy but true.

On 3/29/2018 Nathan said...

Oldie and Goodie
L carnitine is a great supplement for endurance and cardio, but equally great as part of my morning study stack with choline. The Acetyl Form is supposed to have better absorption, especially into brain but I haven't noticed that big of a difference between the two. Given that the prices were equivalent at this posting I went with the Acetyl version.

Of note it also supports hormone production as we get older. All around good supplement. *

On 2/24/2018 Dieter said...

Brain fog
It has been shown to reduce both physical and mental fatigue associated with aging.I am taking this to lift brain fog.
Super fast shipping!*

On 1/28/2018 Kathy said...

Great Product
I take this product in conjunction with Choline bitartrate to enhance memory and stimulation of the brain. It's a good combination if you are looking for that. Highly recommended.*

On 1/13/2018 Ray said...

buying more
I received some free for doing a review. The benefits are great. Go see at I trust Bulk Supplements. That being said I am unsure of its effect on me. I will buy some and test it further.*

On 12/21/2017 John said...

I give it 5 stars
I am 61 years old and have Celiac Disease to which I am slowing getting my life back after years of being bound to bed in poor health. The acetyl L-Carnitine along with other supplements like ala and others I get from Bulk Supplements are helping greatly. The Alcar was not noticed at once like alpha lipoic acid but sneaks up on you as you notice your brain and cognitive abilities working after a few days and I highly recommend it. *

On 12/17/2017 Tom said...

Quality product as always
Bulk Supplements is my go-to organization for quality, pure, unfiltered and organic products. They are the real thing. I always get the product very quickly after ordering. The order is always correct. I purchased this product because of its purported cognitive enhancement effects. I've only been using it for a week now, so I should know something within a few weeks ago its effectiveness. I also order several other products like unfiltered, pure Ascorbic Acid which I consider a must have product. The Pure Bark extract is excellent too. I have been using Chlorella and Spirulina for a couple of years as well. I've gone to other websites for price comparisons and you cannot beat the combination of quality product for the price you pay at Bulk Supplements.*

On 12/7/2017 WW said...

Works Great
Good quality--I keep using it!*

On 12/4/2017 Holly said...

Seems really good
I can say that when I take supplements without this ALCAR, I don't seem to feel them as well.

The ALCAR has helped me absorb more nutrients, and thus has helped increase my mental and physical energy, at least I think.

I give this 5 stars!*

On 11/29/2017 Ryan said...

High quality product at an affordable price.*

On 10/8/2017 Jennifer said...

ALCAR is an effective energy booster.
I have been dealing with fibromyalgia and CFS for 1-1/2 years and am
slowly improving. I take 1/4 tsp. of powdered ALCAR morning and afternoon mixed in water. The taste is bitter but it is increasing my energy level. It also helps with brain fog. I highly recommend it. *

On 9/14/2017 Penny said...

Buy the capsules instead
This product is highly acidic and seems to be harmful for the teeth, so either dilute it very well or get the capsule form instead of the powder.

I have only had it for about 13 days so far, and honestly, it is too difficult for me to say whether it has had much of an effect. I am taking other supplements at the time, and will be able to provide a better results report over time.*

On 7/19/2017 Adam said...

Just started and beginning to feel an improvement
I am almost 60 and still wanting to be active in life. This product is one of several that I purchased and have been taking. I have started to notice an improvement in my training.

On 7/7/2017 Wayne said...

I like non stimulants. ALCAR has been in a product that they charge 5x the amount just for 4 different types. However being on a budget, this product and supplement company has made a huge difference. Thank you so much!!*

On 7/7/2017 Douglas said...

Experience With ALCAr
After taking ALCAR this morning I have noticed a notable improvement in mood and concentration. I would definitely recommend this product to any one looking for improvement in these categories.*

On 7/6/2017 Randolph said...

Great product as usual
Bulk Supplements Alcar powder is another great product. Increases energy and helps keep it maintained throughout the day. Can't wait to try some more products.*

On 6/28/2017 Chris said...

Carnitine review
I purchased the 300 Vegetarian Capsules (600mg) of Acetyl L-Carnitine and I love it. I combine it with my morning fish oil, 2 multivitamins, 2 grape seed extracts and it blends really well. My energy seems to be boosted and Its impacted me in a positive way in the gym. Its well worth it.*

On 6/26/2017 Mark said...

Alcar Powder
Works Great

This keeps my energy up. I take it twice a day in the morning and evening right after I eat. I sleep very well, and in the day. I dont take prescription drugs as i don"t want to live on them for the rest of my life, this seems to help, I will be reordering again, I have bought over the counter supplements and it did not work for me like this one does. Thanks Bulk Supplements great company!!!! * *

On 6/14/2017 Donald said...

Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR) Powder
ALCAR has made a significant difference physically and mentally. There was a big difference when I ran out luckily they are fast shippers.*

On 6/10/2017 Roger said...

It Works!
My workout has rev'd up about taking ALCAR 600 mg Vegetarian tablets before, during, and after my morning workout. I have even started working out on my lunch breaks. Thanks to and their competitive prices and quick delivery I'll be using ALCAR from now on to get the results I desire in my Workouts. *

On 6/7/2017 Lisa said...

Powerful Nootropic Supplement
Acetyl-L-Carnitine is hands down one of the best cognitive supplements on the market to date, with a strong wealth of research to back up many of it's benefits upon the mind of healthy individuals and elderly. It's touted to improve mental performance, and I personally attest of the high amounts of lucid energy this nootropic delivers. It has the ability to cross the blood brain barrier, to further fight against free radicals, improves acetylcholine production, has some studies on it's use against chronic fatigue syndrome, and confers benefits on people afflicted with traumatic brain injury. This supplement is definitely a powerhouse, and if you're using it, I'd recommend dividing the doses throughout the day every 4 hours, and if you want to add some more synergy to this powerhouse, consider adding alpha lipoic acid in the fight, this will drastically improve the antioxidant potential of the supplement.. you won't be disappointed! *

On 5/31/2017 david said...

The reason i keep coming back is for the purity and quality of these supplements. This one is no exception. clean solid focus when added to pre workout stack. haven't noticed any real fat loss from it but that's ok. Time may improve that.*

On 5/19/2017 jose said...

Awesome Product Awesome Company
Been taking ALCAR for awhile now, just recently ordered from Bulk Refreshing to finally find pure products at affordable prices. Great customer experience to date. Mix this supplement with ALA, taken daily, feeling great.*

On 5/18/2017 Ken said...

I have used ALCAR for my horse's pain for years and think it is wonderful and will continue using it for him because it works.*

On 5/15/2017 Donna said...

Freshest, cleanest L-carnitine out there.
This product is the absolute best. Over the years I have used a number of brands but stopped when I discovered This is pure, clean and highly active. I can really feel the thermogenic effect within 10-15 minutes of my workout. I cannot be without it! For the triple punch I add bulksupplements BCAA and Glutamine post workout. These products are clean, effective and save me a ton of money! *

On 4/30/2017 Beverly Van said...

Love it!
I take this because I don't eat much red meat anymore! Really helps me a lot! Highly recommend!*

On 4/17/2017 Brady said...

I love this stuff. I use it with other ingredients for a nice fat burner mix.*

On 4/13/2017 Bryan said...

Acetyl l Carnitine
I feel that my circulation has improved greatly since using this product.
My Blood pressure has come down 5 points in the past week.
I have Afib and am hoping this product may help reduce incidents of high heart rate.
At least it's antioxident charakteristics should be helpful. *

On 4/6/2017 Robert said...

Helps with energy
I'm pushing 60, so I bought ALCAR for a few reasons, heart health , blood pressure and cognitive function support. I haven't been using it for very long, but I do notice an increase in energy after I use it.*

On 4/5/2017 Cindy said...

Works well with coffee
I'm not a morning person, but taking a dose of this with my coffee gets me going in the morning. I also take noopept and alpha-gpc with this and the synergy is awesome. *

On 4/4/2017 William said...

Love it*

On 3/16/2017 Justin said...

easy to take, helpful metabolic support
this is a good and fair-priced product, easy to take, no excipients and has helped with fatigue/support to mitochondria after prolonged illness. *

On 3/8/2017 boxturtle said...

acetyl l carnitine
seems to give me a boost of energy i take it with bulk supps coq10 for optimal results.*

On 2/27/2017 matt said...

I love this product!
I've been buying this for my pre-workout mix and I love it. It's nice and clean, is a fantastic thermogenic and is good for my brain. I really love bulksupplements. I am able to get the high quality supplements I want at a fraction of the cost of other places. And I love that there are no additives! Most of the supplements out there for enhancing your work out and increasing recovery are full of poisonous crap. And they're super expensive! I buy everything from bulksupplements and tell all my friends about them too. *

On 2/19/2017 Beverly Van said...

great supplement
I take 2 grams/ day and have noticed that former nerve related leg pain is gone. This is a great site for bulk purchases as the prices are great and the quality is excellent.*

On 2/17/2017 robert said...

ALCAR - Excellent product
I use it twice a day to help burn calories and add a boost to energy level before workouts. Great product texture and best price I've found*

On 1/25/2017 David said...

ALCAR for Multiple benefits
Of course I am going to say this product is a great add on because of its multiple health and maximum gainz benefits, especially when the price is so satisfying. The only thing that's a little bit off is the taste. It's extremely sour for me, so that makes me drink something sweet with it, or take it as a shot. But So far I like it.*

On 1/21/2017 Eduard said...

