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R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA) Powder

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R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA) Powder

Key Features

  • Regulates Blood Sugar Level
  • Universal Antioxidant
  • Recycles Antioxidant Nutrients
  • Taste

  • Mixability

Alpha-Lipoic Acid, sometimes referred to as R-ALA, is a powerful antioxidant that is naturally produced by the human body. It is instrumental in facilitating the transfer of the sugar glucose into consumable energy which can then be used as fuel for the body. R-ALA is simply a rearranged compound of the ALA variety and fatty acid that happens to be bioavailable while at the same time functioning as an essential antioxidant. This compound can be found not only in the body, but in many green vegetables and meat types.


Serving Size & Timing

The correct size of each serving of ALA is 200 milligrams which is to be taken anywhere from one to three times a day depending on the intended effect. These should be taken without food since this supplement can already be found in certain foods. It is best not to take too much at once as it might cause levels of ALA to become imbalanced. Because meat is such a rich source of naturally derived ALA, this supplement is a great way for vegetarians to assist in their transition from eating meat.

Nutritional Information

Supplement Facts

Serving size: 200 milligrams
Serving per container: *
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value**
R-alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) 200mg *
* Daily Value not established.
** Based on 2,000 calorie diet


Sugar, soy, dairy, yeast, gluten, corn and additives.

As a dietary supplement, take 50mg (scant 1/32 tsp) to 200mg (3/32 tsp) one to three times daily, or as directed by a physician.

US Standard Measuring Spoons
Spoon Size(level) milligrams
1/32 teaspoon 66
1/16 teaspoon 132
1/8 teaspoon 265


Concentration of Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA)

This pharmaceutical grade of ALA has no extra additives in it of any kind.

Bioavailability of Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA)

While ALA is fat soluble on its own, because of the unpleasant taste associated with it, it is best to take it in capsule form or mixed in a shake/juice with an appropriate concentration of ALA and ALCAR combined.

Customer Reviews

I am very pleased with the quality. I use this in my post workout drink and it has been working well. Bulk supplements is a great company and you will enjoy doing business with them.

On 5/19/2015 John said...

I use this for treating the burning in my feet due to neuropathy, does a great job, mixed with alcohol applied as a topical to my feet.

On 5/19/2015 Jerry said...

This was my first purchase from bulk, and I was extremely impressed with the amount of information provided on each product. Unlike most other companies, whose product details (if any are present at all) consist of marketing hype, your company provided accurate and very useful information. I prefer to make my own capsules and mixtures rather than buying manufactured capsules of unknown and possibly dubious quality. I'll be buying all my supplements here from now on.

On 5/13/2015 Helene said...

I got my R-ALA quicker than the estimated up to 5 days. It was here on the 3rd day.

Product is working better than I thought since I have never ordered or taken R-ALA before.

I would always recommend this company and keep ordering from Bulk Supplements.

You won't be let disappointed


On 5/9/2015 Steve said...

I just want to than you so much for your quick response, received my R- ALA in 5 days. Very satisfied. Was paying much more for pill form, this is the only way to go.



On 4/24/2015 Carl said...

Your service is fantastic, I ordered the (R-ALA) on April 10th and it was in my mailbox on April 14, also I am very pleased with your product, as it is pure, without any other ingredients, which is exactly what I wanted

On 4/15/2015 Elizabeth said...

I got my R-ALA in the mail recently and am satisfied with the quality of it as i was my last 3 products. What i like is how much i can buy this in bulk compared to the pre-made capsules and just encapsulate the powder myself for less cost. I definitely noticed an increase in muscle fullness, energy and overall well being with this product as I've used many ALA products in the past. The powder is an authentic color and definitely feels like real R-ALA.

On 3/30/2015 James said...

Bulk Supplements Alpha Lipoic acid is a great, recent addition to my pre workout stack. I also mix the powder in small amounts into skin care products for its antioxidant properties.

On 3/23/2015 CH said...

This is my second time ordering the R- ALA. Great product and the price they offer it at is great. I use it for the antioxidant abilities and for turning carbs into energy.

On 3/21/2015 Omar said...

I am pleased with the service and product quality.

On 3/18/2015 Mina said...

I have been ordering my Alpha Lipoic Acid from Bulk Supplements for awhile now. Why? Because unlike other hucksters out there trying to make a quick buck on the stupidity of others, Bulk Supplements has quality supplements for sale.

I like to put my own capsules together and that's why I like Bulk Supplements so much. With Bulk Supplements, I don't have to worry about fillers or other garbage in my products and the price is always better than most of their competition.

I can count on Bulk Supplements, time after time, for quality and reasonable prices. You should too.

On 3/16/2015 James said...

I have taken ALA on and off for several years and this appears to be a good brand. The science behind ALA is well established. You can take a dosage anywhere from 50 mg (as a daily maintenance dose) all the way up to 600 Mg daily.

On 3/15/2015 Will said...

Got this for my wife that had a spinal cord tumor removed, it seems to help with neuropathic pain. The pins and needle feeling as well as the numbness has decreased slightly

On 2/26/2015 Rich said...

Most powerful glucose removal below 4-hydroxyisoluecine. Essential for bodybuiilders and diabetics

On 2/25/2015 Michael said...