Works well for cognitive alertness for early risers
I get up at 4:30 am to study rather dense material. Last year, I took an ALCAR supplement from an NYC chain vitamin shop which helped to wake me up and get focused (I don't consume caffeinated products) but took about 30 minutes to kick it. I found the Bulk Supplements ALCAR to be more effective. I was up and focused in minutes of taking it. This is the remedy for that "just woke up fog/grogginess". *

On 1/10/2017 Wendy said...

I have been taking this product and I'm not entirely sure about the results. I think it could be possibly beneficial, but time will tell. The taste is a little tart, but it's not bad and I take it down with water. I would rate the quality of the product a 5, but in terms of results and some questions I have still pending, I'm rating it an overall 3 start.*

On 1/3/2017 Phillip said...

Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR) Powder
I am happy to get this quality ALCAR powder for a good price. I need it daily, because my Lyme disease went to my heart. An essential product to protect the heart -- and at a reasonable price. Thank you!*

On 1/2/2017 Lauren said...

Great add on
Take a small dose in the morning, do feel as if I am more alert during the day, mixed with my workout cormula and had the same concentration benefits. Only haave tried now r a. Coulple days now so the longer effect of this I can not say.*

On 12/15/2016 Dan said...

Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR) Powder
Noticeable difference on first try with just 500mg. Provided slightly improved mental alertness without "caffeine-like" jumpiness. I've been mixing with morning protein powder (Bulk supplements - Pea Protein) for a week and so far, so good.*

On 12/15/2016 David said...

Acetyl L CArtnitine is what it is.
Awesome supplement. Great for fat burning and muscle building. Bulk Supplements powder is pure with no fillers. Great stuff. *

On 11/30/2016 Connor Dillard said...

It works!
It mixes awesome with caffeine, focused while happy!*

On 11/12/2016 Michael said...

It works well with caffeine!*

On 11/12/2016 Michael said...

Buy ALCA here
Great product and powerful too. Put 1/16 teaspoon (smoothie) for starters and then increase dosage as needed. You should feel the difference same day. May cause headaches in larger doses. Highly recommended!*

On 11/7/2016 David said...

Good product, but mix it with something
The product is effective, but mix it with a protein shake or pre workout.*

On 11/1/2016 Patrick said...

Good product, but mix it with something
The product is effective, but I would recommend mixing it with a protein shake or pre workout.*

On 11/1/2016 Patrick said...

Very Impressed
Bulk Supplements makes the ordering process so easy and efficient. I ordered ALCAR for the circulatory benefits. What a great high quality product and service! I highly recommend Bulk Supplements! I was also able to find many other supplements here at Bulk Supplement that I could not find anywhere else.*

On 10/31/2016 Francis said...

Best bang for best price
Acetyl L-Carnitine has been a regular supplement of mine for a good while now but had to lay off due to retail pricing. Not only is this product more pure but is also available in the different forms of your choice. This is definitely the best bang for the best price and it will be in my stack from now on.*

On 10/28/2016 JOSHUA said...

Another Great Product!!
I purchased this to use along with L-Carnitine for energy. It works very well, and I will definitely purchase again. *

On 10/26/2016 Pamela said...

excellent price for the product especially veggie caps and no fillers! i will definitely reorder and try more products*

On 10/26/2016 AL said...

I bought ALCAR to help push past homeostasis while dieting. As I just started I don't have the results but I'm looking forward to seeing them. I'm doing a variation of carb cycling and I expect this to help me keep the progress going. The product itself is exactly what I wanted for a great price. I just put it in with my BCAA drink (powder from this same company). *

On 10/25/2016 Benjamin said...

Acetyl L-Carnitine - a great product!
Acetyl L-Carnitine is a very effective amino acid which I have used to help recover from a mini stroke aka TIA. I use it along with L Arginine and Niacin. I swear by this stuff, and will repurchase as needed. Also see my review on vitamin C powder.*

On 10/20/2016 Howard said...

Awesome Product! Fast Delivery!!!
This stuff is the real deal. No gimmicky fillers. A necessary staple for anyone looking to enhance their amino intake for health and athletic benefits. Shipping was extremely fast and customer service is top tier. Very happy with my purchase, thanks everyone!*

On 10/19/2016 Sean said...

Makes me smarter!*

On 10/15/2016 Michael said...

Great addition to my preworkout stack!
I recently added ALCAR to my preworkout stack and immedeately saw the benefits of using it. My mental focus was sharpened, I felt a definate increase in energy and I also felt a better mind/muscle connection during weight training. The calmness/mental clarity stayed with me throughout the rest of my day as well. I had such a good experience with it that I took it the next day which was my off day from the gym simply because I felt like it enhanced my mental efficiency at work. I highly recommend this product!*

On 10/13/2016 Keith Dooley said...

Citrusy-lemon lime scent and taste. You can smell it right off the bat as soon as you open it. The bag it comes in is unsealable despite its seal. You'll have to place it in a separate container to maintain freshness. No serving spoon included. My mental alertness goes up when I ingest the recommended dosage. I highly recommend this product.*

On 9/18/2016 James said...

Tough to get past smell
My only complaint is the smell. wow.

Beyond that, there are definite cognitive effects, I felt a calmness come over me after taking 1g for the first time and noticed I felt a little sharper, especially when combined with caffeine the next few times I took it. I'm taking 1g 3X per day and have had no negative side effects, only good results, not sure it helps with my workout at all, but it helps me at work to focus on my job.*

On 9/12/2016 Blake said...

Seems to be working in some way; a few days in and feel kind of anxious after taking it for a couple hours, but then feel pretty great. Maybe my dosage is too high. I'll play around with it and see what happens.*

On 9/11/2016 Alex said...

L carnitine for fat loss
My wife read about l-carnitine for use to lose weight, she use it and help her lose weigth, with her result it's only right that I try it. I am combining l-carnitine with glutamine and bcaa before workout to get the best result. It's a little bit salty but it works. I will purchase this product againg form bulksupplement. Fast shipping (even with the free shipping)*

On 8/31/2016 Delvis said...

It does an exceptional Job
I use ALCAR alongside raspberry ketones as a fat burner and it does the trick. I been using bulksupplements for a while and each and every time it does not disappoint.*

On 8/9/2016 DDAY said...

I have been using ALCAR for a while. This is the first time I have purchased this product from Bulksupplements and am very pleased with their product. I actually use ALCAR for my Lupus and for post workout recovery. It helps me with my energy levels. I combine it with R Alpha Lipoic, it makes for a great mitochondrial boost......!*

On 7/30/2016 TERRI said...

Wonderful suppliment!
I have noticed a difference in attitude and it seems to be working wonderfully! It's the cheapest on with the discount coupons and therefore I always buy from them. Fast and easy shipping too.*

On 7/29/2016 Jordan said...

I noticed I sweat earlier and more intensely at an earlier time. I noticed I'm less fatigued. Seems to help with mental clarity in the hot summer weather. Doing a little research on ALCAR, there's strong evidence of a number of positive effects. Suggest using fluoride rinse to rebuild teeth as this is harsh on the enamel. *

On 7/24/2016 D train said...

Pleased with my ALCAR
So far I am very pleased with the ALCAR. I take it in the morning in a small glass of water, does have a somewhat bitter taste, but not bad. I like being able to measure it out and take just what I want. I have been very happy with the quality of products I've received from Bulk Supplements and their shipping is always very fast. Will continue to order my products from here!*

On 7/11/2016 Tana said...

Product is great
I will receive it in the mail I can't wait, I take this to relax at bed time and it is a good quality product, I will order more from bulksupplements because it is cheaper and easier to get package is nice and will recommend this site to other friends who need powder amino and other supplements.*

On 7/4/2016 James said...

So far, so good
Try it if you are wondering if it works. I was skeptical and decided to try ALCAR out. It is my 3 day in a row and I have noticed a big difference: I am mentally sharp longer during the day and my work-outs are intense. Shipping and handling was smooth by the way...*

On 7/2/2016 Julio said...

great value
the supplement itself is good, easy to drink, does not upset my stomach. Also this was the best value I could find online*

On 7/1/2016 Robert said...

is doing exactly what I expected
I was directed to find ALCAR for my horse through the PSSM forum. I went to Bulk Supplements as I've ordered from them before and trust their product. After reading up on ALCAR I decided to take it myself as well and I can really tell a difference with my alertness. I found I was crashing about 2pm so decided to add a second dose at noon. My horse with this included in a new diet seems to be responding as well and able to exercise without episodes. *

On 6/29/2016 ANN said...

length of time to use this product
i have not used this product long enough to notice any effects of it yet*

On 6/14/2016 Ronald said...

Super quality, great price!
Love! They always ship great product (no fillers and fancy unneeded packaging) fast with great results. I haven't found a better price for Acetyl L-Carnitine at such high grade ever.
Don't just look at it, order it!*

On 6/7/2016 Daniel said...

Acetyl L-Carnitine Review
I sue this in my pre and post work out stack and it works great for after the work out I shower, shave and head to work and I am at full throttle for the work day. Around 3 I take another shot and if keeps me mentally focused to the end of the day. The price and purity are first rate and I will be a customer for life.*

On 6/6/2016 Lester said...

Awesome product
Awesome product and fast shipping. Bulk supplements is the best! *

On 5/21/2016 Russell said...

Good quality and effective
ALCAR is one of my favourite supplements. This powder is good quality and effective - will definitely be back!*

On 5/11/2016 James said...

Best deal, safe, effective.
This is the supplement that we studied in the mid-1990s most thoroughly under Dr. Arthur Bevilockway's tutelage. Even then it showed promise as most safe and effective in cognitive support. Now, not only do we know so much more, it is now affordable. We are grateful for your providing this at these prices in these quantities. THANKS !!!*

On 5/9/2016 Rex said...

Good stuff!
I am a nursing student, and I was looking for a product that would help improve my memory... and this is it! I noticed a difference with my mental clarity while taking my exams, and I even got higher scores. Will continue to purchase! *

On 4/24/2016 Taylor said...

ALCAR Review
I got this supplement to take before workouts and it definitely helps with endurance. It also gives you mental clarity and improves your memory. Definitely worth checking out!

Fast shipping too.*

On 4/17/2016 Kevin said...

I sampled this, my wife and I both. I noticed a sharper response and more
attention to detail. I don't feel so brain dead at times. added it to my
preworkout mixture. I will defiantly be adding this to my recipe. thank you
bulk supplements *

On 4/14/2016 michael said...

I love the product ))
Excellent product. Acetyl L-Carnitine has been one of the top supplements I have purchased. I booked for the second time. I like the taste and how it works. Highly recommend ***** :o)*

On 4/13/2016 King said...

Long lasting focus.
I've been only using ALCAR for a week now, so I don't know how long the effectiveness will last, but so far it has been great. I'm far more focused at work, getting more done (and drinking far less coffee.) It seems to help me think more clearly too. If you have on ongoing battle with ADD, as I do, this should be in your arsenal.

Shipping was fast. *

On 4/4/2016 Aaron said...

Works fast
I felt energy and stamina after two days of double the recommended dose. As with any refined product, I take mineral rich herbs to make up for what the source had in it. (barley grass and alfalfa grass powders). *

On 3/27/2016 William said...

Clean pharmaceutical grade product in handy form of powder
Bought 1 Kg, used by myself to loose weight, as well as given some to my keens for various reasons (mostly as an antioxidant) with no issues so far.
1st, It works )) But next most important to my opinion, is that it is really extracted (from vegetable source) vs synthesized chemically, and considering its purity this makes it a pharmaceutical grade product. Synthesized ALCAR carries in it the remains of chemicals involved in the synthesis process, leading to headache, allergic reactions & etc. Of course, those chemicals remains may be removed, but further cleaning rises the product price higher then extracted ALCAR which makes it pointless and they don't clean it further 'cause synthesis used to lower the production cost, not to achieve higher product quality.
I have an aunt with many diseases, went thru 12 cases of apparent death (yes, it sounds unreal but it is the medical fact). I'm buying various supplements to support her poor and uncertain health. When I started to take ALCAR by myself, I bought it in capsules. Gave her some to support brain activity, but she suffered from headache, so denied to take any capsules with ALCAR, but Jarrow Formulas ones 'cause she felt no harm from it. Next, when I was yet aware there are two blends of ALCAR on the market (extracted – pharmaceutical grade – vs synthesized), I've seen the Bulk Supplements powder sold at much lower price than any capsulated offers, so I've asked 'em if is it pharmaceutical grade (extracted) ALCAR product, and they told me it was. I bought 300 grams to try and also gave some to my aunt, and she had no headache nor any issues at all. Sure I was taking it by myself and learned it was working just fine, plus the powder form seemed to me even handier vs. counting capsules to take. So when it came to restocking, I bought 1 Kg and used it with all my keens for a year+. Now it's time to restock it again and I'm here for another 1 Kg package )*

On 3/23/2016 Sergey said...

CLEAN PURE I will buy again*

On 3/14/2016 Kevin said...

CLEAN PURE ALCAR . I used to buy pre-workout sups now I make my own much cheaper and better bulk supplement has been rated the best on labdoor reviews a third party lab rating supplements on purity and price *

On 3/14/2016 kevin said...

Very impressed so far
Ordered this along with ALA and 5htp on Monday at 1am and it arrived in 2 days on Wednesday as promised. Love the packaging and of course the effectiveness of this product. The taste is... Well let's just say it definitely taste like ALcarnitine lol. Ordered the 500g bag and will more than likely be ordering again once I finish this bag. Definite improvement in my energy levels which is what I was looking for since I have CFS. *

On 3/5/2016 Russell said...

I am taking Aceytl-L-Carnitine powder along with R-Lipoic Acid on an empty stomach every morning for mitochondrial support, antioxidant protection and brain function.. Very impressed with the packaging and the labeling. It's nice to see all the dosing options on the label and even though I put the product into a glass jar- it's easier to scoop out of- the package it came in is solid and would be great for long term storage to keep it fresh. It dissolves in water without a trace and has a pleasant flavor. I'm very happy with this product and look forward to trying more things from*

On 2/23/2016 Patrick said...

As advertised*
Weight exact, product as advertised *

On 2/22/2016 martin said...

Great Mix
The product arrived fast, Great quality from what I can tell. I’ve been taking this everyday for about a week with great results! This product is extremely stimulating.
The taste isn’t bad and deff mixable to taste nothing, I take 1/4th TSB every morning with my protein shake. The powder dissolves quickly also so that’s awesome.
Overall, Great for cognitive enhancement! Sometimes I us it as a caffeine substitute, This definitely makes me more energetic and I feel more awake also.*

On 2/16/2016 Joshua said...

I like it
I take this to help with energy, along with alpha lipoic acid and coq10. I feel that it has definitely helped. It has a tart, sour taste. I mix it with water, some stevia Powder, and taurine Powder and take it with my other supplements at mealtimes. *

On 2/15/2016 April said...

Great Product
This product is great. I have it with d-ribose before a workout. I feel very energetic.*

On 2/11/2016 Mumtaz said...

Great Pre/Post Work out mix
Great product. I am getting away from these 1 dollar per dose pre work outs. Slowly building up all the things I like for training, pre/mid/post. This is essential, very per, great mix-ability, and just a slight taste of salinity associated with it.

Would very highly recommend. Found this site on labdoor testing, and bulksupps is always #1 on all products that they are tested in! *

On 2/2/2016 CTWalkerPhoto said...

Bulk supplements is the best price and best shipping for ALCAR that I can find anywhere. I use this product for my horse that has a metabolic/genetic disorder. The bulk bags are tough and seal tightly so humididty can't contaminate the powder. I will continue to re order here.*

On 1/17/2016 Betty said...

N Acetyl L- Cysteine
Good formula. Taken along with R-lipoic acid and vit C on an empty stomach 2x a day raises glutathione and helps various health issues (like thyroid/adrenal).*

On 1/11/2016 diane said...

ALCAR Capsules
Delivered quickly and well packaged (zip lock bag) to keep fresh. Easy to swallow. No adverse reaction. Appeared to increase energy almost immediately. Recommended!*

On 12/28/2015 David said...

Make Your Own Blend
To avoid harmful additives, I suggest you research your specific needs and blend the pure supplements yourself. I trust 'Bulk Supplements' to provide the highest quality ingredients for my own needs.*

On 12/14/2015 Gabe said...

Fast Shipping
Very fast shipping and amazing quality!!*

On 12/13/2015 Veronica said...

Taken for FOCUS, Home made preworkout mix
Before the DMAA ban I used to use Jack3d for preworkout and ever since I haven't found a product that provides the focus like the original Jack3d. I've made my own preworkout mix of caffeine, beta alanine, alcar, and aakg...I may add to it. Prior to this concoction I've just been using caffeine or preworkout samples to different effects.

With ALCAR, I take 1g preworkout. Or a heaping 1/4 tablespoon. I started using this product in a deload week so I haven't done any intense lifting just yet but did not a difference in focus. Wasn't quite the same wired/amped feeling as I got on Jack3d but clarity was noticeable. Eyes were very clear.

I also feel sometimes when I work out my eyes are a bit tired when my body isn't if that makes sense...Felt very good last night but also was a deload workout.

I did sleep a lot deeper, not sure if that is the ALCAR or AAKG.

I've seen people complain about the taste of some bulksupplement powders. I just mixed the ALCAR and AAKG with a small amount of sugar free lemon lime powerade...just tasted like a more watered down powerade to me. Not that big of a deal but also not a concern of mine. I'm just taking it for the clarity and focus.

I have beta alanine capsules but already have a powder replacement once I run out. Do to the price I'll just mix the powders all together.

Price wise when you compare bulksupplements to brand name preworkouts there really is no comparison and you control what you put in to your mix so big benefit there.


On 12/11/2015 Taylor said...

Alcar review
I recently started using this product. So far so good! I feel less tired and take less breaks in between my workout. I will follow up here in the next couple of weeks again to let you guys know my progress!*

On 12/6/2015 Ajay said...

Great clean product
ALCAR is a great product. I use 1/8t twice a day. *

On 12/4/2015 Susan said...

This product has been a great compliment to my supplement stack. The powder is very smooth, with no clumping at all. The taste is a nice craving killer while dieting, with a citrus tart flavor to it. I take 3 doses daily; 500 mgs before my three largest meals.*

On 11/17/2015 Christian said...

Great product
Very happy with this product. Shipped quickly. Mixed well, taste wasn't bad. Definitely increased focus, clarity, and mood. This is my first time trying this supplement and it does what it says. I have always been pleased with BulkSupplement products and this one is no different.*

On 10/31/2015 Joy said...