I take R-ALA as part of a nootropic stack intended to improve mental clarity and I have been very satisfied with its performance. I do recommend Bulk Supplement's variety--it is pure and effective.

On 1/17/2015 Conrad said...

I feel I have more energy since I started taking it, which is one of the reasons I ordered it. I use it in conjunction with ALCAR (Acetyl L-Carnitine) and I notice more effect from taking these two bulk powders from than I do taking the combination caplets from Source Naturals.

On 1/13/2015 Peter said...

Dr. Denham Harman is widely known as the "father of the free radical theory of aging", first propounded in the 1950s. Dr Harmon continued his research into his 90s, and died at 98 years of age.

"I'll have what he's having" is from a movie, but it works here, Dr Harmon consistently ingested biologic reducing agents to supress superoxide radical formation and lipid peroxidation, what are now known as antioxidants.

It would be tough to find a more efficient antioxidant than R Alpha Lipoic Acid, or RALA; In addition, RALA has many other benefits, like:
Symptomatic relief of peripheral neuropathy, especiaaly diabetic neuropathy
Increases insulin sensitivity (interventions that enhance insulin sensitivity help maintain normal blood glucose levels)
Increases nitric oxide dependent vasodilation Taking aminos to increase NO2? Take RALA, it helps.
Trials to determine whether RALA is effective in preventing or slowing cognitive decline associated with age or neurodegenerative disease are showing promise
One of its metabolites, DHLA, is also a potent reducing agent capable of regenerating important antioxidants, like vitamin C, vitamine E and glutathione.

Too much info for this space!

I should point out that RALA's mixability and solubility in water is limited, so mixing with something like yogurt, kefir or olive oil is the best bet.

On 12/8/2014 Germain said...

Hoping this product will help with MS symptoms! Can't beat the price! Don't love the taste but am learning to try different things for mixing!

On 11/10/2014 misti said...

Been using this product for about a week and has lowered by glucose significantly. This powder is very inexpensive compared to other products. High quality. I will be reordering this again.

On 9/20/2014 Ian.H said...

I use this powder in my fruit smoothies and in a moisturizer; two uses in one! I couldn't be happier with this product and highly recommend it.

On 9/7/2014 william said...

One thing I would like to see is this offered in stabilized condition because of the packaging conditions and fact that bulk powder will be exposed often to oxygen.
Make sure you are keeping this cool and air sealed!
Other than that it is a great product of high value.

On 8/24/2014 Lance said...

After using R-ALA in capsule form from other retailers for several years, I was so glad to find R-ALA in bulk form without fillers from Bulk Supplements! I purchased 100mg and the product is excellent. I will purchase again.

On 8/20/2014 NYoung said...

I've been taking Alpha Lipoic Acid for 10 years and was so happy to find the new form R-Alpha Lipoiic Acid in bulk -without fillers!! I just use the measurement printed on the package and put it in my shake or morning glass of water. Very happy with the price!

On 7/31/2014 Ilene Sherfy said...

Pleased to find R-ALA with no additives. Well packaged in a tough airtight and waterproof zip seal bag, with an informative label. Shipped fast, too. More than satisfied to date with service and products from

On 5/16/2014 David said...

Potent and effective, bearable taste, and no fillers. While the bag is small the doses are also small so this should last a while.

On 5/13/2014 Mark said...

This is the finest quality Alpha Lipoic Acid, I have had. As a regular ALA user, I was purchasing from a major USA supplier. This ALA is far and above the best! It also came double bagged (no waste). I'm glad I switched my bulk supplier. In my past few orders I've saved over 70 dollars.

On 5/11/2014 robbin said...

I was looking for an R ALA without fillers because I wanted to add it to my morning smoothie. I am glad I found as this is a great value and appears to work as well if not better than my prior capsule version. It dissolves right away also and does not have any aftertaste.

On 5/4/2014 Helen said...

This product came fast. I noticed a difference the day I took it. It does have a taste of course, but I was able to cover the flavor (of it and other builk supplements I am taking) with cinnamon in my hot cereal.

On 4/30/2014 Marianne said...

Great value can be mixed or easily put in gel-caps . I will be ordering more products soon the purity is hard to find.

On 4/20/2014 Danny said...

I really appreciate being able to buy this supplement in bulk. It is a great savings and I appreciate your company for providing this. The Alpha Lipoic Acid mixes well and arrived so quickly.


On 3/24/2014 mary said...

Wow! I can't believe the value this company gives its customers. I'm new to Bulk Supplements and grateful to have their products. The Alpha Lipoic Acid powder is easy to take and mixes well. Mary

On 3/24/2014 mary said...

I have taken Alpha Lipoic acid for a while in capsule form. I was excited to find it here at BulkSupplements in free form. Even more exciting is that they also have it in the R-Alpha Lipoic which the body process better. I really enjoy the supplements and recommend to anyone looking for a superior product!!!

On 3/5/2014 Tyrone said...

I love this stuff. It is easy to mix in with my juices during the day so I find dosing to be quite hassle free. It dissolves right away and I can certainly tell a difference throughout the day with my energy levels. Superb quality :D

On 2/11/2014 Emily said...

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