Good for my horse and me
My horse's vet recommended supplementing ALCAR to help with some muscle pain issues. After my first order from an equine supplement co. was getting low, I looked for a source where I could buy bigger amounts than 1/2 K and found Their prices were better and since their products are intended for human consumption, I looked into the benefits of ALCAR for people. I just started mixing it into my juice in the am, maybe I'm feeling a little more energy, nothing profound, but its just a few days now. My wife and her horse have also started on ALCAR.*

On 10/27/2015 Michael said...

I rate this product five stars. It does what is is intended and i feel the enhanced mental focus when taking this product. This product also helps me in the gym as far as cutting. Great product and strongly recommended for hard gainers. *

On 10/21/2015 Eric said...

Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR) Powder - Quality Product
Taking ALCAR with Alpha Lipoid Acid together daily gives people energy and mental clarity. It has also been reported to be anti-aging and making people feel younger. This product is of high quality with reasonable price. I highly recommend it. Excellent product !*

On 10/20/2015 Ching said...

Clean high quality ALCAR! Take with R-ALA.*

On 10/18/2015 karen said...

Best price I've found
I've been buying this for almost a year now. Can't beat the price and love the fact that it has no fillers. I recommend Bulk Supplements to everyone. Easy to order and fastest shipping ever. *

On 10/14/2015 C said...

Best value I've found
I've been buying this for almost a year now. Best price I've found, plus I love the fact that it has no additives. Highly recommend this product and BULK SUPPLEMENTS. Easy to order and shipping is super fast. *

On 10/14/2015 C said...

Quality Products
Every product I have ever ordered from Bulk Supplements is of the highest quality and this recent order of acetyl-l-carnitine-(alcar powder) is no different. The shipment was quick and the quality was excellent*

On 10/11/2015 DANIEL said...

Equine use for PSSM
this product has been a life saver for my horse" batman" that suffers from a condition called PSSM (polysaccharide storage myopathy) horses that can not process sugars. this product has helped him return to his career in barrel racing without being in pain, I have recommended this product to many of my friends!. having this product in bulk and reasonably priced allows me to treat this genetic condition. there are forums for PSSM horses that you could advertise the benefits, or work along with groups educate people on the benefits of your product for this condition. I love this product for my PSSM horse!!!


On 10/10/2015 wendy said...

Great product! Good for brain and belly fat. Clean. Stuff tastes nasty though. I make my own capsules of 650 mg each. One 650 mg capsule twice per day. 1300 mg all at once was wayyy too much for me.*

On 9/28/2015 Randy said...

Amazing stuff
This helps your brian and muscle cells produce more energy by shuttling fats across the mitochondrial membrane to be used as fuel. You'll both have more energy and mental energy, and you'll burn fat. This stuff really works and I've been using it for years paying a higher retail price in capsules, until I found this product here. Fantastic stuff at the best price on the planet I have found. Powder allows you to get the pure material without any fillers in capsules, and also to easily regulate how much you take in a smoothie or dissolved in water. Absorbs great that way too.

Incredible stuff. *

On 9/18/2015 Jered said...

Good stuff
I took 1/8 teaspoon every morning before breakfast. I notice an immediate clear of mind, which help me on concentrating on studying.*

On 9/15/2015 Yijie said...

The acytle L- carnitine is one of the purest ive ever ordered. Completely water soluble. And a great cost for such a popular product.*

On 9/15/2015 Evann Shafer said...

I have noticed my energy levels increase since taking this. Fast shipping, great packaging, and pure ALCAR. The price is good and the pills make taking this a breeze. I will order this again, for sure. *

On 9/8/2015 Ryan said...

This is a great bang for the buck. It did take me a while to find an good way to measure, since I don't have a digital scale and 1/8 tsp is a small serving size. However, I worked it out and am thus far pleased with the product and plan on ordering again*

On 9/2/2015 Casey said...

Bulk Supps has the good stuff.
This products helps me with the speed of my mental processing and intensity of focus, but not my memory. I didn't take it for 4 days and at by the 3rd day my speed of reasoning and mental processing was significantly slower. This site sells it at a great price and the quality is solid.*

On 8/29/2015 Jonathan said...

Alcar for muscle soreness
Shipped very fast and received 500 gram product in within 3 days. I bought it after reading about it on a bodybuilding forum and to experiment with but coincidentally my left shoulder was acting up the weekend before I ordered Alcar on Monday and I thought I was going to have to endure at least 2 weeks of soreness...but it completely disappeared after only my 2nd morning of taking Alcar. It's an old weight lifting injury at the rotator cuff area of my left shoulder that prevents me from raising it without pain and it never went away this fast. My dosage is rather high at 4.6 grams (3 level scoops from half teaspoon scooper) but please use whatever amount you're comfortable with. Pleasant tasting. I take it on empty stomach first thing in morning with at least 16 ounces of water just to get it out of the way but you might get he same benefits on divided doses throughout your day. FWIW I also seem more mellow mood-wise and glide through my morning tasks in a calm, cool and collected manner without the jitters my coffee usually gives me (I eat breakfast an hour to 1.5 hours after Alcar). Good luck with your experiences! All i can say is that I really like this stuff and recommend it whether you work out or just want a general sense of well-being.*

On 8/29/2015 Jay said...

Great for cognitive and for fat loss
This is the real deal here . In the morning I take it as it just helps me become a little more aware and focused for the day. I also take it before and after I do my cardio as it helps burn fat . Certainly taste like ALCAR and I definitely sense mental clarity with this . Great product !*

On 8/25/2015 John said...

I use w/ Piracetam
Hello, I use the ALCAR with Piracetam and the combination helps me focus with a slight to medium energy increase. I am after the focus and the energy increase is just a bonus as I do not have to drink coffee in the morning!!!*

On 8/24/2015 Jason said...

Great for brain injuries
I have learned that ALCAR is great for the brain. It helps with brain energy and more. This is also a great deal if you want to make your own capsules for a great price.*

On 8/21/2015 Andy said...

High quality
I have been using bulksupplements products for some time now and all are of very high quality and actually work! I highly recommend the alcar. You won't be disappointed. Shipping is super fast as well. *

On 8/19/2015 Kacie said...

I've ordered this product one time before. This is the second time I've ordered this product because of the description it said it helped the breakdown of fatty acids and turns them into energy. This product has helped me lose weight and helps get rid of hunger also giving me energy I will order this again, great product.*

On 8/19/2015 Carl said...

Great product at a fair price. The quality is top knock very pure and clean. Mixes well with any liquid. Has a little sour taste but overall is not bad. I just mix it with water and down it goes. Many say the fats goes quickly well I haven't seen that side of it yet, but I'm still holding out hope. It hasn't been that long ago that I started. I recommend all Bulk Supplements products, good pricing and quick shipping hard top beat that!! Thanks*

On 8/17/2015 George said...

This is the finest Alcar on the market. Plus it has a great price. I love that I can get it in many different sizes as well. It has helped my horses muscles immensely . Great product.*

On 8/17/2015 Laura said...

This is the nootropic supplement that we studied the most in the late 1990s, back when it was less available and less affordable. All that has changed, and we are delighted to have such a great source of ALCAR now for daily use.

On 8/12/2015 Rex said...

Hands down this is the best quality ALCAR you can find online. It is easy on the stomach, and I had no side effects so far. Would recommend it to a friend. *

On 8/7/2015 Ashraf said...

Best Product Ever
This product is truly just amazing. After just a few days of taking it I instantly started seeing fat loss. I love this product!!! It also helps with energy. I always used to be tired. Not anymore! Not to mention how cheap it is. I got it from Bulk Supplement for way cheaper than anywhere else! Definitely sticking to bulk supplements.*

On 8/6/2015 Todd said...

I am using this product per my vets advice and so far it seems to be working. I like the convenience of the powder so I can measure just what I need. *

On 8/2/2015 Betty said...

Acetyl L- Canetine
This product is great in just a few short days of taking it I've notice alot of fat loss. *

On 7/28/2015 michael said...

I have started taking this along with the R-ALA, twice a day and already can tell my energy level has increased.*

On 7/28/2015 debra said...

great product
A friend of mine suggested taking this with R-ALA for added energy during the day. I found mine here at bulk supplements and saved a lot of money in the powder form. I've been taking it only a few days and feel great.*

On 7/28/2015 Debra Horn said...

increased focus
I've been taking this for approximately 10 days and if there is one thing I've noticed it seems to be an increase in focus and concentration, both at work and home. I seem to be more "on point" and able to focus on just one task rather than trying to do too many things at the same time. I plan on trying this with alpha lipoic acid soon for the synergistic properties. FYI I dissolve this in warm water and drink it down, kind of a salty sour taste that isn't too bad. I take approximately 500 mg 2-3 times a day.*

On 7/27/2015 Michael said...

Very good, no fillers
I bought this product to enhance weight loss, energy and cognitive ability along with ginko and Ribose. My weight has started dropping again, as even staying true to the cause I had stalled for three weeks. I like not having to take capsules and just add this to whatever I'm eating. Slightly tart, so works well in smoothies. I'll be ordering this again.*

On 7/25/2015 Kathleen said...

Alcar rocks
I have been doing lots of reading about Nootropics and i came across Alcar.. I mix it with hot water along with B vitamins and it keeps me going all day. The best part of being in powder form is you can mix it literally with any liquid or food and the taste is not bad either!*

On 7/22/2015 Rasa said...

Great product!
Very high quality product at a great price. Shipped quickly too. I use the ALCAR powder to start my day and sometimes before a workout. Great for energy and focused attention.*

On 7/21/2015 ALCAR said...

Great product
Product arrived very quickly, much earlier than I had expected! I tried the product that evening and noticed a significant increase in athletic performance. I will purchase again!*

On 7/17/2015 jason said...

Great product!!!
this product is great. Works just as expected with no side effects at all and the price is awesome. *

On 7/14/2015 Arturo said...

Fast Clean Easy
Great product, no bad taste, good energy! Used in my pre workout and occasionally with some coffee in the morning for all day attention and energy*

On 7/7/2015 John said...

This stuff is great! Ships fast and really great quality and price! *

On 7/5/2015 Daniel said...

ALCAR powder
The shipping was fast and nicely packaged. In my opinion the product gives a good mental boost and I feel like I can make it through my days without needing a nap. This product has potential for fat loss and leads to a more focused workout. Also I have been having more vivid, lucid dreams, which i don't mind; that could be due to this or the agmatine i recently purchased. *

On 7/4/2015 AD said...

Astonishingly Helpful
After taking Actyle Carnitine for about a month, I noticed massive long term benefits while also experiencing short term benefits. Great product.*

On 7/2/2015 Noah said...

Got it in no time and its a great product*

On 7/2/2015 Jerry said...

I am excited to share the results as I feel confident it will be positive. I have been a customer (CLA) for about 8 months now and been extremely pleased with the quality and price (order through I hope to continue to be invited to try other supplements from this company! *

On 7/1/2015 Karen said...

Kick Start
Surprised !!! This product really works for me, I use it first thing in the morning to clear my mind and get me focused for the days work. I will definitely be re-ordering.*

On 6/30/2015 Russell said...

Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR) Powder
I have noticed a little more energy than normal since I have been taking ALCAR. I can say I will be reordering without a doubt. I would give it a 5 star rating. *

On 6/30/2015 John said...

Part of My Brain/Liver Stash
Please see my reviews for Rhodiola Rosea 3% Salidroside, as well as Piracetam. My review here is for Acetyl L-Carnitine. This is the third product which I combine into my unique stash for my brain/liver. The only other stash I take is my combination of Calcium and Magnesium Citrate with Choline Bitartrate.

My notes tell me that I decided on this product because of the chronic fatigue I've experienced since the mid-1990s. I also wrote in my notes that it helps with converting stubborn fat into an exhaustible energy source besides being a powerful antioxidant pulverizing all those free radicals and eliminating wastes from the body.

I commenced taking these three (Rhodiola Rosea 3% Salidroside, Piracetam, and Acetyl L-Carnitine) at the same time because I am concentrating on aiding my body be the absolute best it can be. My concussions severely injured my brain and my brain is still healing. I believe these products are truly helping my brain to heal as well as helping my liver eliminate fat storage that shouldn't be there.

I can now lift my head and my brain does not mush into being horribly dizzy. I have absolutely no reaction to raising my head. The years I spent with vertigo. But, it is with great joy I can now lift my head and realize I have no sensation anymore of vertigo. These products I’ve written about today have greatly enabled me to cross over the threshold to no more vertigo!

I truly am a HealthyHappySenior; but, I wasn’t always this way. A flesh-eating bacteria ate 100% of my liver and ½ of my pancreas in the mid-2000s. I had sepsis. I had campylobacter bacteria which invaded my internal organs. Laparoscopic surgery discovered that fact for why I was so terribly ill, dying in the hospital with the majority of my hair falling out on my bed with no help from me. I still recall all those doctors standing around my bed not know what to do with me. After the surgery, I was there for a few more weeks, my thyroid medication was tweaked and I was sent home to either die or live. I chose to live and have been learning ever since what nutrients are crucial to my health, what foods to eat, and what not to eat.

I never knew anyone could regrow a liver; but, I have. It is a fatty one, as the Alk Phas (Alkaline Phosphatase) blood test result always declares much to my disgust. But, at least I’m living and I do have a somewhat functioning liver. I believe this product will assist me with reclaiming my liver and persuading the fats to morph into an exhaustible energy source (to quote what Bulk Supplements wrote) helping my body regulate my metabolism and eliminating waste from my body.

For example, as I was preparing to write my review of Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR), I reread all the information. It is with new eyes I read what is written, thanks to these 3 products, along with my stash of Calcium and Magnesium Citrates, and Choline Bitartrate. The removal of the brain fog I spoke of in my other reviews clearly demonstrated itself when I was reading with new eyes the benefits of this particular substance.

It was as though I was reading everything for the first time with absolute better clarity. Thanks for another great product. Prices are most reasonable and the packaging couldn’t be better.

On 6/30/2015 HealthyHappySenior said...

Works as advertised, tastes like vinegar, seems to give a moderate energy boost when used and dosed as suggested. Same orderly neat packaging with clear directions and information, would buy again.*

On 6/21/2015 Joshua said...

So easy
Why waste your time attempting to drink this stuff in a raw powder form? It taste terrible and smells very weird. It's incredibly easy and convenient to take out a few capsules pre-workout and down them. I'm using ALCAR much more frequently because it's easier to consume this way. Will be a repeat customer. *

On 6/15/2015 Matthew said...

Love this stuff!
I'm new to let carnitine but I found out about this stuff. So far I've mixed it with my face cream and it helped relieve me some acne pretty quickly. Try it! Also I've used it with fish oil to release that stubborn fat that I can't drop no matter what. Hello 6 pack it's been a while! *

On 6/13/2015 eric said...

Good Stuff
The package arrived on time and everything was in order. I started taking the powder and feel more energized while leaning out! good price and good product*

On 6/13/2015 Zack said...

Great Stuff
This is such a great product, and it goes a long way. The serving size is small, so this will last you longer than many of the other supplements that you can take. It also makes a big difference in the gym and inside your body. In the gym, it gives you a mental edge that allows you to push to your limits on every set.*

On 6/8/2015 Dominick said...

Great for my PSSM horse!
I use this as a supplement for my horse, who has PSSM. She pretty much can't live without it. The difference it has made in her is night and day, and the quality of product from is always consistent. The shipping is great and quick. :)*

On 6/8/2015 Erica said...

Weight loss and Energy
After taking ALCAR for a week, I have lost 3 pounds and my energy and focus is a lot higher. I will continue to use this product for the focus and energy that I get from it.*

On 6/4/2015 Lonnie said...

love it
Essential, get some.*

On 6/4/2015 Michael said...

Weight Loss
I have taking this product for a week, and already see some noticeable weight loss and increased energy. I am taking 500mg twice a day with no food and have no side effects as of now. Love this product because its natural with no additives.*

On 6/2/2015 Rohan said...

great energy
provides great energy and focus. always start my day with ALCAR. it works!*

On 5/31/2015 Justin said...

Horse with PSSM
I use this for my horse who has a genetic defect known as pssm. It helps her process the sugars and starches she intakes to convert them into energy. This helps keep her from storing those carbs abnormally in her muscles which causes her a lot of stiffness and pain.*

On 5/26/2015 Talma said...

Love it!
I received this as a sample from Bulk Supplements. Wow, I am so impressed with how it has made me think more clearly. I am so pleased and happy and so thankful that this sample was offered to me and that I did some research first before saying what sample I wanted. I am one happy camper!!! I feel like there are no more cobwebs taking up space in my brain!!! LOL!!! I am grateful! Thank you Bulk Supplements!!!*

On 5/25/2015 Laura said...

Increased energy
I've taken this for about a week now. I took two grams before my fasted workout along with black coffee. I felt a pretty big jolt of energy, so much so that it worried me a bit since my heart was pounding pretty hard and I was just lifting weights. It subsided after about 20-minutes though and I was fine. Since then, I've lowered the dose to a level 1/4 tsp. and I still have the increased energy but no other side effects.
It's too soon for me to determine if this will be a supplement I continue to take but so far I like it.*

On 5/21/2015 Kris said...

great addition to my stacking
This added another level of intensity to my workouts! Have just started & will give further review in a few weeks to see what's going at that point !*

On 5/21/2015 detria said...

Amazing results
I had been supplementing with creatine, glutamine and arginine for about a year before I added Acetyl L-Carnitine, and I noticed a marked improvement in my energy level and skin health.*

On 5/20/2015 reza said...

love the supplement
This supplement is a staple in my daily battle to keep my body fat down all year round. L-Carnitine is best taken on an empty stomach, so first thing in the morning I mix about 1000mg in a large glass of water with a little cyanne pepper and lemon. I've used other L-Carnitine supplements and they always taste awful and make me sick to my stomach. I always just chalked it up to another sacrifice in the name of competition. This has virtually no taste, dissolves in seconds, and is HALF the price of all others. Please understand if you are looking for the body fat reduction this supplement has been proven to produce, it takes time (minimum 3 months to notice results) and should be utilized as it is stated, a "supplement" to a healthy diet and exercise routine.*

On 5/19/2015 lewis said...

love the supplement
This supplement is a staple in my daily battle to keep my body fat down all year round. L-Carnitine is best taken on an empty stomach, so first thing in the morning I mix about 1000mg in a large glass of water with a little cyanne pepper and lemon. I've used other L-Carnitine supplements and they always taste awful and make me sick to my stomach. I always just chalked it up to another sacrifice in the name of competition. This has virtually no taste, dissolves in seconds, and is HALF the price of all others. Please understand if you are looking for the body fat reduction this supplement has been proven to produce, it takes time (minimum 3 months to notice results) and should be utilized as it is stated, a "supplement" to a healthy diet and exercise routine.*

On 5/19/2015 lewis said...

acetyl l carnitine
this is the first time ordering from bulk supplements the acetyl l carnitine is easy to take I take it in water it has a bit of a sour taste like drinking lemon juice in water.I'm very pleased with the products I've ordered I will ordered from them again.*

On 5/16/2015 teri said...

got this package over the weekend, which this shipped in 2 days! so fast I noticed a great boost in energy and work performance! I have only been using this product for a week now, but it is already giving me such great results, cant wait to see how much more results I get(:*

On 5/6/2015 julia said...

Alcar - Great Product
I was recommended this by a bodybuilding friend. Within days I saw an increase in performance and definitely feel better. It is also helping suppress appetite. Definitely looking forward to the results in a few months!!*

On 5/5/2015 Larry Pickering said...

I am very happy after ordering a kg of the ALCAR powder for myself, so I ordered the capsules for my parents. They received the order very quickly and are happy with it as well. BulkSupplements is an excellent company and I am a satisfied customer. *

On 5/5/2015 JK said...

Very Good
One of the best and purest quality supplements out their. The taste is quite sour, however, when taken by itself with water. The benefits and purity is right on.*

On 5/4/2015 Noah said...

Fantastic Product
I've been taking Acetyl-L-Carnitine for Mitral Valve Prolapse for several years now. I am so glad to find it without additives! I stir it into water kefir and you can't tell it is there. When I don't take it, I start having palpitations. I am so thankful for the price, now I won't have to go without! Will definitely be buying more from Bulk Supplements! *

On 4/28/2015 Audree said...

Quick delivery and no hassle ordering. I like this company and will continue ordering from them.*

On 4/25/2015 Mary said...

PSSM horse
I have noticed a huge improvement in my PSSM horses muscle use since starting ALCAR about three weeks ago. It is much easier to feed than several cups of oil. That makes us both happy. *

On 4/21/2015 suzette said...

Great supplement.
I put it in my morning smoothie… it boost my energy level.*

On 4/21/2015 Dany said...

ALCAR is All Good!
I have been using for 10 days now and I believe it has helped to get through a recent plateau on fat loss. I was sitting at same body fat for a few weeks and I finally dropped a %. I think the extra energy it provided helped me get there. Like a few other reviewers, I stack this with my pre workout mix.*

On 4/15/2015 Tom said...

has been working
So far so good. I have noticed its doing exactly what it is suppose to do, aid in weight loss with a proper meal plan and working out. will order again for sure*

On 4/14/2015 Elijah said...

Good stuff
I have been using this supplement for almost two weeks now and I have seen direct results. My diet hasn't changed, but I have lost several pounds and the only change I can track has been 500mg of Acetyl L-Carnitine in my morning mix, another 500mg around lunch, and another 500mg around dinner. I have no idea if this is the best cycle on which to do this. I am not a nutritionist. I just know it works.*

On 4/6/2015 Tim said...

This company rocks!!
All of the products are legit, the guidelines they offer are super helpful and have never had any issues with the shipping. Bye bye GNC!!!*

On 3/19/2015 ERIC said...

Great product. So glad to be able to get them in capsules. Makes them so easy to take. I use this for all the benefits it provides for better brain health. *

On 3/18/2015 nancy said...

Helps burn the fat
Working on weight loss and muscle gain. Seems to enhance focus and help with intensity. Already showing signs of fat loss. Great product, great company top deal with. Fast shipping.*

On 3/18/2015 Todd said...

Speedy delivery when I needed it QUICK
Great packaging and speedy delivery. I'm placing another order today.*

On 3/17/2015 Mary said...

This product has worked great for myself and my girlfriend!
It's helping both of us lean out more.
We love it thank you!*

On 3/17/2015 Amir said...

Great size caps and you do feel the focus kick in about a week after consistently taking it.*

On 3/17/2015 Armando said...

This stuff shipped within 2 business days and mixes great! Definitely returning here for more business in the near future.*

On 3/10/2015 Kurtis said...

Great for recomp
I have finished my first 250g bag of ALCAR and just ordered my second bag, and I can honestly say it is helping me with body re-composition.

I have made no changes no changes in diet or exercise program and I am seeing stubborn body fat going away.

I drink with water before working out and I am seeing the results.


On 3/9/2015 Angel said...

D-Glucosamine Sulfate Potassium
Pretty good and feeling the effect...*

On 3/8/2015 Usman said...

I only used it for few days but so far so good...*

On 3/8/2015 Usman said...

alcar works great!
Shipping was fast, the powder dissolves easily in water and does what it's supposed to. I'll definitely be ordering again!*

On 3/6/2015 RF said...

I dont review often, mainly because I cant tell a lot of times if something is actually working. That being said, I'm amazed with this product thus far. Mental energy and mental clarity, exactly what I hoped for!*

On 3/6/2015 jason said...

ALC Every Day
We both start the day with a big ascorbate cocktail, complete with 1.5g ALC. I studied ALC in depth as a nootropic in the 1990s under professional tutelage, before it was this affordable. We haven't found a better source than for ALC, and we are very satisfied with the product. Momma is 95; I'm 60 but feeling much younger.
caregiver, LTU


On 3/3/2015 Rex said...

Great company to do business with fast and no problems we will do more business in the future*

On 3/1/2015 Joseph Romano said...

Energy Drinks
We use this product in combination with Bulk Supplements AAKG for my entire household.

With a few of us hitting the New Years fitness Bandwagon, and a couple of us just using it to help with the vasodilation for getting through tough days on the feet, it has proven to be invaluable.

The extra energy from the Alcar and the reduced inflammation from the AAKG, I can say if you struggle with the second half of your day, before or after workouts, both of these products with a little Mio or other water flavoring will provide you with what you need.

Will definitely be getting more of this in the future and have passed this formula along to friends and family who have also started purchasing from BulkSupplements.*

On 1/14/2015 Sheldon said...

Works Great
My horse is a rescue & the center had him on this product.It has worked wonders on bringing Gunny back. We are on our 2nd. ORDER. So if it weren't working we would be ordering something diff. *

On 1/8/2015 BJ said...

Exceeded my Expections
I take this supplement along with a protein shake each morning. I find that it helps me focus for my workouts, . I started taking it 1-2 scoops at a time. Taking up to 2500gms - 4000 a day it seems to have no negative effect, but I have managed to drop another 3-5 pounds with no other changes to diet or activities. Really surprised with the good quality and fast shipping, it will be on my shopping list for a while... *

On 1/7/2015 Tim said...

Feeling good
I was a bit surprised when I received this because I was expecting capsules. I was at a loss on how to take it. i decided to take it straight from the spoon (1/8 tsp). It is very sour but pleasant at the same time. I have not felt any major difference since starting a daily dose but love the idea of cognitive protection*

On 12/23/2014 Michelle said...

Alcar for EPSM horse
My horse has a muscle disease which causes him to "tie-up." ALCAR is an essential ingredient in his special diet. So far I am very pleased with the quality of Bulk Supplements product & service.*

On 12/14/2014 cat z said...

Great Quality
I like that Bulk Supplements encourages others to rate the products and services. It lends itself to the credibility of the company, products and services that they have to offer and was through reading other reviews about Bulk Supplements that made my purchasing decision easier.

The ALCAR that I purchased, was unfortunately only 1 of the 4 products that I ordered that came sealed. Though the others were sealed from factory, I believe that the damage that my packages received was in transport.

A lot of the product I did receive will still give me a fair to reasonable assessment of the overall quality of the supplements that I ordered and even with some of this being compromised, it is easy to see the pureness of product as there was still very little clumping around the rest of the Pure Product.

Being relatively new to the world of supplements, I am also grateful to be able to buy pure product over the fillers and questionable other ingredients from Box Stores and Pill Pushers.

The 5 stars I am giving to Bulk Supplements is based on the prices and apparent quality of the product, the speed of shipment, (a little longer because I am in Canada), and the overall rating system to allow others like myself a chance to view what other customers have had, experience-wise.

I've already got my next stacks picked out, but will be waiting to purchase until after the Crazy Christmas Shipping Season is done.

Great Job, Bulk Supplements!*

On 12/12/2014 Sheldon said...

Great Quality
I like that Bulk Supplements encourages others to rate the products and services. It lends itself to the credibility of the company, products and services that they have to offer and was through reading other reviews about Bulk Supplements that made my purchasing decision easier.

The ALCAR that I purchased, was unfortunately only 1 of the 4 products that I ordered that came sealed. Though the others were sealed from factory, I believe that the damage that my packages received was in transport.

A lot of the product I did receive will still give me a fair to reasonable assessment of the overall quality of the supplements that I ordered and even with some of this being compromised, it is easy to see the pureness of product as there was still very little clumping around the rest of the Pure Product.

Being relatively new to the world of supplements, I am also grateful to be able to buy pure product over the fillers and questionable other ingredients from Box Stores and Pill Pushers.

The 5 stars I am giving to Bulk Supplements is based on the prices and apparent quality of the product, the speed of shipment, (a little longer because I am in Canada), and the overall rating system to allow others like myself a chance to view what other customers have had, experience-wise.

I've already got my next stacks picked out, but will be waiting to purchase until after the Crazy Christmas Shipping Season is done.

Great Job, Bulk Supplements!*

On 12/12/2014 Sheldon said...

Great Quality
I like that Bulk Supplements encourages others to rate the products and services. It lends itself to the credibility of the company, products and services that they have to offer and was through reading other reviews about Bulk Supplements that made my purchasing decision easier.

The ALCAR that I purchased, was unfortunately only 1 of the 4 products that I ordered that came sealed. Though the others were sealed from factory, I believe that the damage that my packages received was in transport.

A lot of the product I did receive will still give me a fair to reasonable assessment of the overall quality of the supplements that I ordered and even with some of this being compromised, it is easy to see the pureness of product as there was still very little clumping around the rest of the Pure Product.

Being relatively new to the world of supplements, I am also grateful to be able to buy pure product over the fillers and questionable other ingredients from Box Stores and Pill Pushers.

The 5 stars I am giving to Bulk Supplements is based on the prices and apparent quality of the product, the speed of shipment, (a little longer because I am in Canada), and the overall rating system to allow others like myself a chance to view what other customers have had, experience-wise.

I've already got my next stacks picked out, but will be waiting to purchase until after the Crazy Christmas Shipping Season is done.

Great Job, Bulk Supplements!*

On 12/12/2014 Sheldon said...

Pure, Clean Acetyl-L-Carnitine dissolves instantly in a glass of water
Update 12/3/14: L-Carnitine is for the heart. Acetyl-L-Carnitine is for the brain. The acetyl group makes acetyl-l-carnitine much more water soluble and much more able to pass through the blood brain barrier. The main function of both carnitines is to transport long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria and metabolize them for energy production.

There are four so-called "mitochondrial targeting nutrients" necessary to crank up mitochondrial health and performance. These are:
1. Acetyl-L-Carnitine,
2. Biotin,
3. Alpha lipoic acid in a 100:1 ratio to biotin (50:1 if using R-fraction ALA),
4. Niacin (plus all the other B-vitamins, especially vitamin B-5).

I have been running HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sprints for the last two and a half years. I was running at the maximum recommended intensity of eight all-out sprints for 30 seconds three times a week.

About twelve months ago I received the first of the BulkSupplements materials including both l-carnitine and acetyl-l-carnitine. Soon I was running 50-second sprints, eight of them, seven days a week.

But a got sick three times early this year with bad colds, each one lasting over two weeks. I figured it was because I was exercising too hard, suppressing my immune system for too long. All that open-mouthed gasping can lead to a dry throat - and infection. So, I reduced to only five 50-second sprints seven days a week, breathing through my nose the entire time. What an improvement - no more colds. Then, timing myself with a watch, I was able to reduce the elapsed time in these sprints from 54 to 41 seconds (keeping the distance run the same). I can do this with or without caffeine. Whatever pains I had in my chest, or in my legs, no longer appear.

Stacks Updated 12/3/14:

The morning pre-workout stack (mostly BulkSupplements products in decreasing order of importance at a daily cost of $0.854) that I drink just before running five 50-second sprints is as follows:

1. Acetyl-l-carnitine, 1.5 grams
2. L-citrulline dl-malate (2:1), 3.0 grams
3. Beta alanine, 5.0 grams
4. DMAE-bitartrate, 0.7 gram
5. Grape seed extract, 0.25 gram
6. L-glutamine, 0.5 gram
7. Niacin (vitamin B-3), 0.075 gram
8. N-acetyl L-cysteine (NAC), 0.6 gram
9. N-acetyl L-tyrosine (NALT), 1.6 grams
10. Creatine monohydrate, 2.5 grams
11. Sublingual methylcobalamin, 500 mcg, (Jarrow's)
12. Calcium ascorbate, 2.5 grams, 250 mg elemental calcium, 2.25 grams ascorbate

An occasional nootropic pre-workout stack (all BulkSupplements products in decreasing order of importance at a daily cost of $0.143) is as follows:

1. Green tea extract, 50% polyphenols, 0.5 gram
2. Green tea extract, 50% caffeine, 0.24 gram
3. Ginkgo biloba 24%, 0.2625 gram
4. Rhodiola rosea 3% salidrosides, 0.2 gram

The 1:00 PM mealtime stack (mostly BulkSupplements products in decreasing order of importance at a daily cost of $1.195) is as follows:

1. Curcumin 95% curcuminoids, 1.0 gram
2. Betaine HCL, 1.2 grams
3. Ascorbic acid powder, 2.0 grams
4. Biotin 1%, 0.5 gram (5000 mcg biotin)
5. DMAE-bitartrate, 0.7 gram
6. Grape seed extract, 0.25 gram
7. Pine bark extract, 0.5 gram
8. N-acetyl-l-cysteine (NAC), 0.6 gram
9. Vitamin E powder, 0.56 gram (393.6 IU)
10. MSM, 1.35 grams
11. Ginkgo biloba 24%, 0.17 gram
12. Milk thistle 80% silymarin, 0.25 gram
13. Lutein 5%, 0.24 gram
14. L-proline, 2.0 grams
15. L-lysine HCL, 0.68 gram
16. Horsetail P.E. 7%, 0.44 gram
17. Hyaluronic acid, 0.05 gram
18. Inositol, 0.32 gram

Additional supplements in decreasing order of importance taken with the 1:00 PM meal include:

1. Krill Oil, 1000 mg includes 400 mg phospholipids, 100 mg EPA, 55 mg DHA, 1 mg astaxanthin, (Dr. Mercola, $0.35)
2. Omega-3 fatty acids, 3600 mg includes 1200 mg EPA, 600 mg DHA, (Trader Joe's, $0.36)
3. Astaxanthin, 12 mg, (Nutrex Hawaii Bioastin Hawaiian Astaxanthin, $0.43)
4. Ubiquinol, 100 mg, (Trader Joe's, $0.36)
5. Resveratrol, 50 mg, other organic antioxidant extracts, 500 mg, (Dr. Mercola Purple Defense, $0.45)
6. Vitamin K, 1000 mcg K1 as phytonadione, 1000 mcg K2 as menaquinone-4, 200 mcg K2 as menaquinone-7, (Life Extension Super K with Advanced K2 Complex, $0.22)
7. Natural multivitamin, (Trader Joe's, $0.22)
8. Saw palmetto, 320 mg + 200 mcg Selenium, (Trader Joe's, $0.15)
9. Chlorella, organic broken cell wall, 1000 mg, (Dr. Mercola, $0.12)
10. Iodine, two drops daily, 5.5 mg iodine + iodide, (Lugol's, $0.014)

The nighttime stack (mostly BulkSupplements products in decreasing order of importance at a daily cost of $0.492) is as follows:

1. Magnesium citrate, 4.0 grams, 600 mg elemental magnesium
2. Potassium citrate, 6.0 grams, 2160 mg elemental potassium
3. Ascorbic acid, 3. grams
4. L-taurine, 1 gram
5. N-acetyl L-cysteine (NAC), 0.25 gram
6. Sublingual melatonin, 625 mcg, (Source Natural)

To avoid continuously opening and closing Ziploc bags and making multiple measurements, I mix up a one to two months supply of the stacks in large bottles and take a single tablespoon measurement from each:
1. Morning pre-workout stack: 1.85 tablespoons shaken in 16-24 ounces of spring water
2. Occasional nootropic pre-workout stack: 0.162 tablespoon (0.485 teaspoon) mixed in with the morning stack
3. 1:00 PM mealtime stack: 1.485 tablespoons shaken in 8-16 ounces of spring water
4. Nighttime stack: 1.10 tablespoons shaken in 4-8 ounces of spring water. I use a flour sifter to thoroughly mix the supplement powders.*

On 12/3/2014 Stephen said...

Great Product
Used this ALCAR in my pre-workout mix and loved it. Really helped with mental stability and focus. Always got good workouts. Works great for such a good price. I can always trust BulkSupplements.*

On 11/3/2014 CToph said...

This is such a versatile product. I've replaced coffee with ALCAR, use it as a pre workout supplement and as a supplement to aid my study. It helps me retain much more information than I normally would - also, the quality is great! Will be buying more in the near future. *

On 10/26/2014 Zachary Mclennan said...

Wish I could!
The 3 stars reflects my personal experience. There is no problem that I know of with the product itself. I am very sensitive and taking this product made me very anxious. I don't think this is a problem with the product, just the way I process it.
The taste wasn't terrible. I just mixed it with the other powders I take and sluged it down.
I am supplementing to aid in recuperating from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.

I am very happy with the products I buy from Bulk Supplements. I am also grateful that I can buy supplements with out all garbage fillers. If you look into eliminating magnesium stearate and silica you will probably find what I did, powder is the only way to go. *

On 10/13/2014 Crittercherub said...

Quick delivery, quality product, amazing price!!!
I am very impressed with in general, and my order of carnitine specifically. As any gym buff who does research online or in health and fitness journals can attest, carnitine is a valuable amino acid with which to supplement your diet.

The prices on are really unbeatable, and I got my package within 4 days, which is exceptional. The label is clear and basic, no frills or ridiculous promises of how you can become the next Phil Heath or Ronnie Coleman after only 8 weeks of swallowing some magic pill. The powder is essentially flavorless, and mixes very easily with anything from a pre-workout drink or coffee, to your protein shake. It has the same granular consistency of creatine, but not as "chalky."

I haven't been taking the carnitine long enough to see dramatic results, and it's not like caffeine where you "feel it" kick in, but I am very satisfied with my order, and the great customer service that bulk provides. I will definitely order from here again, versus or any of the other bulk retailers/ wholesalers.*

On 10/8/2014 Judah said...

Wonderful product
I loved this product. Tastes pure and the best deal anywhere!! *

On 10/8/2014 Robert B said...

Product is great for consistent daily dosage to prevent/delay neurodegenerative probelms*

On 9/30/2014 BM said...

ALCAR for my horse
I use this product for my horse who has a muscle disease and it does WONDERS for her!!! Because of ALCAR I'm able to ride my horse without her being in severe muscle pain.*

On 9/25/2014 Tori said...

Good Value
I won't go too much into effects because that is always different for everyone, but it works mostly as advertised for me so far. Takes a long time to dissolve in water, often leaving a clump at the bottom of container to be stirred up before finishing.

As always, good packaging and fast delivery.*

On 9/23/2014 Ben said...

I like it
It works great, and i love the prices here. very fast shipping, impressive.*

On 9/14/2014 Jason said...

Good product
Great mix-ability. Little taste. Does supply an extra jolt of energy throughout day without a jittery feeling one would find with stimulants. *

On 9/13/2014 Teddy said...

When it comes to my weight lifting I feel like ALCAR puts me in my zone. Every weight lifter knows what I'm talking about when i say "in my zone". It just makes you focus on your technique and it helps me focus on pushing myself even harder each rep. I'd recommend it.*

On 9/10/2014 Strahinja said...

A Great Addition
I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to increase their performance in the gym as well as decreasing their body fat! Came in a great sealable package, and in a timely manner!*

On 9/9/2014 Richard said...

Good Stuff
Been a long time user of ALCAR and love it for it's many benefits. This may have been the first time I've purchased ALCAR from this site, but it definitely will not be the last. The quality and price are simply unbeatable, and shipping was fast (and free if your order is over 50 bucks!)*

On 9/2/2014 Matt said...

awesome product
highly recommended!

great for fat lass and mental focus*

On 8/27/2014 Trevor k said...

working well
Shipment came quick and well packed. This is working well for me. Quickly dissolves in water and seems to be giving me the energy and boost I wanted. Highly recommended.*

On 8/25/2014 sandip said...

All around beneficial
Read up on it's many benefits. I Stack this 2:1 along side R-ALA. Cruicial combo on many levels.*

On 8/24/2014 Lance said...

This is my first time using ALCAR as I usually just use l-carnitine .
The thing I have noticed the most is the mental focus and
clarity that I have. It seems to be working great as a fat burner and
my mood has been great. I am impressed and will be buying again.*

On 8/24/2014 Jp said...

Effective, Affordable
Acetyl L-carnitine is the nootropic we studied in the greatest depth back in the 1990s. Nowadays it is affordable, and it's in our daily stack. This is the best deal on ALC I've seen, and we'll no doubt continue with this supplier. The sour taste disappears in our first-thing-in-the-morning buffered vitamin C complex drink. Thanks for making this available at these prices. *

On 8/19/2014 Rex said...

Good for mental focus and fat utilization
I've been reading about ALCAR and the benefits it has alongside coconut oil. I bought some of this and it has helped my mental focus in my workouts! I will definitely be buying this product again. Along with everything else I buy from this place. *

On 8/18/2014 Jacob McCoy said...

Very good product. It boost my workouts and lets me feel good overall.
Mix good; haven't seen any sides, so far.*

On 8/16/2014 Dmytro said...

morning stack & preworkout
This stuff has worked great so far! I use it in my morning stack with D-ribose, hot water and fresh-squeezed lemon juice, and have also started adding it to my pre-workout drinks and I definitely feel a difference. The powder is pretty much tasteless and mixes well, or you can use a capsule machine and pack it up. Highly recommended!*

On 8/9/2014 Peter said...

perfect addition
ALCAR is dissolves easily and is a great addition to my daily workout supplements *

On 8/5/2014 Robert said...

great additive for pre-workout drink
great price and effective.*

On 8/4/2014 john said...

Awesome addition to Pre-Workout!
I have to say that adding this supplement to my Pre-Workout Shake has been a great experience. I feel better during my training, and pretty much tasteless as well! I do highly recommend it. *

On 8/1/2014 Richard S. said...

good quality product
this is the first time I try this product. Good value of money and good quality product. *

On 7/21/2014 annie said...

A Superior Product
I have been using ALCAR for quite awhile, in capsule form, from a big
E-tailor, and the difference is remarkable. Bulk Supplement's acetyl-l-carnitine really delivers. Subjectively, I feel more alert, and productive after dosing. Typically, I use two grams per day, divided into two doses.

I'd add Bulk supplements could not have provided better service. They did everything right, and did it quickly. Just outstanding customer service.*

On 7/20/2014 Germain Giner said...

Energy boost
This really helps increase energy and I take 500mg-1G 2 times a day along with other products such as Taurine, Nalt, and R-Ala. It mixes great in lemonade or and pre workout drinks without noticing it. *

On 7/18/2014 said...

Works great for my L-carnatine stack
I use this with my L-carnatine and DMAE-Bitartrate as a body building and anti-aging supplement. *

On 7/7/2014 Vinny said...

Next Level - Go with ALCAR
Overall I think this is the perfect balance of benefits if you are looking for a supplement to take you to the next level. Beyond that the product, service, packaging as many of the reviews already mention are great. The supplement itself I highly recommend and I am a first time buyer and have been using it for a month everyday.*

On 6/22/2014 William said...

Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR) - 100g Pure Powder
First week of use and I'm extremely happy!!!
I mix 1/8 of a tsp in my juices and I feel more energized
and my appetite has greatly decreased, has very fast shipping, the packaging, I just love! the product and pricing is excellent! If I knew about this company prior I would have saved time, money and effort a long time ago!*

On 5/21/2014 Marvina said...

Good product
Just started using this brand of l carnitine and I can say it has a way better taste than another brand I have purchased. Will buy again *

On 5/13/2014 Shelby said...

Best alcar on the market
Bulk supplments ALCAR price and quality are amazing. 2 g pre & post workout helps me to be more energetic and lose more fat. I've tried other brands and this one definetly outscore the other ones...*

On 4/20/2014 Nicole said...

Acetyl L-Carnitine
I've used other brands of Carnitine in the past and I did see results; however, I'm seeing much faster results with Bulk Supplements ALCAR due to the quality. They are the pure form of the substance you want with nothing else added. My husband and I have become loyal customers of Bulk Supplements and use many of their products. Their prices can't be beat and quality is outstanding. Their products have no taste which makes them easy to mix into any beverage and they dissolve completely*

On 4/17/2014 Sally said...

Great stuff. Fast shipping, pharm grade quality without a doubt. Noticed effects within days. Focused, effective living, and a great tool for staying lean with a clean diet. A+ bulk supps. great job.*

On 4/16/2014 Michael said...

ALCAR review
Its good for a morning boost, a pre-workout aid (helps add focus and energy) and I read it assists with weight loss, though the jury is still out on that one, but I wouldn't be surprised at all.

Its a great addition and tastes just fine. (the smell might lead you to believe otherwise)

If your looking for a nice addition to your morning wake-up-workout-seize the day routine give this a try.*

On 4/15/2014 Kevin said...

It's Working!
Did some research on being tired all the time. I've been using this in the am and I don't feel like taking a nap late on in the day. Orders come quick. Will order more and from this company. Love it!!!*

On 4/15/2014 Merri said...

WOW. Wow. Wow.
I took this for the first time today and it gave a very noticeable difference to mental clarity and energy. Very happy with this product.*

On 4/13/2014 Marianne said...

Clean, no nonsense packaging
This product is clean, high quality and reasonably priced. I particularly like the no-frills packaging. I will reorder this and will try other products by this company. *

On 4/9/2014 Mary said...

Great Product for Mental Clarity
I added this to my pre-workout mixture and am definitely feeling the difference. I workout in the morning and this gives me the boost that I was looking for,*

On 4/7/2014 Bob said...

This product was exactly as described. Very high quality, I highly recommend bulk supplements for quality amino acids.*

On 3/31/2014 hunter said...

OMG - GREAT Stuff!!!
WOW is all I can say. What an energy booster, pure satisfaction. Company provided wonderful, pure stuff that is a great add to our health regimen. Best price all around too. 5 stars!!!*

On 3/25/2014 Tina said...

Love this product
I have used this Carnitine before and its one of the only things that allow me to keep my weight under control. The powder from Bulk Supplements is at a great price and appears to be of high quality *

On 3/23/2014 Jacques said...

I mix this in with my green juice twice a day and it dissolves completely. This product boasts excellent quality and purity. I feel so much more energetic after taking this :D <3*

On 2/11/2014 Emily said...

Packaging is superior. Product is of the highest quality.*

On 2/4/2014 Melissa said...

Good Stuff
Very good quality, doesn't smell great but is very effective and an easy addition to my morning supplement shake. Highly recommend*

On 1/27/2014 Dustin said...

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I've heard a lot of things about supplements being tainted with high levels of heavy metals and other contaminants. From what I've heard, you guys have a very pure product. Do you have a certification or an official test for purity on all of your products? Specifically L cartinine and L citrulline?
Hi, is this product also "free of" Tree Nuts?
Does this product contain any egg or egg-derived components?
Is this ALCAR vegan/vegetarian? I see that it is free from dairy and egg, but what about other animal products?